For many years, I have worked to bring some credibility to the writings of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

Very few outlets on the Internet provide a venue for futuring. Futuring is any method that can provide a look into the future. There are Christian prophecies, Jewish prophecies, Islamic prophecies, Hindu prophecies, Nostradamus prophecies, Edgar Cayce prophecies, a host of psychics making prophecies, and then there are the purveyors of Remote Viewing and Linguistic Analysis, also two methods of seeing into the future.

I have become something of a surfing expert on the major players in the Alternative Media. Frankly, I have read and listened to some fantastic Internet warnings from various Remote Viewers that have been linked by many websites. Luckily, for us these predicted events have never materialized. This also includes future events that were allegedly predicted using Linguistic Analysis as practiced and described in Clif High’s nonsensical Web Bot Reports.

I did ignore the Y2K Doom and Gloom stories, because that is my field and I was dating a software engineer at the time who was patching the local government computers. However, I did bite on Clif High’s Coastal Inundation Event and spent thousands of dollars preparing. Therefore, my criticism of Remote Viewing and Linguistic Analysis is empirical and not emotional.

In the initial years of developing Remote Viewing and Linguistic Analysis, I was a believer in the potential of these two techniques of looking into the future. I still think that they hold promise, but guess what, the clock is running out, and it is time to put up or shut up.

My research into prophecy was developed as a personal tool for me. Remote Viewing and Linguistic Analysis were originally in my toolbox; however, in these latter years, they have clearly failed to provide any substantial information that can be used to duck the bullets of civilization’s coming collapse. Every blogger and consumer of the Alternative Media does seem to agree that the so-called Fourth Turning is here.

Strauss–Howe Generational Theory
According to the theory, historical events are associated with recurring generational personas (archetypes). Each generational persona unleashes a new era (called a turning) lasting around 20–25 years, in which a new social, political, and economic climate (mood) exists. They are part of a larger cyclical “saeculum” (a long human life, which usually spans between 80 and 100 years…

In their book The Fourth Turning (1997), the authors expanded the theory to focus on a fourfold cycle of generational types and recurring mood eras[2] to describe the history of the United States, including the Thirteen Colonies and their British antecedents. However, the authors have also examined generational trends elsewhere in the world and described similar cycles in several developed countries

As a Doom Hustler, I try and stay on top of world events and Internet rumors. It is my own form of Linguistic Analysis. Recently, I went searching for a Remote Viewing prediction that I had heard of regarding a “Day of Darkness” that was to appear in April, or something to that effect.

Using various search engines, I began looking for the Remote Viewer who had come up with this prediction. Unfortunately, I mainly kept coming up with Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute. Almost three decades ago, I read two of Courtney Brown’s books, Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorers; I was not impressed. Both books were just more regurgitated UFO/Extraterrestrial Lore seasoned with the new 1990s Men Who Stare at Goats, Remote Viewing spin.

So, I clicked on a few of those search engine Courtney Brown links to see what he is up to now, and I sat through a few cringe-worthy Farsight Institute videos. Once again, I am led to the same conclusions that I came to over two-decades ago; Courtney Brown is just reselling well-worn UFO/Extraterrestrial Lore. To my point-of-view, he is selling the same thing that Alex Collier was selling in the 1990s, and that Zetatalk was selling in the early years of the 21st century.

Alex Collier
Alex Collier is an Andromedan contactee. He is the author of Defending Sacred Ground.

ZetaTalk Online since 1995
The Zetas as students of human nature have concluded on what Being Human means;

Nothing that these people and websites were selling when I last visited them ever came true. In fact, during the viral Zetatalk era, a great comet was supposed to come close to the Earth.

My 2007 book was still in its creative infancy in those years, but readers of that book know how importantly a comet plays into Nostradamus’ prophecies of World War III. Therefore, I set out to validate the approach of this comet based on the Zetatalk sky coordinates. I took my computer controlled refracting telescope thirty-miles into the country to get away from city lights and human civilization. I then set my telescope and laptop up in the back of my pickup truck, plugged in those coordinates, and I began searching for this alleged comet.

Unfortunately, I became the largest infrared target in the area for a few million repellent-resistant mosquitoes, but I toughed it out for about four-hours, but I never found that Zetatalk comet. It was all bullshit. Two decades later, it still has not shown up. My guess is there are still a few Zetatalk holdouts who still need and want to believe in Zetatalk.

That was a lesson hard learned, but as I have written here, I try to validate what I read and listen to on the Internet. I mentioned that some people need to believe, even when the evidence points to the contrary. I have discovered that when some people have too much time invested in bullshit they often double down and have difficulty letting go.

Only a day ago, someone posted a comment lauding Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute; I thought it synchronicity since I was already in the process of writing this post. In my reply criticizing Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute’s spin on Remote Viewing, I made comparisons to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. This individual’s reply was to call these two historical characters “controlled opposition”.

I sensed in this person’s worldview a twisted version of Gnostic Christian theology. He obviously missed the salient points in those texts regarding the role of Jesus Christ. I am not sure how people can function believing that everything and everybody in history and the world are “controlled opposition”.

However, this exchange made me realize that some people are unreachable no matter how much evidence you throw at them. When you start claiming that everything and everybody are “controlled opposition” and in on The Fix, that is the very definition of cultish behavior and surrender; thus, we are led to The Narrow Way.

Cultish behavior is the same criticism that I have of many people who follow certain Alternative Media personalities and websites; thus, Washington D.C., January 6th, 2021.

Simply put, yes we are surrounded by “controlled opposition”; friction is a part of the physics of life and growth. Going to the gym is upping the “controlled opposition” of the weights so you build strength. I suspect that this is what eternity is; so welcome to it. However, there are clues to identifying the “controlled opposition”, and one of the most important clues are references to Jesus Christ.

My Roman Catholic/Episcopalian upbringing never convinced me; however, it was the writings of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce that did.

The Prince of Peace – Divine Inspiration: the Artist, 8-year old Akiane Kramarik

4. The Master’s hair is most red, inclined to be curly in portions, yet not feminine or weak – STRONG, with heavy piercing eyes that are blue or steel-gray.

5. His weight would be at least a hundred and seventy pounds. Long tapering fingers, nails well kept. Long nail, though, on the left little finger.

6. Merry – even in the hour of trial. Joke – even in the moment of betrayal.

This was a 20,000-word post, but I have decided to roll most of my criticism into another existing post that I have not published yet but have put on hold. Its working title is The Jill Kelley Generals and Cyberspace Cults. For the most part, American bloggers are sailing on the ship of group-thing, best called the Titanic. Whether or not I publish this post and offend more than a few people remains to be seen, because it challenges the belief systems of the Princes of the Alternative Media.

Humanity is now undergoing a bifurcation process. Going through those nearly 4,000 pages of Edgar Cayce’s readings searching out the story of Atlantis, I realized that we are at that same point in time as the Atlanteans and fighting the same bad guy, Baal. My conclusion in 2007 was correct, The Abrahamic Apocalypse is the final chapter to the story of Atlantis. I am not sure how many metaphysical texts or religious scriptures I would have to cite to qualify my conclusions to the doubters and critics, but in this series, quotes from these writings juxtaposed to reality should make my conclusions quite obvious.

Some of the material in this series will now appear in my upcoming book. Only recently did I realize that the latest update to my books, Nostradamus and the Third Age of Wars 2023 would be incomplete without presenting more of Edgar Cayce’s readings. However, at just under 4,000 pages, it is a monumental task searching through his material, and so I apologize to readers for many unanswered Emails, especially those asking about this soon-to-be published book.

Sixteen years after starting this website, we are now on the verge of Nuclear War. It is clear to me that Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce have been the most successful seers and Remote Viewers in history, and I have documented many of their prophecies here. These two renowned and very successful prophets get very little airtime from the Alternative Media and I find that strange.

Please do not bring up Nostradamus Commentator John Hogue and his annual pilgrimage to George Noory’s show Coast to Coast AM. I have more to say about that in the paragraphs below.

If you believe in Remote Viewers such as Courtney Brown and Dick Allgire, or Web Bot Prophets such as Clif High, maybe I can convince readers to go old school.

First, let me make it clear; I have always supported Remote Viewing, Linguistic Analysis, and Reverse Speech as methods of looking outside of time. Human psychic abilities do exist, and I have experienced them myself. Currently, these are emerging sciences and areas of study. However, I have seen nothing on the Internet except some over-hyped spotty hits by Remote Viewers who provide sketchy cartoon details.

Perhaps I have been jaded by the detailed psychic work of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. Given the history and body of work presented by both men, I find the hype around these Internet fads amusing.

Let us play for real. Courtney Brown and Dick Allgire should target John Podesta, The PizzaGate Scandal, The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and the inner workings of Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels and then publish their findings on the Internet. If it is all as bad as they suggest, maybe they should take a chance with public controversy.

I am reminded of a scene from the movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, we need The Jedi more than ever.

In my first book, I mentioned the CIA’s experiments regarding human psychic abilities. I have studied the history of Remote Viewing since it became public knowledge.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2007, Page 18
Dr. Hal Puthoff, a former physicist at the Stanford Research Institute, worked with the Central Intelligence Agency experimenting with this technique developed in conjunction with psychic Ingo Swann. There seems to be a systematic, procedural method of gathering information outside the boundaries of space and time.

It is interesting that the Central Intelligence Agency choose a physicist to direct the study of this often-maligned human ability. The CIA has always been curious about the powers and mechanisms of the mind. Project MKULTRA and the CIA experiments to program human robot assassins hardly raises an eyebrow anymore, but the subject of human automatons during the final days of Atlantis figured prominently in the psychic research of Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Prophet. To my own surprise, it was necessary to address in a book about apocalyptic prophecy. From a religious frame of reference, the essence of the final struggle is the enslavement of every human soul.

I have read and studied the work of Dr. Stuart Hameroff, theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti, and many others on the nature of human consciousness.

Dr. Stuart Hameroff

At the very beginning of Hameroff’s career, while he was at Hahnemann, cancer-related research work piqued his interest in the part played by microtubules in cell division, and led him to speculate that they were controlled by some form of computing…
Hameroff was inspired by Penrose’s book to contact Penrose regarding his own theories about the mechanism of anesthesia, and how it specifically targets consciousness via action on neural microtubules. The two met in 1992, and Hameroff suggested that the microtubules were a good candidate site for a quantum mechanism in the brain. Penrose was interested in the mathematical features of the microtubule lattice, and over the next two years the two collaborated in formulating the orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR) model of consciousness.

Perhaps time begins for each of us when the microtubules in every human cell, acting like waveguides, collapse the Electron-Wave Function from the electromagnetic waves that we are bathed in, defining that probable moment in time.

What if Dr. Stuart Hameroff is right and cellular microtubules are the physical mechanism facilitating consciousness? How do injected nanobots, the COVID-19 Vaccine, and other mRNA drugs interact with these cellular processes?

Here is where we see the possibility of a physical process that allows humans to see into the future. Some people are better at it than others are; thus, we also see a connection between psychic abilities and heredity.

There is also the very questionable nature of mRNA drugs and the altering of the DNA of the vaccinated.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

“In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.

To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life. He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.”

Consider the very long history of The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon and reports by abductees of Extraterrestrials’ obsession with taking DNA samples. This lead us into The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon and Atlantis. If you believe in both, you qualify for the Ghostbusters.

Recently, a friend of mine stumbled onto the same road that I did a few decades ago. For us engineering-types in technical fields, The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon eventually leads to the megalithic monuments and ancient ruins spread around planet Earth that are just engineering impossibilities, even with today’s technology.

The mathematical precision of The Great Pyramid does not add up to the history that humanity has been force fed to accept for the last century. This is where Fake History begins and it extends right up until today and the Pentagon lies regarding Unidentified Flying Objects that military officials were repeating to a Congressional House Panel on May 17th, 2022.

The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon is a subject that has many sub-genres in the realm of Conspiracy Theory. The majority of people in the United States believe in UFOs and Extraterrestrials

July 7, 2021
Most Americans believe in aliens, new study reveals
According to a Pew Research study, about 65% of people said they think there is intelligent alien life on other planets.

An even stronger majority of about 87% said they don’t believe UFOs are a security threat at all or only represent a minor one.

Even a 1997 poll from CNN/Time found that 80% of Americans thought that the government was hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.

Nearly half of the people in the world also believe in UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

December 7, 2017
Are Earthlings alone? Half of humans believe in alien life
Nearly half of humans believe in alien life and want to make contact, a survey in 24 countries has found

…47 percent of more than 26,000 respondents believe “in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe”.

An even greater 61 percent said “yes” when asked if they believe in “some form of life on other planets”

However, religious Americans are less likely to believe in The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon.

July 28, 2021
Religious Americans less likely to believe intelligent life exists on other planets

Ultimately, how far down the proverbial rabbit hole people want to go is the question that the curious will have to answer for themselves. It leads to foundational belief systems both psychological and spiritual.

It has been interesting to listen to my friend recount his journey on this path of discovery, because as he has also discovered, most of his family and friends do not get it, and he is now the odd one at the party. In fact, I am quite sure that most of the readers of this website have found themselves on the same familiar ground.

At the source, I believe it is all about consciousness, perception, and accepting or rejecting group-think. I have discovered that how far down the rabbit hole each person chooses to go depends on the flexibility of individual beliefs and how much homework people are willing to do.

Matthew 7:13 (King James)
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

Matthew 7:14 (King James)
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

There is simply no way of avoiding this very long, unexplained history and humanity’s place in that history.

On May 22nd, 2004, I met Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon. Dr. Mitchell had worked with Dr. Steven Greer and The Disclosure Project and we talked about that.

I have mentioned Dr. Steven Greer’s work and his Disclosure Project in my books. Dr. Greer gave up his medical career to begin collecting the legal depositions of individuals who have had encounters with The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon or government projects that are connected to it.

As I have described in my books, in my conversation with the late Dr. Mitchell, he had a very dark view of where so-called reverse-engineer alien technology was leading. By that time, Dr. Mitchell had been spreading the warning for six years, and I think that he was getting tired. Since our conversation dominated the dinner table, other people around that table believed that I was a Ringer, because it all sounded so incredible.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Art Bell Show January 5th, 1998
I think our representative democracy is in danger. …I think events are moving so fast, so very rapidly, that no one is really on top of it, and if we don’t get people mobilized here to demand that we get to the bottom of these issues we’re talking about today… we’re not going to have an opportunity forever.

Dr. Mitchell turned out to be exactly right. The technology companies have taken over, because they all had a leg up with the technology. That is the government connection that everybody conveniently ignores.

I have crossed paths with some of the big names involved in The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon, and I have always found that an interesting coincidence, including my own experiences involving so-called Extraterrestrials.

The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon is now certified as real by the U.S. military.

May 17, 2022
U.S. officials say Pentagon committed to understanding UFO origins

The United States Navy is filing patents allegedly derived from UFO/Extraterrestrial technology.

December 1, 2019
Scientist Behind The Navy’s “UFO Patents” Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor
The latest in a series of bizarre Navy patents isn’t just for a revolutionary reactor that could power cities, but also potentially a craft.

I have examined in depth the math in one of those patents.

January 4, 2021

After back engineering the math, I have shown readers that we are dealing with the energy of stars. On The Kardashev Scale, any civilization that can engineer the power of a star is considered a Type II Civilization.

If the military is claiming that they do not know what these unknown vehicles are that defy the known laws of physics, then how is it that the Navy is filing what are called The Navy UFO Patents.

In my UFO Maze Series, I examined the evolution of alleged UFOs over the last seven decades, and so I will repeat what I have already written.


THE LATE 1950s – EARLY 1960s

THE LATE 1960s – THE 1970s




Consider that most space faring cultures would continue to use a vehicle design that proves reliable. The U.S. Air Force has airplanes that are over sixty years old. NASA has given up on space planes and gone back to space capsules.

The first UFOs looked like Model Ts. Interestingly enough, the 1950s style UFOs looked like the reputed Nazi Die Glocke.

Die Glocke
Die Glocke (German: “The Bell”) was a purported top-secret scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe developed in the 1940s in Nazi Germany. First described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in Prawda o Wunderwaffe (2000).

It was later popularized by military journalist and author Nick Cook, who associated it with Nazi occultism, antigravity, and free energy suppression research. Mainstream reviewers have criticized claims about Die Glocke as being pseudoscientific, recycled rumors, and a hoax.

As is apparent from these photographs, UFO designs improved quickly in a short span of time; most likely after the initial bugs were worked out.

For one particular UFO sighting, multiple witness saw a craft with obvious problems being followed by military helicopters; this was the 1980 Cash–Landrum Incident. The witnesses suffered physical affects from some type of radiation exposure.

The Cash–Landrum Incident

Human beings most likely developed these craft. It is highly doubtful that an advanced Extraterrestrial species would radically alter the design of their craft in a period of three-decades.

In Dr. Steven Greer’s latest documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, he mentions Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein.

START AT 28:38

Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein, allegedly told Dr. Greer that humans on Earth who control Extraterrestrial technology are the ones abducting people and who are responsible for cattle mutilations. According to Dr. Greer, this is being done by humans to make it appear that Extraterrestrials are dangerous and a threat. Apparently, the Global Elite are trying to start an interstellar war.

From Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein, to Dr. Steven Greer:
Your efforts to affect disclosure are noble… but they will not be able to be permitted. And not for the reasons you think.

We have concluded that we have to prepare the public for Interplanetary War. And in doing so, we can then also force the return of Christ.

From Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein, to Dr. Steven Greer:
The reason they (Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein – elites) were funding these abduction groups was because they wanted to put information out to the public that would scare the public… So, the people would make the sacrifice in blood and treasure to have an Interplanetary War.

Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein

That simply does not make sense. Maybe Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein and other elites are working for another Extraterrestrial control group.

I want to believe in Dr. Greer’s Kumbaya View of the universe; however, there are very serious questions that must be answered.

These cornerstone questions of The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon need answers. “Was there an ancient high-culture that existed on Earth or anywhere in the Solar System? If so, when and what happened to it? Secondly, how long have Extraterrestrials been involved in humanity’s history? If so, when did that relationship begin?”

The failure of logic for me is that I do not see human beings developing Extraterrestrial technology on their own. Some of these devices may still be buried on planet Earth, and that is made clear in ancient texts.

The Mahabharata, Book 3, Chapter CCIII (Kisari Mohan Ganguli 1883-1896)
…king Kuvalaswa, aided by his sons, soon surrounded that sea of sands and the king ordered that wilderness to be excavated and after the king’s sons had excavated that sea of sands for seven days, they could see the mighty Asura Dhundhu. And, O bull of the Bharata race, the huge body of that Asura lay within those sands, effulgent in its own energy like the Sun himself.

And Dhundhu, O king, was lying covering the western region of the desert and surrounded on all sides by the sons of Kuvalaswa, the Danava was assaulted with sharp-pointed shafts and maces and heavy and short clubs and axes and clubs, with iron spikes and darts and bright and keen-edged swords, and thus assaulted, the mighty Danava rose from his recumbent posture in wrath. And enraged, the Asura began to swallow those various weapons that were hurled at him and he vomited from his mouth fiery flames like unto those of the fire called Samvarta that appeareth at the end of the Yuga and by those flames of his, the Asura consumed all the sons of the king and, O tiger among men, like the Lord Kapila of old consuming the sons of king Sagara, the infuriated Asura overwhelming the triple world with the flames vomited from his mouth, achieved that wonderful feat in a moment.

If in fact, Dr. Greer is right, and some of these Extraterrestrial cultures are hundreds-of-thousands to millions of years old, that far surpasses the evolutionary distance between today’s Homo sapiens sapiens and the Neanderthals. One would think that an Extraterrestrial civilization this advanced should be able to differentiate between The Good Humans and The Bad Humans.

Do these Extraterrestrials have a moral point of reference? I have written about this before, but where I am going in this post is to Atlantis. I will once again post my standard response to humans reverse-engineering Extraterrestrial technology.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 295
I now consider this aspect of the Extraterrestrial/UFO Phenomenon a red herring. The only question that needs answering is spiritual intent. We have several thousand years of scriptures specifically warning us about deceptive beings.

In the 1960s, a 20th century human being, Gene Roddenberry, had the good-sense to write into the Star Trek mythos that giving deadly technology to an inferior species violated the highest moral code of a space exploring species. Readers should think about that!

In 1965, did Gene Rodenberry stand on higher moral ground than the extraterrestrials supposedly giving humanity ray guns and spaceships?

Therefore, once again, the logic fails and this is how the math looks to me:

ET Helping Bad Humans Develop Technology = Bad ET

The current state of world affairs seems to prove my point.

There is certainly the physical evidence that the Earth was once the planet of habitation for an advanced space faring culture. These beings were most likely not human or indigenous. There is also evidence that this culture had at least developed interplanetary travel.





After my May 22nd, 2004, conversation with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, I realized that I could never again read any post-World War II book on UFOs and Flying Saucers without suspicion. The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon is truly a wilderness of intelligence agency mirrors. This forced me to go back to the first books written by human beings. Many of these have become religious canons for people around the world.

This takes me back to Courtney Brown, Dick Allgire, and other Remote Viewers who did Remote Viewing sessions on Atlantis and the Egyptian god Ra.

Consider what my commenting critic posited, that Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce were the “controlled opposition” of Dark Forces.

The Remote Viewers’ sessions on Atlantis and the Egyptian god Ra did come close to Edgar Cayce’s very detailed material on those same two subjects. However, they were seriously shy on specifics.

The Farsight Institute
RA – The “Sun God”

The Farsight Institute
Atlantis: The True Story (2016 Revised Version)

How can that be if Edgar Cayce was spiritually “controlled opposition”?

Here is the choice that metaphysics consumers are faced with, do you want to read the books and do the homework, or do you want to read the comic book version that Remote Viewers provide? Who are Courtney Brown, Dick Allgire, and Clif High in relation to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce?

In the age of Little Boy Elroys and Tik Tok addicted youth, I surely know that the younger crowd will opt for the comics.

Nostradamus produced 1,321 prophecies and Edgar Cayce produced nearly 4,000 pages of material. These two men have solid track records, especially when compared to Courtney Brown, Dick Allgire, and Clif High; and I am talking about seeing the big world events.

My deciphering and interpretations of Nostradamus’ work came up with the year 2019 and The Physician of the Great Disease who lived in Brussels. We now know that 2019 was the year that COVID-19 was released and the United States and NATO funded this manufactured plague.

April 19, 2023
Watch: Former Director Of National Intelligence Admits That Fauci Lied About Gain Of Function Research

December 11, 2022
Elon Musk tweets that his pronouns are ‘Prosecute/Fauci’
Fauci is facing further investigations by Republican leadership over the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)’s connection to the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic in funding over a decade of gain-of-function research.

December 11, 2022
Wuhan Whistleblower: Former EcoHealth VP Says Covid “Man Made”, Escaped From Lab
“China knew from day one that this was a genetically engineered agent. The US government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese.

“I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology.”

Readers should keep in mind that the year 2019 and the material on The Physician of the Great Disease from Brussels have been in my books and on this website since 2007. We did not know what that meant in 2007, but in January of 2020, I certainly knew what it meant and where things were going.

January 26, 2020

2019 appears to be to the release of The Great Disease found in Sixain XXX…

The Physician is one of Nostradamus’ last unidentified repeating characters.
He seems to be the mastermind behind global affairs.

February 5, 2020

This should have been one of the biggest successes stories in the history of prophecy; however, the Princes of the Alternative Media all yawned while chasing after the cartoons drawn by Remote Viewers and decoding the gibberish in Web Bot Reports.

Both Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce have been a very hard sell to Conservative Christian Traditionalists. References to Nostradamus and this website have gotten one of my readers banned from commenting on another website. Censorship is in vogue everywhere, and frankly, I laugh about the hubris of these self-appointed “Christian” judges, especially when they are selling Remote Viewing, Web Bot Prophecy, and Bitcoin.

Another method of futuring that has been long overlooked is the research of David Oates and Reverse Speech. Over three decades ago, he discovered that while in conversation people are also talking in reverse.

I have performed numerous experiments with Reverse Speech and validated that it does exist. How people can speak coherent sentences to one and other forwards and backwards is the big question. My theory is not important here, but obviously, we are dealing with a physical mechanism that works outside of time.

In the 1990s, I was working midnights at the rocket factory and listening to Art Bell’s show Coast to Coast Am. I remember the arguments Bell had with David Oates and his ultimate banishment from the airwaves.

April, 2001
Late Night Radio Storm As Art Bell
Draws Fire For Guest-Bashing

David John Oates, founder of reverse speech. Oates’ problems with Bell went way back before the infamous lawsuit and “feud” of 1999. In 1998, Art abruptly dropped Oates as a guest, and over the next year aired accusations that Oates had doctored reversals (which Art later admitted was not true), and engaged in cyberstalking tactics against Art and his show. Most agree that Oates contributed greatly to his own downfall, as evidenced by his odd affiliation with the less-than-credible Robert AM Stephens. But to date, no one has adequately explained why Oates was banished at the absolute height of his popularity.

There is a funny thing about bullshit, all you have to do is go out and investigate for yourself. It takes time and money, but this is what I mean by doing the homework.

I found that Reverse Speech is a look inside every human being’s soul. It comes from a place where we all seem to see and know The Big Picture and where we agree upon the conditions in which we toil in this physical life.

I could wax on about my own theories, but that is not the point of this post. David Oates research and my own experiments to validate his research changed my perception of the world.

That 2001 link above regarding Art Bell bashing his guests epitomizes how I feel about the Alternative Media. Unfortunately, today David Oates research only finds an outlet on The Jeff Rense website.

My research and worldview have certainly grown from contributions by Art Bell’s guests such as Richard Hoagland and David Oates. I am not sure where Art Bell got off on criticizing the unique research of these two men. Be it the mathematical angles of alleged objects on Mars or someone analyzing people speaking complete sentences in reverse, this was original material and Art Bell was strictly out of his league.

At the time, I remember asking myself, how does Art Bell suddenly become the expert?

It is the nature of human beings to usurp, repackage, and resell. This is how evolution and commercial enterprises work. This repackaging only comes from two sources, the controllers or the profiteers. You, the researcher, have to determine the source and the truth.

Reverse Speech is unique to David Oates, so it is too hard for the copy cats to rip off and profit from, but it is a dangerous method of truth detection, and that has to make the controllers nervous. This is a very useful tool for seeing through time and discovering the lies of the controllers, and it should be expanded until an army of people monitor every public statement by government and military officials around the world.

There is one thing that the late Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM has in common with George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM radio show, it is all Conspiracy Theory heroin. The truth about these controversial subjects will never come out, but hey, dial in and come back tomorrow for another fix.

At least George Noory had the good sense to bring David Oates back to Coast to Coast AM.

July 8, 2022
Reverse Speech/Open Lines

David John Oates discovered reverse speech in 1987. According to Oates, reverse speech is a form of human communication that the brain automatically generates as we speak. It can be heard when human speech is recorded and played backwards, and Oates believes it can give new understandings of language and the human mind. He joined George Noory on Friday’s show to discuss his research into reverse speech, including his speech analysis of Christian leaders which shows the Antichrist has infiltrated the church.

Unfortunately, George Noory peddles the soft version of Conspiracy Theory. My Nostradamus’ interpretations have proven correct. I am not sure what the media go to Nostradamus Commentator John Hogue’s spin is these days.

I have called Barack Obama Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist since December 10th, 2009; I have written that Michelle Obama is a transsexual fake; that is clearly identified in Nostradamus’ Quatrain II-45. However, nobody is ever going to put that on the air.

January 4, 2023
Prophecy & 2023 / Influence of Dreams

In the first half, author John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm. He foresees Ukraine’s armed forces collapsing within the next few months and is concerned that when this happens, the US and Western forces might use a nuclear weapon against Russia as part of its proxy war against them. Polish armies could also be engaged against Russia, Hogue suggested, adding that differences in strategies could end up splitting both NATO and the EU. In relation to this, he cited one of the prophecies of the great sixteenth-century seer Nostradamus that Hogue indexed for beginning in 2022. Using an anagram, Nostradamus may have been referring to NATO folding up its flag, he postulated.

I predicted NATO’s collapse in my 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017, and 2019 books, and on this website since its inception.

I do not keep up with John Hogue’s Nostradamus’ interpretations, but every time I do, his Nostradamus’ interpretations seem to float with the tide and popular opinion. Several years ago, the last time I bothered to check, Vladimir Putin was his latest Antichrist. Who is it now?

Therefore, George Noory, I throw down the gauntlet. I say you and John Hogue play it safe. My opinions have not changed since 2010.

I live in a world where the FBI updates their 75-page file on me every few years. I guarantee that this website is a part of it, and probably all of you readers are well-known and a part of that file, maybe even your whole lives and those around you. That is how technology works. That is what George Orwell’s “Big Brother” means. I have never been told this, but we all play a game. In my last interview, government agents presented me with my own bank statements. I took that as a wink that they watch everything.

So, my apologies to all readers; I did not figure this out until I was presented with those bank statements. This website did start out as just a hobby and a method of selling another book on Nostradamus Commentary. However, the Antichrist System has caught up with us, just as I predicted, and everybody is now a potential enemy. Therefore, I simply consider characters such as John Hogue, George Noory, and those outside of my circle set decoration.

Can I be held to account for a blog documenting my hobby studying prophecy and metaphysics when my interpretations go against the grain of the official narrative? I play in the real forest and so I have been wondering how close I am getting to that line. Therefore, taunting and criticizing Remote Viewers, George Noory, and other bloggers is my method of saying to everybody, good luck playing it safe and generating click-bait. It will not get you very far in this world or the next.

If this blog suddenly goes quiet, readers will know that I have crossed that line.

We can all agree that Joe Biden, the Senile Leader in Quatrain III-59 is a sock puppet of Barack Obama, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist. The U.S. and NATO started this war in Ukraine, and it does not go well for NATO. That has been in my books since 2010. What have John Hogue and George Noory been selling these last thirteen years?

To paraphrase Tolkien, many people are struggling to understand the whys and the wherefores of what is happening in the world today. I claim no expertise in providing any answers; however, I suspect that this schizophrenia currently sweeping across the globe like a contagion has been induced by the lies that we have been forced to accept regarding humanity’s Fake History.

For long time Regular Readers, I extend my apologies for rehashing material that I have previously published regarding The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon. I do not like reinventing the wheel and my position has virtually not changed since 2007; however, I have not fully explored this material in the context of Edgar Cayce’s writings regarding the two high civilizations that proceeded the current era.

The U.S. government and the Mainstream Media continue to play stupid; therefore, The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon is only explored in-depth within the Alternative Media and divided among thousands of blogs.

In turn, those thousands of blogs slice and dice UFO Conspiracy Theory for their target audiences, be it for the Christian community, the geek community, the agnostics, the doubters, or for the true explorers.

Readers can be assured that I write for myself. I do not play it safe, regardless of my professional position, and I question all sources, because I am an explorer and a recorder of history. I read, I experiment, and I try to form some sort of conclusion regarding those things that make me curious.

In this Atlantis Series, I am going to provide readers with scriptural texts juxtaposed to Edgar Cayce’s writings. My intention is to show the differences between the qualities of predictions made by Remote Viewing and those of both Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

It was that conversation that I had three-weeks ago regarding The Great Pyramid of Cheops that made me go back through some of Edgar Cayce’s readings. I found a great deal of material that I had not included in my books that is relevant to today. As I have pointed out in my books, there are clear points of intersection between Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce’s visions of the future.

In all of my books, the last being Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, I have presented the symbolic linking between Edgar Cayce’s prophecies and those of Nostradamus.


Nostradamus Quatrain X-72
L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effrayeur,
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Avant aprés Mars regner par bon-heur.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-72
The year one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine [1999] seventh month [July],
From the sky will come the great King of Terror,
Resuscitating the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars [war] reigns by good luck.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Quatrain X-72
In July 1999, [The Beast will begin planning the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States]. The King of Terror will strike from the sky. [Then NATO will invade the Middle East] and the great power of China will be resuscitated. Before and after, war reigns with good luck.


14. (Q) Is America fulfilling her destiny?
(A) Rather should the question be sought, my children, are individuals fulfilling those channels to which they have been brought through their own application of the knowledge within themselves to fulfill their position? For each and every one, each and every nation, is led – even as in heaven. For that ye see in earth is a PATTERN of that in the MIND, as ye well know, and is as a shadow of spiritual truth, life and light.

Is America as a whole? This is as has been given. If there is not the acceptance in America of the closer brotherhood of man, the love of the neighbor as self, civilization must wend its way westward – and again must Mongolia, must a hated people, be raised.

It is filling its destiny? Is it filling, rather, its place, that destined in the experience of peoples, of a nation? What have ye done with the knowledge that ye have respecting the relationships of thy Creator to thy fellow man? and hast thou made known that ye know of His ways, God’s ways, among thy fellows?

Yea, here and there, as ye have seen, America has become not only the greater of these that have sent those that would make known secular ways but has also – does harbor within its bosom those things of other lands that are making, as it were, a leaven to the whole. And here, there – for, as given, His messenger shall appear there. Hence, is finding those that make the paths straight.


Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 645
I have always enjoyed Edgar Cayce’s readings on history, especially Biblical and Antediluvian history. I have all of Edgar Cayce’s Readings, and a few years ago while combing through nearly 4,000 pages of readings I discovered why Libya is symbolically very important to the future fate of the United States.

…Edgar Cayce recounted that this is the period where the first age of sentient human beings began. The soulless biological “automatons” that were created by the “gods” to do work became self-aware. At its foundation, Cayce’s descriptions are almost identical and verbatim to Gnostic Christian theology.

…The idea of a higher, controlling echelon to reality is found throughout all religions. In fact, each religion has a strict set of rituals, observances, and characteristics of thought that are required to be followers of that religion.

Much of Edgar Cayce’s work focused on reincarnation. This may be where some readers depart from my view on prophecy, but Edgar Cayce’s very important readings about Libya are extremely relevant to events today and what happened in 2011 when NATO invaded and destroyed the country. This is when and where Nostradamus wrote that World War III begins.

According to Edgar Cayce, the roots of this epoch go back to the destruction of Atlantis and the escaping and settling of survivors into Egypt around approximately 10,500 BCE.


9. Then began the laying out of the pyramid and the building of same, the using of those forces that made for the activity of bringing then from those very mountains where there had been those places of refuge…

It was formed according to that which had been worked out by Ra-Ta in the mount as related to the position of the various stars, that acted in the place about which this particular solar system circles in its activity, going towards what? That same name as to which the priest was banished – the constellation of Libra, or to Libya were these people sent.

Is it not fitting, then, that these must return? as this priest may develop himself to be in that position, to be in the capacity of a LIBERATOR of the world in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come; for he must enter again at that period, or in 1998.

Obviously, in 1998 there were no world changing events; however, this is another example of what I have called The Nostradamus Butterfly Effect.



Nostradamus Quatrain IV-50
Libra verra regner les Hesperies,
De ciel, & terre tenir la monarchie:
D’Asie forces nul ne verra peries
Que sept ne tiennent par rang la hierarchie.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-50
Libra [the balance] will see Hesperia [America] reign,
Holding rule over heaven and earth:
The forces of Asia nobody shall see perish
When seven [G7] hold the hierarchy in order.



Nostradamus Quatrain VI-82
Par les desertz de lieu, libre, & farouche,
Viendra errer nepueu du grand Pontife:
Assommé à sept auecques lourde souche,
Par ceux qu’apres occuperont le cyphe.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-82
Through the desert places of Libra [Balance/USA], and ferocious,
Comes to wander the nephew of the great Pontiff:
Stunned by seven with a heavy club,
For those that afterwards occupy the chalice.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Quatrain VI-82
Traveling through the desert places of Libra [Balance/America],
The ferocious nephew of the great Pontiff will come to wander:
Felled by seven [Russian led Group of Seven Nations] with a heavy club,
For those who afterwards will occupy the Chalice,



1791-1776 = 15 YEARS

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-96
La soeur aisnee de l’Isle Britannique,
Quinz ans deuant le frere aura naissance:
Par son promis moyennant verrifique,
Succedera au regne de balance.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-96
The elder sister of the British Isle,
Born Fifteen years before her brother:
Through her promise in return for verification,
Succeeding to the kingdom of the balance.

[America] The elder sister of the British Isle
Born Fifteen years [1776] before her brother [France in 1791]
Through her promise in return for verification [concerning nuclear weapons],
[America will] Succeed to the Kingdom of the balance [Christian Church/Justice],


10. Who shall proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in him that has been born in the earth in America? Those from that land where there has been the regeneration, not only of the body but the mind and the spirit of men, THEY shall come and declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new ORDER of things. Not that these that have been proclaimed have been refused, but that they are made PLAIN in the minds of men, that they may know the truth and the truth, the life, the light, will make them free.



Nostradamus Quatrain IX-33
Hercules Roy de Rome & d’Annemarc,
De Gaule trois Guyon surnommé,
Trembler l’Itale & l’unde de sainct Marc,
Premier sur tous Monarque renommé.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-33
Hercules King of Rome and Annemarc [America],
Of Triple Gaul surname Guyon,
Italy trembles and the waves around Saint Mark [Venice],
The first monarch renowned above all.

Rearrange AMERCAN N
Change one N to I

D’Annemarc: Nostradamus uses in Quatrain IV-27 and Quatrain VI-41. Here we see it associated with the name Hercules.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 378
Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 740
Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 226
Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 229



Nostradamus Quatrain IV-27
Salon, Mansol, Tarascon de SEX. l’arc,
Ou est debout encor la piramide,
Viendront liurer le prince Dannemarc
Rachat honni au temple d’Artemide.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-27
Salon (SE France), Mansol, Tarascon (SE France) the arch of SEX,
Where stands again the pyramid,
They come to deliver the Prince Dannemarc [of America],
Redeemer honored at the temple of Artemis.

Rearrange AMERCAN N
Change one N to I

De – Of, from, out of.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 379
Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 740
Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 655
Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 1,018


As I have shown in my books and on this website, Nostradamus has pointed to Libra and the Balance as metaphorical for the United States. This is the most important association between the work of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

Can most Christians, Jews, and Muslims accept Edgar Cayce’s version of Atlantis and the suggestion that human beings were created as androgynous bio-robots for the pleasure and servitude of the Atlanteans? I doubt it.

This is why I believe a socially engineered Apocalypse is coming. This will be complete with some bloggers worst nightmare, the dreaded Project Blue Beam and a Fake Alien Invasion.

I have been highly critical of Evangelical Christians, because most believers can only operate out of one book, The Holy Bible. That story is incomplete. Therefore, what I present here many Evangelical Christians will find an apostasy, since in Genesis it is pretty clear who creates man and woman and for what purpose.

However, I have noticed that some of those same Evangelical Christians try and sell a Pre-Adamic World to explain away the Biblical inconsistencies and the archeological evidence, such as the age of the Great Pyramid. Just what is The Pre-Adamic World? What version of The Holy Bible and Genesis describes a Pre-Adamic World?

Sticklers for orthodoxy and conformity can get stuck in the logic when weighing scriptural texts and selling a particular point-of-view.


The pre-Adamite hypothesis or pre-Adamism is the theological belief that humans (or intelligent yet non-human creatures) existed before the biblical character Adam. Pre-Adamism is therefore distinct from the conventional Abrahamic belief that Adam was the first human.

Augustine saw pagan ideas concerning both the history of the world and the chronology of the human race as incompatible with the Genesis creation narrative. Augustine’s explanation aligned with most rabbis and with the church fathers, who generally dismissed views on the antiquity of the world as myths and fables,

In early Islam, a common belief held that mankind is actually the successor of other intelligent creatures such as jinn and hinn. Medieval Muslim traditions referred to the jinn as pre-Adamites.

In 19th-century Europe, pre-Adamism was attractive to those who were intent on demonstrating the inferiority of non-Western peoples, and in the United States, it appealed to those who were attuned to racial theories who found it unattractive to contemplate a common history with non-whites.

Apparently, some Christians believe that sometime after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, God stopped producing prophets.

Prophets of Christianity

In Christianity, the figures widely recognized as prophets are those mentioned as such in the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is believed that prophets are chosen and called by God.

This view of humanity, prophecy, and God’s intent is very skewed and very 19th century. I suspect that God’s Plan did not end with the printing of The Vulgate and The Holy Bible. I believe that God’s Plan is still a living breathing thing, providing us with clues and hints that we either decide to ignore or accept.

God’s Plan seems to go back to some highly advanced, space faring Antediluvian civilization, and very soon once Extraterrestrials have made their appearance all Christians will have to deal with the new reality without calling everything demons and devils.

January 10, 2022

February 27, 2021

I see many Conservative Christian Traditionalists selling Project Blue Beam. There is nothing fake about this allegedly Fake Alien Invasion. If you also sell the concept of a War In Heaven, then in an ongoing 25,000-year old war, there is nothing fake about it. It is just another move on the chess board.

Revelation 13:7 (King James)
And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Revelation 13:13 (King James)
And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven onthe earth in sight of men.

Revelation 13:14 (King James)
And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast…


Revelations 12:7 (King James)
And there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

Revelations 12:8 (King James)
And prevailed not; neither was their place found anymore in heaven.

Revelations 12:9 (King James)
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

The Mahabharata, Book 5: C, p. 207 (Kisari Mohan Ganguli 1883-1896)
The gods and the Danavas, though brothers, are ever at hostility with each other. How can I, therefore, make an alliance with those that are our enemies?

Book of Enoch LIII:5 (Richard Laurence Translation)
…These are prepared for the host of Azazeel, that they may be delivered over and adjudged to the lowest condemnation; and that their angels may be overwhelmed with hurled stones…

The Mahabharata, Book 1:XIX, p.61, (Kisari Mohan Ganguli 1883-1896)
“On the other hand, the Danavas, white as the clouds from which the rain hath dropped, possessing great strength and bold hearts, ascended the sky, and by hurling down thousands of mountains, continually harassed the gods. And those dreadful mountains, like masses of clouds, with their trees and flat tops, falling from the sky, collided with one another and produced a tremendous roar. And when thousands of warriors shouted without intermission in the field of battle and mountains with the woods thereon began to fall around, the earth with her forests trembled. Then the divine Nara appeared at the scene of the dreadful conflict between the Asuras and the Ganas (the followers of Rudra), and reducing to dust those rocks by means of his gold-headed arrows, he covered the heavens with dust…”

The Mahabharata, Book VIII: Karna Parva, Section XXXIV (Translation Kisari Mohan Ganguli)
The illustrious deity, that Lord of the universe, then drawing that celestial bow, sped that shaft which represented the might of the whole universe, at the triple city. Upon that foremost of shafts, O thou of great good fortune, being shot, loud wails of woe were heard from those cities as they began to fall down towards the Earth. Burning those Asuras, he threw them down into the Western ocean. Thus was the triple city burnt and thus were the Danavas exterminated…

I have described The War in Heaven through several ancient texts. Regional rule, kingships, and governments are part of the social engineering plan.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2007, Page 44

Daniel 4:17 (King James)
This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

Always keep Daniel 4:17 in mind. If the Holy Ones of Heaven and the Watchers have the power to choose kings then they also have the power to choose religious leaders. The Gnostic Christians believed that the Archons exploited religion. And clearly in The Book of Enoch the two hundred Watchers are accused of setting themselves up as gods among the sons and daughters of men in opposition to the will of heaven.

There seems to have been a political motive behind creating a self-aware creature with the power to reason. After all, humans have developed smart bombs and drones to remove themselves from the battlefield; perhaps the gods created or genetically engineered humans to be proxies in their conflict.

The abduction of Amaury Rivera and fourteen other people seems to have delivered a very important beneficial warning, not unlike that given in I Enoch. Amaury Rivera and his companions were told that a meteorite strike in the Caribbean would wreak devastation across planet Earth.



CRITIAS, by Plato (Translation by Benjamin Jowett)
I have before remarked in speaking of the allotments of the gods, that they distributed the whole earth into portions differing in extent, and made for themselves temples and instituted sacrifices. And Poseidon, receiving for his lot the island of Atlantis…

CRITIAS, by Plato (Translation by Benjamin Jowett)
He also begat and brought up five pairs of twin male children; and dividing the island of Atlantis into ten portions, he gave to the first-born of the eldest pair his mother’s dwelling and the surrounding allotment, which was the largest and best, and made him king over the rest; the others he made princes, and gave them rule over many men, and a large territory…

TIMAEUS, by Plato (Translation by Benjamin Jowett)
Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia.

CRITIAS, by Plato (Translation by Benjamin Jowett)
There were many special laws affecting the several kings inscribed about the temples, but the most important was the following: They were not to take up arms against one another…

Now the order of precedence among them and their mutual relations were regulated by the commands of Poseidon which the law had handed down. These were inscribed by the first kings on a pillar of orichalcum…

In Vedic mythology, the island Atala was known as the White Island. The inhabitants were the Asuras, who were the enemies of the Hindu gods, the Devas,

The Mahabharata,Book XXII: Santi Parva, Section CCCXXXVII (Translation Kisari Mohan Ganguli)
On the northern shores of the Ocean of Milk there is an island of great splendour called by the name of White Island. The men that inhabit that island have complexions as white as the rays of the Moon and that are devoted to Narayana. …Indeed, the denizens of White Island believe and worship only one God.

The Vishnu Purana, Book II: Chapter 5 (Translation Horace Hayman Wilson)
The extent of the surface of the earth has been thus described to you, Maitreya. …each of the seven regions of Pátála extending downwards …These seven, worthy Muni, are called Atala, Vitala, Nitala, Gabhastimat, Mahátala, Sutala, and Pátála. Their soil is severally white, black, purple, yellow, sandy, stony, and of gold. They are embellished with magnificent palaces, in which dwell numerous Dánavas, Daityas, Yakshas, and great snake-gods.


CRITIAS, by Plato (Translation by Benjamin Jowett)
Let me begin by observing first of all, that nine thousand was the sum of years which had elapsed since the war which was said to have taken place between those who dwelt outside the Pillars of Heracles and all who dwelt within them; this war I am going to describe. Of the combatants on the one side, the city of Athens was reported to have been the leader and to have fought out the war; the combatants on the other side were commanded by the kings of Atlantis…

TIMAEUS, by Plato (Translation by Benjamin Jowett)
This vast power, gathered into one, endeavoured to subdue at a blow our country and yours and the whole of the region within the straits; and then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind. She was preeminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes.

And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders, and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated, and generously liberated all the rest of us who dwell within the pillars.

But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea…

The Mahabharata, Book XXII: Santi Parva, Section CCCXXXVII clearly states, “The denizens of White Island believe and worship only one God.

This would be the Atlantean group, The Sons of One. This is where monotheism truly began.

Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 97
I will point out another correlation I have made between myth and the metaphysical. Legends tell us that Atlantis stretched from the coast of Florida to the southern coast of England.

Edgar Cayce, known as the The Sleeping Prophet, had much to say about humanity’s first attempts to seek freedom in Atlantis, where humans were considered soulless slaves.

The southern islands of Atlantis near Florida were known as Poseidia, where Edgar Cayce said the Children of the Law of One dwelt. This area seems to have been destroyed in a hail of meteorites.

As I will show, there is one singular event that describes a major aspect of the War in Heaven, and that is a rain of meteorites striking the Earth. This may have occurred 11,000 years ago. And in my estimation, the meteor impacts seem to have been purposely centered on what has been long regarded as the legendary location of Atlantis, the Caribbean islands.

Popular Astronomy, Vol. 53, p.388, December 1945
Meteorites and the “Carolina Bays”, McCampbell, John C.

February 16, 2017
The Mystery of Carolina Bays

This hypothesis was much popular in the 1940s and 50s, before earth science had the sophisticated technologies and data analyses that are used today. Modern research have shown that the depressions are too shallow to be impact craters and none of them contain the usual geological evidences of extraterrestrial origin —there are no meteorite fragments, no shatter cones or signs of intense disturbance in the bedrock.

According to Cayce, the Sons of Belial lived in the Northern Islands of Atlantis, near the coast of England. Is it a coincidence that after the War of the Giants, mythology tells us that the two surviving giants, Gog and Magog, fled to England?

History of Britain, John Milton
The Island, not yet Britain, but Albion, was in a manner desert and inhospitable, kept only by a remnant of Giants, whose excessive Force and Tyrannie had consumed the rest.

13. Before this, we find in the land of Poseida [Atlantis], when Alta was in the height of its civilization. This entity then was in the service of the country in its relation to other countries, and in the present sphere we find the desire for similar relations ever in the inmost soul of this present entity.

14. Before this, we find when the earth’s forces were called into existence, and the Sons of God came to-gether, and the sounding of the coming of the Man was given. This entity was there.

3. The man’s indwelling [was] then in the Sahara and the upper Nile regions, the waters then entering the now Atlantic from the Nile region rather than flowing northward. The waters in the Tibet and Caucasian entering the North Sea, those in Mongolia entering the South Seas, those in the cordilleras entering the Pacific, those in the plateau entering the Northern Seas.

4. When the earth brought forth the seed in her season, and man came in the earth plane as the lord of that in that sphere, man appeared in five places then at once – the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations.

5. In this now then as we receive, we find many peoples, or man became the union against the invasion from the now Tibetan and Caucasian forces. The separating of the peoples in their castes [was] only the beginning then of group understandings, and the first ruler of groups set self in that place in the upper Nile, now near what is known as the Valley of Tombs.

3. The position as the continent Atlantis occupied, is that as between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand – and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco on the one hand, British Honduras, Yucatan and America upon the other. There are some protruding portions within this that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies or the Bahamas, and a portion of same that may be seen in the present – if the geological survey would be made in some of these – especially, or notably, in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined.


15. As to the experiences, in the Atlantean land the entity was the timekeeper for those who were called things, or the servants, or the workers of the peoples and the entity felt latent and manifest, as in the present, the wanting to reform, to change things, so that every individual soul had the right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of activity.

For to the entity, even in those periods of man’s unfoldment (for this was before Adam), the entity found during its activities the desire to improve, to make better those environs for the workers of that period. That alone brought into the entity’s consciousness man’s position, the need of a pattern. And the entity saw, the entity felt the need of God’s hand in what evil, or Satan, had brought in the earth. Don’t forget that! Whatever may be thy position in this present experience!

It is clear from Edgar Cayce’s early readings and notations that he was surprised to find the Biblical character Baal appearing in those readings on the history of the legendary land of Atlantis.

21. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian, during those experiences when there were those that were entering into Egypt from Atlantis.

22. The entity came with those, for though the entity was of the daughters of Baalilal [GD’s note: EC spelled this. Could this spelling be origin of Belial noted in concordance to King James Old and New Testaments?]

Considering Edgar Cayce’s very strong religious beliefs, we see quotes from The Holy Bible appearing often in his readings; however, they seem to also have connections back to Atlantis and Egypt.

Today, people are force-fed images of Baal and Satan worship by Hollywood and Western corporations. What is the attraction to Satan? Why are billionaires and Western businesses embracing Baal and Satan worship?

Is it just a coincidence that The Balenciaga Scandal comes in conjunction with the controversy over the trans-sexualization of children and in 2016 it was The Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal?

February 9, 2023
Demna Addresses the Balenciaga Scandal in an Interview with Vogue
Balenciaga was accused of sexualizing children in two controversial ad campaigns — and the backlash has been swift. Here’s everything to know.

The company Balenciaga is named after Baal.


There are many crossovers between Edgar Cayce’s visions of the past with those events occurring today. Considering Edgar Cayce’s vision of the world, I now see the roots of humanity’s dualistic dilemma. Good and evil, God and angels, Satan and demons, Edgar Cayce’s readings are not too different from ancient texts.

The perfect example of reality is The Balenciaga Scandal. It follows the continuing and increasing stream of signaling by the Global Elite of their allegiance and worship of Baal/Satan.

November 23, 2022
Tucker Carlson goes there: Epstein, Balenciaga and pedophile elites

Readers should consider that references to the Canaanite and Phoenician god Ba’al are very ancient.

December 21, 2022


69. For He, as He hath promised, may bring to thy remembrance ALL things – from the foundations of the earth. Know the Lord is nigh; and that those who keep watch, who keep faith WITH thee, are even as those of old – when there are the hundreds, yea the thousands that have never bended the knee to Baal, but as thee – only need that light, that assurance that He IS the guiding light!

This quote paraphrases both The Old Testament and The New Testament.

1 Kings 19:18
Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

Romans 11:4 (King James)
But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.

Today, bending the knee to Baal seems to be very important; major Western corporations and the entertainment industry clearly are working some form of recruitment drive for allegiance to Baal.

November 23, 2022
After-School Satan Clubs Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

The Balenciaga Scandal points to how widespread this cult is among the Global Elite.

Besides being a great sin, Baal worship became the cause of civil war in Israel, as recorded in The Hebrew Bible, known as The TaNaKh. The TaNaKh is named for the first letters that make up each book, The Torah, The Nevi’im, and The Ketuvim.

In The Nevi’im or The Nebiim, known as the Book of the Prophets is the Book of Zephaniah.

TaNaKh: Nevi’im: Zephaniah 1
4. “I will stretch out my hand against Judah and against all who live in Jerusalem. I will destroy every remnant of Baal worship in this place, the very names of the idolatrous priests—

5. those who bow down on the roofs to worship the starry host, those who bow down and swear by the LORD and who also swear by Molek,

6. those who turn back from following the LORD and neither seek the LORD nor inquire of him.”

The Hebrews clearly associated Baal with Molech. These were Canaanite and Phoenician gods.

Phoenician ships most likely traveled around the world, including taking Jesus Christ and Joseph of Arimathea to the shores of Great Britain. Joseph of Arimathea was a tin merchant and this historic myth inspired William Blake’s 1804 poem “Those Feet in Ancient Time”. The island of Cornwall was trading tin with Mediterranean countries in 400 BCE.

I wanted this first part of The Road From Atlantis Series to show the connections between Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus’ work regarding the history of Christianity. It is far older than the most devout Christians believe. Christianity is all about freedom. I suggest that it extends back to this unknown history of Atlantis.

In Edgar Cayce’s version, The sons of Baalilal warred against The Sons of One. The sons of Baalilal inhabited the northern islands of Atlantis near Great Britain, and The Sons of One inhabited the southern islands near Florida and Bimini.

17. Before that we find the entity was in that land now called the Atlantean, during those periods when there were the rumblings of the destructive forces that were being made aware by the actions of those that had joined themselves to the sons of Baalilal. And the entity, as it were, was torn between two opinions. For, while the cares of material things were joined to Baalilal, the spiritual and the desires in that direction were joined rather with the sons of One – or those of the purified in body.

2. EC: Yes, we have the land known as Bimini, in the Atlantic Ocean. In the formation of the land, we find this of the nature that would make the oil production very low, for this is of the coral structure in the greater part, but this is the highest portion left above the waves of once a great continent, upon which the civilization as now exists in the world’s history found much of that as would be used as means for attaining that civilization.

39. Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land during then period of the second breaking up, when the islands – or Poseida – became the main portion of the activities.

40. And those very experiences that brought destructive forces bring about the tendencies in the present for the extremes, and the hardships that have been and will be a part of the experience through this sojourn.

41. Not that these will always be material conditions, for they – too – will pass.

42. In that experience the entity was among the children of the Law of One who accepted and forsook much of those activities because of its close associations and companionships with one of the sons of Belial.

43. This brought consternation to the entity, and also those influences the application or use of which brought destruction to the land. And Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in sixty-eight and sixty-nine (’68 and ’69); not so far away! [See 958-3, Par. R5.]

Bimini Road
The Bimini Road, sometimes called the Bimini Wall, is an underwater rock formation near North Bimini island in the Bahamas. The Road consists of a 0.8 km (0.50 mi)-long northeast-southwest linear feature composed of roughly rectangular limestone blocks.
On September 2, 1968, while diving in three fathoms (5.5 metres or 18 feet) of water off the northwest coast of North Bimini island, Joseph Manson Valentine, Jacques Mayol and Robert Angove encountered what they called a “pavement” of what later was found to be noticeably rounded stones of varying size and thickness.[2][3] These stones form a northeast-southwest linear feature, which is now commonly known as either the “Bimini Road” or “Bimini Wall”. Two similar linear features lie parallel to and shoreward of the Bimini Wall.

3. In the sunken portions of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water – near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept. Also the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan in America, where these stones (that they know so little about) are now – during the last few months – BEING uncovered.

9. (Q) Please give a description of the earth’s surface as it existed at the time of Atlantis’ highest civilization, using the names of continents, oceans and sections of same as we know them today?
(A) As to the highest point of civilization, this would first have to be determined according to the standard as to which it would be judged – as to whether the highest point was when Amilius [?] ruled with those understandings, as the one that understood the variations, or whether they became man made, would depend upon whether we are viewing from a spiritual standpoint or upon that as a purely material or commercial standpoint; for the variations, as we find, extend over a period of some two hundred thousand years (200,000) – that is, as light years – as known in the present – and that there were MANY changes in the surface of what is now called the earth.

In the first, or greater portion, we find that NOW known as the southern portions of South America and the Arctic or North Arctic regions, while those in what is NOW as Siberia – or that as of Hudson Bay – was rather in that region of the tropics, or that position now occupied by near what would be as the same LINE would run, of the southern Pacific, or central Pacific regions – and about the same way. Then we find, with this change that came first in that portion, when the first of those peoples used that as prepared FOR the changes in the earth, we stood near the same position as the earth occupies in the present – as to Capricorn, or the equator, or the poles.

Then, with that portion, THEN the South Pacific, or Lemuria [?], began its disappearance – even before Atlantis, for the changes were brought about in the latter portion of that period, or what would be termed ten thousand seven hundred (10,700) light years, or earth years, or present setting of those, as set by Amilius [?] – or Adam.

1. GC: You will have before you the islands of North and South Bimini, and the submerged land adjacent to same.

14. (Q) Is this the continent known as Alta or Poseidia? [Atlantis]
(A) A temple of the Poseidians was in a portion of this land. [See 996-12, Par. 18.]

13. …For this is of the first highest civilization that will be uncovered in some of the adjacent lands to the west and south of the isles, see?

Clearly, Edgar Cayce was correct and the Bimini Road was discovered in 1969. As I will recount in this Atlantis Series, the sons of Belial and the children of the Law of One were at war with each other.

37. The ENTITY was among the children of the Law of One; those that were the sons of men, yet of the daughters of the Lord or those who had become purified of those entanglements in the animal forces that became manifest among many.

38. Then in its activity, as Ax-El-Tan, the entity made those attempts to curb the activities of the sons of Belial and Beelzebub. [Beelzebub – Mat. 10:25, etc.] Hence it rose to those positions as the warrior among the Atlanteans; and turned to the use of destructive forces with that expression which finds itself in the entity’s activity in dealing with things to ‘fight the devil with his own fire.’ These became the law of the entity. Yet when these things arose more and more to the force of the Law of One, from the spiritual import, they made for the turning to those things that we know in the present as CONVENIENCES for man.

As I was writing my last post, I suddenly saw The Edgar Cayce Connection between Florida and Great Britain. That bridge we know as Atlantis and this war. This seems to connect to the potential nuclear destruction of Great Britain and Florida by two of Russia’s advanced nuclear weapons. I find it interesting that Russia has called its Status 6 nuclear torpedo, the Poseidon.


Currently, Scotland cannot be called an island; however, in Nostradamus Quatrain X-66 he calls it an island.


Nostradamus Quatrain X-66
Le chef de Londres par regne l’Americh
L’isle d’Escosse tempiera par gelée,
Roy Reb auront un si faux Antechrist,
Que les mettratrestous dans la meslée.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-66
The chief of London through the rule of America
The Isle of Scotland controlled by frost,
Rebel King has such a false Antichrist,
That places everyone in the melee.

Tempiera: Latin: Temperare – To control.


Since Nostradamus also declares that England will be half-sunk to the bottom, we can see that Russia will make good on its threat to detonate a Poseidon Status 6 nuclear torpedo somewhere in the North Sea.

It will cut Great Britain in half.


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-31
Le tremblement de terre à Mortura,
Cassich sainct Georges à demy perfondrez,
Paix assoupie la guerre esveillera,
Dans temple à Pasques abysmes enfondrez.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-31
The land trembles in Mortara (NW Italy),
Tin Saint George [England] half-sunk to the bottom,
Peace shall sleep and war awaken,
The temple cracked open during Easter.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 169
Some historians suggest that the Tin Islands are the island of Cornwall and the Scilly Islands. Saint George is the patron Saint of England.

May 2, 2022
VLAD’S FURY Russian TV threatens nuclear annihilation of UK with giant radioactive tsunami wave & Satan-2 missiles in bizarre video

May 15, 2023
WWIII Fears: In Chilling Move, Russia Stations 18 Nuke Bombers Near NATO Nations’ Borders



Nostradamus Quatrain IX-48
La grand’ cite d’Occean maritime,
Environnée de marets en cristal,
Dans le solstice hyemal & la prime,
Sera tentée de vent espouvental.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-48
The great city of the maritime ocean [London, England],
Surrounded by a crystalline swamp:
In the winter solstice and the spring,
It will be tried by frightful wind.



Nostradamus Sixain L (48)
Vn peu deuant ou apres l’Angleterre
Par mort de loup miƒe auƒƒi bas que terre,
Verra le feu reƒiƒter contre l’eau,
Le r’allumant auecque telle force
Du ƒang humain, deƒƒus l’humaine eƒcorce
Faite de pain, bondance de couƒteau.

Nostradamus Sixain L (48)
Shortly before or after England
By the death of the wolf [Italy], likewise put low as the earth,
Will see fire resisting water,
Relighting it with immense force
Of human blood, upon the human crust
Made with bread, abundance of knife.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 863
The destruction of England will come around the time of destruction of Italy. In this Sixain, The Wolf is a metaphor for the myth of the raising of Romulus and Remus by a wolf and the subsequent founding of Rome.


Alois Irlmaier, Freislassing, Bavaria. Predicted his own death in July 1959.
The Third Great War comes, when three high-ranking men will be killed. Then comes a single aircraft from the East. It throws a “neutralizer” in the great water by England. Then the water lifts in one single piece as high as a tower and falls back down. It makes an earthquake and a giant wave and everything will be over flooded. Almost all of England and the European coast to Berlin will sink except for a few mountain peaks.

“The “Great City” of the United States will be destroyed by rockets, and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians, but they will be beaten back…

The Third World War will come, but I cannot predict the year. It will be preceded by signs in the skies, which will be seen by millions of people. War will begin on a rainy night, shortly before harvest time, when the ears are full. War will begin after the assassination of an eminent politician in Czechoslovakia or in Yugoslavia. An invasion from the East will follow…




Nostradamus Quatrain II-70
Le dard du cielfera son estendue
Mors enparlant: grande execution.
La pierreenl’arbre la fiere gent rendue,
Bruit, humainmonstre, purge expiation.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-70
The dart from the sky will expand,
Deaths in speaking, great execution,
The stone in the tree, the proud people [nation] surrenders,
Noise, human monster, purge exhalation.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars 2023, G.A. Stewart, Page 1238
I have never published my interpretation of this Quatrain in any any of my previous books nor on my website.

“The dart from the sky will expand” is most likely one Russian Sarmat Intercontinental Nuclear Missile launched against the United States deploying ten multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) warheads against the United States.

In his March 1st, 2018 state of the nation speech, Vladimir Putin announced the development of the RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. The video showed him deploying MIRVs against Tampa Bay Florida, presumably targeted at MacDill Air Force Base; home of the U.S. Central Command and the U.S. Special Operations Command.

From Nostradamus’ prophecies, we can presume that Putin will display two weapons systems, one RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile against the United States and one Poseidon Status 6 nuclear torpedo against Great Britain.



Nostradamus Quatrain IV-99
L’aisné vaillant de la fille du Roy,
Repoulsera si profond les Celtiques:
Qu’il mettra foudres, combien en tel arroy,
Peu & loing puis profondes Hesperiques.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-99
The valiant eldest son of the King’s daughter,
Very profoundly repulsing the Celts [French-NATO]:
He will use so many lightning bolts, combined in an array,
Sparsely and then distant, deep into Hesperia [America].

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 288
“He will use so many thunderbolts, combined in an array, sparsely and distant, then deep into Hesperia [America]. He will use thunderbolts sparsely indicates some form of strategic targeting instead of the “use it or lose it” tactics that prevailed during the days of Mutual Assured Destruction.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 850
This is very important Quatrain. The first point to examine is “lightning bolts” at first used “peu”, “little”, “sparsely” then “profondes Hesperiques”, “deeply into the west”, “the inner west”, or “thoroughly into the west”, combined with “loin”, “far”, or “distant”.

Put together, it means first there will be “a few” missile launches “distant [and] deep into Hesperia [America]”.

This suggests the possibility of limited nuclear warfare anytime after the West Bank and Italy nuclear attacks, but certainly after France and NATO have mobilized.

Only a few countries can strike the continental United States with a missile. “Foudres, combien en tel arroy”, “lightning bolts, combined in an array” sent “Loin”, “profondes”, “distant” and “deep” implies many missiles. Only Russia has a large inventory of nuclear tipped missiles.

“He will use so many lightning bolts…” “Sparsely and then distant, deep into Hesperia [America]” points to the use of nuclear missiles after “Very profoundly repulsing the Celts [French-NATO]”.


Cayce clearly described that in one age of the Atlantean civilization, self-destruction came with the misapplication of their method of energy generation. In the Courtney Brown and Farsight Institute video on Atlantis, they seemed to get elements of this one age of Atlantis correct.

The late Dr. Tom Van Flandern also believed that the former planet now known as the asteroid belt also might have self-destructed, because the asteroid belt essentially maintains the same center of mass indicating that there was no collision with another celestial body.

The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2007, Page 56
From his analysis of the Solar System and particularly the asteroid belt, Dr. Tom Van Flandern, formally the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch at the Naval Observatory has hypothesized that Mars was once the moon of a planet that exploded millions of years ago.

Dr. Van Flandern and his associates have also uncovered startling photographic evidence of ancient ruins all across Mars, while still other researchers now believe that there may be ruins on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. This would seem to indicate that a very advanced civilization had flourished eons in the past. It was a civilization that carved its memories into the planets and moons of the Solar System so that they could never be lost to time.

I also found some aspects of Courtney Brown’s Ra video congruent with Edgar Cayce’s readings regarding the historical leader Ra-Ta, The Egyptian Priest. Ultimately, he was exiled to Libya and a rebellion began in Egypt around 10,500 BCE and Egypt descended into chaos.

The Farsight Institute video of Ra, the Sun God and the weapon, The Eye of Ra, also have elements found in Edgar Cayce’s readings.

Edgar Cayce’s readings also follow the ancient history.

Book of the Heavenly Cow

The Book of the Heavenly Cow or the Book of the Cow of Heaven, is an Ancient Egyptian text thought to have originated during the Amarna Period and, in part, describes the reasons for the imperfect state of the world in terms of humankind’s rebellion against the supreme sun god, Ra. Divine punishment was inflicted through the goddess Hathor, with the survivors suffering through separation from Ra, who now resided in the sky on the back of Nut, the heavenly cow.

With this “fall”, suffering and death came into the world, along with a fracture in the original unity of creation. The creator god now changes into many heavenly bodies, creates the “Fields of Paradise” for the blessed dead, perhaps appoints Geb as his heir, hands over the rule of humankind to Osiris (Thoth ruling the night sky as his deputy), with Shu and the Heh gods now supporting the sky goddess Nut.

However, we see from further Edgar Cayce readings that after the sinking of Atlantis the sons of Belial had crept into Egypt with the rest of the survivors.

40. Then the entity, in the name Sane-Naid, was beautiful in body; tempting many in these relationships at times, especially the sons of Belial who crept in with those from the Atlantean land into Egypt. And the entity led one of these into India, who made for dissenting things among those teachings of Saneid; and brought destructive forces to the latter experience of the entity.

As I have endeavored to show, the Courtney Brown Farsight Institute Remote Viewers did get some of the story right regarding Atlantis and Egypt, but they have provided their audience with the incomplete cartoon versions and not the 4,000 page book with the complete story. Given the historical reputations of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, I will go with them.

With Russia targeting Great Britain and Florida, we see the modern day connections to this ancient war. With The Balenciaga Scandal and Target now selling Satan, clearly the fight is not over.

May 24, 2023
Target customers shocked after company features pride items by Satanist partner: Devil is ‘hope’ and ‘love’
‘Satan loves you and respects who you are,’ Target pride partner’s social media post reads


May 26, 2023
Watch: Ex-UN Executive Director Exposes Disturbing Links Between Oligarchs, Pedophilia & Missing Children
Calin Georgescu exposed how oligarchs who control the world are tied to the scores of children who go missing each year with no trace

Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute Remote Viewers probably have not figured out yet why The Eye of Ra was needed to put down a rebellion of Satan worshipping cannibals.

5. From time as counted in the present we would turn back to 10,600 years before the Prince of Peace came into the land of promise, and find a civilization being disturbed by corruption from within to such measures that the elements join in bringing devastation to a stiffnecked and adulterous people.

I have some bills coming due to keep this website running. This is approximately a 16,000-word post, a novella. It cut into my time for completing my book, but this material is a necessary part to complete the story. Book sales are the only way I raise money, besides the generous donations of about a half-dozen people.

I do get tired of fighting to promote this website. It does get frustrating watching the Internet hustlers rack up the numbers with click-bait teasers that are simply empty calories. Hopefully, readers appreciate my efforts here.


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