Many years ago, when I had categorized all of Nostradamus’ prophecies, it was clear to me that Iran would play a central role in World War III.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-25
Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon,
Regne d’Eglise par mer succombera:
Deuers la Perse bien pres d’vn million,
Bisance, Egipte, ver. Serp. inuadera.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-25
The Arab Prince Mars [of war], Sun [Christianity], Venus [Islam], Leo
[July 20th – August 20th],
The rule of the Church will succumb by sea:
Diverted the Persians (Iranians) well near a million men,
Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey), Egypt. the true Serpent invades.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-78
Le chef d’Escosse, auec six d’Alemagne,
Par gens de mer Orientaux captives:
Trauerseront le Calpre & Espagne,
Present en Perse au nouueau Roy craintif.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-78
The Chief of Scotland with six of Germany,
Taken prisoners by the Oriental Navy:
They shall go through Gibraltar and Spain,
Presents to the fearful new King in Iran.

As I often write, Nostradamus is the icon of prophecy as well as a cultural cliché. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he writes positively about Christianity in its war with Islam, the devoutly close-minded lump Nostradamus’ prophecies in with the occult.

I have a very different view of prophecy, especially Biblical Prophecy. First, my apologies if I rock the boat for those reader’s who cling to the Biblical preconceptions that Israel is invincible and will not be conquered. The Book of Revelation spells it out very clearly.

Matthew 24:16 (King James)
Then let them which be in Judea flee to the mountains;

Matthew 24:17 (King James)
Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house:

Matthew 24:18 (King James)
Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

I believe that Nostradamus filled in the blanks between those prophecies and verses in the Book of Revelation.

Blasphemy, apostasy, heresy some people might cry. I completely understand that there is no way that G. A. Stewart is going to convince the 2.5 billion Christians on planet Earth that Nostradamus’ prophecies supersede those in the Holy Bible.

Nearly twenty-years ago when I began this project, I realized the difficulty in debating canonical scripture. In fact, after having had my Near-Death-Experience in 2016, I have come to closely examine my fellow human beings observance of their spiritual values based on those scriptures. The distance between our words and our actions is the measuring stick. It is a simple concept.

Sadly, for us humans, the energy and discipline to implement our will and best intentions is tremendous. The difficulty of walking The Narrow Path is spelled out in those scriptures. I have come to believe that The End Times are the Spiritual Olympics. We have all chosen to be born at this time to compete.

War is on the table, make no mistake about it. This is the point where President Donald J. Trump needs to figure out whether he wants to be history’s fall-guy for the social engineers, or a beacon of light that shows the world that organized evil exists and Conspiracy Theory is the operating system behind that history.

There is no way President Trump can win against it; The Common Person On The Street must know the full truth of the mechanics behind world politics, and the conquering army must be assembled from the informed masses.

June 6, 2019
Top U.S. general in the Middle East says Iran is an IMMINENT threat to his troops as intelligence sources reveal how U.S. spies watched Tehran’s forces place cruise missiles on civilian boats

The following link leads to an analysis by one of my favorite Real News journalists, Pepe Escobar. He suggests that Washington is now in a panic because political leaders realize a war with Iran will lead to an “unprecedented global depression“.

I find this difficult to swallow, because little ole me with his undergraduate engineering degree was able to figure this out all by myself. In my May 23rd, 2019 Update, I calculated that gasoline in my city would rise to over $12.00 a gallon even under the best circumstances of a war with Iran.

June 6, 2019
An American source said a series of studies hit President Trump’s desk and caused panic in Washington. These showed that in the case of the Strait of Hormuz being shut down, whatever the reason, Iran has the power to hammer the world financial system, by causing global trade in derivatives to be blown apart.

The Bank for International Settlements said last year that the “notional amount outstanding for derivatives contracts” was $542 trillion, although the gross market value was put at just $12.7 trillion. Others suggest it is $1.2 quadrillion or more…

Oil derivative specialists know well that if the flow of energy in the Gulf is blocked it could lead to the price of oil reaching $200 a barrel, or much higher over an extended period. Crashing the derivatives market would create an unprecedented global depression.

Henry Kissinger was a 2019 Bilderberg participant. Rumors that he spent all his time breathlessly plugging his “reverse Nixon” – seduce Russia to contain China – may be vastly overstated.

The man who opened the door to China, the West’s font of political and military doctrine, Henry Kissinger, now believes we should mitigate the potential of a three-front war by playing to Russia.

Seriously, I figured that out back in the 1990s when I was working with Russian rocket engineers to test the first Russian rocket engine in the West. Unfortunately, that train has left the station.

October 11, 1995
Live fire testing of the NPO Energomash RD-120 rocket engine at Pratt and Whitney

…On October 11, 1995, the RD-120 was fired on the U.S. and thus became the first Russian rocket engine actively in production to be fired in American soil.

April 29, 2014
Trampoline to Space? Russian Official Tells NASA to Take a Flying Leap
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, a target of U.S. sanctions sparked by the Ukraine crisis, said Tuesday… “After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest to the USA to bring their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline…”

Americans should always remember, they had highly paid Generals sign off on the destruction of the United States’ Space program for private profit.

Honestly, you do not have to be a rocket scientist or a Nostradamus Expert to figure out where the world is going. By the way, I call myself a Nostradamus Expert facetiously; however, I seem to be the only person who has done the homework.

I wrote in my last Update that I believe The Q PYSOP was begun by a real opposition to The Satanic Deep State. Long-time readers of this Website know that I have identified this group as Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

The Satanic Deep State has been in power in the United States since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

As I cited in that previous Update, events at the Vatican the same year confirm my conclusion. After 56-years in power that means The Q PYSOP is being conducted by a very small minority against a centuries-old globally entrenched power. I believe this small minority to be a Conservative Christian group within the United States government and military.

Hence, when French President Emmanuel Macron attempted to give the satanic salute on the White House balcony, the ensuing, observable struggle between Trump and Macron tells viewers many things.

As I described from the video of this incident, President Donald J. Trump shut Macron’s satanic salute down in two very forceful movements. A sharp-eyed reader also wrote me to point out that at the 03:29 mark, Macron seems to acknowledge a signal from below, and you can see him take a deep breath just before he lifts Trump’s hand and gives the satanic salute.

Clearly, this impromptu action by Trump demonstrates that he is not part of The Satanic Deep State.

I have not password protected this Update, because I want to publicly thank President Donald J. Trump for taking a stand against Macron, another satanic agent of the Rothschilds who has pushed France to the edge of civil war.

June 10, 2019
30 weeks of Yellow Vests: a movement at a threshold

As I also mentioned in that Private Update, I suspect that Trump’s good intentions rest in the hands of this small group of Conservative Christians. Macron, therefore, most likely made the move to get the viewing audience to believe that Trump is also part of The Satanic Deep State.

If Trump and The Q PSYOP are legitimate, it does not help that critics like me are continually questioning the operation and pointing out the inconsistencies. Certainly, The Satanic Deep State would exploit growing doubts in The Q Audience. I do see on Twitter that some Q Acolytes are starting to suspect that something is wrong.

I certainly recognize why The Q PSYOP is collapsing; it began when the Generals fled the Trump administration just as I wrote in another Update.

I suspect that President Donald J. Trump is in the self-protect mode for his family’s sake. There are clues that this is the case.

June 5, 2019
Rand Paul: Deep State Defied Trump’s Order To Revoke Brennan Security Clearance
“I was sitting in the White House when President Trump said, ‘I want his security clearance taken,’ and I saw the order given. I saw the chief of staff was there, not the current chief of staff, the previous chief of staff.” The Senator continued, referring to former White House chief of staff John Kelly.

“And if they’re working against the odds of the president, that really does disrupt our country, does disrupt a representative democracy where the president makes a decision, and if someone is countermanding that, I think we need to get to the bottom of that.” Paul added.

“I hope President Trump will say, ‘who is countermanding my orders? I said get rid of his clearance.’ Paul urged.

“And I do think Brennan has been a partisan. And I think Brennan also abused his office in developing the Trump investigation.

This means that the Communist troika, John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper, and their evil toadies Michael Morell and Michael D’Andrea are probably working for Barack Obama’s Shadow Government.

As readers of Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars know, Michael D’Andrea’s CIA code name is The Wolf, and I suspect that he is The Wolf in a number of Nostradamus’ Sixains. He is now in charge of operations in Iran, and as Sunni Wahabist Muslim, I am sure he has an axe to grind with Shi’a Iran.

December 14, 2017
Former CIA Director: With Trump, I Didn’t Think Through The Downside Of The Intel Community Becoming Political

June 2, 2017
C.I.A. Names the ‘Dark Prince’ to Run Iran Operations, Signaling a Tougher Stance

Both the former Director of the CIA, John Brennan and the former Director of the FBI, James Comey, were Communists.

John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper

May 3, 2019
Both Comey And Brennan Voted Communist While Cold War Was Raging

I have been through a number of security clearance investigations in my life. I still do not understand how these two men were able to obtain security clearances. I have had investigators show me copies of my own bank statements and ask me why I deposited or withdrew so much money out of my bank account. So, please do not tell me that the investigators missed these facts for the two most important jobs in the United States.

Sadly, the Progressive Left and the Democratic Party have really believed in Communism all along or at the very least they have been programmed to believe in Communism.

I do not split hairs, Socialists are afraid to call themselves Communists, because the word Communist churns up images of two of history’s greatest mass murderers, Russia’s Stalin and China’s Mao.

Why do you think “socialist” Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union; who honeymoons in the cradle of Communism? The actions we take are the people we are; our identities are not defined by our immaterial beliefs or words.

As often said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

May 3, 2019
Details of Sanders’ Soviet ‘honeymoon’ exposed, as entourage member recalls shock at Bernie’s America-bashing

People love to play a game of semantics with their belief systems. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism are all totalitarianism by another name. Each philosophy is enforced by the rule of the gun. When torture, imprisonment, or death are the only options for nonbelievers, then the differences between isms are minuscule and not worth considering.

If it were not for the men that Donald J. Trump has surrounded himself with, like John Bolton and Elliott Abrams, I would be more optimistic.

Elliott Abrams engineered genocide in Central America; that was a benchmark historical event and a win for the devil as far as I am concerned, and it seems Abrams has been hired to work the same agenda in Venezuela.

John Bolton has wanted a war with Iran since he was given a public platform over a decade ago; I suspect that he will get it.

Donald Trump’s mentor, Roy M. Cohn, no doubt, showed young Trump the reality of a cutthroat world. Besides women, I am sure Trump has more dirty laundry that he does not want to air because that is the reality of the real estate, construction, and casino industries. This is where our best intentions turn into a mud-wrestling contest with the devil.

At what point does humanity begin to take the high road?

Julian Assange, Wikileaks, The Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal, and “lock her up” are the reasons Donald J. Trump won the election.

Julian Assange is now in prison, Isaac Kappy is now dead, anyone that believes in The Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal is now a nut, Alex Jones has been completely deplatformed, Mainstream Media conservative journalists are being silenced, and President President Donald J. Trump is still defending himself against impeachment and Nancy Pelosi’s desire to see him in prison.

June 10, 2019
Mueller Used GPS Cellphone Exploit To Surveil Trump Associates

June 11, 2019
House Authorizes Lawsuits Against Barr, McGahn; Nadler Vows To Pursue

June 10, 2019
Barr Contempt Vote On Hold After DOJ Cuts Deal For Unredacted Mueller Documents

June 6, 2019
Pelosi Tells Dems She’d Like to See Trump ‘in Prison’

June 7, 2019
‘A Disgrace’: Trump Slams ‘Nervous Nancy’ Pelosi Over Prison Comment

June 7, 2019
Mueller Caught In Another Deception; Key ‘Russia Link’ Exposed As Informant For US, Ukraine

From those people believing that President Donald J. Trump’s problems are behind him, I would suggest to them that the omissions in The Mueller Report were carefully placed there to allow impeachment proceedings and lawyer shenanigans to continue until the end of Trump’s term or until a war with Iran starts.

Democratic lawyers will believe they can run with this into 2020. After all conservative opinion is scrubbed from the major Social Media platforms, the Democrats will also probably believe they have a chance as their Trump hearings hit the peak time of the 2020 Presidential election. Unfortunately, I believe some people already know that a war with Iran is a game changer for the global economic system. Do not let that article I cited above fool you, because I am quite sure the RAND Corporation has already modeled and examined a number of scenarios years ago.

What I was hoping for was the instantaneous revelation of Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels, supported by the hundreds-of-thousands of Emails found on convicted sex-offender Anthony Weiner’s laptop. That looked like a distinct possibility during the first Presidential debate, when Bill Clinton stared daggers at the three women in the audience who have claimed they were sexually assaulted by him.


October 30, 2016
FBI to review 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop: report

August 23, 2018
Despite Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined

You can tell that The Q PYSOP is a U.S. military operation, because a year ago it had forward momentum after the Weiner conviction and the details of The Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal emerged; that momentum is now totally lost. Last Summer it was relevant; today it is very fringe and Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others are successfully filtering out fringe.

A war in the shadows has been underway since 2016.

June 6, 2019
Hillary Clinton: Trump Implementing Fascist Takeover Of America

June 8, 2019
Two former state senators found dead in their homes within two days

June 9, 2019
Tony Rodham, the youngest brother of Hillary Clinton, dies at 64

June 5, 2019
German politician known for support of refugees shot dead in his garden, murder investigation launched


In my profession, I have to rely on measuring equipment certified by calibration labs. I apply the same standard to Conspiracy Theory and my daily life; I seek out the best sources of information.

In 2016, the Wikileaks postings of John Podesta’s cryptic Emails led to what I have come to call, The Podesta-PizzGate Scandal. One of the first Nostradamus’ prophecies that I posted on this Website at the end of 2007 I called The Great Scandal.

Ted Gunderson was an American Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI… In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferation of secret occultist groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the United States government.

He also claimed that a “slave auction” in which children were sold by Saudi agents to men had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year, and that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the US government.

Gunderson believed that in the United States there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice.

Therefore, Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI Agent once the head of the Los Angeles office, set the calibration standard. Why would a successfully retired FBI agent with a sterling career go off the rails and take up a crusade to start spouting Conspiracy Theory? Perhaps his sterling career and integrity as a Law Enforcement Officer forced him to once again become the shield that guards the realms of men.

Ted Gunderson made sure that the Department of Treasury filed a report in 1987 when two adult males from The Finders Group were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida with six minor children. The report mentions satanic orgies. The case was forcefully handed over to the CIA, and I have underlined that in red. This is a government document that clearly indicates criminal conspiracy not Conspiracy Theory.

If you read this report, which is linked on my page, Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels, you will discover that the investigation into The Finders unearthed a highly organized international group that used satellite communication equipment to traffic children around the globe. Satellite communication equipment in the 1980s was prohibitively expensive for the everyday neighborhood pedophile.


In 2016, Julian Assange and Wikileaks presented the world with evidence of The Podesta-PizzGate Scandal by providing Emails that showed the use of code words long ago recognized by the FBI that signal an organized pedophile group. Amazingly, what came out in 2016 sounded remarkably similar to what Ted Gunderson, discovered nearly thirty-years ago and spoke about until he too died of arsenic poisoning.

Andrew Breitbart tweeted on February 4th,2011 that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former Campaign Manager, was in charge of a “World Class Underage Sex Slave Op

Then Andrew Breitbart was found dead and swollen on the side of the road the day before promising to release incriminating evidence on Barack Obama.

Coincidentally, Andrew Breitbart’s Coroner would die from arsenic poisoning 5 weeks after performing the autopsy.

Before that there was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, whose Army Examiner Disputed the Results From Autopsy On Ron Brown. Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell, a deputy medical examiner at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, said Thursday he believes the head wound could have been caused by a bullet from a .45-caliber gun. Cogswell said the wound “deserved further investigation.”

The late Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown believed that treason was being committed at the State Department.

June 1998
The China Connection Is the Real Scandal
…Bill Clinton’s friend and ubiquitous Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung told Federal investigators that he funneled nearly $100,000 from the Communist Chinese military to the Democratic campaign in the summer of 1996. The money was handed to Chung by the daughter of the top commander of China’s People’s Liberation Army, General Liu Huaqing, who was also one of the top five members of the Chinese Communist Party’s ruling Politburo.

June 24, 2016
Barbell accident kills former UN leader accused of corruption
John Ashe, ex-president of general assembly, died of ‘traumatic asphyxiation’ while lifting weights on bench at New York home…
Ashe – a former UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who served as general assembly president from 2013 to 2014 – was arrested in October and accused of taking US$1.3m in bribes from Chinese businessmen.

February 23, 2017
EXCLUSIVE: Illegal fundraiser for the Clintons made secret tape because he feared being ASSASSINATED over what he knew – and used it to reveal Democrats’ bid to silence him… has obtained a video in which convicted illegal Clinton fundraisers Johnny Chung gave secret testimony while in fear of his life
The Chinese-American was convicted of funneling money to Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election bid in a breach of campaign finance law known as ‘Chinagate’…

After decades of Bush-Clinton-Obama rule, now the Progressive Left wants to use violence to deal with issues of inadequacy. Every time I see these public displays, I shake my head in disbelief, because these people have no clue how the real world works.

April 30, 2019
FBI investigating alleged antifa scheme to ‘stage an armed rebellion at the border’

I have had to work my way through the streets of a few cities under martial law. When martial law comes to the United States, I suspect that more than a few Americans will suddenly learn the difference between the Hollywood world and the Real World.

June 8, 2019
Millennial Dads Have Terrible DIY Skills; Half Don’t Own A Stepladder Or Cordless Drill

The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight wants to kickoff a Communist Revolution. It will not go well for them.

I was born and raised on the Progressive Left. I personally organized a thousand people and with a coworker we unionized an entire industry, much to the government’s continued regret. I have helped negotiate contracts with major companies. Recently, we made the national news.

Back in the days of CNN’S Crossfire, “on the left Tom Braden, on the right Pat Buchanan“, I was always supporting Tom Braden’s argument. Little did I know then that Tom Braden was a CIA agent and worked for Operation Mockingbird.


Tom Braden
Braden was reported to be an integral part in Operation Mockingbird, the CIA’s effort in the 1950s to build anti-communist sentiment domestically and internationally.[11] After Ramparts, the flagship publication of the New Left, broke the story of this program in a 1967 article that exposed CIA involvement in groups like the National Student Association[citation needed], Braden defended the agency’s covert work in the student and labor movements with an article titled “I’m glad the CIA is ‘immoral'” in The Saturday Evening Post.

In those days the Progressive Left was for No War, No Big Brother State, Civil Rights, Freedom of Speech, and creating an environmental friendly civilization. I still hold on to those principles.

My, how the times have changed. Anyone remember the movie Skokie and the ACLU?

This is the story of some modern day Nazi activists who plan to march through the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie. The town officials tell the citizens to ignore them cause there’s nothing that they can do. But one citizen (Kaye) who’s a death camp survivor says that he was told this nearly forty years ago in Germany and before he knew it he was in a concentration camp. He says this time if they march, he will not ignore them; he will take action. So, the mayor does what he can to stop them, so the Nazi’s leader (Dzundza) goes to the ACLU, and the Jewish lawyer (Rubinstein) he speaks to, says that this is a violation of the First Amendment and takes the case to court.

The CIA must have used mind control techniques on the Progressive Left because now, they are For War – Because of Evil Russia, For A Big Brother State – Because People Are Not Politically Correct, Not For Civil Rights – Because White Males Must Pay For The World’s Evils, and certainly Not For Freedom of Speech – Because Some People May Be Offended.

June 6, 2019
Overthrow the Prince of Facebook”


Consider The Q PYSOP and the repeated posting of an operation being carried out with military precision. Why is the monopoly of Social Media being dealt with two-years into Trump’s Presidency? If you were going to make a military move against entrenched powers like the Mainstream Media and Social Media, it would seem prudent to have a legal team in place on day one that could begin the task of blowing these monopolies up.

Here is where I got fed up; as I wrote in a previous Private Update, Isaac Kappy, the actor who blew the whistle on the pedophiles in Hollywood apparently committed suicide or was forced off a bridge.

May 15, 2019
Before his death Kappy… posted a disturbing message on Instagram about President Trump, pedophiles and the QAnon Movement.

As far as I am concerned Q killed Isaac Kappy. Kappy got sucked into The Q PYSOP and believed that the revelation of the Satanist Cabal was coming soon. He charged over the hill, spilled his guts about what he knew in Hollywood, and then he looked behind him and no one was there. Alone, with no future source of income and with no prospects, I am sure the world was looking very bleak for Mr. Kappy.

As readers will discover from the citations in my book, President Donald J. Trump’s mentor, the late Roy M. Cohn, allegedly provided underage children for pedophile politicians to be the CIA’s blackmailed puppets. With this kind of background, I absolutely Do Not Trust The Plan.

Here is why all of the picture and video evidence that comes off of Anthony Weiner’s laptop is no longer relevant.

June 11, 2019
Zuckerberg Gets Deepfaked
In an instagram post with almost 3,000 views (more we suspect any minute), a fake video of Zuckerberg created using “deepfake” technology proclaims the following chilling statement…

The emphasis on Deepfake is mine. Incriminating video evidence will be blamed on AI technology like Deepfake. Again the momentum of The Q PYSOP has been lost.

If readers are interested in mapping out the control network central to all Conspiracy Theory that formed over the last 56-years, a good place to start is the following website. I have literally spent days on this site.


President Donald J. Trump can be connected to the edges of this spider’s web. In understanding it myself, it is so large, I do not see how billionaires and powerful politicians cannot be aware of the extent of the web and the ruthless spiders that prey on those people who get stuck in it.

If Satan is king of this world and demons are his minions, where do you go if you are a good person? Is it possible to be a billionaire without making some kind of compact with Satan?

Ephesians 6:12 (King James)
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places.

Romans 8:38 (King James)
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

Romans 8:39 (King James)
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The fate of Julian Assange is the tell, but I believe a war will start before that happens. When it does, President Donald J. Trump will be the man the world blames for getting the ball rolling, not Barack Obama.

June 6, 2019
War Propaganda & The US Military Build-Up Against Iran

June 6, 2019
US Army Officer Urges “Swift, Responsible Disengagement” From Afghanistan

This will never happen. The Western Afghanistan border with Iran is a good launching point for special operations and any future invasion. In my book, Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, there is a possibility that the Nostradamus’ prediction in Quatrain IV-50, “The forces of Asia nobody shall see perish“, may apply to United States and Coalition Forces trapped in Afghanistan after war with Iran and Russia begins.


June 5, 2019
In Major Provocation To China, US Prepares To Sell $2 Billion In Weapons To Taiwan

June 5, 2019
Russia, China Prepare To Dump Dollar, Agree To Bilateral Trade In National Currencies

June 8, 2019
China Threatens ‘Dire Consequences’ If Tech Giants Comply With Trump Ban

June 8, 2019
The Pentagon’s Spoiling For A Fight… But With China, Not Iran


Nostradamus Quatrain VII-35
La grande pesche viendra plaindre, plorer
D’auoir eƒleu, trompés seront en l’aage:
Guiere auec eulx ne vouldra demourer,
Deceu sera par ceulx de son langage.

Nostradamus Quatrain VII-35
The great fishery come to moan, cry,
At having elected, [Trump/deception] will be in the age:
Scarcely with them not wanting to stay on,
They will be deceived by those of their own language.

Scarcely with them not wanting to stay on” is the prediction that major members of Trump’s administration are going to defect. I wrote about this in Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, Volume I in 2017, but it was also a prediction I made in 2016 on my Website before Trump was elected.


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25
Par Mars contraire sera la monarchie,
Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux:
Ieune noir. rouge prendra la hierarchie,
Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25
Through Mars [War] contrary [to the] the monarchy [President/Government],
The great fisherman [Pope] in ruinous trouble:
The young Black [King]. red [Muslim] seizes the hierarchy,
The traitors move on a rainy day.

The only way for President Donald J. Trump to immediately get The Common Person on The Street on his side is to make a public speech to the world regarding the child-sacrificing cannibal satanists. If the military is in control as The Q PSYOP claims, then the world can go about its way as legal proceedings begin.

The story is not Iran, the story is not Russia, the story is not China, the story is about a centuries-old group of internationally organized child-sacrificing cannibal satanists who love slavery and eugenics, and they would like to cull the Earth’s population of humans by roughly 90%.

Until President Donald J. Trump makes that speech, Conspiracy Theory will be the land of wingnuts and deplorables.

If President Donald J. Trump read this Website, this is what I would tell him.

It appears to me Mr. President that you have no control. You publicly revoked John Brennan’s security clearance, yet he still has it.

You say you do not want to go to war with Iran, but you have begun to shutdown Iran’s oil sales which gurantee a war while moving a large amount of military equipment into the Middle East.

After the near miss between Russian and United States’ naval vessels, is it wise to continue to play chicken and walk the razor’s edge of global war?

I hope you understand that The Satanic Deep State is using you to be history’s scapegoat for launching World War III. Personally, I would not want your job. I would make a final public statement that child-sacrificing cannibal Satanists do exist, and there is nothing you can do about them. I would then take my billions of dollars, buy a large piece of survival property in South America, hire the best mercenary protection force in the world, and say Mike, you’ve got it.

And The Las Vegas Massacre is my final proof that nothing is going to be done to save American’s asses. Why has this tragic story been kept out of the news cycle?

June 6, 2019
Oct 1 eyewitnesses confirm: Five Middle Eastern men dressed in black, single file line, AR-15 assault rifle with shoulder strap
It appears that more may have been going on during the night of the 1 October Las Vegas shooting then authorities would like the general public to know about.

Official FBI documents obtained by Intellihub reveal that several eyewitnesses spotted a group of four or five Middle Eastern men between the ages 20-30 dressed in all black traveling in single file formation heading eastbound on Reno Ave just east of Las Vegas Blvd at around 11:15 pm on the night of the October 1, 2017 massacre in which 58 people were reportedly killed by a crazed lone gunman named Stephen Paddock.

The real answer is right here, in Jon Stewart’s emotional speech before an empty Congressional chamber regarding The 9/11 First Responders dying of cancer and other health ailments.

My opinion is that a Directed Energy Weapon was used on the Twin Towers and caused ionizing radiation; some people share this belief, while others believe that a mini-nuclear weapon was used in conjunction with thermite.

I am afraid many people will die before the truth is ever revealed, if ever. That is the tragedy of The Q PYSOP and t-shirt politics.