June 9, 2022
Declaring himself a modern Peter the Great, Putin offers a new threat to Estonia

The following prophecy for 1999 I solved in 2001. The page of my solutions to The Belin Lead Tube Prophecies was one of the first pages that I put up on this Website in December of 2007.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was appointed Prime Minister of Russia in August. He is going to be the next Peter the Great. Symbolically, appointed President of Russia on December 31st, 1999.

ROLLING THUNDER is the first book that made me see that Christian Eschatology and the prophecies of Nostradamus are synonymous. J. R. Jochmans recounts how Nichol Rycempel, a monk in Berlin, Germany in 1944, discovered a tube of lead that had been hidden in the walls of the Church of St. Paul during the nineteenth century.

Taking the tube from the burnt ruins of the church, he found a document inside written by a Benedictine Monk over a century before. It contained one-line predictions from 1900 until the year 2000.

I have discovered in these ensuing 38 years (Now , that the predictions from 1979 and 1985 are crucial to identifying similar prophecies written by Nostradamus. I have been able to solve a few of the Lead Tube Prophecies conclusively, and these give startling validation to the rest of the Lead Tube Prophecies that Jochmans published. Some, however, still remain a mystery that I leave to the ingenuity of the reader.

If any reader stumbles across the prophecies discovered by Nichol Rycempel in their entirety, please forward that information to

June 6, 2022
The Russian Army has an order for Baltics & Estonia -B.Putin landmark speech: “We will take back what belongs to us like Peter the Great”
We had a dangerous speech a few hours ago from V. Putin about the developments and the military operations in the wider region. Russia’s president has just revealed that the military operations will be further expanded.

For the first time, V.Putin sent a direct threat to Estonia, not just Sweden, and made special reference to Narva, the third largest city in Estonia with a population of 56,103. It is located at the easternmost point of the country, on the border with Russia, southeast of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin compared his policy to that of Peter the Great when the Tsar was fighting Sweden and invaded its territories, as well as Finland, a part of Estonia and Latvia.

He said specifically:

“During the war with Sweden, Peter the Great did not conquer anything, he took back what always belonged to us, even though the whole of Europe recognized it as Sweden. It seems now it’s our turn to take back our lands [smiling].”

I hope readers can appreciate how far ahead of the curve my 2007 book, The Age of Desolation, actually was, because I came up with the solutions to many of The Berlin Lead Tube Prophecies shortly after I sat down to write that book on September 27th, 2001.

A good friend and I were traveling across the United States in May of 1981, and I was reading J. R. Jochmans’ interpretation of a Nostradamus’ Quatrain predicting a Pope’s assassination. We had just come through Truckee Pass after camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and I was recounting to my friend that paragraph in Jochmans’ book. When we stopped for gas, we saw the headlines of Pope John Paul II’s assassination attempt on May 13th, 1981.

Fourteen-months before, I had just left the Persian Gulf as part of the Navy’s Iranian Expeditionary Force.

That was probably the point when Nostradamus’ writings became the puzzle that I wanted to solve.

It was J. R. Jochmans’ approach to comparative prophecy that I followed. There is never a perfect fit, but the similarities cannot be ignored.

Another event on my timeline is a war between Greece and Turkey in the Spring. We still have less than two-weeks, but with The Nostradamus Butterfly Effect, the current belligerence could qualify as the precursor event.

June 10, 2022
Erdogan Threatens Greece Over ‘Militarizing’ Aegean Islands: “Come To Your Senses”


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