Against my better judgment, I left a message on 8chan to Q, the Anonymous alleged White House Insider that has now become an Internet sensation. After reading through a Library of over 714 Q Posts, I had some insights and questions about events surrounding The 01/13/2018 False Hawaiian Missile Alert and The 01/31/2018 Congressional Train Collision.

Unfortunately, The Cult of Q has formed and it is almost impossible to directly respond to Q’s latest posts because the 8chan system only allows 750 responses, and those fill up very quickly. Q has gone viral, and that was a necessary thing. Had it not risen above the Internet noise level, I would have just overlooked The Q Phenomenon.

I have over 30 years invested in Conspiracy Theory, so pick your conspiracy, I have probably heard of it. If you have bought any one of my three books, which are essentially updated versions of the first, then you will understand my basic philosophy that history is based on Conspiracy Theory. If you doubt it, think Caesar, Christ, Lincoln, the Kennedy brothers, King; it is a long list.

Plotting conspiracies for power, wealth, love, or whatever is a continuing evolutionary flaw in human nature. Where do you define the level of victimization – the King, the Priest, their assassins, the accidental witnesses, or society and human civilization as a whole.

Is this flaw in human nature related to human religious beliefs; is it an aspect of the spiritual realm?

Of all of Q’s posts, this is clearly the most disturbing. Imagine the public outcry if there is evidence of an International Satanic Cult that kidnaps and kills children. This certainly fits with my interpretation of Nostradamus’ Great Scandal.

February 8, 2018
Melania Had White House Spiritually Cleansed Before Moving In, Pastor Claims

One has to guess that this International Satanic Sect believes in the reality of these evil forces, and that leads to the question does President Trump have some metaphysical evidence to prove that reality. I noticed that many of Q’s posts tell readers to just pray.

Going through the Q Posts, it is obvious that there are some very talented people out there who have connected the dots. I wound up just posting my questions on the Q RESEARCH WEBSITE, and apparently they were answered. By whom, I cannot tell you.

I believe the Q posts are the barometer that everyone who comes to this Website is seeking. Let us face it, most readers that come here want to dial in the exact moment when doom arrives. That is how I got here. We are all waiting for TEOTWAWKI, and frankly, I think people are fools if they do not see it coming.

The End Of The World As We Know It

After the first Stock Market meltdown on February 2nd, 2018, posted a very weak article on the 666 symbolism and completely missed the major pieces of the story that I uncovered and posted here on Monday, February 5th, 2018.

February 6, 2018
Execute Order 666: Stock Market Plunge Globalist Signal To Trump?

In an effort to educate people, I posted two links to my Updates regarding Q’s posts in the Comments Section of that Infowars article, and I Emailed Steve Quayle to mention that the article was incomplete after he published the Infowars link on his website.

The comment and links that I left at Infowars drove approximately 100 people to this Website, and Steve Quayle never responded to my Email. The Alternative News Conspiracy Market has its guardians at the gate just as the 8chan Q Bulletin Board has its guardians. Internet personalities are an inside joke with me; it has been a long strange journey, with many strange coincidences, for me to be where I am today and at this point in time.

Whatever evidence The Q Team is about to release proving that an International Satanic Cult exists, I admire his/her patience giving out these cryptic clues. I have been researching this material for so long, that I had finally just convinced myself that this conspiracy is so powerful, and they can control almost all the information flow, that it is an impossible sale to The Common Person on the Street.

Those regular readers of this Website have known for many years that the group I call Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels use the 3-1-1 number combination for dates in Ritual Murder. I nearly fell out of my chair as I was finishing my message to Q when the Standard and Poor Index closed down 113 Points. Amazingly, it confirmed what I had just written.

The previous Friday’s Dow Close of 666 Points and that Monday’s S&P Close of 113 Points were dialed in almost exactly. Most of the material in that message I included in my Update Q AND NOSTRADAMUS’ GREAT SCANDAL.



The Hawaiian Missile Alert happened on 01/13/2018.

The Congressional Train Collision occurred on 01/31/2018.

As 100 Republican Congressmen and Senators were traveling by train to a well-known nuclear relocation shelter for Congress, the train was struck by a garbage truck.

Were nuclear threats made against President Donald J. Trump and the Republicans? They actually started days before the 2016 Presidential Election.

On November 6th, 2016, NATO put 300,000 troops on alert.

On November 7th, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, once again closed the investigation he reopened regarding Hillary Clinton’s Email server.

On November 16th, 2016, 8 days after Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, the Navy TACAMO plane, also known as The Doomsday Plane began flying circles over Denver for hours.

On November 17th, 2016, the Director of the NSA, Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, visited President-elect Trump.

Obama had him castigated in the Mainstream Media.

On November 17th, 2016, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, resigned.

The destination of the Republican Congressional train on January 31, 2018 was the Greenbrier Hotel, which is famous for being the Congressional relocation facility in the advent of a Nuclear War.

According to Q’s post, President Trump pinged the Clintons on 1/13/2018 with the Missile Alert as they were vacationing in Hawaii.

In 2004, my research first identified the 3-1-1 number combination as a signature of The Pagan Sect in ritual murder and general mayhem. I had recently identified their signature again in another Update related to that Hawaiian Missile Alert.

Apparently, I got the sides wrong. It was not The Pagan Sect that was responsible, but it was Q’s Team sending The Pagan Sect a special message. I have repeatedly found that Donald Trump’s uses The Pagan Sect’s ritual system to telegraph messages. He is taunting them and treating readers to hints and “crumbs“.


I really appreciated this recent post by Q. Nostradamus predicted The Deep State and the assassination of the Kennedy brothers.

On December 21st, 2018, the Winter Equinox
President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Signing this Executive Order on the Winter Solstice was a message to Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

On 1/31/2018, Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels answered back with the train attack.

My concern about this exchange of threats was the nature of the symbolism regarding the 1/13 and 1/31 pings; there were certainly nuclear overtones. Consider also that the meltdown of the three nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan began after the 03/11/2011 earthquake.

This is what everybody is missing as they focus on the easy to recognize Stock Market slide of 666 points. This is ongoing battle as a recent Q post suggests.

The latest February 11th, 2018 Q post deals with several subjects, including the recent crash of a passenger jet in Russia that killed 71 people. However, for the moment, consider Q’s words, “Do people believe all recent resignations, plane crashes, plane re_routes, EMS/EBS activations, blackouts, etc are simply a coincidence?

The Emergency Management (EMS) and Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) are part of this nuclear showdown.


Two of the January 13th, 2018 posts are filled with information that I do not think anyone has fully decoded; Q, however, specifically writes SCARE NECESSARY EVENT. That coincides with the 01/13/2018 Hawaiian Missile Alert and the Clintons were there on that date.

The February 2nd, 2018 Stock Market drop of 666 Points on the Dow has the obvious connotations to Satan and The Book of Revelation. Q noted on the following Monday, February 5th, 2018 in two posts that the 666 was a message to President Trump of the fidelity of The Deep State’s control.

I recognized the importance of the 1-1-3 ritual numbers and foolishly weighed into the cyber world of Q. The nuclear threat timeline that I presented shows that The Pagan Sect of New Infidels began their nuclear threats before Donald J. Trump was elected President.

Somebody seemed to confirm my concerns that The Pagan Sect controlled more than the Stock Market, like nuclear weapons.

My conjecture was just confirmed in Q’s latest post. The Pagan Sect cannot be touched until all the nuclear weapons are locked down.

I have been called a “mad genius” before, though sometimes it is more like idiot savant. However, regardless of Q’s affiliation, the Social Media campaign of leaks is an element of a Psychological Warfare Operation.

At times I thought Donald J. Trump’s tweets made him sound superficial and petty for President of the United States. When you understand them in the context of Q’s information crumbs, I understand the logic behind the taunts.

I have been treating Q’s posts as I would Nostradamus’ prophecies. I think Q is real, however, he/she tells us to trust The Plan. I am not confident in Q’s confidence. I am selling Nostradamus here, and Barack Obama will survive to lead one side of America Civil War II.

Q’s latest post spells it out plainly; basically, when you are dealing with a cannibalistic Satanic Sect, you can plan on it being an anything goes fight. Trump and his Generals are walking on a razor’s edge juggling Satanic cannibals with nuclear weapons.

I had already built that timeline in the year that followed the murder of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Q posted that the hunt has begun. That is straight from my book.

The following Quatrain I believe involves Hillary Clinton’s return with The Black King to rescue the United States from a disastrous war with Russia. Half of this Quatrain may already be fulfilled by her work for NATO/Aquilon as Secretary of State.

The future prediction: “Nearly all of Europe and the world vexed“, “the two eclipsed” suggests the war between NATO and Russia has begun. “The two eclipsed” might be France and the United States as members of NATO.


Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-15
Vers Aquilon grands efforts par hommasse,
Presque l’Europe & l’Univers vexer,
Les deux eclypses mettra en telle chasse,
Et aux Pannon vie & mort renforcer.

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-15
Towards Aquilon [NATO] great efforts by the mannish woman,
Nearly all of Europe and the Universe vexed,
The two eclipsed such that they become the hunted,
And for Pannon (Hungary) life and death reinforced.

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, G. A. Stewart, Page 451
However, there is the multidimensional aspect related to the Clintons. I suspect that this also might eventually lead to a hunt for the Clintons who may be fleeing after the “the impurities and abominations, will to great shame, be brought out and manifested in the darkness of the obscured light”.

This Website is over 10 years old now, and I still find it amazing when I see Nostradamus’ future characters appearing on the world stage. The list of the Main Characters in World War III is long, but as we get closer to “The Apocalypse” I have been able to identify THE LEADERS OF WORLD WAR III.

President Donald J. Trump is certainly, The Sabine King, and perhaps even The American Rebel King who goes into exile in Scotland with what is left of the United States Navy. That is an interpretation that I made from Nostradamus Quatrain X-66 well before 2007.

Rebel King shall face an Antichrist so false

I have been studying Nostradamus’ writings for so long, that when I read the news I might identify some world leader by his or her Nostradamus’ characteristic and mentally file it away years in advance before I am quite sure he or she fits.

In 2008, I gave some qualifiers that Barack Obama had to meet to be Nostradamus’ Black King. That was confirmed in 2009 with the appearance of the Norway Light Spiral and Barack Obama’s acceptance of a phony Nobel Peace Prize the next morning.

I identified Donald J. Trump through an anagram after he announced his candidacy for the Presidency. I knew he would win, but I believed that “he would not be placed“. That is when I went back and looked at what I misinterpreted.

Since I first discovered Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect nearly 30 years ago and The Black King and The Mannish Woman in 2008, is it more than coincidental that the major topics in American politics are The Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal and now various aspects of identifiable illegal behavior on both the part of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

They are now historical icons and clearly qualify as Nostradamus’ Black King and Mannish Woman.

If you have read any of my three books, somehow The Black King and The Mannish Woman manage to conduct the nuclear part of World War III. In Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, I detail how I see Barack Obama making his return. It comes in conjunction with war.

If Q is right, and President Donald J. Trump is going to use the United States military to round up those politicians, lobbyists, and business people connected to Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels, I see the potential for a big public kick back. As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe too many Americans want their Fake Steak.

I suspect that The Pagan Sect also understands this, and now both parties are tap dancing around total destruction.

From the tenor of Q’s post, President Trump is juggling with lunatics willing to kill billions of people in a nuclear war.

Nostradamus describes The Black King as having the support of “The Left Military Hand“. This is an obvious split in the United States military.

It seems that the order for the Navy TACAMO plane to take off on November 16th, 2016 and fly over the city of Denver all day was enough to send the Director of the NSA, Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, to see President-elect Trump the very next day.

Q has repeatedly stated that Vice Admiral Rogers loyalty saved the country at the last minute, because they record everything.

The launching of the “Doomsday Plane” is a significant display of power and presence. I would not be surprised how many buried moles of The Pagan Sect reside unknown in the U.S. military and intelligence services. President Trump and his Generals do have a very cautious hand to play.