I want to thank those readers who have written regarding my comments about continuing further posts. It is not a matter of the futility of hashing out another blog blasting Conspiracy Theory into the great cyberspace echo chamber. It is a matter of time management.

I do not really do this for money. I want to leave my historical mark as a Nostradamus Commentator. As you can read from various pages on this Website, I have solved some of history’s greatest Nostradamus’ Anagrams.

Of course, being politically aware also brings the responsibility to contribute to the political debate. My contribution is this Website, as crazy as it may seem to some people.

Conspiracy Theory implies a rigged game, and most people do not want to accept that. History has always been a rigged game for the 99% of us. Only recently have humans been given the tools to dig out the information to becoming aware and contributing members of society. Right now the Social Engineering in the West is apparent as various political forces are ready to use the most visceral methods to invoke emotional reactions in their constituents.

I have come across Gioele Magaldi’s work and I have been trying to find an English version of Magaldi’s book, “Massoni” (Freemasons). There is enough information from his research on the Internet to build a synopsis of how a Masonic World Government operates, and I have provided some links below.

Friday, 19 February 2016 from 18:30 to 20:30 (GMT) – London Metropolitan University
The Writer, Philosopher, Historian and Entrepreneur Gioele Magaldi comes to London to present his best seller: “Freemasons. An Unlimited Liability Company. The discovery of the UR-Lodges” (Massoni. Società a Responsabilità Illimitata. La Scoperta delle UR-Lodges). In his book, the author provides the reader with an unprecedented and detailed view of modern history.

Massoni – Gioele Magaldi, Laura Maragnani – Book Review
The author presents us with the fact that the world affairs are run by 36 Ur-lodges (Superlodges); that freemasons were ruling and running the countries East and West (and South and North) even before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

A summary of Gioele Magaldi’s book “Massoni” (Freemasons)

I studied Magaldi’s Masonic Topology, it made sense. There are 18 Progressive Masonic Lodges, 15 Aristocratic Masonic Lodges, and 3 Neutral Lodges. Gioele Magaldi is apparently a Mason; however, I do not have the means to question his credentials.

Follow the history, and you can see how Magaldi’s history does make sense. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme were Masons from Progressive Lodges, both assassinated, President Ronald Reagan’s near-fatal assassination attempt came 45 days before Pope John Paul II’s near-fatal assassination attempt, so Gioele Magaldi’s history trends with the obvious history, and with what I have had on this Website for over 10 years.

One quote from Gioele Magaldi’s book made me understand why the Masonic Lodges operate as they do.

The spiritual élite see humanity as divided into three “ontological” groups: hylic man (from Gr. hyle – matter), bound up only with impulses and emotions and unable to govern themselves; psychic man (from psyche, soul) linked primarily to rationality and the intellect, but with little knowledge of spiritual reality; and pneumatic man (from pneuma, spirit), or those who attain a perfect harmony between body, soul and spirit.

I have categorized people in the same manner, and I suddenly wondered, am I a spiritual elitist? When you have a Near Death Experience you understand that Mortality is the only Reality.

The Q Phenomenon was under my Ross Perot Test. Clearly, it is another political PYSOP between opposing power factions. I suspect it is being developed as a political control valve, it can vent the pressure in the tank or increase pressure in the tank. It depends on the direction the Q Memes take.

I spent some time translating Gioele Magaldi’s research and latest writings to see what side he put Trump and Hillary on. There are some YouTube Interviews, and although they are in Italian, it is clear that he sees President Donald J. Trump as siding with the Progressive Masonic Lodges and that Hillary’s association with ISIS and Libya’s destruction identify her as a Fake Progressive allied the Aristocratic Lodges and Middle Eastern Lodges.

As I wrote, today, Thanksgiving, is also the 55th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and there were no earthshaking Q revelations, so I am officially no longer endorsing any Q Meme that I have previously posted on this Website. The fact is that most of what I have seen on the Twitter feeds I would not trust to repeat or to link to other people.

The Q Phenomenon is waking people up, and that is a good thing. However, I drive looking further down the road. I agree with much of the information that has been disseminated, but in the future, that information will be forever corrupted when The Q Phenomenon turns out to be a hoax.

I certainly agree with Gioele Magaldi’s conclusion about the historical characters that he lists from the Progressive Masonic Lodges; without this aspect of Freemasonry, The Common Person on the Street would be no smarter than a 13th century serf. This education of the masses is even included in Nostradamus’ Preface, and it was his inspiration to having his prophecies published.

Nostradamus’ prophecies were written for this period in time.

In The Master Game, Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval provide enough evidence to show that the Gnostic Christians have had a secret influence on history. As I have written previously, if you then take the suppositions made by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, in their book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and you accept that Nostradamus was also a Gnostic Christian, then you have an amazing confluence of purpose.

In The Master Game, Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval also describe how Adam Weishaupt, the founder of The Illuminati, and Alessandro Cagliostro, his knowledgeable toady, brought Egyptian metaphysics to Freemasonry and joined the Lodges of Europe and the United States.

In approximately 1776, Alessandro Cagliostro, also known by his real name, Giuseppe Balsamo, first introduced The Egyptian Rite to Freemasonry. This symbolism leads to Egyptian mythology concerning Isis, and the historical use of the goddess Isis appears in the French Revolution and even today with the ISIS terrorist group. This symbolism can identify many of the Lodges in Magaldi’s Masonic Topology.

Read Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval’s, The Master Game, Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World, and then read some of Gioele Magaldi’s, Massoni to bring Hancock and Bauval’s work up to the present. For me, the failure of The Q Phenomenon is my confirmation of the level of control being implemented on individual psychology. Gioele Magaldi’s work makes it apparent that there are no independent politicians on planet Earth. There are Lodges networked around the world, and they continually fight, make alliances, and then fight again, and then branch.

Gioele Magaldi actually confirms much of what Q has posted about China and the people and politicians that I have identified with Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

According to Gioele Magaldi, the Anti-Democratic, oligarchic, elitist, technocratic, neo-aristocratic, illiberal, conservative, reactionary Lodges want the current Chinese governing model. Most human beings are considered cattle and rated accordingly. This explains why Google is helping China achieve this model, and this is something Q has hinted at, dropping a few “crumbs” that ANONS have “baked into bread”. This is the positive side of The Q Phenomenon.

Therefore, President Donald J. Trump’s battle with China is an indicator of the Lodges he is working for, and that seems to be a positive thing if you want to remain living with the semblance of a free society. Honestly, those days are over. Everyone is monitored now, individually we are just not confronted with it until the law is broken. The legal system will continually raise the level and sensitivity of intolerance.

Unfortunately, the Progressive Masonic Lodges have always gotten their clocks cleaned by the Aristocratic and Satanic Lodges. Historically, The Common Person on the Street has borne the brunt of the loses. It will be no different for the ANONS.

Q has promised declassification of many documents for months. My guess is, the Lodges will never permit it, even the Progressive Masonic Lodges. The Q Phenomenon may reveal some secrets to build its Social Media army, but nothing will come of the movement. All of the little White Bunnies have dirtied their fluffy white tails.

The world is essentially run by 36 Criminal Families; some are nicer than others, but in America freedom generally starts at $350.00/hour with $5,000 upfront. The sad fact is that this is the model even the Progressive Masonic Lodges support.

The priests of spiritual and material law pay themselves very handsomely. The Aristocratic Lodges are apparently ruthless. Warriors stand face-to-face on the battlefield, and it seems the Aristocratic Lodges prefer the assassin in the shadows and the car bomb. The war between the Lodges is going on around you, and I have been keeping track.

G. A. Stewart
A Timeline of Strange Events

I enjoy contributing to people’s awareness, but as I mentioned in my last Post, Q is the same carrot of hope hung out for the slightly aware Common Person on the Street, and it gets repetitious expecting change and commenting on it.

The Masonic Lodges appear to do battle with certain protocols, understandings, and unwritten rules. I am a great fan of the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes. I think there is a hint of truth in that movie regarding the various factions within Freemasonry, including the child-sacrificing Satanists.

Every religion seems to have its Dark Night of the Soul when God does not answer your prayers.

I am just like Inspector Lestrade, when these people go through these rituals in their robes, aprons, or what have you, and violence and sacrifice are meant to appease or invoke Satan or some demon, does the Devil turn up?

And what happens when the Devil does not turn up? What is the impetus to keep on going with the rituals and the sacrifices?

What I enjoyed was the final conclusion of Sherlock Holmes, there was no Masonic Magic, it was all just “conjuring tricks”.

Science, my dear readers, is my main interest, Nostradamus was a hobby that got out of hand. I love a good puzzle. I thank some readers for reaching out to me about future Posts. I am in a precarious position in life, and there are repercussions for having opinions. When you are a part of The Matrix, you are watched and monitored. My day involves passing through checkpoints with armed guards. I cannot leave the country without telling my monitors. Sometimes they reach out and touch me just to make sure that I know they are watching.

This is not hyperbole. It is the Real World. I have shared some of these experiences with longtime readers and a few notable Website Owners. An M-4 with a laser dot pointed at your forehead is no joke. And little did you know, that world now exists for all Americans. Within minutes of one phone call and one mistake, somebody could crash through your front door in body armor and point the laser dot of an M-4 at your forehead.

This world does not have a sense-of-humor. I watched it grow up. After 9/11, I spent six years writing my first book. I setup this Website at the end of 2007. Random House and another publisher both liked my material, but personal letters along with rejection slips explained that my material was too controversial.

Producers from the Discovery Channel were interested in my material, but wanted to include too much personal material. In the end I turned their offer down. The Orlando Nightclub Shooting helped me make that decision, because it was then that I realized my material was too controversial.

At one time, I had Posted on this Website the details of my Near Death Experience. It was very intricate and involved, but one of the personal clues that anchor the reality of my experience in The Great Tunnel of Gold was the brilliance and purity of the golden buildings. The first thing that came to my mind, “this is why men covet gold”.

The secrets of The Philosopher’s Stone and the transmutation of base metal into gold were always a part of the alchemist’s ritual that are also a part of Freemasonry history and ritual. I would tell all the Lodges that gold is more than a metal.

The Masonic Lodges are at war. The ideology and religion of one side thinks that The Common Person on the Street is expendable chattel. The ideology and religion of the other side at least proclaims to believe in human dignity and advancement for all of society, not just a select few. Part of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome involves living with the behavior one develops in warfare to remain alive. The brutality lives with you forever. I have some experience with this, since my father was a wounded Korean War veteran.

I believe Gioele Magaldi’s system of Masonic Lodges exists, and the historical violence fills the shelves of libraries, so the Masonic Lodges have fractured and all are steeped in blood. Society is fracturing into partisan sects of various flavors, and it is essentially The Gangs of New York. Armageddon is guaranteed, and in fact, I believe some are trying to engineer it. That philosophy is known as trying to Immanentize the Eschaton.

I feel that I can make a greater contribution to cyberspace by Posting my research on the work of Dr. Harold Aspden.

I first learned of Dr. Aspden’s Theories from David Wilcock’s book, Divine Cosmos. I have spent many years reading Dr. Aspden’s books and papers, and I have compiled much of his math work into MathCad worksheets that I have made available on my Metaphysics Website. I really suck at math, but MathCad was a fun tool when I was going through college, and I built very precise worksheets for my physics, chemistry, and electronics classes, and I understand what Dr. Aspden was trying to express.

I have incorporated Dr. Aspden’s work into these worksheets and readers can see for themselves his accuracy for deriving the Fundamental Constants of Physical Reality.

David Wilcock’s videos on have some major mistakes in them and I was wondering if there were anymore “Aspden Experts” out there. If so, please contact this Website. My next Posting will be a simplified version of Dr. Aspden’s work. It is essential in understanding how energy is conveyed and transported through the universe. I would hate to see all of Dr. Aspden’s years of work fall into obscurity, so I will be spending some time preserving his research and making it easy to understand, and perhaps making my own video.

I will also be posting a complete version of Century I from my Nostradamus Compendium. It is built from all the First Edition or earliest manuscripts that I could find, along with my translations. There will be no Commentary, except for the way I have categorized Quatrains according to my own system: Antichrist I, Antichrist II, Antichrist III. The posted Centuries, Presage Years, and Sixains will be created as separate pages that appear on the Black Index Bar on the Front Page.

Depending on the response I get, I will do this for all of Nostradamus’ Predictive works. It will be an archive of his prophecies in their purest form. It will also come in a downloadable PDF format. I will prioritize my projects accordingly. However, readers must understand the new science of warfare. It is disrupting your life electronically on all levels, including the chemical reactions in your body.

Can you build a makeshift Vitaset to restore The Schumann Resonance, the Master Clock of Life, after someone jams the signal? If someone blocks The Schumann Resonance, it will even kill or injure you in a bomb shelter.

I can build a simple one and show readers how to do the same. Once there were Radio Shacks that carried the parts. Today you will probably have to order the parts. This simple device will be more important in your life than some musty old Nostradamus’ predictions.


Although my money business model for maintaining this Website is fluid, I do have 11 more months of alimony to make, and I will need 4 modulating lasers, 4 axicon lens, and 4 beam splitters for some future optics experiments. I will be Posting pictures on my Metaphysics Website of experiments I am getting ready to conduct soon.

The Masonic Lodges will be blinding us with science and calling it magic, beware.

A word to all ANONS, ants follow crumbs into traps of poison, and as is often said, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.