I find it amusing that many so-called Alternative News websites are now endlessly ranting about a Second American Civil War, a war with Russia, a war with China, a war with Iran that leads to World War III and nuclear war, global economic collapse, a global plague, and meteors from space.

June 17, 2019
Massive Misdirection Now Ongoing On Iran: Experts Warn Iran Has Probably Had Nukes For Well Over 10 Years And Barack Obama Was ‘Woefully Deceived’ (Or ‘Part Of The Plan’!)

June 14, 2019
As Middle East Heats Up To The Boiling Point, Expert Warns Terror Attacks By Iranian Sleeper Cells Embedded Across America Could ‘End Our Freedom Of Movement’, For YEARS!

June 7, 2019
On The Brink Of An Apocalyptic War With Iran, And Most Americans Don’t Seem To Care

May 12, 2019
World War 3? A Top Iranian Official Taunts Trump: “They Are Not Ready For A War, Specially When Israel Is Within Our Range”

June 17, 2019
Earth Is Moving Toward The Same Meteor Swarm That Scientists Believe Caused The 1908 Tunguska Event

In 2007, when I began this Website and before the economic crash, I was writing about all of those things. In 2009, when Barack Obama was sworn into office and the Norway Light Spiral appeared, I had my epiphany and put it all in my 2010 book, The Age of Desolation.

Only one website has the brass balls to post a link from this site. I suspect that is because people are afraid of the N-Word, Nostradamus. However, I have noticed that writers looking for ideas must come here frequently, because they write remarkably similar pieces.

Oscar Wilde said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

Please do not even get me started on the cults of Predictive Linguistics, Web Bot Prophecy, and Remote Viewing. I would not call my research great; however, it has been way ahead of the curve. Nine years later people are finally catching up, and that is what makes my research leading edge.

I continually find little pieces of my work stitched into other writers’ articles. As the core readership of this Website understands, I have presented a timeline of World War III that begins with a United States war with Iran. I first presented this timeline in my 2010 book, The Age of Desolation.

In nine years, I have deviated little from that premise. The only thing that I got wrong in that book is that the Islamic occupation of Europe would come through a military invasion. This will eventually be the case, but I predicted that it would begin in 2011. I did not think Western governments and the Vatican would betray their own people.

2011 is the year when Barack Obama, Nostradamus’ Black King, ordered NATO to destroy Libya, and then followed through with The Arab Spring, which Nostradamus called The Great Proscription.

This destroyed the Middle East and generated the current occupation army of Europe. It does not appear to be an occupation army today… but it will be when Islam unites around Iran’s coming victories. People of the West, I have been writing about it here for over a decade; you will regret the day NATO and the West drop the first bomb on Iran.

So, if you are a new reader, consider your daily dose of Doom and Gloom from your favorite websites and consider what has been on these pages for the last decade.

Has any other researcher posted that World War III would begin in 2011?

September 13, 2014
Pope Francis: Global conflicts have become WWIII

WORLD WAR III – MARCH 19th, 2011

Nostradamus Quatrain I-49
Beaucoup beaucoup auant telles meneés
Ceux d’Orient par la vertu lunaire
L’an mil sept cent feront grand emmenées
Subiugant presque le coing Aquilonaire.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-49
Very much before such intrigues
Those of the Orient [Russia/China] by virtue of the Moon [Islamic Army]
The year one thousand seven hundred [1700 -2011] prepares the great to be marched away
Nearly subjugating a corner of Aquilon [NATO].

Has any other researcher named Barack Obama as Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist?

October 9, 2009
Christopher Hitchens on Obama’s Undeserved Nobel Prize


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-5
Si grand famine par vnde pestifere,
Par pluye longue le long du pole arctique:
Samarobryn cent lieux de l’hemispere,
Viuront sans loy, exempt de politique.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-5
So great a famine by a pestilent wave,
By rain extending the length of the Arctic Pole:
Samarobryn one hundred leagues [135 miles] from the hemisphere,
Living without law exempt from politics.


Has any other researcher written that Barack Obama would initiate The Arab Spring and destroy the Middle East?

January, 2016
The ‘Arab Spring’: Five years on

May 21, 2013
Remember that historic Arab Spring speech?
“We have the chance to show that America values the dignity of the street vendor in Tunisia more than the raw power of the dictator … America must use all our influence to encourage reform in the region…


Nostradamus Quatrain III-60
Par toute Asie grande proscription,
Mesme en Mysie, Lysie, & Pamphylie:
Sang versera par absolution,
D’vn ieune noir remply de felonnie.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-60
Throughout all Asia great proscription,
Even in Mysia (NW, Turkey), Lycia (SW Turkey), and Pamphilia (SW Turkey):
Bloodshed through absolution,
Of a young black [king] filled with felony.


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-54
Au poinct du iour au second chant du coq,
Ceux de Tunes, de Fez, & de Bugie:
Par les Arabes captif le roy Maroq,
L’an mil six cens & sept, de Liturgie.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-54
At daybreak and the second crowing of the cock,
Those of Tunis (Tunisia), Fez (Morocco), and Bougie (Algeria):
By means of the Arabs capture the King of Morocco,
Sixteen hundred and seven [1607-2012] years after the Liturgy.

Has any other researcher written that Christianity and Islam would engage in a 21st century crusade? Have they pointed out the Vatican’s involvement?

September 11, 2015
It Begins: Europe Flooded With Reports Of “ISIS Terrorists” Posing As Refugees


Nostradamus Quatrain I-48
Vingt ans du regne de la lune passes
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie:
Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lasseés
Lors accomplir & mine ma prophetie.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-48
Twenty years of the reign of the Moon [Islamic Empire] passes
Seven thousand years another holds the monarchy:
When the Sun [Christianity] will take up its tired days
Then is accomplished and finished my prophecy.

Has any other researcher posted that Europe, especially France and Germany, would be invaded by Islam and did the writer provide the years that this would happen?

April 27, 2016
Flooded With Migrants, Germany Struggles to Integrate Them


Nostradamus Sixain XXI (18)

Nostradamus Sixain XXI (18)
L’autheur des maux commencera regner
En l’an ƒix cents & ƒept ƒans eƒpargner
Tous les ƒubiets qui ƒont á la ƒangƒue,
Et puis apres s’en viendra peu á peu,
Au franc pays r’allumer ƒon feu,
S’en retournant d’où elle eƒt yƒƒue.

Nostradamus Sixain XXI (18)
The author of evils will commence reign
In the year six hundred and seven [1607-2012] without sparing
All the subjects who draw up to the leech [Arab league],
And then afterwards she will come little by little
To the Frank (France/Germany) country to kindle her fire,
Returning whence she has come.


Nostradamus Sixain XXIII (20)

Nostradamus Sixain XXIII (20)
Quand la grand nef, la proüe & gouuernal,
Du franc pays & ƒon eƒprit vital,
D’eƒcueils & flots par la mer ƒecoüee,
Six cents & ƒept & dix coeur aƒƒiegé
Et des reflus de ƒon corps aƒƒligé
Sa vie eƒtant ƒur ce mal renüee.

Nostradamus Sixain XXIII (20)
When the great ship, the prow and rudder,
Of the Frank country (France/Germany) and its vital spirit,
By the sea shaken over reef and billow,
Six hundred and seven [1607-2012] and ten [1610-2015], heart besieged
And afflicted by the ebbings of its body,
Its life appearing renewed upon this evil.

Has any other researcher suggested that Barack Obama is coming back to power through a coup d’état with the aid of Great Britain?

June 14, 2019
Obama State At Center of Anti-Trump Coup Cabal

April 24, 2019
Trump promotes conspiracy theory that UK helped Obama administration spy on his presidential campaign


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-58
Au costé gauche à l’endroit de Vitry,
Seront guettez les trois rouges, de France,
Tous assomez rouge, noir non meurdry,
Par les Bretons remis en asseurance.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-58
As collateral [for the] left at the location of Vitry,
Will be lookouts [for] the three reds [Muslims] of France,
All disabled red [Muslim], Black [King] not murdered,
By the Bretons [English] restored and assured.

Has any other researcher pointed out that the Ukrainian coup d’état in 2014 points to a war with Russia in 2019?

May 13, 2014
In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
L’an mil ƒix cens & neuf on quatorzieƒme,
Le vieux Charon fera Paƒques en Careƒme,
Six cens & ƒix, par eƒcrit le mettra
Le Medicin, de tout cecy s’eƒtonne,
A meƒme temps aƒƒigné en perƒonne
Mais pour certain l’vn d’eux comparoiƒtra.

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609-2014] or fourteen [1614-2019],
The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it
The Physician, by all this is astonished,
At the same time summoned in person
But for certain one of them will appear.

May 28, 2019
Russia Unlikely to Stay Neutral if U.S. and Iran Go to War

June 18, 2019
China Warns: US About To Open “Pandora’s Box” In Middle East

June 18, 2019
Jerusalem Post: U.S. Bombing Of Iran “Will Be Massive But Will Be Limited To A Specific Target”

The following websites will never link a post from this site because of fear of the N-Word. Nostradamus and the “occult” make the Alternative Media look downright batshit crazy.

However, there seem to be a great many Doom Porn articles that have a similar outlook without any references to Nostradamus.

There is

There is

There is

There is

There is

There is

There is

There is

Here is a recent example of a post that sounds remarkably close to something I had just written. It was written a day after two of my recent Updates.

June 13, 2019
Leftists Triggered By Questions And Media Lies Are Pushing America Closer To Civil War: Increasingly Violent Left Won’t Be Able To Survive The Terror They’re Unleashing Upon America

I do not know if this person has ever been in the military or worked with the military, but after some recent Progressive Left outrage, I began thinking about Martial Law and the SEALS that once jumped out of the back of my helicopter. I have been in countries under Martial Law where the armies do not put up with any childish bullshit. Those thoughts found their way into two of my posts.

I know civil war is coming to the United States, because it has started in France and South Africa, it is starting in Great Britain and Spain, and this is the social engineering model chosen by George Soros and The Masters of the Game. These worldwide progressive programmable entertainment idiots who incite violence have no idea what is coming or what talking smack is all about.

My circle in life has included some very serious professionals. Some of those individuals use to jump out of the back of my helicopter with and without parachutes. I found them far more fearsome. So, all the snowflakes calling for violence have no idea what the professionals are capable of delivering.

G. A. STEWART ON JUNE 12, 2019
After decades of Bush-Clinton-Obama rule, now the Progressive Left wants to use violence to deal with issues of inadequacy. Every time I see these public displays, I shake my head in disbelief, because these people have no clue how the real world works

I have been writing about an approaching civil war in this country since 2010. After the Norway Light Spiral, a weapons display for Russia, and a bullshit Nobel Peace Prize for a President engaged in two known wars and a number of secret wars, I knew what Barack Obama was all about. He was chosen to be the Commander-In-Chief of social division. Today, white bigotry is all the rage.

Here is some old artwork I found and posted on this Website nine years ago.

I think it is ironic, because here is where I erred on another interpretation; I got the prophecy backwards. I believed there would be a coup d’état against Barack Obama. It will be Barack Obama leading the coup d’état against President Trump.

If you bought The Age of Desolation in 2010, readers would note that I expected the world to fall apart in 2011 by the dates that I have derived from Nostradamus’ embedded code. Even in that first book I noted that Nostradamus provided dates when events first begin, which I call The Nostradamus Butterfly Effect.

However, logically there was no way for me to reconcile a Middle Eastern war in conjunction with a war in Europe without the whole world falling apart. Instead of an invasion of Iran and Syria in 2011, we saw the destruction of Libya by NATO and the brutal murder of its leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and Barack Obama’s destruction and reordering of the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2013, we saw the President of Russia write an Op Ed piece for The New York Times asking the world for caution in Syria.

September 12, 2013
Vladimir Putin’s New York Times op-ed, annotated and fact-checked


Nostradamus Sixain XXIX

Nostradamus Sixain XXIX
Le Griƒƒon ƒe peut appreƒter
Pour à l’ennemy reƒiƒter
Et renforcer bien ƒon armee,
Autrement l’Elephant viendra
Qui d’vn abord le ƒurprendra,
Six cens & huict mer enflammée.

Nostradamus Sixain XXIX
The Griffon is able to prepare himself
For resisting the enemy
And to well reinforce his army,
Otherwise the Elephant will come
He who will suddenly surprise him,
Six hundred and eight [1608-2013], the sea aflame.

Since I defined The Griffon, The Elephant, and the date in print in 2010, this is a remarkably successful interpretation for me. The Elephant is Pakistan, India’s mortal enemy. India is an ally of Russia, and their armies train together. The Great Duke of Armenia, another Russian ally, is no doubt in India this very moment helping prepare for the coming war with Pakistan.

And let us not forget that this Website was the first and only site predicting an end to the Group of Eight Nations.

There is not one website on the Internet with my track record, and those are just the facts.

I know it all seems fuzzy around the edges, and since most people have trouble with history and math these days, I know getting them to swallow the Nostradamus metaphors is next to impossible. And then there are the brainiacs and pseudo-intellectuals…

Here is how I feel about people’s incredulity and talk of crazy. After you have built a few jet and rocket engines, climbed around rockets, after you have worked the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, flown as an aircrewman delivering bombs, missiles and nuclear weapons, flown airplanes and helicopters, dove a few shipwrecks, and then spent time talking with a man who has walked on the Moon and believed in Extraterrestrials, then come to me with your talk of crazy.

Read this article:

June 15, 2019
Bombshell document confirms Navy Admiral was denied access to UFO crash retrieval program

Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s resume beat mine by light-years. Our conversation in 2004 validated what I needed to know about living in this world, and that is why I found myself pouring over religious scripture of many denominations for the next few years. Despite Dr. Mitchell’s two engineering degrees, graduating from MIT as a Doctor of Science, being a Naval aviator, a test pilot, and being the sixth man to walk on the Moon, he must have believed in “crazy” for a reason. I find it amazing that people have the audacity to be critical.

When you begin discussing the topic of reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology and all the secrecy and murders that are part of UFO lore, it naturally leads to very dark places. Dr. Mitchell told all of us that night that this is why he lost sleep.

The Apocalypse, The End Times, The Kali Yuga, Ragnarök, whatever readers choose to call World War III and nuclear war, they are all prophecies that are related to the mythological War of the Gods and the Biblical Fall of the Angels. Many other cultures have their own version of this story.

If the story in The Jerusalem Post is correct, and Iran is going to be heavily bombed, the world will come crashing down quickly. Certain ancient gods seemed to have favored the Persian Empire.

Global terrorism will make people afraid to come out of their homes and go to the supermarkets, where soldiers and police will stand guard over limited stocks of food so terrorists cannot poison people. There will be no coming back from Martial Law. I am beginning to think that it is subconscious intuition that is driving the Progressive Left insane with Trump Fear.

I have seen it before in clairvoyant people.

Sadly, Trump does not understand that he is being made history’s patsy. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will come to the rescue when defeat in the Middle East shatters the West. I wish I could be optimistic, but I wrote about all of this a decade ago; over the years I just began filling in the names as these people appeared on the world stage.

There is a picture of Trump on his visit to Saudi Arabia that I find disturbing.


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Saudi Arabian King Salman, President Trump

I suspect that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will become The Sufyani once the war with Iran gets started. Salman and Saudi Arabia are doomed, and President Trump will be run out of office. Therefore, it seems that in this palantír conference with the evil Sauron, these three kings of Middle Earth brought doom upon themselves and the human race.


Here is what I find baffling and certainly disturbing. Just who is in charge of the United States government right now?

June 18, 2019
Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on tankers as ‘very minor’

June 18, 2019
Pompeo To Present Military “Options” To Trump As Iran Threatens Carriers With “Precision” Ballistic Missiles

As I write this, I am listening to President Trump’s Orlando speech in the background. The Jerusalem Post article makes him sound like a used car salesman. If listeners think it would have been bad if the “Crazy Left” had won two years ago, wait until you see how crazy they get when gasoline goes double-digits and Trump is chased out of office.

I suspect Trump’s ego is being stroked, and that is why he was probably chosen to be history’s patsy.


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-44
De nuict par Nantes Lyris apparoistra,
Des artz marins susciteront la pluye:
Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra,
Vn monstre en Saxe naistra d’ours & truye.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-44
At night the Rainbow will appear near Nantes (France),
The marine arts will cause it to rain:
In the Arabian Gulf (Arabian Sea/Persian Gulf) a great fleet will flounder,
A monster in Saxony (Germany) born of a bear [Russia] and a sow.


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
Navalle pugne nuit sera superée,
Le feu aux naves à l’Occident ruine,
Rubriche neufve, la grand nef colorée,
Ire à vaincu, & victoire en bruine.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
A Naval battle will subdue night,
Fire in the ships to the West ruin,
New rubric, the great ship colored,
Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.

Of note on this last prophecy are the Century and Quatrain numbers 9-100 (19 in reverse).

I deployed on a carrier a couple of times, so I hope my fellow shipmates are not going to get sucker punched.

These next links are from, which seems to be following the timeline and events I have outlined on this Website for over a decade now, with President Donald J. Trump becoming the last, missing piece of the puzzle.

June 18, 2019
Buchanan Warns, War With Iran Would Become “Trump’s War”

June 18, 2019
US To Send 1,000 More Troops To Counter Iran As Pentagon Releases New Photographs Of Tanker Attack

June 16, 2019
US, NATO Consumed By “Black Sea Madness”

June 15, 2019
Is The US Preparing For War With Russia?

June 15, 2019
Pentagon Readies “Contingency Plans” For Potential Escalation Against Iran

June 18, 2019
The Road To Perdition – 10 Cautionary Tenets About US Air Power

March 20, 2019
America’s Generals Have Learned Nothing From Our Failed Wars

June 16, 2019
Army Major (Ret.): Why America’s No-Fault Generals Won’t Save Us From The Next War

I like to call them The Jill Kelley Generals. They are 21st century Warrior-Monks don’t you know?

November 14, 2012
Petraeus scandal: a readers’ guide to the clandestine soap opera and its cast
Petraeus reportedly shows up with “a 28-cop motorcycle escort”. Kelley “collected generals”, according to the Daily Beast, and even convinced a special forces admiral to allow her to do a parachute jump with elite commandos. “Do not ever bring that lady back here again,” he is reproached.

July 14, 2017
Jill Kelley’s Campaign to Befriend Petraeus, Allen, and Other Top Brass

Well folks, I have missed my workout tonight to bring you this Update, because The Jerusalem Post article carries some serious weight. I hope readers understand that posts like this will soon be considered treasonous and revolutionary. Buy the book before ten bucks won’t even buy a gallon of gasoline.

When the bombs start dropping, should I upgrade my bandwidth for the flood of people that will rush to this Website as long as the Internet stays up? It happens every crisis.

There is an irony in stumbling onto prophecy while I was off the coast of Iran in 1979, where and when all of this craziness started.

Here is my pitch for 1,500 pages of Doom Porn.