With President Donald J. Trump allegedly in-and-out of Walter Reed Medical Hospital with COVID-19, the coup d’état that I have been writing about for the last four-years seems to be taking some unexpected twists and turns, as does the plot in any good spy novel.

We went from this…

October 2, 2020
Trump To Hold Virtual Campaign Rally Friday Despite COVID-19 Diagnosis

…To this in one day.

October 3, 2020
MSM Reports ‘Sources’ “Very Concerned” At President’s Vitals; Chris Christie 25th Case Connected To WH COVID-19 Outbreak

To this…

October 5, 2020
After Returning To White House, Trump Implores Americans Not To Let COVID-19 “Dominate Your Life”

And then this…

October 9, 2020
Trump To Join “Tucker Carlson Tonight” For First Post-Diagnosis On-Camera Interview”

It was clear from President Donald J. Trump’s tone during his first post-hospital television interview that he sounded as if he had caught some type of virus.

However, like many other people, I was highly suspicious of Trump’s televised address from Walter Reed Hospital. It also appeared to me from the video that the stage on which the camera rested was undulating up and down.

I have deployed on nine U.S. Navy ships in my life; some of those were aircraft carriers. They all rolled with the ocean no matter how big. I believe that the motion seen in that video resembled a ship at sea.

If true, this would indicate that President Donald J. Trump was quickly moved from the White House to a U.S. Navy ship, most likely the state-of-the-art hospital facilities aboard an aircraft carrier and not Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital.

When this happened Continuity of Government operations began, regardless of what the Trump Administration had to say publicly.

October 2, 2020
Nuclear Doomsday Planes Take Flight As Trump Contracts COVID

October 2, 2020
Two ‘Doomsday planes’ took off shortly before Trump announced COVID-19 diagnosis

We saw this happen immediately after the 2016 Presidential election.

November 17, 2016
“Mysterious” plane circling over Denver was “just” an E-6B Mercury “doomsday” plane

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
GA Stewart, 2019, Page 477

On November 17th, the Navy launched its Doomsday Plane; TACAMO, is an acronym of Take Charge And Move Out. The E6B made a few racetrack passes circling over Denver and then departed for Oklahoma.

Once again, it takes a great deal of power and authority to launch the Doomsday Plane.

Since this Navy E6B is only launched when nuclear war is imminent, the Russians and Chinese are always watching. Again, did somebody threaten to launch “Doomsday”?

On November 17th, 2016, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper resigned.

Since Barack Obama was still the President of the United States, somebody in the Obama Administration gave the order for launching the Navy TACAMO aircraft. Consider also that somebody drafted the aircraft’s flight plan to circle over Denver, The New World Order’s alleged capital.

Clearly, Trump was not taken to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. My first guess is that it was too dangerous. It also makes me wonder if Trump was purposely infected with COVID-19.

October 8, 2020
Nancy Pelosi unveils bill to create 25th Amendment commission to analyze Trump

October 9, 2020
Nancy Pelosi Calls For 17-Member ‘Standing Committee’ On Presidential Fitness

What is interesting in the light of Trump’s exposure to COVID-19 is the breaking story on what really happened at the CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012. The links and video below are now in the process of going viral.

October 13, 2020
EXPLOSIVE: UPDATE- CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof

First, I would like to say that I have worked with too many men like Nick Noe; so, I respect and believe that he is telling the truth. Back in the day, I delivered Navy SEALs to their appointed tasks in my helicopter. My current professional circle includes many, many men like Nick Noe.

Unfortunately, as a well-known wingnut, when I started telling people about this video, I got the usual look. The only credibility that I carry rests with my job skills and not my worldview. Therefore, you do not have to sell me on the corrupt system. I have spent over a decade documenting it on this Website. But you have to sell this story to the people I work with, and that needed to happen yesterday.

There are all kinds of red flags that pop up with this story, and the first one is that the 2020 Presidential Election is a little over two-weeks away. If nothing happens between now and the election, it never will.

Other Conspiracy Theory oriented websites are picking up on this story.

October 13, 2020
EXPLOSIVE: UPDATE- CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof?

October 13, 2020
BOMBSHELL AUDIO: Biden, Obama Reportedly ‘Didn’t Really Want To Get’ Osama Bin Laden, ‘He [Was] Being Protected’

Listen to the first released tape of the evidence on Hal Turner’s website.

October 13, 2020

There is a great deal of evidence that supports that The Q PYSOP is all bullshit and that Trump is all bullshit.

October 9, 2020
Durham Report Won’t Be Ready By Election: AG Barr

October 9, 2020
Trump hits Barr for not delivering Russia probe bombshells

October 7, 2020
FBI, DOJ Hold Press Conference On ‘Matter Of National Security’ As Tension Mounts Over ‘Russiagate’ Inaction

October 8, 2020
CIA Director Gina Haspel And The British Role In The Anti-Trump Plot

October 9, 2020
Taibbi: After The QAnon Ban, Who’s Next?

October 8, 2020
Instagram Bans QAnon Accounts, But Refuses To Remove ISIS Accounts Celebrating 9/11

Readers can note from nearly a dozen of my posts on this Website over the last two-years that I have finally come to believe that The Q PYSOP is being run for the purposes of turning the Democrat’s political opposition into a fringe group with no credibility and as future targets for the coming progressive Cultural Revolution.

The Q breadcrumbs have led nowhere, and Hillary Clinton is not locked up yet. Those are just the facts.

As far as I am concerned and as I have written, Trump has validated The Q PYSOP through innuendo and sly signaling that leaves him wiggle room to later claim that he never believed in QANON at all. This is the main reason that I will no longer be voting or participating in the American electoral process. I tend to pay attention to people’s history. Our actions speak the truth and I smell a Roy M. Cohn rat. Trump seems to hire people who are into “Dirty Tricks”.

I seriously hope that I am wrong about The Q PYSOP and that Charles Woods gets justice for the murder of his son in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012. Alleged CIA whistleblower Allan Harrow Parrot seems to have appeared out of nowhere and “just in the nick of time”. This leaves me very skeptical. It would not surprise me that people in the U.S. government would purposely exploit Charles Woods’ grief and Nick Noe’s patriotism.

With President Donald J. Trump very aware of what stories are circulating on Social Media and what appears on, this is shit and git time for all Trump Believers. As you can hear in the video, Parrot is ready to turn over “terabytes” of evidence directly to Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump should have sent people to Parrot yesterday. Maybe he did. If Trump fails to answer, I will have all the answers that I need and I will just not vote.

Nick Noe also claims that a great deal of evidence is already in the hands of a Republican Congressman. Therefore, if this material does not appear on Tucker Carlson’s show or anywhere on Fox News by the weekend, next week at the latest, then all The Q Acolytes and Trump Believers will have all the answers that they need. You have been played again.

If this is all true, Biden and the Clintons will never let this evidence get into the public’s hands.

Who do I believe? Nostradamus.


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25
Par Mars contraire sera la monarchie,
Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux:
Ieune noir. rouge prendra la hierarchie,
Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25
Through Mars [War] contrary [to the] the monarch [King/President],
The great fisherman [Pope] in ruinous trouble:
The young Black [King]. red [Muslim] seizes the hierarchy,
The traitors move on a rainy day.



Nostradamus Quatrain X-78
Subite ioye en subite tristesse
Sera à Rome aux graces embrassées.
Dueil, cris, pleurs, larm. sang excellent liesse:
Contraires bandes surprinses & troulsées.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-78
Sudden joy to sudden sadness,
At Rome the graces embrace,
Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent mirth:
Contrary bands surprised and trussed up.


POSTSCRIPT October 15, 2020

So, Donald J. Trump is jumping into the deep end of the pool.

October 14, 2020
Trump Promotes Baseless, QAnon-Endorsed Conspiracy Theory Alleging Obama Staged Bin Laden’s Killing

October 14, 2020
Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden slams Donald Trump for ‘trampling on the graves of some of the best heroes’ by tweeting QAnon theory that Joe Biden had SEAL Team Six killed

Here is what I have to say about talking the talk and walking the walk. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. He has the power to gather the evidence that Allan Harrow Parrot claims that he has gathered, especially when it regards treason. If Trump does not do this within the next few days and then address the American people, he is a complete fraud. Then maybe it is time to consider the 25th Amendment.

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill just called you out Mr. President. What are you going to do about it?

To The Q Acolytes and Trump Believers, this is where you need to make your decision to stay on the train or get off.

I have been in more than my share of street fights. It is always the people who run their mouths who are the cream-puffs. The clock is ticking and the country is burning.

It is time to skin that smoke wagon Mr. President and get to work.