My apologies to those readers who did not understand where I was going in my last open Post THE NEW POLITICALLY CORRECT WORLD. Many readers have Emailed me to ask for the password to access the Protected Posts.

All future Protected Posts will be dedicated to people who purchase the book. The Password is the last line on Page 1319.

It may seem that my primary intention is to follow the Capitalist Business Model and sell books. MacDonald’s sells The Happy Meal. I suppose I am selling The Unhappy Meal.

$10.00 is the price of one Fast Food meal today, and I completely understand that for 99% of the world, this is a junk food Website.

Unfortunately though, it is getting crazy out there.

May 22, 2019
“Research”: US Navy Wants To Archive 350 Billion Social Media Posts

I want to keep my opinions to an audience receptive to what I am offering… my expert observational skills regarding our Shared Reality juxtaposed to prophecy and metaphysics.

As I continually point out, Nostradamus and his prophecies have become a cultural cliché. You can cycle through the cable channels every three months to catch the latest Nostradamus Circus of Experts. Another Producer will try to introduce some new twist to Nostradamus’ prophecies, and then everybody plays dress up.

I went through the process and realized that these people had no clue or real interest in what my material was about; so I did not want to become another TV Clown slurping water out of a toilet bowl.

Discovery Channel Preparing for Doomsday With ‘Apocalypse Preppers’

This Website is not exactly a business venture. I have lost money every year for twelve-years. I keep this Website going because I feel no one has gotten Nostradamus right yet. It is essentially a public service, even if readers do not want to believe that an internationally organized syndicate of child-sacrificing cannibal satanists exist.

John Hogue may laughingly call me a Hegemon of All-Things Nostradamus, but I have solved the most important anagrams, rediscovered unpublished Nostradamus Presages, and I have pointed out four-hundred-year old printing errors that every TV Nostradamus Expert has missed for the last forty-years.

In that sense, I am a Hegemon. My edge over John Hogue and other Nostradamus Commentators is the research, not of John Hogue’s Nostradamus Commentary or commentary from any other Nostradamus Professional. I could care less. Who has the time?

For my research, I built a compendium of Nostradamus’ original writings using ten of the oldest editions.

I may compare my translations and interpretations to those of other Nostradamus Commentators, but without doing the research on how Nostradamus’ prophecies were originally published, researchers are providing commentary on fictitious printing errors.

The real Hegemon of All-Things Nostradamus was Edgar Leoni and his 1961 book Nostradamus: Life and Literature. To date, he has provided the most organized, searchable index of people, places, and events. Unfortunately, nearly sixty-years later, even some of his work has perpetuated centuries-old errors.

I do not play dress up for TV, I just do the homework.

I am not selling anything new here.

If you have bought Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, the Prophecies of World War III, and you previously bought The Age of Desolation in 2010, or Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation in 2013, you will discover that I have pretty much stayed on course with my interpretations.

Of course, I have tweaked my interpretations, but here is the list of characters from Nostradamus’ prophecies whose identities I have uncovered over the years and those individuals who still remain to be identified.

Nostradamus’ Main Characters:
1) The Black King – Repeated Anagram – Barack Obama – 2009
2) Henri Selin – Repeated Anagram – Unknown
3) Trompe/Trombe – Anagram – Donald J. Trump – The Sabine King – Historical Reference – 2016
4) The Second Thrasibulus – Historical Reference – Unknown – (Potentially The Q PYSOP – 2017)
5) The Physician of the Great Disease – Unknown
6) The Griffon – Vladimir Putin – 2014
7) The Great Jovialist – George Soros – 2017
8) The Leech – Geographical Metaphor – The Arab League – 2007
9) L’Araby – Anagram – Nabil Elaraby – Arab League Leader – 2013
10) Raugon – Anagram – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – Turkey – 2014
11) The Relative of the Leech – Geographical Metaphor – Palestinians – 2007
12) The New Xerxes – Historical Reference – Iranian Leader – Unknown
13) The Great Soliman – Anagram – Qasem Soleimani – Iranian General – 2014
14) The Great Tiger from Northern Iran – Geographical Metaphor – Ali Fadavi – Iranian Admiral – 2016
15) The Elephant – Geographical Metaphor – Pakistan – 2007
16) The Wolf – Metaphor – Known Nickname – Michael A. D’Andrea – CIA – 2016
17) The Crocodile – Geographical Metaphor – Egypt – 2007
18) The Great Duke from Armenia – Geographical Metaphor – Unknown
19) The Powerful Muslim from Yemen – Al-Mahdi – Geographical Metaphor – Unknown
20) The Man with the Iron Rod – Metaphor – Unknown
21) The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank – Arab League Member/Unknown Individual
22) The Macedonian – Geographical Metaphor – Unknown
23) Hystra – Anagram – Libya’s General Khalifa Haftar – 2019
24) The Adulterer – Historical Reference – Bill Clinton – 2010
25) The Mannish Woman – Historical Metaphor – Hillary Clinton – 2010
26) The Great Lady – Unknown

The people I have on this list may be some readers’ heroes. I fully understand that what I wrote back in 2010 in The Age of Desolation is today, even more politically incorrect than ever.

When Discovery producers invited me to join the cable TV Nostradamus Circus, it was The 2012 Orlando Pulse Nightclub Massacre that made me reconsider cable TV notoriety. My original strategy for these times remains correct… just stay in your foxhole.

Messengers get it in the end.


I am actually surprised by the number of people who pass through this Website every month. People send me “thank yous“. I really appreciate that, because even though this is not a profitable venture, at least my research is opening up some critical thinking pathways in thousands of minds in over 8,000 cities around the world.

For the past 10-years, I have had a global core readership that I often communicate with through Email. Many people are as well-versed in prophecy as I am or even more so; it has been a great learning experience.

I get the sense that many people who come to this Website are survivalist-oriented. I definitively know that a few readers put survivalists to shame, because they have moved to Central and South America, and some are struggling to find a way out of Europe.

These are people I have exchanged Emails with for years, and by their own internal guidance system, they have seen the writing on the wall. Very serious Americans and Europeans are moving to Central and South America.

The sad, future hypocrisy regarding All-things Immigration is that after nuclear war starts, people will be trying to flee out of Europe and the United States to South America or to any other point in the southern hemisphere.

Therefore, with opinions becoming as dangerous as weapons these days, most of my future Updates will be private. It will keep out The Lurkers and The Bots.

There are 98 “Mildly Titillating Posts” on this Website available to the public. Some might certainly be insulting to the self-righteous and to Social Justice Warriors, but the days of the Salem Witch Trials are coming to a hard end.

I was writing about the coming Second American Civil War in 2010.

That was nearly ten years ago, and that makes my research leading-edge. Most of my commentary is already available on this Website for free. Readers can decide if they think my view of Nostradamus’ prophecies is worth the price of a Happy Meal.

February 14, 2019
Panera to close last of its pay-what-you-can cafes
…Experimental cafes that let customers pay what they wished.
…Panera said the stores were no longer viable.

I have no illusions about the world. Moral hypocrisy is a dangerous sham. I would love to know the statistics on the political ideology embraced by the people who stiffed Panera’s good intentions. This is the hard reality of our Shared Reality.

I fully understand the futility of believing in good intentions, and that leads me to President Donald J. Trump and The Q PYSOP.

After a brutal and financially devastating divorce, I pay attention to red-flags.

I offer a second apology to those readers who might have been influenced by my initial enthusiasm for The Q PYSOP. It followed my script perfectly, but as readers can discover through my posts from early last year, I caught on to what is a serious Psychological Warfare Operation that has now fallen flat.

In my new book, I identified a potential Defense Contractor candidate that might be running The Q PYSOP. In the universe of Spy vs. Spy and traveling The Wilderness of Mirrors our reality is an assumption, and you know what they say about assumptions.

Longtime readers of this Website and my books understand that I anticipate a three-front war. From my previous Protected Post:

As I mentioned in the book, I expect Donald J. Trump to follow through with former Secretary of State John Kerry’s PLAN B.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 355
…Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham… wanted the United States to lead the 41-Nation Sunni Alliance in an invasion of Syria and Iraq.

Both Senators seemed to support former Secretary of State John Kerry’s Syria Plan B, which was a large Sunni Arab army led by U.S. and British troops occupying large parts of Syria.

November 29, 2015
John McCain and Lindsey Graham call for 20,000 US troops in Syria and Iraq

February 9, 2016
John Kerry’s desperate push on Syria
Secretary of State John F. Kerry said in an interview that the United States is nearing a final “crunch time” on Syria — in which it will either make progress toward a cease-fire or begin moving toward “Plan B” and new military actions.

Therefore, the 1,500 troops that President Donald J. Trump is sending to the Middle East are tripwire forces that will come under attack inviting a larger deployment of more U.S. forces. This move is right on schedule. Sending only 1,500 troops versus 10,000 troops also mitigates the potential for igniting the crash of a fragile stock market and global economy.

As I have written, war, economic collapse, and social collapse are coinciding. There will come a point when Julian Assange realizes that his story will be lost in the din of war if he does not act soon. He will pull the pin on the hand-grenade and trip his dead man switch, which will trigger The Great Scandal.

World leaders will try to hide their sins behind the veil of chaos and war, and nobody will be able to do a thing about it.

Like Ann Coulter, I knew Trump would win. I am as equally disappointed over his performance. When Donald J. Trump tapped into Alex Jones’ world, when Bill Clinton’s three alleged sexual assault victims appeared at the first Trump-Clinton Presidential debate, that was inspiring. I thought Trump was going to tackle Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels head-on. However, looking back, that was the beginning of The Q PYSOP and the sales pitch that will lead to a war with Iran, Russia, and China.

I once detested Ann Coulter, now I would date her. She is a professional with a backbone. It will be interesting to see the point that she, Tucker Carlson, and other conservatives embrace Conspiracy Theory. It is in-play, and their book market will be shrinking.


Even though Donald J. Trump’s hiring of John Bolton and Elliott Abrams wrapped it up for me, I think these two YouTube clips are a good defining moment. This is the point where The Q Acolytes need to get off the bus and ask WTF.


May 24, 2019
CIA Whistleblower: Assange Is Going To Get Railroaded By “Hanging” Judge

Hopefully, this will bring about the collapse of The Q PYSOP, but I doubt it. The Q Posts have essentially faded to nothing and what does appear is sporadic and nothing beyond meaningless drivel and the occasional re-post of a meme.

I think that means a big war is close folks; just follow the news.

May 25, 2019
Dozen Fighter Jets & Drone Fleet Sent To Counter “Escalating Campaign By Iran”

May 25, 2019
UN Arms Chief Warns: Nuclear War Is Closer Than Its Ever Been Since WW2

May 25, 2019
Iran Touts “Secret Weapons” Able To “Sink US Warships” In Reaction To Troop Deployment

And then you can follow my interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies.


Nostradamus Quatrain X-2
Voille gallere voil de nef cachera,
La grande classe viendra sortir la moindre
Dix naves proches le tourneront pousser,
Grande vaincué unies à soy joindre.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-2
The ship’s veil will hide the sail galley,
The great fleet will come the lesser one to go out
Ten ships near will turn to drive it back,
The great one conquered the united [states] to join to itself.

The ship’s veil will hide the sail galley” is another indicator that The Khibiny System, or something like it, will hide the true number of ships that apparently wait in ambush.

The great one conquered the united [states] to join to itself” is consistent with other Quatrains. After the United States is defeated in the Persian Gulf and later at The Battle of Armageddon, it will have no allies.


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
Navalle pugne nuit sera superée,
Le feu aux naves à l’Occident ruine,
Rubriche neufve, la grand nef colorée,
Ire à vaincu, & victoire en bruine.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
A Naval battle will subdue night,
Fire in the ships to the West ruin,
New rubric, the great ship colored,
Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.

May 24, 2019
Trump orders 1,500 troops to Middle East

May 24, 2019
“We’re Being Played”: Tucker Carlson Features Leaked Syria Chemical Attack Memo

Tucker Carlson is the Mainstream Media’s perfect champion for logical, well-mannered debate, and who offers no hyperbole, he just points to the obvious. The fact that he and other Mainstream Media conservatives seem to have no impact on the direction of Donald J. Trump’s administration does not bode well for the immediate future.

I feel that I have outlined that immediate future very accurately with my interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

One reader needed to be “mildly titillated” to buy my book. I hope that there is enough material available on this Website that readers will find my view intriguing enough to give up a Happy Meal and purchase the book. Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III is over 1,500 pages, and has far more details than I can ever capture in a month of posts.

Frankly, if you knew how accurate I believe Nostradamus was, it would scare the shit out of every American and European.

Unfortunately, I have lived in Florida for almost forty-years and I get it. I completely understand people’s reluctance to even consider the possibilities of World War III. I see it every Hurricane Season. I still find it unbelievable that the majority of people I have met in this state do not think twice or prepare for a hurricane until it is a day away.

Discovery producers asked me what my game plan was for World War III, even though the probability of me employing a game plan if nuclear war starts is slim to none. I live in the vaporization zone of a high-priority military target. That is the reality of military bases in the middle of American and European cities.

My general rule is to employ fate and see where that leads me come the day. Yes, I have some necessary gear. Yes, I keep in shape. Cars will not be working. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the next best transportation will be bicycles. I can do more than a 100-miles a day on a bicycle; I do 20-miles three times a week.

My current goals are to renew my decades old expired pilot’s license and flying skills, renew my diving certificates and underwater skills, and I am also going to take up skydiving just to test my courage, because when fate calls, who knows, I may need any one of those skills to meet it head on.

Sadly, just surviving will not be enough. If you have ever read Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising, when the Soviet Union begins invading NATO countries and their advance stalls, the Soviet military begins calling in the Second and Third Strings, that means the 40, 50, and 60-year olds. Conquest is the hard reality of history, and I believe we are living in epoch times. The torch of empire is about to be passed.

If you read my book, Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, you will understand that the next big war is all about conquest. At my age, I would not make a happy slave, but I do have the necessary set of job skills to contribute to the fight. There will be no other options.