Sixain XXIII implies that events set in motion in 2012 lead to France and Germany being “besieged” in 2015. This follows the prediction in Sixain XXI that “she will come little by little to the Frank country to kindle her fire, returning whence she has come”.

Certainly, this is a reference to the 2015 invasion of Germany by nearly a million Syrian immigrants. This is another verification of my discovery of Nostradamus’ Dating Code.

Could “by the sea shaken over reef and billow” refer to the immigrants coming to Europe by boat? I believe it is a dual allusion that references both the immigrants’ journey as well as the blessings Pope Francis and the Catholic Church have given to the arriving Islamic immigrants.

The great ship, the prow and rudder” is most certainly a reference to the Bark of St. Peter and Christianity. Nostradamus clearly states that Christianity’s “vital spirit” is threatened.

Nostradamus Sixain XXIII (20)

Nostradamus Sixain XXIII (20)
Quand la grand nef, la proüe & gouuernal,
Du franc pays & ƒon eƒprit vital,
D’eƒcueils & flots par la mer ƒecoüee,
Six cents & ƒept & dix coeur aƒƒiegé
Et des reflus de ƒon corps aƒƒligé
Sa vie eƒtant ƒur ce mal renüee.

Nostradamus Sixain XXIII (20)
When the great ship, the prow and rudder,
Of the Frank country (France/Germany) and its vital spirit,
By the sea shaken over reef and billow,
Six hundred and seven [1607-2012] and ten [1610-2015], heart besieged
And afflicted by the ebbings of its body,
Its life appearing renewed upon this evil.