It looks like Dick Allgire’s Remote Viewers are putting out another major warning, and Clif High, the Web Bot Prophet, is putting out another warning in conjunction with them, regarding the possible detonation of a dirty bomb sometime before the end of the year. This warning should be taken seriously.

September 18, 2023
The Event That Will Change The World? Clif High and Dick Allgire

The simple fact is my warning is already out there about that very same subject. For sixteen-years, I have called it The First Blow of Steel. Why did I just post my warning on July 29, 2023? Because, we are at that point on my timeline.

July 29, 2023


Nostradamus Sixain XXXI (28)
Celuy qui a, les hazards ƒurmonté,
Qui fer, feu, eaue n’a iamais redouté,
Et du pays bien proche de Baƒacle,
D’vn coup de fer tout le monde eƒtonné,
Par Crocodil eƒtrangement donné,
Peuple raui de veoir vn tel ƒpectacle.

Nostradamus Sixain XXXI (28)
He who has overcome the hazards,
Who has never feared sword, fire, water,
And of a country close to Toulouse,
By a blow of steel the entire world astonished,
Strangely given by the Crocodile,
People delighted to see such a spectacle.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2007, Page 234
“And of such deeds one will not see the result” certainly points the way to two notable terrorist incidents using a nuclear weapon against the Relative of the Leech and the wolf. Of course, the wolf is an allusion to Romulus and Remus the mythological twin brothers who founded Rome and who were both raised by a she-wolf.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 791
Nostradamus identifies The Crocodile to be the person or metaphorical nation that is the first to use a nuclear weapon.

Originally, I thought that this might apply to Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 that was blown up over the Sinai Peninsula by ISIS on October 31st, 2015.

Since The Blow of Steel is mentioned in two Sixains, one clearly connected to a nuclear explosion, I believe that this Sixain is also describing a nuclear terrorist attack on the West Bank of Israel.

Nostradamus mentions Toulouse because there is a very large Palestinian population in Toulouse. On March 11th, 2012, the Toulouse and Montauban shootings began when an Islamic extremist over the course of the next week began shooting French soldiers and Jewish school children.

I now believe that the nuclear attack that Nostradamus predicts in The Epistle to Henry that occurs in Nablus will either be a component of a larger war at hand, such as a war between Israel, Hezbollah, and Hamas, or more than likely part of two nuclear terrorist attacks.

The Blows of Steel are more than likely the precursor events to igniting a much larger war. They seem to occur before nuclear weapons are used in Turkey and the in the Aegean Sea.

Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 491
We know from the Epistle to Henri and the book of Matthew that a nuclear type of explosion will happen near “The sepulcher” and “Then let them which be in Judea flee to the mountains” because “a calamitous affliction will befall pregnant women”, “And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!” Will it be a dirty bomb that contaminates a large area of Jerusalem with radioactivity?

There is another terrorist incident that will occur in Italy shortly after the nuclear explosion near East Jerusalem. “And shortly after there will be another blow, By foul play, committed against the wolf, And of such deeds one will not see the result.”


Nostradamus Sixain XLV (43)
De coup de fer, tout le monde eƒtonné,
Par Crocodil eƒtrangement donné,
A vn bien grand parent de la ƒangƒuë,
Et peu apres ƒera vn autre coup
De guet à pend, commis contre le loup,
Et de tels ƒaits on verra l’iƒƒuë.

Nostradamus Sixain XLV (43)
The entire world astonished by a blow of steel,
Strangely given by the Crocodile [Egypt],
To a very great one, relative of the leech [Palestinians],
And shortly after there will be another blow
By foul play, committed against the wolf [Italy],
And of such deeds one will not see the issue [Cause/Terrorism].


This is part of a bigger scenario related to Israel and the Palestinians.


Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:2
combien que par les Azos tains voudroit mesler dedans le miel du fiel, & leur pestifere seduction: & cela sera proche du septiesme millenaire, que plus le sanctuaire de Jesus-Christ ne sera conculqué par les infideles qui viendront de l’Aquilon,

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:2
Although the Azostains/Philistines would like to mix the honey of bile, and their pestilent seduction; and this will be near the seventh millenary, when the sanctuary of Jesus Christ will no longer be trodden down by the infidels who will come from Aquilon.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:2
Although the Palestinians will suffer, they mix honey with bile to seduce terrorism and war. But the real infidels will be those politicians and military-industrial leaders of Aquilon and the [New World Order] who used the Christian Church to launch a New Crusade and remodel the world in their image.

Following this paragraph, Nostradamus introduces The Great Conflagration. Obviously, this sounds like Nuclear War.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:3

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:3
The world approaches a great conflagration, although, according to calculations in my prophecies, the course of time runs much further.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:3
The world will then approach a conflagration. Although according to my calculations, the world will not end with nuclear war. The course of time will go much further.

Here is the thing folks, Clif High and Dick Allgire have put a lot of warnings out there. I am still waiting for Ed Dames “Kill Shot” from the Sun, and I am still waiting for Clif High’s, “Global Coastal Event.”

I have been writing for sixteen-years that most of England will go under the waves.

May 2, 2022

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2007, Page 364
It is apparent from any map of Europe that if a large meteorite falls in Artois, France that the ensuing impact should generate a tidal wave close to Great Britain. There are more than a few quatrains that describe such a disaster striking southern England.

Originally, I once thought the flooding of England would be related to a meteorite. In 2017, I realized that this was most likely related to Russia’s Status 6 Poseidon nuclear torpedo, which was announced in 2017 as a “nuclear mole missile.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 286
Recently, the Russian media leaked a story about “nuclear mole missiles” that were buried off the shores of the United States.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 304
In light of the indirect Russian announcement that Russian submarines have seeded the American coastlines with “nuclear mole missiles” to generate tidal waves, Nostradamus may be trying to point something out here.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 828
This Quatrain is quite interesting because it was only recently that the Russians leaked to the public that they had developed “nuclear mole missiles” also called the Status 6 or Poseidon torpedo. These robotic drones bury themselves in the seabed and when activated the nuclear explosion can generate tidal waves 1,600 feet high that flood the chosen targets with radiated water.


Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 24:1

Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 24:1
And I find letters will suffer a very great and incomparable loss, I find also before the universal conflagration of the world there will be such high deluges and inundations,

That there will scarcely remain any land not covered by water, and this will last for so long that everything will perish except for the Earth itself and the races.

Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 24:2

Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 24:2
…And there will have fallen from the sky such a great abundance of fire, and of burning stones, that nothing will remain unconsumed. And this will occur a short time before the final conflagration.

Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 26

Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 26
Through pestilence, long famine, wars, and most of all, by floods, the world will be so diminished, with so few remaining, that no one will be found to work the fields, which will remain wild for as long a period as they had been tilled:

It is interesting to see how an audience’s mind works. The Global Coastal Event never happened; but I guarantee that when the first Status 6 Poseidon nuclear torpedo detonates, people, and perhaps Clif, will call that a successful web bot prediction even a decade after the prediction failed.

I am not here to negate the work of Clif High and Dick Allgire. I have always been a believer in Predictive Linguistics and Remote Viewing. I even mentioned Clif High in my 2010 book, The Age of Desolation; Dick Allgire was not around then, but I did cover the subject in the same book.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 20
New technologies measuring humanity’s perception of the future are continually being developed. At the website of, Cliff High has created software that parses Internet blogs looking for common themes.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 20
In the United States, Remote Viewing made its way to the National Security Agency in the late 1970’s. Small groups of military personal were trained to use only their minds to investigate selected targets.

One of my now favorite and most successful predictions was COVID-19 in 2019.


a) 2011 – NATO destroys Libya – kills Muammar Gaddafi
b) 2014 – NATO supported coup d’état in Ukraine
c) 2019 – COVID-19 released (NATO Biological Weapon)


The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 223

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
L’an mil ƒix cens & neuf on quatorzieƒme,
Le vieux Charon fera Paƒques en Careƒme,
Six cens & ƒix, par eƒcrit le mettra
Le Medicin, de tout cecy s’eƒtonne,
A meƒme temps aƒƒigné en perƒonne
Mais pour certain l’vn d’eux comparoiƒtra.

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609-2014] or fourteen [1614-2019],
The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it
The Physician, by all this is astonished,
At the same time summoned in person
But for certain one of them will appear.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, 2019, Page 608
The question begs, why does Nostradamus call the other antagonist, The Physician of the Great disease? Is this person a doctor? Is it a metaphor? We know he “will set fire to the Olive branch [peace]”. Does he use “the great disease” as a weapon? Does he start biological warfare?


I have a very large and growing list of successful predictions, but that apparently gets no traction with an audience and every website on planet Earth save one.


If you read my post, The Lives Affected, readers will see where I stand with it all. Now if Clif High, Dick Allgire, and were truly interested in warning people, or preventing this from happening, perhaps they would take my work here into consideration. I am providing the culprits on these pages, and it all points to Brussels.

The two people apparently ready to push the button are The Physician of the Great Disease and The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank.

Surly, Nostradamus’ prophecies cannot be anymore obtuse than one of Clif High’s Web Bot Reports.


Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
Dans peu de temps Medecin du grand mal,
Et la ƒangƒue d’ordre rang inegal,
Mettront le feu à la branche d’Oliue,
Poƒte courir, d’vn & d’autre coƒté,
Et par tel feu leur Empire accoƒté,
Se r’alumant du franc finy ƒaliue.

Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
In a short time the Physician of the great disease,
And the leech of unequal order and rank,
They will set fire to the Olive branch,
Positioning driving, one side and another,
And through such fire their Empire accosted,
Reigniting the last of French saliva.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 669
In Sixain XXX, I believe Nostradamus is giving future historians the two arbiters of humanity’s fate. The Physician of the Great Disease and The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank. They seem to be responsible for what history will recognize as the start of World War III.

In Chapter Four, I explained how Nostradamus identified The Leech as being south of France, which makes The Leech North Africa, or more precisely, the Arab League. With that explanation, it is easy to make the case that The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank is the single most important Islamic leader in the world.


In closing, I do believe that Clif High, Dick Allgire are sincere; however, I will go head-to-head with their successes and the quality of my successes. Not only have I predicted major events and the year, like COVID-19, but also the Donald J. Trump coup d’état, Donald J. Trump’s arrest, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I have also provided readers with the fine details and not crude drawings or squiggly lines on a white board.

Apparently, the word ejecta appeared in Clif’s work and some people are suggesting volcanoes. Edgar Cayce had a checklist for some important volcanic eruptions to come.

Edgar Cayce’s Sequence:
1) A large Earthquake in South Pacific will occur.
2) There will be sinking and rising of land near Mount Etna.
3) Mount Vesuvius in Italy, or Mount Pelée in Martinique erupts.
4) An Earthquake in Los Angeles, California may occur.
5) Then the destruction of New York City by war and flooding follows.

However, I am quite sure that what is coming is The First Blow of Steel, which will most likely be a Dirty Bomb detonated near or in a Palestinian territory. In some way, Nostradamus implicates Egypt in this event. My time frame is between now and next Spring. If it does not happen, I was wrong, and I will own up to that fact.

Clif High and Dick Allgire have covered their bets by saying, “If it does not happen, our making it public prevented it.” Seriously, that excuse just does not work for me. If the Russians sink Great Britain with a Status 6 Poseidon nuclear torpedo, that also does not count as Clif High’s decade old prediction of a Global Coastal Event. I realize everything is marketing these days and click-bait, but let’s just keep it real.

I have another challenge out there too.

June 15, 2023

The First Blow of Steel is the next event on my timeline, and that is why I have been writing about it here for the last few months. The double earthquake in Turkey was an important sign in conjunction with the Silicon Valley Bank failure. We now have the signs of a war between Iran and Azerbaijan after Azerbaijan’s invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh.

My prediction is that Iran will defend Armenia and Turkey will defend Azerbaijan. This will lead to Russia and Iran’s invasion of Turkey, and will most likely introduce another important Nostradamus’ character, The Great Duke of Armenia.

Whoever The Physician of the Great Disease and The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank are, I do not think that Clif High and Dick Allgire will be able to stop them, but now remote viewers should be able to target them with the information that I am providing here, because the master of Remote Viewing was Nostradamus.


SPECIAL POSTSCRIPT – October 7, 2023

This post has been up since September 22nd, 2023. Twice, the following section has disappeared. I now believe someone has hacked and reedited this post. In the second delete, Nostradamus’ Sixain XXXIV was also erased. I have included it once again.

Isfahan, Iran is my second choice for The First Blow of Steel.


Nostradamus Sixain XXXIV (31)
Princes & Seigneurs tous ƒe feront la guerre,
Couƒin germain le frere auec le frere,
Tiny l’Arby de l’heureux de Bourbon,
De Hieruƒalem les Princes tant aymables,
Du fait commis enorme & execrables,
Se reƒƒentiront ƒur la bourƒe ƒans fond.

Nostradamus Sixain XXXIV (31)
Princes and Lords will all make war against one and other,
First cousin, brother against brother,
[L’Arby/Arab League] finished by the happy Bourbon,
The Princes of Jerusalem very agreeable,
To committing the heinous and execrable deed,
They will feel the effects of the bottomless purse.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 594
L’Arby is an anagram for Nabil Elaraby; he was the Secretary General of the Arab League until his retirement in July of 2016.


Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 594
This is a very important prophecy that Nostradamus uses as a temporal marker for a war in the Middle East that coincides with an economic crisis.

“The heinous and execrable deed” certainly sounds like a false-flag event. “The Princes of Jerusalem very agreeable” also makes it sound like a false-flag attack conducted by Israel.

This Sixain also has one of the most important clues to when The Global Economic Collapse will come. In fact, this false-flag event seems to initiate the collapse, “they will feel the effects of the bottomless purse”.

Israel receives tremendous financial support from the United States, thus the interpretation seems to say, the time of “the bottomless purse” ends.

Revelation 5:5 (King James)
And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.


Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 693-694
Clearly, Nostradamus points to the West as the aggressor in Quatrain IX-55, “the horrible war which is being prepared in the West”. This is confirmed in Quatrain V-70, “of the regions subject to the Balance [America/NATO]… they trouble the mountains with great war… captives the entire sex enthralled and all Byzantium (Istanbul)”.

In those Quatrains and in Quatrain X-100, Nostradamus narrows it down from the West to the United States and Great Britain. We read in Quatrain IX-58, “red [Muslim], Black [King] not murdered… by the Bretons [English] restored and assured.”

Sahih Muslim: Book 041, Hadith 7028
Behold he (dajjal) is in the Syrian sea (Mediterranean) or the Yemen sea (Arabian sea)

Sahih Muslim: Book 041, Hadith 7034
The dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls.

Israel is a silent partner in the Sunni alliance.18 If Barack Obama returns to power, on a foundational level, according to Islamic eschatology, he meets the requirements for The Dajjal.

Isfahan is in Iran, over two hundred miles south of Tehran. It is the site of Iran’s largest missile production facilities as well as the home of the Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center. It is an integral and very important city in Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Sunan Abu Dawud Book 37, Hadith 4282
The greatest war, the conquest of Constantinople and the coming forth of the dajjal (Antichrist) will take place within a period of seven months.

The Arab League sees Iran as an enemy.19 When Al-Mahdi takes control of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims will recognize him and join his army. He will fly two flags, a red and green, to symbolize the uniting of Islam.

Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 7016
…Gog and Magog would walk until they would reach the mountain of al-Khamar and it is a mountain of Bait-ul-Maqdis…

“Baitul-Maqdis” is easily identified as the al-Aqsa mosque on the Dome of the Rock.

In Chapter Eleven, I wrote how in the original Quatrain VI-21, the third line was printed as, “newly elected supporting the great temple [tremble/war]”. Will there be an attempt to rebuild a third Temple in Jerusalem near the site of the Dome of the Rock?

Why this post continues to disappear I suppose that I will have to investigate. However, I did comment about its disappearance on

September 28, 2023
Profits, GDP, and Taiwan Woo-Woo Dreams
Thank you for the mention. I had done an update to that post last night, adding more from my 2019 book, but apparently it disappeared this morning.

What I had tried to convey in my original post was that the above prophecy quoted from Islamic Hadith points to 70,000 Israeli military personnel who have infiltrated Isfahan, Iran (Seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls). The destruction of the Iran’s nuclear facilities may cause continuing erupting explosions that may resemble radioactive volcanoes. Thus, Clif High’s word “Ejecta” would appear in his Predict Linguistics analysis.



September 22, 2022
Ed Dowd Makes Chilling Prediction on How the COVID Conspirators Will Cover Up Their Crimes
…They need to declare war footing in order to assume war powers in order to win [the election].

This is the essence of my 2019 book; I actually expected this in 2019 or 2020 with a Donald J. Trump coup d’état.

However, the social engineers pegged Donald J. Trump as a chump, and they are now going to sink him with the COVID-19 Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed.

The crisis must come soon so Joe Biden is quickly replaced.

And then there is Egypt and Libya, both are so important to this story and my spin on future events.

September 22, 2022
Menendez corruption charges complicate tense ties with Egypt
At times, Washington and Cairo have ended up on different sides of global issues, as in Libya, where Egypt provided years of backing to strongman Khalifa Hifter. The increasing regional influence of Russia and China has heightened the stakes for U.S. diplomats. A massive intelligence leak earlier this year shed new light on those concerns, revealing that Sisi had planned to secretly supply rockets to Russia until U.S. officials stepped in to strong-arm the strongman into supplying arms to Ukraine instead.

April 13, 2019


Nostradamus Quatrain I-40
La trombe faulse dissimulant folie
Fera Bisance vn changement de loys:
Hystra d’Egypte qui veult que l’on deflie
Edict changeant monnoyes & aloys.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-40
The False Whirlwind [Trump] concealing folly
Makes Byzantium (Turkey) change its laws:
Hystra [Haftar] of Egypt one who wants to protest
[The] Edict changing money and alloys

Last syllable easily swapped.
The s to f Printing Style

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 549-550

I noted that Trombe is also an anagram of Trump. Two editions of Quatrain I-40 have Trompe, meaning horn or deceived, and as I pointed out in Volume I, I believe Nostradamus used Trompe or Trompés as another anagram for Trump.

I caught a news story about Libya’s new strongman, General Khalifa Haftar. I immediately saw that his last name fit the anagram HYSTRA in Quatrain I-40.

With Trompés meaning deceived in combination with the new interpretation of line one, “The False Whirlwind [Trump] concealing folly”, these may be Nostradamus’ red flags of caution regarding Donald J. Trump.

This Quatrain began to unfold on 1-13-2019, when President Trump warned that he would destroy Turkey’s economy if Turkey attacked the Syrian Kurds.

On April 3rd, 2019, United States Vice President Mike Pence threatened Turkey’s NATO membership.

On April 9th, 2019, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi withdrew Egypt from the Middle East Security Alliance with the United States.

In 2019, the event that “makes Byzantium (Turkey) change its laws” is certainly President Trump’s economic threats, followed by threats against its NATO membership, along with the cancelled sale of F-35 jets for Turkey’s Air Force.

The Turkish lira has collapsed, and this currency devaluation would fulfill, “[The] Edict changing money and alloys”.





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