My picture, my world just last week.

When I was 19-years old, my first very serious job was working the flight deck of a United States aircraft carrier. Every day since, it has gotten more interesting.

Today, I was streaming Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony regarding the numerous salacious allegations being made against him, and I learned something about Christianity from his 10-year old daughter. I plan to become that kind of practicing Christian.

I have never liked Senator Lindsey Graham, but I have a new respect for him. I was cheering him on when he told the world the plain truth.

Why are people so afraid to call crazy crazy. It is interesting watching people sell each other out.

September 27, 2018
What Was In The Envelope That Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Slipped To Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer?

What was done to Judge Brett Kavanaugh was disgusting. All I witnessed were baseless accusations hurled at this man with not one shred of evidence presented. Amazingly, a number of witnesses have filed signed, sworn affidavits stating the incident never happened. That seems to be dismissed by the Mainstream Media and the Democratic Senators.

The Democratic Party political maneuvers were clearly obvious, and the total disregard for this man’s reputation, life, and family were equally obvious.

While I was watching this American sick circus, I called my Democratic Senator and told him that tomorrow I will be leaving the Democratic Party, and that I would never vote for another Democrat as long as I live.

I also organized the Union where I work, and I happen to hold an office in that Union. It is one of the largest Unions in the United States. I will suggest to my fellow members that our Union never support the Democratic Party again.

Some American readers of this Website might be surprised that I am a registered Democrat. I have never voted for a Clinton, and when I thought Barack Obama was an outsider, I did consider voting for him, but I did the research, and this Website says the rest. In fact, it was Barack Obama who convinced me how phony the Democratic Party is; they are shameless hypocrites. My experience says that there is no compromise with such people.

Tomorrow morning, I am going in late to work, and I will be going to the Voters Registration Office as soon as it opens to change my party affiliation. I was going to go Independent, but I am going Republican just to change the demographics and send a clear message.

I hope American readers who consider themselves decent and fair people will follow in my footsteps.

POSTSCRIPT September 28, 2018

After being a registered Democrat for 42 years, I am now a registered Republican. I believe most Republican politicians are no better, but individually we have to send a clear message.

The Democrats are apparently ready to initiate a cultural revolution in the United States. This is not about sexual assault. It is about pumping out bullshit and trying to sell it through intimidation and fear. I am calling crazy crazy, and if you are offended… tough.

September 28, 2018
Bombshell: Senate Prosecutor Says She Wouldn’t Charge Kavanaugh or Even Pursue a Search Warrant
Sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who the Senate tapped to handle the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, said she wouldn’t even pursue a search warrant against Kavanaugh, much less charge him with a crime, after hearing Thursday’s testimonies.

Mitchell gave senators a 30-minute presentation in which she covered the “facts that were established and not established” by the testimonies of both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, and concluded that she couldn’t bring the case “anywhere near a court room.”

September 23, 2018
CIA Honeytrap set – Kavanaugh accuser CIA ties

September 27, 2018
CIA Mind Control at work – Questions we should be asking in MSM and in Senate

September 28, 2018
Body Language – Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

September 28, 2018
Michael Savage Asks: Is Dr. Ford Tied to the CIA?

There is more to the Democratic politicians continually asking for a delay than trying to get to the Midterm Elections. I suspect that it is related to The Q Phenomenon and what is coming next, which is most likely Martial Law and the arrests of many of those same politicians.