As I have mentioned, I am not a fan of Courtney Brown and Dick Allgire, who have become today’s face of Remote Viewing. I certainly believe in the power of Remote Viewing, just not their version of it. As I have previously mentioned, I do not throw away many books, but I did read Courtney Brown’s first two books, Cosmic Voyager and Cosmic Explorers and judged them to be bogus, and so I threw them out.

My judgement on so-called military trained Remote Viewers goes back over 25-years ago to Ed Dames, who was predicting a “Solar Killshot” on Art Bell’s old Coast to Coast AM radio program. Readers can search the Internet for that prediction and find the links to Ed Dame’s book, sold on Amazon, and his documentary film described on IMDb.

Obviously, over a quarter-of-a-century later, there has been no “Solar Killshot.” I am not sure at what point people can judge this prediction to be a complete failure. And I have not figured out why people still quote his so-called Remote Viewing powers.

This also applies to Clif High and his Predictive Linguistics. Nearly two decades ago, Clif High began predicting the “Global Coastal Event.” This too I deem a failed prediction. However, just as I believe in the predictive ability of Remote Viewing, I also believe that human speech and communication abilities hint at the human ability to see into the future.

David Oates discovery of Reverse Speech points to human consciousness’ ability to be fluid in time.

I have my own theories about why that is, but I do not have a Ph.D., as does Courtney Brown; however, I do agree with him that time is not linear. I am a follower of the late Dr. Harold Aspden, and I have been expanding upon his mathematical model for many years.


Why am I not a fan or follower of Courtney Brown and Dick Allgire? First, these men are hustlers and wanna be cultists.

Courtney Brown actually gives me the creeps. He reminds me of actor William Atherton who played Professor Jerry Hathaway in the movie Real Genius.


Readers should understand that I have no problem linking the websites of these bullshit artists. This is wholly different from their censoring of my comments or my work.

The Farsight Institute

By juxtaposing their material to what I write on this website, hopefully I am showing readers that these fools do not know shit from shinola. I am not afraid of these clowns who are happy to censor my comments or my work. Nothing that I write here is untrue and I am protecting my Internet interests. Any legal claims made to my web hosting company or against my YouTube channel will be dealt with immediately and fiercely.

One of the things that I find most disturbing are the young Remote Viewers who appear in Courtney Brown’s videos. Most of these videos are caricatures in bad acting. The young Remote Viewers seem more like Courtney Brown acolytes instead of serious researchers experimenting with Remote Viewing.

Readers can join Dick Allgire and his Future Forecasting club for $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month.


The PAY FOR Farsight Institute

Now, I have no problems with people’s “Business Model“, unless their scam involves selling material that I wrote over sixteen-years ago.

Apparently, Dick Alligre was a student of Courtney Brown. Allgire is now making predictions that I published well-before his so-called latest Remote Viewing warning.

This Event Could Trigger World War III

Dick Allgire and his Future Forecasting Group are now predicting that the sinking of an American naval ship will start World War III.

I do not monitor these clowns; however, readers often email me on who is saying what in the Alternative Media. I learned about this from George Ure’s website UrbanSurvival.com.

December 11, 2023
Fed Week – CPI Tomorrow – T-shirt Monday
FWIW: Dick Algire of the Remote Viewing site Future Forecasting Group (also called Crypto Forecasting) referenced in a marketing video for his website this past weekend that they have a session where it was indicated that a US Ship was attacked and probably sunk, either in the Med or in the “Gulf”.

I am NOT a subscriber to Future Forecasting Group (Crypto Forecasting) and used up my free trial a couple of months ago, but wanted to mention this since at least in the promotional video it seems to dovetail almost exactly with GA Stewart’s work.

Simply put, my interpretation of a series of Nostradamus’ prophecies of the sinking of a Western fleet has been described in great detail in all of my books and on this website since 2007, and it is well-documented. I have had to pay federal income tax on those book sales and that makes it gospel.

After Remote Viewer Dick Allgire and Web Bot Prophet Clif High came out with their vague and ambiguous warning on September 18th, 2023, I began to call out their bullshit, and I also knew more was coming.

My warning for Israel came out on July 29th, 2023.

July 29, 2023

My warning for the United States Navy came out on October 11th, 2023.

October 11, 2023

As Regular Readers know, I have challenged Remote Viewer Dick Allgire and Web Bot Prophet Clif High to a contest on their accuracy.

September 22, 2023

Once again, Dick Allgire censored my comments that I left on his latest YouTube video. He has decided to ignore me and play stupid.

I find it interesting that just like Greg Hunter, over at USAWatchdog.com, who has also censored me and readers of this website, that Dick Allgire was also a television newscaster. Apparently, these talking heads only want themselves to be heard.

The comment that I left on this latest YouTube video disappeared. I expected that and took a screenshot. It is clearly marked with my YouTube Avatar. Therefore, I left two more comments; they too have disappeared.

I was curious to see if he would do it again… He did.

It seems that at least one of Dick’s viewers knew of my work here.

Just as this reader recognized and just as George Ure’s reader recognized, this is material that I have published for many years and in six books.

I told Dick Allgire in my last comment that I was going to burn down his house, and this is that post.

The Princes of the Alternative Media certainly know who I am, because I have had to flag some of them before for linking material that is taken from my copyrighted books and that has been posted on this website for free.

Since I do have a copyright attorney, and since I have paid him good money to know what my rights are (he successfully served a Cease and Desist to Scribd who had published my 2013 book without my permission), so I know that it takes quite a bit to claim plagiarism and initiate a copyright lawsuit. Copyright thieves can steal your book title and up to 80% of your copyrighted material. That is just the way the legal dominoes have fallen. You, the creator of the original material, have no recourse, except to suck it up. Your only recourse is to call the copycats out.

As I have described once before, if Clif High’s web bots, programmed by “A Special Algorithm” crawl all over my website looking for predictions, and I am in the business of making predictions from Nostradamus’ prophecies, I am certainly the original copyright holder.

If Dick Allgire and his Future Forecasting Group, with their “Special Remote Viewing Powers”, suddenly see the sinking of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier that I have described on this website in great detail for the last sixteen-years and in six books, how do you claim proprietary knowledge when any person from this “Group of Special People” could have passed by these web pages and absorbed this information into their subconscious, if not being outright dishonest? Do I just accept their word for these magical insights?

My great failure in believing Clif High’s “Global Coastal Event,” besides my spending thousands of dollars, was in not recognizing the nature of a con best visualized in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Personally, I have always wondered about Clif High’s prediction of “The Fierce Frenchman and his Irish Girlfriend.” When I bought one of Clif High’s first Web Bot Reports and read that, I saw it as confirmation of the Nostradamus’ prediction of Henri Selin and The Great Lady, who are the main parts of Chapter Seven in all of my books.

As Clif High knows, I was a believer.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 60
New technologies measuring humanity’s perception of the future are continually being developed… Cliff High has created software that parses Internet blogs looking for common themes. Through set analysis of nouns, verbs, and adjectives, the worldwide chatter transmitted through cyberspace seems to contain the whispers of future events talked about months and years in advance.

Obviously, since “The Fierce Frenchman and his Irish Girlfriend” have not appeared since Clif High posted that prediction in a Web Bot Report that I paid for over a decade ago, we can call that a failure.

My prediction of the appearance of Henri Selin and The Great Lady comes with two years, 2020 and 2024. We know that in 2020, COVID-19 appeared.

I have provided readers with the year 2019 and the prediction of biological warfare conducted by a Nostradamus’ character, whom he called The Physician of the Great Disease.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 670
The question begs, why does Nostradamus call the other antagonist, The Physician of the Great disease? Is this person a doctor? Is it a metaphor? We know he “will set fire to the Olive branch”. Does he use “the great disease” as a weapon? Does he start biological warfare?

That prediction, found in Nostradamus’ Sixain XXVIII, is one of my great challenges to Dick Allgire and the so-called “Future Forecasting Group.” Where have you all been? Claiming Nostradamus’ title is pretty presumptuous and so very “This Generation.”

For starters, if anyone feels compelled to censor what I write, that simply means that he or she are cowards and part of this “Censorship Thing” that is now taking place across the Internet and social media. Again that is so very “This Generation. Narcissists hate debate. If some people are not happy with the opinions that I express in this post, please let me know; I have sixteen-years of copyrighted material to produce and I say that you are all full of shit.

Since Dick Allgire is promoted by Jeff Rense’s website, I will tell people how I feel about Jeff Rense.

I have, indeed, recommended Rense’s website as a place to find information that readers would generally not find on the Internet. This is the benefit of Alternative Media aggregate websites. I have held my nose at who I believe Jeff Rense to be personally; but there is information out there today that is vital to all reader’s understanding of what is going on in America and the world.

After Art Bell kicked David Oates off of his radio show Coast to Coast AM, the research of David Oates had no place else to go, and Jeff Rense provided a forum for Oates with a large audience. As I have described, I consider Reverse Speech to be one of the most powerful tools in understanding people’s true intentions. I experimented with it a great deal, and computers made it easy. Early on, I started by using a micro-cassette player.

One shining example of good information that I found linked on Rense’s website was an article on the history of Lyme Disease. It came from a U.S. biological warfare laboratory off the coast of Long Island, New York. I did not know this, and I was happy to link that article on this website. It provided closure to a woman who had lost her son to Lyme Disease and COVID-19. This is what I mean my mucking horseshit to find a few gems of good information.

I do not know who Jeff Rense is as a man, but his comments speak for themselves. From the tenor of Jeff Rense’s comments to the articles that he links on his website, I have formed the opinion that he is antisemitic and a racist.

Only recently did I see him take the expression of his beliefs to a new extreme.

Karine Jean-Pierre has been the White House press secretary since May 13th, 2022. Jeff Rense recently called her a pickaninny.

Headlines 2023
Arrogant, Classless Pickaninny Karine Jean-Pierre
Screw You, America – Rense Video

Pickaninny is a pidgin word for a small child, possibly derived from the Portuguese pequenino. It has been used as a racial slur for African American children and a pejorative term for Aboriginal children of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. It can also refer to a derogatory caricature of a dark-skinned child of African descent.

Let me be clear, I am not a fan of the Biden Administration and Karine Jean-Pierre, but as a Christian, I find Jeff Rense’s statement repulsive.

Brother Nathaniel is another Jeff Rense sponsored clown. His views are just as repulsive.

In my view, Jeff Rense’s comments and links also seem to show him to be a fan of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Jeff Rense’s comments also seem to show his support for Hamas. I wonder how he will feel about them when Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist sleeper cells awaken.

If my opinions are incorrect, please let me know and I will publish any rebuttals.

I certainly feel that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people, just as I feel that the Israeli government does not represent the Jewish people.

This is the forum that Dick Allgire has chosen to perform from, and as an avid hater of all-things Nazi, (it’s a past-life thing) I would not pick Rense’s website as a platform for my work.

Quite frankly, with all the bullshit that flows through the cesspool of cyberspace, I have never understood the Alternative Media’s reticence to link my work, because I have been so obviously accurate. However, after The Fake January 6th, 2021 Capitol Riot, I have become much wiser to the idiots in the Alternative Media, and I see that my path has been guided around them.

With the exception of George Ure at UrbanSurvival.com, the Alternative Media to a person continues to ignore my work, and that is a really good thing. I also find myself agreeing with most of the commenters on George’s website. I believe one of them identified why; most of us are senior citizens who have been professionally successful.

Frankly, I do not care what Dick Allgire is selling (except for my material); if he has problems with what I write about him here, then he can contact my copyright attorney, whose address I will freely furnish on demand. He is not selling anything that is new; that is well-documented. That makes his work a knock off, and I have decided to challenge that on YouTube. Every time one of Allgire’s videos comes up, one of mine will queue up in every viewer’s recommended videos.

I am not in any competition with anyone on the Internet or YouTube, but I will protect my work, or to be more precise, the work of Nostradamus.

I believe that what I write here on this website and in my books can best be summed up in my post The Devil Came Down.

December 8, 2023

I have beaten Dick Allgire and everyone else to the headline news by simply interpreting Nostradamus’ prophecies as if they were 1,321 pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. Unfortunately, Nostradamus is such a cultural cliché that nobody wants to give the old boy any credit.

What every critic and copycat must measure is the depth of their own soul against reality and their future date with eternity. The one thing that I learned from my Near-Death Experience in 2016 is that only actions in life count. As Shakespeare wrote, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And so what we do in life must match what we say and believe without being delusional.

Delusional is censoring my comments when I point out to you that what you are predicting, I have already predicted years in advance. If you believe that you are the originator of that material when I point to the web posts and books that I have written, that is also delusional. If you believed in your “Magic Powers” and were “Honest People“, you would have written that what we have “Remote Viewed” confirms G. A. Stewart’s interpretations of several Nostradamus’ prophecies.

There is a great line in the movie Gladiator, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.

That makes George Ure right; the only thing that anybody takes out of this world is the bag that you pack between your ears during the years that you are alive. I try very hard not to be a phony, and I think I have the resume to prove that.

Besides many other posts over the years, George was kind enough to link my post, The Devil Came Down, and that received many hits. From that post, one of George’s readers, and a Regular Reader of this website, was puzzled about my reactions to recent circumstances that were completely outside of my control.

November 27, 2023
American Spendgasm – Wars
by George Ure
Reader: I have to admit, Stu.., that you have me a bit confused:
“It is going to get very bad within the next few months and certainly by the Spring of 2024…” “by the Summer of 2024 in a Soviet-style 1991 collapse. Only this will be much worse.”
Yet there you are moving into a new house in the city…

In November, the apartment in which I had lived for the last seven-years underwent a construction nightmare and suffered two water leaks. On the day after my birthday, and the day before the second leak, I had one of the most amazing dreams that I have ever had. The true meaning still escapes me. Apparently, Satan was going to give me a new job and I turned it down. Perhaps he is making his displeasure known.

Personally, I have had to deal with the stress of moving, and professionally, I will be unemployed in eleven-months, and everything is now falling apart. We Magicians are paid to keep it together when there are no parts. I have bets with my coworkers that collapse will come before unemployment. I am picking late Spring as the timeframe.

As I have been warning since July and 2007, it will get worse in the Middle East, and it will come with a U.S. Naval disaster.

Therefore, I own that prediction Dick Allgire, and my work has received peer review.

November 28, 2023
Housing – And Other Shoes to Drop
“I just went to G.A. Stewert’s (sic) link in your comment. (I’m not a member, but there’s enough leakage and openly revealed material to serve the purpose.)
Largely, I agree with his clear take.

By the way, George is free to give this person access to my website archives.

To sum it up, I suppose that I do sell Doom here. However, I have always considered my work the solving of The Nostradamus Riddle.

Certainly, at this point, I have proven the embedded Dating Code in all of Nostradamus’ work, and for once and all-time, I have proven the validity of The Sixains as a work of Nostradamus.

And for The Common Person on The Street (a Nostradamus play on words), that may mean nothing and may be irrelevant to his or her life, but very soon, it will be in everybody’s face. Dick Allgire is giving consumers cartoons, my research goes so much deeper and leads readers to the bigger events.

And to simply put it to the people who want to believe in Dick Allgire and Clif High, “Buyer Beware.” They are playing social media.

I am going to play too, but I am still unpacking. Yesterday it was rebuilding computers, projectors, and cleaning and jerking a 75-pound stabilizer trim motor from an old British Lancaster into place. The last few weeks have been like running a twelve-hour-a-day marathon, so Dick Allgire’s recent claims to my Nostradamus’ predictions falls into that category of challenges.

I give it away for free at first publishing, and then when it is archived, readers can buy the book if they want to go deeper.

Therefore, Dick Allgire’s cartoon drawings do not hold a candle to the details that I have provided in thousands of words over a period of sixteen-years and in six books.

Ray Bradbury’s 1953 book, Fahrenheit 451, is all about book burning and a society dependent on information presented with simple cartoons and visual images. Therefore, I understand the YouTube attraction to this kind of information, consider The Simpsons and The Family Guy, and now dozens of similar adult-oriented cartoons.

As I have recounted numerous times, in 2016, a Canadian production company contacted me about a production that they were going to film regarding Nostradamus and “preppers.” We had made agreements on my presentation and the script and at the last minute those agreements were broken, and I said, “no thanks.”

I have always claimed that this website is simply entertainment, but I am not an entertainer. I am a serious professional and I present readers with facts from tangible sources. This is how I have supported my interpretations of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce’s prophecies.

For that Regular Reader who wondered why I was hanging around a major city if civilization is on the brink of collapse, I would say that there is one insurmountable fact that I have come across, sometimes you make plans, but then the universe makes plans for you.

Twenty-five-years ago, I had plans, and then out of happenstance some options opened, and for the last 23-years, I have been king of my kingdom, I am respected in places that count, I have one of the coolest jobs ever, and I have talented coworkers who I respect and consider close friends. In eleven-months, that kingdom is scheduled for shutdown and my technicians are now surfing for jobs. I say it will never happen, and I am not worried.

G. A. Stewart’s Nostradamus Compendium is the most accurate book on Nostradamus’ prophecies ever published. If I had not followed happenstance, it would have never been written. As a life’s work, Dick Allgire’s circus act is not going to interfere with that.

At my age, I am also not worried about a Nuclear War; my recent problems were closer-in, immediate, and inescapable. Perhaps a National Emergency would have simplified some of my decisions, but I was inescapably guided to where I am now. And I accept the circumstances and the challenges on that level.

As king of my kingdom, I have 28-minutes after the computer calls me to get to where I work after the power goes out and before the UPS shuts everything down. Our equipment is powered up 24/7, and things break after hard shutdowns, and so that becomes a larger headache. My move still allows me to deal with those professional problems in a reasonable amount of time. All I can do is see what comes this Spring or next November.

For most Americans, survival will depend on resources that are far beyond The Common Person on The Street’s ability to attain; especially, if he or she wants to be employed near a major U.S. city. Those Home Owners Associations do not look kindly on bomb shelters being built in people’s backyards.

My intention is to recover from this move, play some music and make some videos that explain G. A. Stewart’s version of Nostradamus. Before I check out of this life there are some things that I want to do. My research on Nostradamus’ prophecies is now complete. I will be experimenting with more Green Screen videos in the studio that I have begun setting up and providing Dick Allgire and some other phonies with some YouTube competition and serious criticism. Some of the crazy shit in the Alternative Media needs a critic, maybe it is time for G. A. Stewart to become an entertainer.

As some readers know, I have already created the opening credits to future videos.






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