Q – T MINUS 21 DAYS – MARCH 19, 2019

As readers have seen me grow wiser over the course of the last year; I thoroughly distrust The Q PYSOP now. It has made me very cautious about who Donald J. Trump might really be.

Why would President Donald J. Trump hire Alexander Acosta for his Secretary of Labor if he was even remotely tied to the lenient sentencing of convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein and his child sex trafficking operation?

February 26, 2019
Calls grow for Acosta to resign as Epstein’s sex abuse victims demand justice

Why would President Donald J. Trump hire Elliott Abrams as a special envoy to Venezuela since he is a convicted felon who received a Presidential pardon for being one of the architects of genocide in Central America during the 1980s?

Why would President Donald J. Trump hire infamous Neo-conservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor?

Recently, Q was busted by an ANON for posting fake pictures. The comedian Patton Oswalt played The Q Audience to such perfection that even Q posted his fake tweet.

As you can read, Q’s answer is nonsensical bullshit.

After retired Generals James Mattis and John Kelly left the Trump Administration, I think there was a change of command over at The Q PYSOP building. This major intelligence screw-up gives one pause when gauging the abilities of the United States military.

From the outset, I sensed that The Q PYSOP was trying to sell a war with Iran and North Korea. That is in some of my previous posts from early 2018.

National Security Advisor John Bolton has been trying to sell a war with Iran for the last twenty-years. There has to be a reason he was hired. I also warned that Trump’s second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would go nowhere.

February 28, 2019
Netanyahu Indictment Closer as Israeli Prosecutor Seeks Charges

March 1, 2019
The Hill’s Morning Report — Cohen testimony turns up heat on Trump associates

There is nothing like a good war to distract the public’s attention from a good scandal. I am concerned about a February 26th, 2019 Q Post in which Q began a 21 day countdown.

Depending on how you count that 21 days, my reckoning comes out to March 19th, 2019. As some of you regular readers know from my research, Nostradamus considered March 19th a very important Ritual Day for his Pagan Sect of New Infidels. That is why his heir, Henry Nostradamus, had The Sixains presented to King Henri IV on March 19th, 1605.

March 19th, 2003, NATO Invasion of Iraq
March 19th, 2011, NATO Invasion of Libya
March 19th, 2014, Russia Formally Annexes Crimea
March 19th, 2015, Russia Formally Annexes South Ossetia

March 19th, 1605, King Henri IV of France is presented with The Sixains.


I have been steadily trying to complete Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, and I am hoping to release it next week. Predictably, the universe has thrown just about everything it has at me to keep me from completing this book; I am expecting a nuclear war or alien invasion next… and I wish I was joking.