I got my company’s official COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate paperwork this week. I filed my Religious Accommodation Form Friday. On my Religious Accommodation Form I have informed the company that since this was personal information, I control it, and therefore, if I so feel, I will post it on the Internet.

I suspect that it will go just like the Navy’s Religious Waiver Form

October 28, 2021
EXPOSED: U.S. Navy’s Plans to Issue Blanket Rejection for ALL Religious Exemptions to the Covid Vaccine Mandate Despite Directly Violating Several Naval Procedures

…So I put out this Post, because they know G. A. Stewart very well, and I am ramping up my new Business Model. I have to make a living somehow. I am testing the waters and how serious the Regular Readers of this Website are about life; that would be just about 20,000 people throughout the months.

If all of you just bought the current 2019 book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III and my upcoming Nostradamus Compendium, I could fund this Website for a very long time, make a few YouTube Videos, and take the fight to the people who matter.

As I mentioned in my last Post, I am involved in the Real Fight. I just met with the first protestors who are going to lose their jobs over the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. For the United States to remain a viable country, it needs these people. WE ARE DOING OUR PART. WHERE ARE YOU IN THIS PROPAGANDA FIGHT?

October 29, 2021
12,000 Air Force Personnel, Including Elite Pilots, Have Rejected Vax Order As Tuesday Deadline Looms

Since I work on a major military base, the protestors who I spoke with on Friday told me that some people have cursed and spit at them, others have shown support. That is frontline reporting. This is how Civil Wars begin.

Longtime Readers can remember that I was writing about The Second Civil War in 2010.

January 8, 2010
G. A. Stewart
I immediately thought of Quatrain VI-5 when the Norway Light Spiral appeared.

…I forgot to mention how this all fits perfectly with Norse mythology and the myth of their Apocalypse called Ragnarök. This is the beginning of Fimbulvetr, the three years of winters that lead up to Ragnarök.

That seems so long ago, and now that day is here and the United States and Western civilization are being carefully dissected while the victims are still conscious and let it happen.

The Thumbs Up Widget at the bottom of the Previous Post should tell Regular Readers much about themselves. Thousands of you have been coming here for years, and I certainly have not sold that many books. As I wrote in my last Post, I am measuring where this Website is going next.

Recently, a comment left on one of my favorite websites complained that this Provider of Free Economic Information and Analysis was writing his columns to promote the money-side of his website. I was astonished when I read the comment.

The difference between my generation and earlier generations is that people today are now very brazen with their stupidity.

Honestly, I have been around people like this commenter my entire life. As I approach 65-years of age, I discovered rather late in life that the Something-For-Nothing Crowd will exhaust your patience and expectation of fair work for a fair wage.

As for my own case, in the Previous Post the number in Blue with the Thumbs Up at the bottom of the page was my measuring stick. One of those thumbs up is mine to test the plug-in. At last check, nearly 1,000 Regular Readers have come to this Website since I posted my previous Update.

I have to believe my Google Statistics; they only go back to 2014 and not 2007, when I started this Website, but thousands of those Reader ID Numbers also go back to 2014. How do I appeal to you readers at this desperate hour? Surly you have gotten your ten-dollars worth by now.

In the days when I was writing often, my Regular Reader Numbers could be two or three times what they are today.

Some of us are really in the fight, while some of the major players in the Alternative Media drone on endlessly and pretend to be in the fight; their opinion from second and third-hand sources is dubious at best.

The job that I will soon be losing has been paying the bills for the Something-For-Nothing Crowd. Needless to say, that when the job goes and the Firewall, SSL Certificate, and Security contracts are up, this Website will go down to one HTML page that sells my books.

As I have previously mentioned, not only am I fed up with the military system, which I have supported for 42-years, I am also fed up with the talkers and a majority of the Alternative Media. The unharnessed power of organizing major boycotts that could have targeted and reined in the technology companies, sports and the take a knee movement, and those other various industries that want to control freedom, has been wasted on self-interest.

The Real Rebel Army is stepping up to the plate, not the posers. We’re sacrificing it all.

October 31, 2021
American Airlines cancels more than 600 flights on Sunday

This is everybody’s big test. I always thought that Dan Bongino is the Real Deal. Thank, you, sir!

October 29, 2021
Dan Bongino Ends Radio Program In Vaccine Mandate Battle With Employer

Right now, my self-interest is all that matters. The next Posts that will appear in the scrolling Post Marquee will be my announcement releasing my Nostradamus Compendium and the follow-up books. All future Posts, Commentary, and my COVID-19 Journal will appear in the Update Index under the Website Index Tab, which appears under the right-side column of the Front Page. All Passwords will be changing and be a part of the Nostradamus Compendium.

This is the point where reality catches up to G. A. Stewart. I believe that the Nostradamus Message will interfere with the Real Message. And 96.1% of Regular Readers have just provided me with the data that supports my conclusion.

Clearly, Nostradamus’ prophecies follow the prophecies of The Great Catholic Monarch.

Last Roman Emperor
The Great Catholic Monarch was very popular in popular folklore until the 18th century Enlightenment. He reappeared in 19th century prophecy when French legitimists believed that the count of Chambord, Henry V of France would be the new king.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks only of Christ as the king who is to be manifested in “the last days”. It speaks of this manifestation as associated by his recognition by “all Israel” and preceded by the Church’s ultimate trial, “a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh”. It makes no mention of the coming of any Great Catholic Monarch, whether French or German or of any continent.

The reason for this is that all religions have only their sanctified view of the universe. The debate is in what is accepted scripture. What lies in the secret libraries of the Vatican? That again is more Conspiracy Theory.

So-called Religious Experts have confused the myth of The Last Roman Emperor with Pope Francis and The False Prophet and a European Antichrist. Why Christians still follow this 19th century dogma, I have no clue. For years I have been saying that this is Pope Francis and Barack Obama. Time has proven me right.

If the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate and The O’Biden Administration have not convinced you, you might be unreachable.

We are now well-passed recognizing who the agents of evil really are; and from my perspective, The Steve Quayle View fails. I got there many years ago.

If the COVID-19 Vaccine is the Mark of The Beast, the mandate comes from the O’Biden Administration, that pretty much rules out that The Antichrist is coming from Europe. He is already here and working the controls behind the curtain in the United States of America.

From what I can gather of the Tom Horn-Steve Quayle Version of The Great Catholic Monarch; their model fails miserably in the light of the O’Biden Administration reality.

I have read the same canonical and extra-canonical books; everyone of us can debate scripture until hell freezes over. My Religious Waiver will be denied, because Pope Francis has sanctioned The Jab, despite that it is a product of abortion. This is a discussion that I got into with my attorney’s paralegal, who was clueless.

My Religious Waiver cites the Catholic Archbishop of the military, Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio.

October 12, 2021
Archbishop: Catholic troops can refuse COVID-19 vaccine

As I asked in my Religious Waiver, is some anonymous, faceless, Star Chamber Company Committee going to debate me on the dissension within the Catholic Church? Who has the certification for Expert in that debate?

My late-Uncle was the head of the Knights of Columbus in a nearby county; should I seek an official Church Seal or documentation as to include with my Religious Waiver, just as the form asked. I have to file income tax forms for the books I sell that are based on my bastardized version of Christian and Catholic theology. Is that certification enough?

Who is going to debate me on the nuances of my religious beliefs, which come from serious study and writing four books and maintaining a Website about those beliefs? Are we in the United States anymore? Are we back in the Middle Ages? To what level do we raise the Religious Piety Test?

I expect that my Religious Waiver will be denied unless the Governor of my State steps in and prevents my termination. I have a great deal to do before I lose my job, and I have begun working down a list of important actions that I must take.

I want to thank those Readers who responded to the test; I wish I could keep the Website going just for you. Many of you have been great and continuing supporters over the years. Therefore, that Thumbs Up Widget in my Previous Post is for you too. It is an indicator of what a Herculean effort this has been to get thousands of people to spend ten-dollars. Sadly, the Thumbs Up Widget is not even Real Money.

If it comes down to joining the protestors, I will support that for as long as I can with open Posts, photos, and videos. I try not to sell bullshit here. Trying to walk the walk has been a life’s mission.

This is dangerous territory, because this is the fertile ground of FBI Informants and PYSOP infiltrators. I will be joining the protestors for awhile as a writer recording the historic disintegration of the U.S. military…

…and then I think that I will move on to possibly whittling myself down to a motorcycle, my camping gear, camera, and then touring the United States, Canada, and some of Mexico, blogging as the fireworks kickoff with the collapse of Western civilization. I am going to try and model myself into the 21st Century version of a Mad Max John Steinbeck. I can see the book’s title now, Travels With Stu, In Search of Sanity.

I may joke about Alex Jones a great deal, but out of all the Alternative Media, at least he is Boots on The Ground Alternative Media. I will do a little bit of that and then get out of the way. War is coming.

I was hoping after the winter and more toward late Spring and the Summer of 2022; however, the precursors to that war should appear very soon, and that may include actual combat engagements between China, Russia, and NATO. That will spark The Global Economic Collapse scenario in my books, leading to the disappearance of gold and silver by early Spring of 2022. Martial Law also needs to arrive before then, the reason is the shortages.

I was quite shocked at the bare shelves in the pet food section of the store last night, and people love their pets, some more than their kids. I noticed that all of my late-cat’s favorite foods were missing. After that I looked at the soup aisle; that is people’s goto for emergency food; it was thin. This is why I believe that something has to happen sooner-than-later.

In the Previous Post, I supplied readers with a chain of very important, related prophecies, many of them linked by Nostradamus’ Dating Code.

I remind Regular Readers that Wednesday is a 1-1-3 Day, 11/3/2021. As I have reported since 2007, there has been a great deal of bloodshed spilled on this day.

October 31, 2021
Large-Scale Russian Troop Movements Along Ukraine Border Spark Alarm In US & Europe

As I wrote in the last Post, you need to worry! PAR MORT SENILE… Does it get any clearer? Good luck!






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