Penalizing free speech is now the ultimate observable hypocrisy regarding Western civilization and individual liberties.

Those inalienable rights first mentioned in The Declaration of Independence, and founded upon The Magna Carta’s first legal recognition that freedom did not begin and end with a king have been usurped by the philosophy of Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is a euphemism for subservience to a Cultural Revolution. Every civilization that has undergone a Cultural Revolution has tried to redefine legal and illegal behavior, and that is generally through some amorphous and undefined standard that is politically flexible.

May 18, 2019
Five Years In Prison For Offending Someone Online…

What happens in a Cultural Revolution is that The New Cultural Mob must obtain a critical mass to become intimidating and threatening. Then powerful secret courts form and issue Star Chamber Justice. Today that is in the form of Social Media ghosting. You are made a non-person in cyberspace.

It is very much like the old Soviet Union method of making people non-citizens through travel restrictions enforced by Propiska. China’s use of Social Scores and accorded privileges is the modern version of what the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany once employed.

Information and Communication are key to control, and now Mark Zuckerberg controls one of the main conduits with Facebook, and Jack Dorsey controls the next largest with Twitter. Together, with Sergey Brin controlling Alphabet/Google, his wife, Anne Wojcicki, the CEO of 23andMe, and his sister-in-law, Susan Wojcicki, in control of YouTube, they have complete control over Social Media and personal information, including genetic information.

The giants of the Technology Industry are no doubt only puppets for The Masters of the Game, and have certainly been seeded by unknown government agencies, but what the ultimate game might be remains the question.

In Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, I try to examine who The Masters of the Game are through the prophecies of Nostradamus and many other cultures. I have a unique view of Nostradamus’ writings, and readers can explore this Website to understand that singular view.

The illusion that we have freedom has been the bait. Technology has drawn so many people in that all of humanity is now dependent on some microprocessor in some electronic device.

Social Media seems to have given individual voices great power, but that was the lure to build a global network of easily identifiable addicts and programmable revolutionaries.

Very talented and creative people have found platforms to preach from, be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It has been quite interesting to see who is being locked out of Social Media in defiance of some as of yet unknown algorithm enforced by the tyrannical Zuckerberg-Dorsey-Brin-Wojcicki Star Chamber standards.

When too many people begin to vocalize the fact that we have no freedoms, then these sources of alternative information outside of the Mainstream Media political script are easily shutdown.

One of my favorites is Paul Joseph Watson, who was recently banned from multiple Social Media platforms.

Paul Joseph Watson has a very edgy and funny point-of-view. He is a mix of Will Rogers, sometimes telling the world the way it is with 21st century humor, or he is as in your face as the late comedian Don Rickles, telling the world the way it is and not caring who is insulted.

May 2, 2019
Facebook Bans Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Louis Farrakhan

The reason that Cultural Revolutions are so bloody is that The New Cultural Mob takes no prisoners; it is believe their way, or take the highway, and that is usually to a re-education camp, or possibly a bullet to the back of the head on your knees in front of the ditch you just dug.

May 17, 2019
Pete Buttigieg: Erasing Thomas Jefferson’s Name ‘Right Thing to Do’

Maybe right after we get rid of Thomas Jefferson, we should consider erasing Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Egyptian history because they all used slaves.

The moral hypocrisy is rampant. Room for debate is now basically over. If your opinion is somewhere on the Internet, I guarantee that one day you will have to defend it against a moral’s tribunal enforced by either a United Nation’s mandate, a European Union’ mandate, or a mandate enforced by the West’s Chinese conquerors.

Therefore, I am changing my Social Contract with the readers of this Website. In order not to offend any stray readers all of my future Posts will be Password Protected. Readers of Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III can find that password at the end of my Epilogue.

I provide this warning to sensitive readers; I cannot guarantee that your $10.00 will protect you from being offended. I have tended to tell people the way I see things, and most times that can be unpleasant.

Often, it has had unfortunate consequences for me. Therefore, any funds that I earn from this Website will most likely go toward future legal fees, because I see that future materializing in front of us. I have twelve years of worth of politically incorrect blogs to defend, and there is no making them disappear in cyberspace.

I am currently working on another Website to exclusively support Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, and your $10.00 investment will fund that effort. Security Certificates are getting expensive. The new site is already under construction, and it will include important links to supply information during any kind of emergency. I believe that there should be a one stop shopping Website to quickly link to critical information in case of an emergency.