When I was working at Pratt and Whitney’s Jet and Rocket propulsion facility, besides building, developing and testing the Raptor’s F119 engines, I was also involved in sending the first production engines to NASA for testing.

The sad state of affairs with 5th generation fighters is that high-tech airplanes have high-tech maintenance problems. I have been in the aviation business for over 40 years. There is a lot to be said about the reliability between fly-by-wire aircraft and the old cable controlled airplanes.

October 15, 2018
The Decimation Of Tyndall Air Base’s F-22 Wing Couldn’t Have Come At Worse Time
Tyndall is home to 55 F-22 Raptor fifth-generation fighter jets, at least 33 of which were dispatched to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio ahead of Michael’s landfall, the New York Times reported on Oct. 11, suggesting that some 22 fighters may have been deliberately left behind.

According to reporting from Foreign Policy, “as many as” 17 Raptors “may be damaged or destroyed.” Indeed, satellite photos revealed the wreckage of several of the pricey stealth fighters among the debris.

October 12, 2018
F-22s, QF-16 likely damaged after Tyndall hangars hit by hurricane
The Air Force said Friday that an unspecified number of aircraft left inside hangars at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida were likely damaged when Hurricane Michael devastated the base, with imagery on social media showing an unknown number of F-22 Raptors are among those impacted.

October 15, 2018
More Than a Dozen F-22s May Have Been Damaged or Destroyed by Hurricane Michael
The planes were grounded by maintenance issues and unable to escape.

Consider this, if 22 Raptors out of a Wing of 55 aircraft had to be left behind at Tyndall Air Force base as Hurricane Michael approached, that means they could not be flown out because of maintenance issues. The Tyndall Wing had a reliability and readiness factor of only 60%. With modern weather forecasting ability, everybody in hurricane prone states has a one-week or more heads up to get ready.

Why the commanders at Tyndall did not bring in flatbed trucks and haul the aircraft out of the danger zone remains unknown. Maybe they did not want the Russians and Chinese to know.

Consider this, why does the Air Force have 5th generation fighters and a 1st generation tanker? The cornerstone of Air Force tactical doctrine depends on the ability to refuel aircraft in the air.

Some of us try to stand guard over stupidity, but I discovered the hard way that nobody likes to be called clueless. When you point out the flaws, be prepared to defend yourself.

June 20, 2019
Pompeo warns Iran about trigger for U.S. military action as some in administration question aggressive policy
In recent months, military leaders have sought to tread a careful line: securing military resources they believe are needed to properly defend American troops in the region and deter Iranian provocations without increasing the odds of a war — which they have said would be long and bloody.

One person familiar with the recent discussions said that Pentagon officials, including Shanahan, have been “the ones putting the brakes” on the State Department and the White House. “DOD is not beating the drums of war,”

June 20, 2019
Trump on US strike on Iran: ‘You’ll soon find out’

June 20, 2019
DON BLAST Trump says Iran has ‘made a very big mistake’ after shooting down US drone as Putin warns war would be ‘catastrophic’

Putin warns war would be ‘catastrophic’” is the diplomatic way of saying Russia will support Iran.

China warning the US About To Open “Pandora’s Box” In Middle East is a diplomatic way of saying that this is leading to Armageddon.

This script is following Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III to the letter.

People in the West should know, Iran is the last hurdle to global hegemony. There are literally thousands of news articles on how Russia and China have positioned themselves economically and militarily since 2014 and the NATO supported Ukranian coup d’état.

Of course Russia and China will support Iran, but first Russia will take care of business in Ukraine, and China will take care of business in Taiwan and the South China Sea, and maybe then the Western Pacific.

I believe that there is going to be the most spectacular non-linear shock to the global financial system that history will ever see. This is an end of empire moment.

When I was deploying to the Western Pacific, The Sino-Vietnamese War broke out. The war between China and Vietnam lasted from February 17, 1979 until March 16, 1979. It is believed that the Chinese lost nearly 57,000 soldiers during a one month war. I remember reading that number in The Stars and Stripes at the time and thinking that matched America’s total losses for the entire Vietnam War.

June 20, 2019
Iran Revolutionary Guard shoots down US drone amid tensions

June 20, 2019
US Navy drone shot down by Iranian missile over Strait of Hormuz in ‘unprovoked attack,’ central command says

June 20, 2019
Trump: Iran Made “A Very Big Mistake” By Shooting Down Drone

June 20, 2019
Israel Holds Largest “Hezbollah War Exercise” In Years Amid Iran Tensions

June 20, 2019
How John Bolton Controls The Administration And Donald Trump

This is where President Donald J. Trump needs to step up to the plate as Commander-In-Chief. Frankly, I do not see any leadership here but cowering to the Neocon agenda. It is either that or Trump is paying lip-service to his base supporters. This is where critical thinking skills become imperative for a functioning republic.

Drive Iran out of the oil market, of course there is going to be a war.

Here is what I have to say for every tough guy or gal who wants a war, “don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk“. That means signing up for the war and carrying a rifle, or it means sucking it up at the gas pump when you are paying twelve bucks a gallon and supporting the President.

I am glad Steve Quayle posts David Hodges articles from Mr. Hodges is not a Trump sycophant. Like Ann Coulter and myself, who were Trump supporters, he has also noted the great distance between President Trump’s words and actions.

If Trump wanted to make America great again, he should have left Iran alone or at the very least waited until his second administration to tackle Israel’s agenda. Unless Trump and the military are going to roll out the TR-3Bs and Directed Energy Weapons, the United States is not ready for a three front war with Iran, Russia, and China. Consider that a professional opinion.

In fact, David Hodges’ recent article gets me to thinking that there is also a domestic agenda to the Trump-Bolton-Pompeo Iran agenda. Think REX-84 for protestors. Ollie North, that bastion of American patriotism, wanted to lock up protestors if war broke out in Central America.

Good luck Snowflakes… They have had 35 years to practice.

June 20, 2019
Trump’s Not Going After Hillary As Promised but He’s Letting the Government Come After You

If you have any doubts about where all of this is going, I have spelled out the way I believe Nostradamus saw the future. Sadly, some of us have to work it.



I have Fox News and Hannity on in the background. This asshole is trying to sell a Tehran bombing run. Damn, I’m having Rachel Maddow flashbacks.

I respect Tucker Carlson’s attempt to bring sanity to Trump. Unfortunately, I believe that this has all been planned out for a long time. If Nostradamus’ prophecies turn out to even be partially true, anyone that tries to sell this war with Iran will be dragged out on the street by a pissed off, economically ruined population. It is really going to get ugly.

June 20, 2019
Tucker Carlson Tells Trump in Private: No War With Iran

Here is my analogy, the United States, the regime change architects throughout the Middle East since Barack Obama’s Arab Spring, and the current bully since Saddam, Muammar, and Mubarak were taken out, has put a chip on its shoulder and dared Iran to knock it off. Iran has now obliged, and the school yard fight is on.

June 19, 2019
A winnable nuclear war? New Pentagon document shows US military thinks so

June 19, 019
Russia’s Most Modern Warship And Its Escorts Have Entered The Caribbean Sea

The Admiral Gorshkov frigate may be steaming toward Havana Cuba. That is approximately 325 miles from Central Command in Florida.

The ship can carry compliments of Kalibr, Oniks or Zircon cruise missiles. Those are Mach 2 to Mach 9 missiles.

If the United States begins bombing Iran, the orders will probably flow from the White House to Central Command in Tampa, Florida. Suppose Russia wanted to send a message to the United States.

The day the United States “accidentally” let the public be aware that think-tank experts really believe there is such a thing as a “winnable nuclear war“, Russia’s Admiral Gorshkov frigate and escort ships entered the Caribbean.

Russia has stated that it will take the fight to the United States.

Following its doctrine of Escalate to De-escalate, just suppose Russia wanted to send a clear message to the United States’ military and ordinary Americans, but not start a nuclear war. Depending on how severe the bombing of Iran will be, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate has been tasked with a suicide mission. So, it launches an equivalent barrage of hypersonic Zircon missiles with conventional warheads against targets in the United States.

Traveling at Mach 9, the missiles for Central Command will reach their destination in 2.8 minutes. There will most likely be missiles for all major military targets spread throughout the United States Southeast, especially the Naval Base at Kings Bay, Georgia.

By the time the United States’ attack submarine that should be following the Admiral Gorshkov frigate has permission to fire a torpedo, all of the Gorshkov’s missiles will have been fired and will be reaching their targets before the first torpedo leaves its tube.

March 1, 2018
Putin’s missiles are pointing at Tampa Bay but local mayors take laidback view

There will be no civilians in the next war.

June 20, 1019
Moscow Slams US Over Escalating Tensions With Iran Through New Deployments to Middle East

June 20, 1019
India Deploys Multiple Warships To Gulf For “Maritime Security” Amid Tensions