For those people who are new to my work, I must explain one of Nostradamus’ most important metaphors, The Mule.

Through numerous communications with the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the CIA, evidence is now appearing that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and major Democratic leaders were connected to The Deep State in a conspiracy to bringing down an elected President. The approaching civil war is obvious. Therefore, I believe Nostradamus’ use of “Mule” is non other than the symbol for the Democratic Party.

Former President Barack Obama initiated The Arab Spring and the Ukrainian coup with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Nostradamus points to these two historical events as the cause of World War III.

Under Barack Obama, there was the illusion of a Progressive Liberal agenda. The fact remains that Barack Obama’s agenda was the same as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H. W. Bush, to lead the empire. Like any historical empire, that means ordering the conquering of other countries and stripping them of their resources. Since these people are Satanists, that includes children and people too.

Aquilon is Nostradamus’ word for the Empire of the North. It comes from the Latin word, Aquilo, meaning north, north wind, or stormy wind. The Group of Seven Nations and NATO surround the North Pole. This is why Russia was invited to be a member and form The Group of Eight Nations.

Candidate Donald J. Trump campaigned for President by rejecting NATO as an outdated institution. Candidate Donald J. Trump rejected America’s military role as the bulwark of the Globalist’s military police force. This is a position that he has not really defined yet; but Anti-Globalist rhetoric presupposes a certain amount of built in Conspiracy Theory. Donald Trump, the successful business and salesman that he is, lets people make the conspiratorial connections.

In 2017, after President Donald J. Trump’s administration had formed, I did not realize the importance of the of “The General David Petraeus Scandal”. His 11/09/2012 resignation as the Director of the CIA did not seem to impact his career potential; President-elect Trump interviewed him for Secretary of State.

Former General David Petraeus is a favorite of the Globalists and a regular attendee of the annual Bilderburg Group meetings. It seemed an odd choice given Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

President-elect Donald J. Trump also considered former United Nation’s Ambassador John Bolton as National Security Advisor. That was another odd choice given Bolton’s neoconservative views.

President Donald J. Trump then considered former Reagan Administration Diplomat, Elliot Abrams, for Deputy Secretary of State. This was another incredible incongruity from the Anti-Globalist rhetoric. I thought, surely, a billionaire had to be informed on the minutia and the personnel that make up the Globalist machine.

These men were instrumental in the projection of the Western Empire. On a personal level, I was not too happy with the morality of their diplomatic and military tactics. At the very least, they are cogs in the gears of the empire, lacking compassion and empathy.

General David Petraeus, as the former NATO Commander in Afghanistan and Director of the CIA had to know the details of the heroin drug trade in Afghanistan.

Elliot Abrams, as Ronald Reagan’s former Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, had to know about the Iran-Contra cocaine flying in and out Governor Bill Clinton’s Mena, Arkansas airport in the CIA’s drug and gun running operation known as Operation Black Eagle.

In Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, I did write that when it was reported Donald Trump was considering these neoconservative idiots for positions in his administration, I lost faith in his judgment.

I also wrote that his reported IQ of 156 may mean that the game is several levels over my head. After reading through the anonymous 8chan postings of an alleged White House source known as Q, I believe that this might be the case.

Nostradamus makes it clear that The Black King is in involved in a conflict between The Left Hand Military and The Right Hand Military. These metaphors cannot be any clearer. It means a new American Civil War.

Nostradamus’s Epistle to Henry holds many clues to how American Civil War II unfolds.

The Athenian General Thrasybulus and seventy followers seized the fortress at Phyle. He was joined by many followers and exiles, and when he had an army of over a thousand soldiers, he was able to defeat the army of the Thirty Tyrants and Athenian oligarchs.

Nostradamus writes in The Epistle to Henry, that a “Second Thrasybulus” will “place them under the protection of Mars, stripping Jupiter of all his honors and dignities, and establish himself in the free city (and) in another smaller mesopotamia.

The protection of Mars“, means military protection, Martial Law.

Jupiter” is Jove, and all-things relating to Jupiter and Jove are allusions that Nostradamus makes to the ruins of the Temple of Jove at the top of St. Bernard’s pass in the Alps, between Italy and France.

In The Epistle to Henry, Nostradamus describes the military peak for the three primary empires representing the three main Christian Churches. In the 20th Century, the 3rd Reich’s time was conquering Europe and North Africa. NATO’s time was facing down the Warsaw Pact and beginning The New World Order.

The apex of Russian military history will be the movement of a large army over the Alps passed those ancient ruins of the Temple of Jove. Therefore, Nostradamus is predicting that Russia will conquer NATO and large portions of Europe.

Any mention of Jove, Jovialist, or Jupiter is alluding to the One Percent who rule the world. It it is Nostradamus’ irony and sarcasm. The former Communist world leader that collapsed desiring Capitalism, in the end will conquer the Globalists and Capitalists, and destroy The New World Order.

When the American General Thrasybulus begins “stripping Jupiter of all his honors and dignities“, it means seizing the assets of the Globalists.

This has begun to happen. Readers are getting a live Update to a book that only costs $10.00, and 90% of you are getting it for free.

On December 21, the Winter Equinox, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

Signing this Executive Order on the Winter Solstice was a message to Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels. This is another sign that the revelations of the mysterious Q are valid.

The American General Thrasybulus who is connected to this restoration of Democracy will, “establish himself in the free city (and) in another smaller mesopotamia.”

Read differently, “this former General will establish himself in the free city of Washington D.C. and will have served in Iraq, ancient Mesopotami.

That could be one of three of President Trump’s Generals. Each one has established himself in Washington D.C., and each has fought in Iraq.

If President Donald J. Trump, as Commander in Chief, is conducting his Generals to strike the Jovialists, the Globalist elite within The Pagan Sect, then that sets him up to be Nostradamus’ exiled American Rebel King based in Scotland with a remnant of the free American Navy.

Somehow, Trump is going to fail. I suspect that he is going to be betrayed. I have Updated the Triplicate Series. The Presage Series that I rediscovered after they had been missing in print for nearly five centuries, I believe are the abandonment of Washington D.C. after a terrorist attack by A Famous Dead Terrorist who will be captured.

Despite the revelations of Q on 8chan, I do not share his confidence that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be defeated. I will use this Update to lay the foundation of my analysis of how President Trump might fail.

There is a Triplicate Series that provides bookend Quatrains to the plot that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are hatching against President Donald J. Trump.

The first begins with former President Barack Obama ordering the world’s superpower and NATO to attack Libya.


Nostradamus Quatrain II-60
La foy Punique en Orient rompue
Gang, lud. & Rosne, Loyre, & Tag. changeront:
Quand du mulet la faim sera repue,
Classe espargie sang & corps nageront

Nostradamus Quatrain II-60
The faith [in] Punic (Libyan) [Regime change] in the Orient (China/Russia) broken
Ganges (India), Jordan (Syria), and Rhone (France), and Tagus (Spain) will change:
When the hunger of the mule will be satiated,
Fleet sprinkled, blood and bodies will swim.

The four lines of this poem are four different predictions:

1) 2011: The NATO attack on Libya made China and Russia realize the West’s word was no good.
2) That event will eventually bring war to the regions where these rivers flow.
3) The Hunger of the Mule is the NATO/Neoconservative/Vatican/Bilderburg Agenda. The main facilitators were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both are the senior leaders of the Democratic Party, The Mule. They hunger to attack Iran.
4) This will lead to the sinking of the American 5th Fleet.

In Nostradamus Countdown to Apocalypse, Jean-Charles de Fontbrune used the wrong Nostradamus edition to translate this particular Quatrain. Line two he interpreted as the “Grand Jew” because his edition had “Grand” instead of “Gang”.

As you can read from the copy of the Quatrain from the oldest known published edition, it names the major rivers in the countries affected by the global war, the Ganges River in India, along with the Jordan in Israel, the Rhone and Loire Rivers in France, and the Tagus River in Spain.

The faith [in] Punic (Libyan) [Regime change] in the Orient (China/Russia) broken” certainly takes on a different connotation than I first believed in my 2007 manuscript. Much has happened in the last eleven years. Since the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has completely disintegrated. British and Jordanian troops are in Libya presently battling the growing army of ISIS terrorists.

Both China and Russia had oil interests in Libya. “The faith [in] Punic (Libyan) [Regime change] in the Orient (China/Russia) broken” could apply to both Russia and China’s belief that NATO would consider their interests in Libya. Instead, NATO has used Libya as a seeding ground and arms supply depot for the ISIS terrorist army.

In 2007, I did interpret certain Nostradamus Quatrains that seemed to predict an Islamic invasion of Europe from North Africa. That will still happen after Iran conquers Israel and Egypt. Currently, the invasion of Italy has been an invasion of refugees from Libya. I still suspect, however, that this is merely an infiltration of forces into Europe. Most of the refugees are young men.

Quatrain II-60 is part of another important Triplicate Series that includes the infamous Mabus Quatrain. The last line in Quatrain II-60 predicts the destruction of American naval forces, the “fleet sprinkled, blood and bodies will swim”.

This is a consistent theme in the downfall of the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and his Generals. This Quatrain connects to Quatrain X-77, and particularly the two last lines. “All their benefits seen as misdeeds, the fleet sunk, delivered to the corsairs.

The revelations of the White House insider Q bring new insight into how the Iranians will sink the American 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf. They will be “delivered to the corsairs” through treason at the highest level of the United States’ government.

If we then refer to Quatrain X-31, we note “the asses will also want Carmania (Iran)”. As you might have read in both editions of Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, I identified this as the American neoconservatives long held desire to attack Iran.

Will they convince President Donald J. Trump to attack Iran?

For this Triplicate Series, Quatrain II-60 is the related to the attack on Libya, ordered by Barack Obama.

Quatrain II-61 I suspect is an attack on a NATO Headquarters facility since we have British and French troops fighting together. “Of Trojan Blood” and the mention of an attack at a port city could link this with Nostradamus’ future hero, Henri Selin.

Quatrain II-62 is the infamous Mabus Quatrain. Since Barack Obama’s Secretary of the Navy was Ray Mabus, I have been asked repeatedly if this is Nostradamus’ Mabus. I have always believed that it as an obvious anagram of Obama. In my interpretations of Nostradamus’ future landscape, this happens in post-Apocalypse USA, at the end of American Civil War II.

The one thing that is clear in Nostradamus’ writings is that the neoconservatives go for Iran. As you will read below, I suspect that this will go against President Trump’s wishes.


Nostradamus Quatrain X-31
Le sainct Empire, viendra en Germanie,
Ismaëlites trouveront lieux ouverts,
Anes voudront aussi la Carmanie,
Les soustenans de terre tous couverts.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-31
The Empire [of] saint(s) [Islamic martyrs] will come into Germany,
The Ishmaelites [Muslims] will find open places,
[Because] The asses also want Carmania (Iran),
The supporters [of war] all covered by earth.

The asses will also want Carmania (Iran)” is a reference to the neoconservative global agenda of trying to conquer the Middle East and North Africa.

Retired American General Wesley Clark has repeatedly said that there was a plan to invade seven countries in five years. Clark says some “hard-nosed people” took over American foreign policy after the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

Readers should consider that the United States and Great Britain were the two major players in the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. After the French rejoined NATO in 2004, they kicked off the NATO invasion of Libya in 2011. Those glaring facts automatically infer that the “Plan” that Wesley Clark mentions must be international in scope.

Nostradamus predicts that “The supporters [of war] all covered by earth”. To paraphrase an idiom, Nostradamus’ prose alludes to the neoconservative jackasses digging their own graves.

Therefore, if you extrapolate that, “the asses [who] also want Carmania (Iran)” are people who are probably very far from the battlefield, it means that the war will not be confined to a specific region; it will be a global war.

Nostradamus Presage 17 June 1557
Victor naual à houche, Anuers diuorce,
Né grand, du ciel feu, tremblement haut brule:
Sardaigne, Palerm. Malth. boys, Corse,
Prelat mourir, l’vn frape sus la mule.

Nostradamus Presage 17 June 1557
Naval victory at Houche (Hoek, Belgium) at Antwerp divorce,
Great heir, fire from the sky, trembling, high burning:
Sardinia, Palermo, Malta, drained. Corsica,
Prelate to die, the one strikes the mule.

Please note the differences from the original 1557 Almanac and the 1566 Compendium of Presages. Most Nostradamus Commentators make interpretations on later editions. Edgar Leoni makes his translation for “brulo” in line two as “brule”, Old French for burning.

As you can read, in the original 1557 Almanac it is “brusle”. I still accept Edgar Leoni’s translation, but he missed the anagram for Brussels. This multidimensional aspect is congruent with the locations in line one, “Naval victory at Houche (Hoek, Belgium) at Antwerp divorce”, “Brussels burning”.

Great Heir” is a potential reference to Henri Selin, Nostradamus’ future hero of the West, and Henri V, heir to the French throne. “Fire from the sky… Prelate to die… the one strikes the mule” gives a time frame of the Pope’s death possibly when a large comet appears. Do note how this ties into the Triplicate Series and the infamous Quatrain II-62 and the death of Mabus when a comet appears.

With the loss of NATO’s headquarters in Belgium, also found in another Triplicate Series, it suggests that “the one [who] strikes the mule” is Russia.


Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland, Barack Obama’s former Deputy Secretary of State will be remembered as the gal that started World War III. I wonder what her husband, neoconservative Robert Kagan, thinks of her language?

They call it “Progressive Liberalism“, but it is only progressive when the bombs are not falling on your head. The West has created a society of illusions, and since we all contribute, we will all be called to account.

March 7, 2014
US fueled rise of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, McCain stands with Oleh

Somehow, the neoconservatives will have their war with Iran. The Israeli attack on Syria is timed to change the news flow concerning the impending destruction of the Democratic Party and The Deep State.

Q’s revelation that on Monday, February 12, 2018, some major public figures and politicians will be completely destroyed makes it no surprise that a war in the Levant is coming online. I suspect Q’s evidence will be so damning that we will also may see some False Flag event at the Winter Olympics.

I have been writing for years that these predictions will unfold simultaneously. I believe that the first domino has fallen.

February 11, 2018
Israel carries out ‘large-scale attack’ in Syria after Israeli jet crashes under antiaircraft fire


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25
Par Mars contraire sera la monarchie,
Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux:
Ieune noir. rouge prendra la hierarchie,
Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25
Through Mars [War] contrary [to the] the monarch [King/President],
The great fisherman [Pope] in ruinous trouble:
The young Black [King]. red [Muslim] seizes the hierarchy,
The traitors move on a rainy day.