Once again, readers can see that my interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies have been on target. Nobody in 2007 was predicting that China would enter the Middle East except Christians trying to interpret Revelation 16:12.

Revelation 16:12 (King James)
And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

Nostradamus actually gives his readers the sequence that leads up to the Chinese Army crossing the Euphrates.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:1

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:1
The great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where Attila and the new Xerxes [will] descend in numbers great and countless…

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:2

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:2
So many, the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration, driving out the abomination of the Antichrist, making war upon the great vicar of Jesus Christ and against his Church, whose reign will be for a time and to the end of time.

VIII. The Great Empire of the Third Antichrist and Extraterrestrials

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:1
The great Empire of the Third Antichrist will begin [when NATO forces deploy in Serbia] where Attila first appeared in history and then [when NATO forces deploy in Iran] where Xerxes once ruled. [Attacking Iran will give birth to the New Xerxes, who will lead an Islamic army that will be allied with the Chinese], and they will descend on Europe in great and countless numbers.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:2
So many soldiers from the armies of China and Islam will then proceed along the 48th parallel through Kazakhstan that war will come to all the Christian Churches of the West. [The Holy Ones of Heaven] will then descend and end the abomination of war started by the Third Antichrist. Migrating to this world, they shall protect those who support the teachings of Jesus Christ, who shall reign for a time and to the end of time.

August 3, 2018
China’s Military To Help Assad Retake Rest Of Syrian Territory, Ambassador Suggests
The Chinese Ambassador to Syria, Qi Qianjin, has shocked Middle East pundits and observers with statements this week indicating the Chinese military may directly assist the Syrian Army in an upcoming major offensive on jihadist-held Idlib province.

The “[Chinese] military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army that is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other part of Syria,”

Please note that these Chinese Troops are Special Forces that have fought the Uyghur Muslim Rebels on China’s 48th parallel. Therefore, this is a spot on interpretation of a Nostradamus’ prediction by me.

August 3, 2018
Chinese Troops Arrive in Syria to Fight Uyghur Rebels

The United States has been betrayed by some of its most vaunted and hyped leaders. Senator Diane Feinstein is one such politician.

August 3, 2018
A Chinese Spy Worked In Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Office For Twenty Years

March 10, 1997
F.B.I. Warned Of Donations From China, Senator Says

March 28, 1997
Feinstein, Husband Hold Strong China Connections

April 25, 2013
Dianne Feinstein: Inside Traitor

Former United Nations President John Ashe must have known something. Days before his testimony involving Chinese money laundering, it was first reported that he died of a heart attack, when actually a barbell was dropped on his throat in his home.

October 5, 2015
Former U.N. President and Chinese Billionaire Are Accused in Graft Scheme

June 23, 2016
Troubled Ex-UN official Dies After Barbell Falls on His Neck
Ashe, of the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, was charged with tax fraud in October for allegedly taking kickbacks in exchange for promises to pave the way for real-estate deals and other business ventures, mostly in China.

July 2, 2016
Ashe died just a few days before being set to testify against Clinton in a corruption case, but official reports indicated he died of a heart attack.
The problem, however, is that police on the scene reported Ashe died when his throat was crushed during a work-out accident.

This leads to The Q Phenomenon. The PYSOP has essentially begun organizing an opposition to the violent Antifa Group now physically attacking Trump supporters and getting away with it.

Everybody is being a good lab rat; the Social Experiment is working just fine.

I look at the fundamental postulates that Q has posted.

The First Postulate, there exists an International Group of Child-Sacrificing Cannibal Satanists who hold key positions in governments, militaries, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies around the world. In 2007, I began calling it what Nostradamus called it, The Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

The Second Postulate, President Donald J. Trump is attempting to break this very old and established criminal enterprise.

The Third Postulate, the United States military is closely protecting President Trump and not the Secret Service.

The Fourth Postulate, President Trump has informed President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping of China that he is moving against The Pagan Sect and there are over forty-thousand sealed indictments. As I understand, both Russia and China support Trump’s actions.

August 4, 2018
45,000 sealed federal criminal indictments is victory for ‘We the People’ if, and only if, followed by .01% arrests and FULL TRUTH as explained by Congressperson McKinney’s 15-minute brief

The Fifth Postulate, Barack Obama visits every nation right after President Trump leaves.

In all of my books, Nostradamus points out, The Black King will divide the military into Left and Right.


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-76
Avec le noir Rapax & sanguinaire,
Yssu du peaultre de l’inhumain Neron,
Emmy deux fleuves main gauche militaire,
Sera murtri par Joyne chaulveron.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-76
With the Black [King] Rapacious and bloodthirsty,
Issued from the brothel of the inhuman Nero:
Between two rivers [the] left military hand,
[He] Shall be murdered by Young baldy.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-33
Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire,
Ne se pourra plus la mer guarentir:
Entre deux fleuues caindre main militaire,
Le noir l’ireux le fera repentir.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-33
Through Alus [ l’USA/in the US] his hand finally bloody,
Unable to protect himself by sea:
Between two rivers fearing the military hand,
The Black [King] irate will make him repent.

ALUS is another successful anagram that I have solved. Rearrange LUSA – L’USA. The USA.

Readers found in Quatrain IX-76 above the same reference, “between two rivers [the] left military hand”. As I mentioned, this no doubt is a metaphor for the Left and Right political definitions, as well as The Black [King’s] religious beliefs.

Unable to protect himself by sea” hints that The Black King will not have the support of the United States Navy.



The Washington State unauthorized missile launch makes it clear that Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels has infiltrated the United States’ military/intelligence complex.

June 12, 2018
Mystery object spotted over Washington state island, military denies missile launch

I find it hard to believe that a 2.1 kiloton explosion near the Air Fore Ballistic Missile Tracking Station in Thule, Greenland on August 1st was an errant meteor given the current Q Environment, my Nostradamus’ interpretations, and pictures and news stories of the Washington State Missile launch in June, and now a 2.1 kiloton explosion. This is the size of a low-yield nuclear weapon and near a major important base involved in the nuclear defense of the United States.

August 4, 2018
Government Silent As Mystery Meteor Almost Explodes Over US Air Force Base

August 3, 2018
Report: Meteor Made 2.1 Kiloton Explosion Over Air Force Space Command Base Thule, Greenland

August 3, 2018
China Defies Trump, Rejects US Request To Halt Iran Crude Imports

August 3, 2018
China Releases “Retaliation List” To US Tariffs, Will Levy Tariffs On $60BN In US Goods

August 3, 2018
“This Is A Coup For China”: Senators Slam Google’s Plan For Censored China Search Engine

August 2, 2018
Meet China’s “Secret” Space Control Listening Base In Argentina Now Alarming US Officials

I have never attended a military War College, but I have played a lot of Risk. If I was an intelligence analyst in Russia or China watching Barack Obama openly tag behind President Donald J. Trump unopposed, and then see what appear to be to missile attacks from opposition forces within the United States’ military, one at Air Force One, the Second at a a major Air Force Ballistic Missile Warning facility, I would think that President Trump appears to be holding a weak hand. It is quite clear something major is in progress.

Thule Air Base hosts the 12th Space Warning Squadron (12 SWS) which operates a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) designed to detect and track ICBMs launched against North America. Thule is also host to Detachment 1 of the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, part of the 50th Space Wing’s global satellite control network.

Russia just finished liquidating all of its United States Treasury instruments. In every military playbook since Sun Tzu, you exploit your enemies weaknesses. This is what the United States did to Russia after the Soviet Union broke up. I am sure Russia remembers. And now China is moving into Syria.

You read it here over ten years ago.

July 29, 2018
What do they know? Mystery as Russia LIQUIDATED almost ALL of its holdings in US Treasury securities during run up to Helsinki summit, in move labeled unprecedented’ by experts