The Leech is identified in Sixain XLIX as south of France. That makes The Leech North Africa. This is a metaphor for the Arab League.

Clearly, “little by little”, “the leech [Arab league]” is “kindling her fire” in “Frank (France and Germany) country” through Islamic terrorism. In Sixain XXXIV, we have the anagram L’Arby for Nabil Elaraby, the current Secretary General of the Arab League.

Most importantly, however, is the perpetrator of these events, “The author of evils will commence reign in [1607-2012] without sparing all her subjects”.

As I mentioned in Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, the gender of “the author of the evils” is a woman. The United States has planned and executed the Libyan and Syrian uprisings, and Nostradamus refers to the United States in the feminine.

Quatrain IV-96 sets the gender of the United States as female. Taking the multidimensional view on translation and interpretation, it may even be a reference to former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the American engineer of The Arab Spring and the NATO attack on Libya.

Therefore, this line in the Sixain is similar to Quatrain III-59, “the greater part of his blood being put to death” and may be referring to the United States and Barack Obama.

Nostradamus Sixain XXI (18)

Nostradamus Sixain XXI (18)
L’autheur des maux commencera regner
En l’an ƒix cents & ƒept ƒans eƒpargner
Tous les ƒubiets qui ƒont á la ƒangƒue,
Et puis apres s’en viendra peu á peu,
Au franc pays r’allumer ƒon feu,
S’en retournant d’où elle eƒt yƒƒue.

Nostradamus Sixain XXI (18)
The author of evils will commence reign
In the year six hundred and seven [1607-2012] without sparing
All the subjects who draw up to the leech [Arab league],
And then afterwards she will come little by little
To the Frank (France/Germany) country to kindle her fire,
Returning whence she has come.