The origin of The Sixains has always been controversial. Apparently, they come from hand written documents reportedly presented to Henri IV of France on March 19th, 1605 by Vincent Seve. This is a very important point in their validity, nuance, and Nostradamus’ extensive and detailed view of the future.

What sets my work apart from nearly every Nostradamus Commentator is that I believe The Sixains are the work of Nostradamus.

The Sixains were presented to King Henri IV of France on March 19th, 1605, and that is where their importance begins and where we can ask the first question. Why did The Sixains take thirty-nine years to appear?

To the King.

Having received (several years ago) certain Prophecies or Prognostications made by the late Michel Nostradamus, from the hands of one named Henry Nostradamus, nephew of the said Michel, before his death, I have held them in secret up to now.

But since they concern the affairs of your State, and particularly of your person, and of your successors, and since the truth of several sixains has already been borne out exactly, as you can see, Sire, if Your Majesty will deign to glance at them, finding there some things worthy of admiration,

I have taken the liberty ( unworthy as I am ) to present them to you, transcribed in this little Book, no less worthy and admirable than the other two books that he wrote, of which the last one expired in the year 1597, treating of that which will happen in this century, not as obscurely as he had done in the first ones; but by enigmas, and the things so specified and clear that one can safely judge when something has happened.

Desiring that Your Majesty have cognizance of them before any other, acquitting myself by this means of my duty as one of your very obedient and faithful subjects…


Your humble, very obedient and faithful servant and subject. From your town of Beaucaire in Languedoc.

The Sixains seem to be solely dedicated to The Apocalypse and the advent of Nostradamus’ future King of France, Henri V. Note Vincent Seve’s admonition to Henri IV, “they concern the affairs of your State, and particularly of your person [Henri IV], and of your successors [Henri V]”.

Nostradamus’ heirs appear to have held on to The Sixains for thirty-nine years. Henri IV received them to pass on to his heir, Nostradamus’ Henri V. The date and presentation to Henri IV have given The Sixains credence and weight. That is why they have been appearing in Nostradamus’ Compendiums since 1611.

The appearance of Henri V is possibly related to the Catholic prophecies regarding the rise of The Last Roman Emperor, also known as The Great Catholic Monarch. I confirm this in Chapter Three with my interpretation of Quatrain X-101.

It is also a good bet that this is why Prince Charles and Princess Diana named their second son Henry. Why their second son and not the Heir to the Throne, William? Perhaps the Windsor Family has their own Nostradamus Expert, because if he reads Nostradamus like I do, I suspect that Prince William may be critically wounded in war or a terrorist attack.

This certainly relates to the myths of the return of King Arthur, hence the heavy symbolism behind Glastonbury Tor during the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Glastonbury Tor is the legendary location of Avalon in the mythology of Arthur, Excalibur, and Camelot.

It is interesting that Nostradamus never completed Century VII during the second or third stage of publishing The Centuries. In the 1557 Antoine du Rofne edition of Les Propheties De M. Michel Nostradamus, Century VII ends at Quatrain 42, but there is no Epistle to Henry.

However, in the 1566 Benoist Rigaud edition of Les Propheties De M. Michel Nostradamus, the third and posthumous stage of publishing The Centuries, Century VII still ends at Quatrain 42, but it is followed by The Epistle To the Most Invincible, Most Powerful and Most Christian Henry, King of France the Second.

The Epistle to Henry is the key to understanding many of his prophecies through the timeline that Nostradamus provides to perhaps the future Henri V.

If you add the 58 Sixains to the 42 Quatrains in Century VII, that totals 100 prophecies. That is equal to the 100 prophecies found in the other 9 Centuries, and I suggest that completes The Centuries.

Somewhere in the history of The Centuries, Nostradamus pared and reordered them. If the fragmentary Quatrains are legitimate, then there were twelve Centuries and not ten.

The Epistle to Henry is dated June 27th, 1558, so that might be a clue. However, that date has been used to guess at the first publication date of the complete ten Centuries.

Is it coincidental that the forty-two Quatrains in Century VII then lead right into The Epistle to Henry? Was this really a message to the future Henri V who was to reign in Nostradamus’ Seventh Millennium? Was that the importance behind The Sixains presentation to Henri IV?

March 19th, 2003, NATO Invasion of Iraq
March 19th, 2011, NATO Invasion of Libya
March 19th, 2014, Russia Formally Annexes Crimea
March 19th, 2015, Russia Formally Annexes South Ossetia

March 19th, 1605, King Henri IV of France is presented with The Sixains.


Also coincidental to the strange fact that The Sixains were presented to Henri IV in the year 1605, is what I have come to call the 1500, 1600, and 1700 Series of Prophecies found in The Presages, The Quatrains, and The Sixains.

As you will read in the paragraphs below, after you apply Nostradamus’ Dating Code Key, the year 1605 becomes the year 2010, the year of The Arab Spring. This is Nostradamus’ Great Proscription.

Globally, and well beyond the Middle East, the Norse prophecy of The Mighty Winter, Fimbulvetr, also came true in 2010.

As I published on my website in my January 8th, 2010 Update, in the Norse prophetic myths of a future apocalypse, Fimbulvetr was the three-year prelude to Ragnarök, the Final Destiny of the Gods.

This turned out to be a correct interpretation, because on November 15th, 2013, Norse mythology experts publicly claimed that Ragnarök would begin on February 22nd, 2014. That meant Fimbulvetr began just over three years earlier in 2010.

As it turns out, on February 22nd, 2014, the Ukrainian coup d’état began.

Another major discovery that I have made is the difference between the 1605 handwritten copy of The Sixains and subsequent appearances in later Nostradamus Compendiums.

After the 1605 Vincent Seve handwritten copy, The Sixains next appear in print in a Nostradamus Compendium published in 1611. I have matched every Sixain in the 1605 handwritten copy given to King Henri IV to the 1611 edition. The handwritten copy is incomplete and many of the Seve numbered Sixains do not match the numbering in the 1611 and later editions.

The origin of The Sixains is a contentious point between Nostradamus Commentators, and this long overlooked error is an important point.

Four Sixains do not appear in Vincent Seve’s letter to Henri IV, but they do appear in the 1611 and 1627 editions. All of them are critically important to Nostradamus’ theme of The Apocalypse and that validate the author’s prophetic powers, because it predicts the use of lasers from space.

I believe Vincent Seve hand copied what he was shown by Henry Nostradamus. In fact it is almost a certainty since he writes to Henri IV, “Having received (several years ago) certain Prophecies or Prognostications made by the late Michel Nostradamus from the hands of one named Henry Nostradamus…

Therefore, I do not follow the numbering convention in The Sixains found in the 1605 Seve letter, although it might appear the oldest publication. I follow the numbering convention for The Sixains first found in The Pierre Chevillot 1611 Edition. The numbering from the incomplete Seve edition Sixains I will include in parentheses. A 1627 edition that I have studied confirms that the same numbering convention has been used until the present date.

The name Henry Nostradamus raises all kinds of flags, because it is Nostradamus’ future hero, Henri Selin, who will eventually be crowned Henri V, King of France. In fact, Henri Selin and The Black King are the most often repeated characters in The Centuries and The Presages.

With all of these coincidences in mind, readers should take note of the date The Sixains first appeared, March 19th, 1605. As I posted above, this day has an interesting modern history that appears to be related to The Apocalypse and is even recognized in the grim, apocalyptic art at the Denver Airport.