This morning, April 19th, 2022, this Website was suddenly inundated with hits from around the world. This was a clear Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) spoofing points on the globe. I know where it originated from; I also suspect that I know who it was and the reason.

Most of the hits began at 09:48 and lasted 02:51 minutes, machine perfect to be sure. There were some earlier probes, but the bots were centered around the 09:48 time.

This was most likely a courtesy warning, because the attack is not what it could have been… if that matters anymore. This is just a little Podunk Website about Nostradamus’ prophecies, but it comes just after my doxing last month.

The timing was perfect, because Emails were coincidentally being sent to the people who needed New Passwords. The Password Problem should have been fixed once and for all with the change of passwords. All future Website technical issues will be addressed in the Update Index, if the Website remains up.


As the saying goes, the flak gets heaviest when you’re over the target.

One of this Website’s Regular Reader Supporters just wrote me this, “…Continue to be amazed at the accuracy of your work.

April 19, 2022
Russia Must Prepare For “Possible Aggressive Action” From NATO, Putin Advisor Says

It is going to get worse.

April 19, 2022
The Christian nationalism behind Putin’s war

Can you see the target now?


POSTSCRIPT 04-20-2022

Hopefully, readers have received the New Password and have been able to log onto the Website. There is the New Password for this year and 2021. The Old Password for older posts still works. Eventually, that will change. I am looking at purchasing a dedicated plug-in password program for WordPress, but it is pricey and I will just have to see what reader participation looks like over the next few weeks.

Since this Website went down on March 29th, it has been a grueling month trying to work out all the bugs. The Password Problem being the most difficult, because it is a known WordPress problem and that is why aftermarket plug-ins make money.

If I made money here, I would buy it. Readers need to keep in mind, I sell two books here, each for $10.00. The Website is a free bonus that I pay for; however, Book Sales do not equal Website Costs. It is a simple equation. This Website’s Regular Reader audience at first shrank 30% after I announced a password policy, and now it is up to 60%.

I subscribe to three-websites; that is all I can afford. I probably surf a dozen every day, so I do understand the other side of the equation.

Since we are all on borrowed time, and the response to my Au Revoir post has not been overwhelming, to be sure, I will have to make do with the Website as it stands now.

The one word that I keep seeing in reader Emails is “Your Accuracy.” Readers can pass that word to their favorite websites in the comments section of that site.

The princes of the Alternative Media know who I am, but they would rather chase Web Bot Prophecy and Remote Viewing bullshit. That is the world of the unicorns, and Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Michael Rivero, and Jeff Rense can sell the clown shows.

I play in the real world, when I recognize bullshit, I move on; this is why I have lost respect for many websites. That kind of buffoonery has impacted my motivation here, because I realize that most Americans are going to be toast. There is no other way to say it plainly or nicely. This is why the 2016 Deagle.com website statistics were reporting that the population in the United States would shrink 83% by 2025, and Great Britain’s would shrink by 78%.

If you read Chapter Sixteen in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, you will find that I organized the Deagle.com statistics by country and alliance. It is the majority of NATO populations that suffer the greatest losses. That math is very clear.

April 20, 2022
Russia Tests Nuclear-Capable ICBM As Putin Warns Enemies It’s “Food For Thought”

Russia launched the Satan missile on Adolf Hitler’s birthday for a reason. This appears to be the April 20th, 2022 Ritual Message.

Some of the princes of the Alternative Media would rather steal the research that I have done on The tenth of the Calends of April than actually link this Website or cite my research, so I have to go into Jerk Mode and send warning Emails.

Maybe they can phone in for my real job too. They can stand on the BIG X that says Satan Missile Warhead land right here.

Hopefully, the Password Problems have been resolved.

I have two readers who both use Safari, and by inference use an Apple product, and both cannot log onto the Website. I am not a fan of Apple and so I know nothing about their products. These two seem to be the only remaining reports of a Password Problem.

One Apple user answered the call, and he uses Firefox and not Safari, and he has not encountered any problems. I have told other readers about browser cache and cookies, or saved passwords, and that has fixed their problems. This includes logging onto an old post in 2020 and using the Old Password and then logging onto a new post with the New Password; this worked.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache (All Browsers)

One important discovery that I made is that WordPress requires that your cookies must be enabled to login.

If any readers are still having problems, please let me know. If any readers are using the Safari browser or an Apple product and they have been able to log onto the Website, perhaps they can uncover a solution for these two Regular Reader Supporters and send me the solution so I can pass it on. Many thanks to all!

In closing, let me show everybody what 20,000 people coming and going to this Website with every crisis looks like. Everybody panics at the crisis… Then they chill out… Crisis averted… Mmmm, maybe.

Readers should note how the slope of the graph has trended upwards for the last two-plus-years. I brought this material to the world in 2007. Maybe the Social Engineers have been working the same data. It is very predictable.

I am not a Cardiologist or a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but that sure looks like tachycardia to me.


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