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Prophecy, Religion, and Doom
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Chapter One
Christianity and the Road from Atlantis
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The Watchers and the Sons of the Gods
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Chapter Three
The Pawns of War
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Chapter Four
The Human Threat
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Chapter Five
The War in Heaven
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Chapter Six
The Epistle: The Children of the Great Dame

Chapter Seven
The Epistle: World War II and the Rise of the Pagan Sect

Chapter Eight
The Epistle: November 22nd, 1963: American Coup d'état

Chapter Nine
The Epistle: September 11th, 1990: The New World Order

Chapter Ten
The Epistle: September 11th, 2001: The Eve of Desolation


Chapter Eleven
The Epistle: The Global Economic Collapse

Chapter Twelve
The Epistle: The New World Order and the Antichrist

Chapter Thirteen
The Epistle: Gog and Magog Unleash New Weapons

Chapter Fourteen
The Epistle: World War III - The Chinese-Islamic Alliance

Chapter Fifteen
The Epistle: The Empire of Ogmios

Chapter Sixteen
The Epistle: The End of the Tribulation and the New Golden Age


Chapter Seventeen
The Timeline and Code of Nostradamus

Chapter Eighteen
The Lords of Armageddon

Chapter Nineteen
UFOs, Rapture, and Salvation

Chapter Twenty
Other Prophecies to Consider

Chapter Twenty-One
Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, the Essenes, and Armageddon

Chapter Twenty-Two
The Science, Weapons, and Technology of Armageddon

Chapter Twenty-Three
War, the Divine Right of Kings and Blood Sacrifice

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21 May - 9 June 2010

The Template of Doom

Much of this Update was written in May, so I have combined May and June into one Update since each is relevant to the events that I see playing out in the weeks and months ahead. Some links are a few weeks old, but I have kept them as my personal record and for future citation.

When I wrote in my April 19th Update that something major would happen on April 19th or April 20th little did I suspect that it would apply to a passage out of the book of Revelation.

A reader at George Ure's website,, pointed out the fact that the volcano of oil that is erupting into the Gulf of Mexico has made some of the water appear as if it were blood. More than a few commentators have also been alluding to Revelation 16:3.

Revelation 16:3 (King James)
And the second angel poured out his vile upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

It is quite clear that the extent of this disaster is not being reported or is not being allowed to be reported. When British Petroleum contractors are allowed to threaten CBS news reporters with arrest, and Katie Couric, the news anchor that sits in the former seat of Dan Rather and the late Walter Cronkite, can only sit there like a deer caught in the headlights and not be outraged as a foreign owned corporation usurps United States law with apparently the Coast Guard's approval, then it proves the worth of today's fourth estate.

May 18, 2010
Kelly Cobiella reports that a CBS News team was threatened with arrest by Coast Guard officials in the Gulf of Mexico who said they were acting under the authority of British Petroleum.

The official estimate of the oil erupting into the Gulf of Mexico is ten to twenty times less than what oceanographers from Florida's Universities have been reporting for weeks. It turns out the oceanographers were closer to the truth.

June 7, 2010
BP well may be spewing 100,000 barrels a day, scientist says

May 14, 2010
Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates

May 14, 2010
New estimates of amount of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico spark congressional inquiry

May 13, 2010
A volcano of oil erupting A volcano of oil erupting: BP estimated a spill of 165,000 barrels per day would not even reach land!... The fact that the spill has reached land clearly states that the size of the spill is probably well above 200,000 barrels per day. Yes, that's BARRELS, not gallons.

As you might have read in that April Update, I expected something terrible to happen on the anniversary of Hitler's birthday, but not something global. Sometimes I have a hard time believing where the evidence takes me. But it is patently clear that the oil rig explosion was anticipated and therefore it was an engineered event.

June 5, 2010
BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill: The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse. ,

June 2, 2010
Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill: The share sales represented 44 percent of Goldman's holdings… ,

April 30, 2010
Halliburton bought premiere oil-well firefighting co. for 240 mil on April 12th

April 12, 2010

Expanding on the work of others, I have provided my readers with a model and my hypothesis of the forces involved in our day to day lives, and I was able to make a successful prediction from that model. The world, however, is such a big dart board; I had never anticipated that the Powers That Be would throw such a big dart so close to my backyard.

I knew from my own interpretations of Nostradamus' Sixains that 2010 would be a bad year. 2010 is Nostradamus' Prelude to World War III in 2011. As I have described the sequence of events in my March and April Updates, we might see the use of nuclear weapons in terrorist incidents in either the West Bank or Gaza, and in Italy in response to an attack on Iran. The three characters that Nostradamus alluded to in those Sixains, were the Crocodile, the Relative of the Leech, and the Wolf.

By my reckoning, they presumably are Egypt, Palestine, and Italy in that order. It seems that the Crocodile "has hidden upon the lands" of the Relative of the Leech and the Wolf two "incendiary devices" that it had "long envied".

It is interesting that this article would now appear. Could South Africa be the Crocodile?

June 7, 2010
Is Israel planning act of desperation? It still holds two stolen nukes for possible port attack

Did I get the identity of the Crocodile wrong? Read the March and April Updates and determine for yourself. The militaries of Israel and South Africa work very closely together. The discontinuity in my interpretation was Egypt. I did ask myself, why would Egypt hide a WMD in Gaza or the West Bank?

I try to stick to the closest symbolic reference of a prediction's subject and properly join it to its verb and object. How fate works it out is the very fuzzy part of the interpretation. I associated Egypt with the Crocodile because of the Nile. It also fit in with the rest of Nostradamus' prophecies regarding North Africa's strategic part in World War III. But South Africa clearly is a major power on the continent of North Africa. Time will tell? But you read it here first!

The next trial balloon of terror that is now being introduced into everybody's consciousness is ending the Gulf Oil Rig Leak using a nuclear weapon.

June 3, 2010
Nuclear Option on Gulf Oil Spill? No Way, U.S. Says,

Now it is interesting that in Revelation 8:8 it is the second angel who casts a meteorite into the sea and it turns the sea to blood. I see this as a separate prediction that pertains to Wormwood. As you will read below, the Vatican is looking for Wormwood because the Vatican is privy to the End of Days game plan.

But did something else happen to that Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico that we do not know about? Jupiter was hit by a meteorite on June 3, 2010 that left a scar as big as the Pacific Ocean.

Richard Hoagland may suspect space based Nazis of such an attack on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday, I however, would follow the themes found in the book of Revelation and that Nostradamus presented. The Nazis are right here on Earth. I will present a good chunk of the evidence further below as well as my interpretation of Wormwood.

June 3, 2010 Jupiter Impact

Book of Enoch LIII:5 (Richard Laurence Translation)
…These are prepared for the host of Azazeel, that they may be delivered over and adjudged to the lowest condemnation; and that their angels may be overwhelmed with hurled stones…

As you may have already noticed, the book of Revelation repeats many themes.

Nostradamus also separates the two events, and as you will read further below, roundabout I have determined when and where that meteorite will strike.

Unfortunately, Nostradamus' version of the waters turning to blood also ties in with a bloodthirsty black king who will be exposed. When I reread the quatrain below, the hairs on the back of my neck went up because I had also just finished reading Wayne Madsen's latest breaking news story on Mr. Obama, which I will get to below.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-38
The profligates enemies of peace,
After having subdued Italy:
The Black king bloodthirsty, red, shall be exposed,
Fire, bloodshed, water the color of blood.

The profligates, I am quite sure, pertain to the Bilderberg Group who have just finished meeting in Spain. As you can read from the link below, it looks like the war with Iran is the next event on the table in the struggle for world control.

June 5, 2010
Bilderbergers Green Light Attack On Iran

Now these insider reports of what topics the Bilderberg Group might be discussing are all part of the ritual. The sheep must be told that they are about to be sacrificed.

In fact, maybe we have seen the first two angels from the book of Revelation and we don't even know it.

The reality of the Norway Light Spiral is now without question; what it actually was remains the subject of debate.

Revelation 16:2 (king James)
And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

It appeared in conjunction with Mr. Obama's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize.

All of the adjectives in Nostradamus' quatrains regarding the young black king are exactly like Quatrain 6-38 cited above. Is Mr. Obama Nostradamus' Third Antichrist? The potential seems very high, and if he attacks Iran, he clinches the title. Then of course follows the second angel.

This light spiral supposedly appeared in Western Canada on May 24, 2010. Listen to the two rolling thunder booms at the end of the video.

Reportedly, this second video was shot from an airplane at the same time.

There was a brief story that this was a hoax and the perpetrator had come forward, but his statements seem to have been retracted.

May 27, 2010
Canadian UFO Spiral - Martin Retracts Hoax Statement.

The spiral did appear in conjunction with the disaster that is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.

Revelation 16:3 (King James)
And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

If the images from Canada are fake, then my following statement is based on a false assumption, but perhaps a third light spiral will appear when a major hurricane or tropical storm drives the oil inland.

Revelation 16:4 (King James)
And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

Revelation 16:5 (King James)
And I heard the angels of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shall be, because thou has judged thus.

Revelation 16:6 (King James)
For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and though hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.

Look at the 130 day forecast for the oil spill from the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Can weather systems carry the oil and the chemicals from the oil dispersants from the ocean to fresh water eco-systems? Is this what the arrival of the third angel signifies?

Source: National Center for Atmospheric Research

June 3, 2010
Gulf Oil Spill Likely to Hit U.S. Atlantic Coast This Summer

The dangers are readily visible, but there are the hidden dangers that must be addressed.

May 20, 2010
Benzene the killer! Plans in place to evacuate The Gulf Population

BP, Obama Administration hide fear irreversible damage from catastrophic Gulf oil spill

Florida Gulf oil spill: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area expected to be announced

My Plans For This Website

Since I live in the Tampa Bay area, I have a vested interest in knowing the true facts of the situation and preparing for whatever comes this way, and that is one of the main reasons behind my decision to reschedule and rebudget my time.That, unfortunately, means that I will have less time to devote to maintaining this website.

This site has grown significantly since George Ure at has linked it several times. I want to thank him. He has the best website on the Internet to keep people informed in the days ahead. Conspiracy has always been in vogue, never forget that historical fact. George's tin foil hat rests squarely on a level head.

I have received some very kind letters asking for more material, but sadly I will have to let the website stand as is for long periods of time. I can only offer you my deepest apologies. I will be adding an occasional update when time allows.

I have found that after revisiting some of the material that I had written several years ago, I needed to update all of it. The reason, of course, is that I had no idea that Nostradamus' "young black king" would turn out to be the President of the United States, or that the Norway Light Spiral would be Nostradamus' "pestilent wave".

The certainty and acceptance I have now of who Mr. Obama is has allowed me to bridge the gaps that I had difficulty filling while following my own particular line of interpretation of Nostradamus' work when I wrote my manuscript so many years ago.

If you have been coming to this website at least since January, then you have read how I suddenly cracked a very old Nostradamus' anagram. In those months since, as I have put that single jeweled piece into the larger puzzle, I realize how complex that puzzle has now become and how hard and dangerous a picture that is to sell.

I have also just discovered that researching future history and watching disaster creep toward one's own backyard is unnerving and depressing. Being a writer and chronicler of the Apocalypse, I understand the immensity of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Since this disaster has already reached historic proportions without being resolved, there is little doubt now that this will turn out to be an environmental Armageddon straight out of the book of Revelation.

What religious significance people want to attach to the Gulf Disaster is entirely personal. A dead ocean is a dead ocean.

The subtlety of it all amazes me. The American people's gullibility has been so easily and masterfully manipulated, that it is clear that Too Late is right around the corner.

The epiphany I had was that I don't have to write about it anymore. I believe we are two angels into the book of Revelation. I know for most of you that too is a tough sell. And that is why I feel writing about it any further seems superfluous. It is going to be the slow kill. We will all be tired and hungry when the final thrust is delivered. That is all you need to know.

Those future days I have studied these last thirty years have become the present, and I suddenly realized that I am woefully unprepared for it.

I cannot waste my time attaching a Nostradamus prophecy to every new disaster. It only takes one to put you out of business. I have read Quatrain VI-38 hundreds of times over the past thirty years, the fact that I understand it now won't help me and those I care for beyond the fact that I understand the game.

I realize that we will have to learn to be a mobile people. This is how most of the guns will be taken away along with whatever else it is that "They" want to take (for goons with radios and uniforms that will be relative to the situation and what they can get away with). As we join the long lines of the displaced heading towards a refugee camp, military and bubba checkpoints will strip us of our guns and anything valuable.

I once had to bring arms to bear on a burglar. It's pretty scary and not pretty, certainly nothing like the movies. Our fortresses are really very fragile.

Since we are so close to the Mad Max days, my time is more valuable than money. I have spent far too much time dwelling on doom and gloom, which looks like it will be rolling into Tampa Bay in the next few months. This website is becoming a black hole for my free time and there is much on my To Do List. I will be devoting most of my free time to those pursuits and getting ready for relocation.

The latest crop of rejection slips has just started rolling in for my manuscript, and I have come to the realization that this website was appealing to my vanity and not my practicality. A goose egg is a goose egg. I am happy to have at least generated a solid readership these last few months and to have received some very nice feedback on what I have written. It certainly beats the standard rejection slip, and I thank those of you who have taken your time to stop by and read what's here.

I feel the main elements of my book have already appeared in these Updates and in my 2008 Website Introduction. I have released the code to the timeline that I believe Nostradamus imbedded into key prophecies. And this update will be the conclusion to that timeline.

I already believe that I have validated the Sixains through interpretation, but successful dates will make my interpretations unquestionable.

The code is only simple math and nothing flashy, like missing lithographs in a dusty Vatican archive, but at the end of this Update I will leave readers with my Template of Doom. One event will lock in the rest, and at midnight December 31, 2010, I will either be right or wrong.

It will be constructed from what is already on the site, plus what I add in this update. There are many more Sixains that complete the picture, but who needs that level of detail? Look at the oil erupting into the Gulf of Mexico. It's a kill shot; it is an "Engineered Extinction Level Event" to paraphrase George Ure. This disaster isn't going to be fixed in our lifetimes. The plan is to slow boil the frogs.

So, I am not buying into the latest leaked news from the Bilderberg Group meeting in Spain. Yeah, sure, they're really running scared of an informed proletariat…

Get real folks, like that amazing observation hasn't already appeared in some think tank position paper. I'll take my cues from Isaac Asimov in his Foundation series, the psycho-historians have studied various models of the information revolution. I am quite sure they have calculated the exponential expansion of their game plan in the consciousness of the world population with every node that has been added to the Internet.

Whoever is selling that BS hasn't seen how martial law works. Watch the link I cited above of BP goons threatening to arrest CBS's prime time news team for covering the greatest environmental disaster in history.

So what, so we know something's up, so we know their game plan? What are we going to do about it?

The simple fact is, that there is no line between the government and big business. The government hired the BP goons to chase CBS and others away. BP has gotten away with its lies because the government is their sock puppet. The government gives them legitimacy because one Coast Guard sailor with a radio can make your day very bad.

Goons do what they do for a paycheck, and your civil rights come at $350.00/hour.

The New World Order is here, period. The first two angels in the book of Revelation have done their thing. We are cattle in a chute, because it is pretty hard to run away from a disaster that will affect most of the northern hemisphere. This is what I mean about the level of detail readers of this site or any other site will need.

Most of us will succumb in the slow boil. I believe the one mistake that most people make when trying to interpret prophecy is that they forget that doom will come "like a thief in the night". For most of us, it is not going to drop on us like a safe, the water just gets a little hotter.

Do you define doom when the dollar collapses and the International Monetary Fund steps in and makes life very expensive; does it come if one or two nukes go off in the Middle East or Europe? Doom is here for the poor souls who made their living off the coast of Louisiana. And doom might be closing in on the people of Tampa Bay in the months ahead, but it is not going to squash them like a bug.

Slow Boiling the Frogs

Personally, I am still amazed that the American people have not woken up to the state of the government and the economy. Homogenized politicians of a bloated politburo are rubberstamping unnecessary wars now funded by the Chinese as civil liberties, jobs, and the nation's wealth disappear.

The Tea Party has been hijacked by the same buffoons who have brought about the Apocalypse… "Drill baby drill…" Let's forget about the electric car that WE LET our corporate masters shred, let's forget about the Bloom Box that could power our houses from our backyards, and hey, let's forget about the fact that nearly fifty years ago a President, a Senator, and a Civil Rights leader all had their heads blown off and the country has never been the same since. Let us also forget that a legislative body of the United States government declared that a President's death was the result of a conspiracy and they never commanded the Department of Justice to seek the perpetrators.

We love our Blue Shirts and Red Shirts though… Next come the Brown Shirts.

Glenn Beck draws record audiences as he performs his dancing bear act for the masses, all the while the Gulf of Mexico turns into a tar pit.

For Christ sake, the answers have been out in the open all along. Below, I have made it very easy for people to pony up to the truth, whether you like it or not. I have assembled the real history of the last fifty years. This is for the critics and the people I debate. It is easier to direct them to this website and point them to the facts. And if after you have read this long list, you still have not figured out who Gog and Magog are, then go fishing. I know I'm going to before it's too late.

The rub is, nobody cares. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Jack Bauer are still selling torture and indefinite detention, and now Barack Obama has codified it and extended it to "Domestic Terrorism". It doesn't take a Nostradamus to predict what lies on the road ahead.

I have assembled the links below mainly for those people who still can't tell a Bush from a Clinton, from an Obama. Since the end of World War II, our future has already been played out in Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico. Expect it to play out in the United States before and after World War III, only this time the equipment is all high-tech.

So, we should all have compassion for people who have had to flee from the kind of horror recounted in the articles cited below.

Since the United States was the architect of these polices, you should expect no less in the months and years ahead.

Now keep in mind, the hyperlinks that I have assembled are all from Wikipedia. Some people consider Wikipedia like Bud-Lite, it's kind of like beer, but sometimes you're not happy about the way it's going down. People like a Sam Adams or Encyclopedia Britannica label on their fact beverages.

These stories are so gruesome and evil, however, that no amount of spin or rewritten history can bury them in obscurity. So, I encourage readers to investigate the facts. I believe our responsibility to learn the truth after certain facts have been pointed out to us puts a burden on all of us that extends beyond this world.

If you are a regular reader to this site, then you should direct ten of your friends to read just the next section of this update, and then they should all follow suit. Tell them to forget the tin foil hat stuff on this site and just read this trail of Wikipedia links. The articles are as easy as potato chips to consume. You don't have to wade through some pontificating tome from a blowhard like me.

I have thrown in a comment or two along this path of recent history, but each link to these historical events speaks for themselves and they all connect at one place. If there is even one atom's worth of truth in these articles, then that alone is terrible enough. The sad part is, that there is much truth in these brief glimpses of history because it has been written into the record in courts of law by hundreds of lawyers.

This brings us back to the leaked meme that the Bilderberg Group is fretting over the apparent collapse of the Euro. In my mind, this is a given. Current events are being engineered. The United States dollar will suffer the same fate at nearly the same time. This is going to be the controlled implosion of modern civilization, just like the three World Trade Center buildings. Symbolism is everything to these bastards.

The symbolism behind Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death, arriving at the Denver Airport cannot be overstated. Please read my April Update concerning 1997 and the formation of the Group of Eight Nations.

A 26-foot-tall Anubis Statue Installed at Denver International Airport

The Group of Seven Nations officially became the Group of Eight Nations at the June 20 - June 22, 1997 Denver, Colorado Summit of Eight.
Are the murals at the Denver International Airport depictions of our future? This June will see the thirteenth year of the New World Order; should we worry?

As I mentioned in my April Update, the Denver Airport has become the Capital of Conspiracy. Where else would we find them adding to the themes of death and destruction?

I will reiterate, that if you have any doubts that the game plan has not been laid out for years, then look once again to Pope Benedict XVI and his coat of arms. He was elected Pope on April 19th 2005, the eve of Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Pope Benedict XVI Coat of Arms

The Game Plan and the Players

We have the Moor King, symbolic of Nostradamus' young black king, seperated by the scallop shell of Royal Dutch Shell, symbolic of the House of Orange-Nassau and the Bilderberg Group, and it is laying on an axe blade that comes between the black king and Corbinian's Bear, symbolic of Russia and the mythical bear that carried the load of a priest.

If you did not pick up on the myth of Corbinian's Bear from the link and my suggesting that it alluded to Russia, I will add a little more to that, especially before you read the links below. When you read those links, you will understand the battle that the Catholic Church fights within itself. John Paul I lost that battle.

If you have read my interpretation of the Epistle to Henri, then you know that the two main children of the sterile great dame Nostradamus identified with Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

In the months ahead, the scandals listed below will come into the public's consciousness; it may very well be because of Wayne Madsen's article, which I have linked below. But I suspect that it will lead to very dark places for the Roman Catholic Church. I have always been amazed how they have hidden this history, especially after movie, The Godfather III.

When the Roman Catholic Church falls, the Eastern Orthodox Church will pick up the load; that is the symbolism behind Corbinian's Bear. But it was the bear that killed Corbinian's horse in the first place, so you have to take that into account. Even the Church knows its doomed, that's why they have their eye to the sky, and I will get into that at the end of this update.

In the paragraphs above you read that the head of BP, Goldman-Sachs, and Halliburton, all companies with many connections to former members of government, have profited from the seemingly unforeseen events that happened in the Gulf of Mexico weeks after they made their financial transactions. It is reminiscent of the companies that benefitted from foreknowledge of the events on September 11, 2001.

The insiders got away with it for 911, they'll get away with the Gulf mess too. Oil burns really well when you're trying to start a fire. So, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, Rush Limbaugh, go ahead and stoke those flames.

The truth is in the documented history I cite below.

At this point, I would like to refer to Wayne Madsen's research. Mr. Madsen's current breaking news story is very apropos of my research and what I have easily assembled below just from Wikipedia. I will start with what I wrote in my January Update:

New details on Obama’s CIA front employer...

I have now seeded CHAPTER TWENTY with the twenty-one Lead Tube Prophecies that I have. You will note that 1985 is entitled "The Voice of the Antichrist".

Now President Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983. Maybe this is the date that he secretly joined the Central Intelligence Agency as Wayne Madsen conjectures in the link provided above.

Now Wayne Madsen's latest story is no surprise to me, because it brings me to the family tree of the conspiracy.

May 27, 2010: By Wayne Madsen:
Barack Obama and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are members of the same Gay Club: Obama began frequenting Man's Country in the mid-1990s, during the time he transitioned from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996. Emanuel, reportedly joined Man's Country after he left the Clinton White House and moved back to Chicago in 1998, joining the investment firm of Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.

After revealing details of the encounter at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Sinclair was arrested by Washington Metropolitan Police on a fugitive warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Obama's vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden. Sinclair was charged with a misdemeanor count of theft of money orders, however, the state of Delaware declined prosecution. Beau Biden later declined to run for his father's old Senate seat because of his duties to prosecute a major pedophilia case involving Lewes, Delaware pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley. There are reports that Biden's office helped to cover up Bradley's activities, including failing to authorize search warants for Bradley's office and computer.

Every American must start asking themselves about the origins of Barack Obama. Why are so many of his historical records sealed?

The story above is very interesting because Vice President Joseph Biden has close ties with the Catholic Church and particularly the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits.

Society of Jesus

The Jesuits are deeply tied to the intelligence services of Italy, France, and the United States. If you are remotely interested in the trail the Jesuits have left, I will bullet point the hyperlinks so you can follow them like stepping-stones.

The history and information available on Propaganda Due, the Italian Masonic Lodge, can link most of the major conspiracies that connect the Pagan Sect of Nostradamus to the major conspiracies of the 20th Century.

On November 22, 1963, the Pagan Sect made its move in the United States. On September 11, 2001, they took control of the West and the 21st Century. When they lose control, there will be nothing left but ruins.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-26
The great one falls by lightning in the daytime,
Evil predicted by the bearer of demands:
According to the prediction another [falls] in the nighttime,
Conflict Reims, London, Tuscan pestilence.

If you have read the Nostradamus' quatrains that pertain to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on the Home Page of this site, you may have wondered what the conflict in Reims and London was in Quatrain I-26, and what was the pestilence in Tuscany? Well, that is a long story, and right here I will take off my tin foil hat to explain the facts of history.

Propaganda Due matured after World War II. In 1963 Italian financier, Licio Gelli, who was born in Tuscany, became a major player in Western intelligence circles.

One of these days I will try and get all of Chapter Seven and Eight up onto this site, because the post World War II time period is central to the story of how Nostradamus' Pagan Sect rose to power in the West.

In my own opinion, in the late fifties and early sixties there was a militant, right-wing faction of homosexual men in the military and intelligence services of Europe and the United States who tried to seize power in France, Italy, and the United States. In the United States and Italy they succeeded, and now the entire world must deal with the incompetence and hubris of their boy toys who were groomed as their protégés and who are now in leadership positions with plenty of dirt on all who oppose them.

Now this is not meant to be a disparaging statement against homosexuals. As a committed libertarian, I believe that civil rights apply to everyone. So, there is no issue of political correctness to this story, because many of the people cited below were primarily involved with children, and that becomes an issue of morality, plain and simple.

You do not have to look any further than today's headlines regarding children and the Roman Catholic Church to see that there is corroborating evidence to what the theme below indicates.

The links below are my suggestions to the news media when they begin to investigate political extremism.

The Real Crazy Right-Wing Extremists the News Media Won't Tell You About

Unfortunately, it appears that a group of self-hating homosexuals who have deep ties to the conservative political movement in the United States are now in charge. You can see this when it rears its head in the numerous homosexual scandals seen in the Republican party.

On the Home Page of this website, you will now understand what I meant in my Introduction when I said that the Powers That Be want an Ant Society divided into a caste system of worker ants and queens. The pun was intended.

To all you phoney journalists and news commentators that are jumping on the "question Obama and the government and you're a bigot bandwagon", I will now challenge you with the facts of history and current events.

It leads to deep ties between the Catholic Church, pedophilia, exiled South American Nazis, the CIA, and corrupt politicians and powerful Catholic archbishops from Chicago.

Does it sound crazy? I will just present the timeline after I dial the Way-Back Machine to 1961:

General Edwin Walker, the Commander of the 24th Infantry in Germany, whom President Kennedy's Secretary of Defense tried to relieve of command, instead resigned on November 21, 1961. He entered Texas politics in February 1962.

Edwin Walker
of the U.S. Army was known for his conservative political views and for being an attempted assassination target of Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald, a self-proclaimed Marxist, considered Walker a "fascist" and the leader of a "fascist organization."

Walker… was arrested on June 23, 1976 for public lewdness in a restroom at a Dallas park and accused of fondling an undercover policeman. He was arrested again in Dallas for public lewdness on March 16, 1977. He pled no contest to one of the two misdemeanor charges, was given a suspended, 30-day jail sentence, and fined $1,000.

Clay Shaw, who would later be tried for the assassination of President Kennedy, worked for the Army General Staff and has been identified under oath by a former Director of the CIA, Richard Helms as a contact of the CIA.

Clay Shaw
He was the only person prosecuted in connection with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was found not guilty. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted Clay Shaw on the charge that Shaw and a group of right-wing activists, including David Ferrie and Guy Banister, were involved in a conspiracy with elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to kill President Kennedy. Garrison arrested Shaw on March 1, 1967.

Garrison believed that Clay Shaw was the man named as "Clay Bertrand" in the Warren Commission Report. Garrison claimed that Shaw used the alias "Clay Bertrand" among New Orleans' gay society. Ten years after Shaw's trial, former assistant to the Director of the CIA Victor Marchetti confirmed that Clay Bertrand was, in fact, Clay Shaw.

David Ferrie
was a private investigator and pilot who allegedly claimed to have been involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy...

A Roman Catholic, Ferrie attended St. Ignatius High School, John Carroll University, St. Mary's Seminary, where he studied for the priesthood…

...He worked as a pilot for Eastern Air Lines, until losing his job in August 1961, after being arrested twice on morals charges. Over the years, he used both his official and unofficial squadrons to develop improper relations with boys ranging in age from 14-18...
In the early 1960s, Ferrie became involved with Guy Banister, former Special Agent In Charge (SAC) of the Chicago office of the FBI, right-wing political activist, segregationist, and private investigator.

In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations stated in its Final Report that Oswald — who had been living in New Orleans in the summer of 1963 — had established contact with anti-Castro Cubans and "apparently" with American anti-Castro activist, David Ferrie.

Operation Northwoods
was a false-flag plan that originated within the United States government in 1962. The plan called for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other operatives to commit genuine acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere.

The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense.

Lyman Lemnitzer
was an United States Army General, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1960 to 1962.

Lemnitzer was one of the senior officers sent to negotiate the Italian fascist surrender during the secret Operation Sunrise and the German surrender in 1945.

He was also required to testify before the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee about his knowledge of the activities of Major General Edwin Walker, who had been dismissed from the Army over alleged attempts to promote his political beliefs in the military.

In 1975, President Ford appointed Lemnitzer to the Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (aka the Rockefeller Commission) to investigate whether the Central Intelligence Agency had committed acts that violated American laws and allegations that E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis (of Watergate fame) were involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

was the code name for a covert CIA mind-control and chemical interrogation research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. This official U.S. government program began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, and it used United States citizens as its test subjects.

Remember, I am also making the French, Italian, and English connection to President John F. Kennedy's assassination and Nostradamus' Quatrain I-26. In this same time period, President Charles De Gaulle escaped an assassination attempt on August 22, 1962 and then withdrew from NATO in 1966. My guess is that he understood the stakes.

In 1963 an Italian financier from Tuscany, Licio Gelli, who also worked for the British and American Intelligence services, rose to power in the Masonic Lodge known as Propaganda Due.

Propaganda Due

Licio Gelli
As grand master of Propaganda Due, Gelli allegedly assumed a major role in Gladio's "strategy of tension" in Italy, starting with the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing. Gladio was a clandestine "stay-behind" operation sponsored by the CIA and NATO to counter communist influence in Western European countries; it has been involved in terrorist false flags operations in Italy.

During the 1930s, Licio Gelli volunteered for the "Black Shirts" expeditionary forces sent by Mussolini to Spain in support to Francisco Franco, and subsequently became a liaison officer between the Italian blackshirts government and the Third Reich, with contacts including Hermann Göring.

Licio Gelli was connected to many infamous people in the intelligence services and the Roman Catholic Church, including the notorious priest, Krunoslav Draganovic. In 1951, Gelli and Draganovic smuggled the Nazi Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyon" into exile in Argentina.

Krunoslav Draganovic
was a Croatian Roman Catholic priest and historian who is accused as being one of the main organizers of the ratlines which aided the escape of Nazi war criminals from Europe after World War II.

He is believed to have been instrumental in the escape to Argentina of the Croatian wartime dictator and war criminal (and mass murderer), Ante Pavelic. Asked by Klaus Barbie why he was going out of his way to help him escape to Juan Peron's Argentina, he responded: "We have to maintain a sort of moral reserve on which we can draw in the future."

Klaus Barbie was an agent for the 66th Detachment of the United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps. It appears that he may have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency while in exile in South America until his extradition to France in 1983.

Klaus Barbie

(Italian for Gladius, a type of Roman short sword) is a code name denoting the clandestine NATO "stay-behind" operation in Italy after World War II, intended to continue anti-communist resistance in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe.

The role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in sponsoring Gladio and the extent of its activities during the Cold War era, and its relationship to right-wing terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the Years of Lead and other similar clandestine operations is the subject of ongoing debate and investigation. Italy, Switzerland and Belgium have had parliamentary inquiries into the matter.

Banco Ambrosiano
was an Italian bank which collapsed in 1982. At the centre of the bank's failure was its chairman, Roberto Calvi and his membership in the illegal masonic lodge Propaganda Due. The Vatican Bank was Banco Ambrosiano's main shareholder, and the death of Pope John Paul I in 1978 is rumoured to be linked to the Ambrosiano scandal, giving one of the subplots of The Godfather Part III.

The Vatican Bank was also accused of funneling covert United States funds to Solidarity and the Contras through Banco Ambrosiano.

Paul Casimir Marcinkus
was an American archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He was best known for his tenure as President of the Vatican Bank from 1971 through 1989.

In July 1982, Marcinkus was implicated in financial scandals being reported on the front pages of newspapers and magazines throughout Europe, particularly the collapse of the Banco Ambrosiano, in which Propaganda Due (aka "P2"), a masonic lodge, was involved (Marcinkus had been a director of Ambrosiano Overseas, based in Nassau, Bahamas, and had been involved with Ambrosiano's chairman, financier Roberto Calvi, for a number of years). He was also involved with Michele Sindona, who had links with the Mafia.

In 1984, Marcinkus was named as a possible accomplice in the murder of Pope John Paul I by investigative journalist David Yallop in his book In God's Name.

He returned to the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1990...

The Iran–Contra affair
was a political scandal in the United States that came to light in November 1986. During the Reagan administration, senior U.S. figures, including President Ronald Reagan, agreed to facilitate the sale of arms to Iran, the subject of an arms embargo.

Adler Berriman Seal, or "Barry Seal"
was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Seal began flying at the age of 15. In 1955, he received his pilot's license at the age of 16 and joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), whose members at the time also included Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie. He later was linked through a dated photograph to Operation 40, a covert CIA operation whose members included; Tosh Plumlee, Frank Sturgis, future CIA Director Porter Goss and anti-Castro operatives involved in the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

After successful runs into his homebase in Louisiana he moved operations to an infamous airport facility in Mena, Arkansas. There he owned and operated many planes and helicopters and advanced radar equipment. This includes the C-123 transport plane which was used famously in the Nicaragua sting operatiion. "All of his aircraft were equipped with the most expensive cryptic radio communications we had ever seen at that time," said DEA Agent Ernest Jacobsen.

Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport
Mena was home to "Operation Black Eagle" of the Iran-Contra affair. During the Clinton presidential administration, there were accusations (most notably in the controversial film Clinton Chronicles) that Clinton, during his time as governor of Arkansas, and other high-ranking state officials were involved in some way with alleged illegal cocaine importation, money laundering, and drug use centered upon the airport in Mena.

The savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s
Silverado Savings and Loan collapsed in 1988, costing taxpayers $1.3 billion. Neil Bush, son of then Vice President of the United States George H. W. Bush, was Director of Silverado at the time.
The Lincoln Savings led to the Keating five political scandal, in which five US senators were implicated in an influence-peddling scheme.

Gary Webb
was a prize-winning American investigative journalist. Webb was best known for his 1996 "Dark Alliance" series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News and later published as a book. In the three-part series, Webb investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had allegedly smuggled cocaine into the U.S. The smuggled cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits funneled back to the Contras. Webb also alleged that this influx of Nicaraguan-supplied cocaine sparked, and significantly fueled, the widespread crack cocaine epidemic that swept through many U.S. cities during the 1980s.

According to Webb and his supporters, the evidence demonstrates that White House officials, including Oliver North, knew about and supported using money from drug trafficking to fund the contras, and these officials neglected to pass any information along to the DEA.

In 2004, Webb was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head, which the coroner's office judged a suicide. Since Webb's death, both the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune have defended his "Dark Alliance" series.

Pete Brewton
teaches journalism and law at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. ...He is an award-winning journalist with 15 years reporting experience at the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post. He practiced law in Houston for five years. He is the author of the book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, which is based on his investigations of powerful Texas businessmen, politicians, and their connections to the savings and loans scandals of the 1980s.

The Vatican Bank
Several books, such as Unholy Trinity: How the Vatican's Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets, Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941–1945 and The Vatican's Holocaust, which appeared during the 1980s and 1990s were highly critical of the Vatican Bank's historical relations with right-wing governments.

The Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order were accused of financing the ratlines and ODESSA and laundering concentration camp loot.

Paul Schäfer Schneider
was the founder and former leader of a sect and agricultural commune of German immigrants called Colonia Dignidad ("Dignity Colony")— later renamed Villa Baviera — located in the south of Chile, about 340 km south of Santiago. Investigations by Amnesty International and the Chilean National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation Report have verified that Colonia Dignidad was used by DINA, the Chilean secret police, as a torture and detention centre during Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship.

Villa Baviera
formerly known as Colonia Dignidad (Dignity Colony)is a Chilean hamlet in Parral Commune, Linares Province, Maule Region... It was founded by a group of German emigrants led by ex-Nazi Paul Schäfer in 1961.

The colony was secretive, surrounded by barbed wire fences, searchlights, and a watchtower, and contained secret weapon caches (including a tank). It was described alternately as a cult, or as a group of "harmless eccentrics". In recent years, however, some facts have emerged about the disturbing history of the colony.

Both the CIA and Simon Wiesenthal stated evidence of the presence of Nazi concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death" for his cruel experiments on human subjects, at the colony.

Paul Schäfer, a former Luftwaffe paramedic, was the founder and first leader ("Permanent Uncle") of Colonia Dignidad.

Following the war he set up a children's home and Lutheran evangelical ministry.

He had left Germany in 1961, after being accused of sexually abusing two boys. On May 20, 1997, he fled Chile, pursued by authorities investigating charges that he had molested 26 children of the colony. Twenty-two other members of Colonia Dignidad, including Dr. Hartmut Hopp, the second-in-command, have been found guilty of aiding the child molestation.

Schaefer's ties to the Nazi "Angel of Death", Dr. Josef Mengele and Villa Baveria lead directly back back to Italy and Operation GLADIO through the sworn testimony of former CIA agent Michael Townley.

Michael Vernon Townley
is an American citizen currently living in the United States under terms of the federal witness protection program. A Central Intelligence Agency agent and operative of the Chilean secret police, DINA, Townley confessed, was convicted, and served time in the United States for the 1976 Washington, D.C., assassination of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean ambassador to the United States.

Michael Townley confessed that he had hired five anti-Castrist Cuban exiles to booby-trap Letelier's car. According to Jean-Guy Allard, after consultations with the leadership of the anti-Castro Cuban organization CORU, including Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, those elected to carry out the murder were Cuban-Americans José Dionisio Suárez, Virgilio Paz Romero, Alvin Ross Díaz and brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampoll.

According to declassified CIA documents, in 1975, he met with Italian Gladio member Stefano Delle Chiaie, founder of Avanguardia Nazionale, and was also in contact with OAS member Albert Spaggiari. He has been sentenced in absentia in Italy to 15 years of jail, due to his role as an intermediary between the Chilean DINA and Italian neo-fascists According to Townley, both Stefano Delle Chiaie and Albert Spaggiari worked for DINA.

Michael Townley acknowledged links between Colonia Dignidad, led by ex-Nazi Paul Schäfer and DINA on one side and the Laboratorio de Guerra Bacteriologica del Ejercito (Bacteriological War Army Laboratory) on the other.

Please note on the Home page of this website that in the photograph of former CIA Director Porter Goss and CIA drug smuggler, Barry Seal, there are also the brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampoll, the men named by CIA agent Michael Townley that were also connected to these heinous events in South America.

Villa Baveria was a secret Chilean torture prison run by Pinochet's fascist thugs. Henry Kissinger and the CIA have deep connections here, and these connections are very visible and beyond any kind of debate involving plausible deniability.

These are the very visible links to the Pagan Sect of Nostradamus that everyone ignores, and yet they are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago.

Albert Spaggiari
was a French criminal chiefly known as the organizer of a break-in into a Société Générale bank in Nice, France in 1976. During the Algerian War he worked for the Organisation de l'armée secrète (OAS), a clandestine anti-de Gaulle and anti-decolonisation organization.

Spaggiari chose Jacques Peyrat, a veteran of the French Foreign Legion who belonged at the time to the National Front, as his defence attorney. Left-wing papers later claimed that Spaggiari had received help from his political friends, in particular from ex-OAS militants close to the mayor of Nice, Jacques Médecin.

In 1995, Jacques Peyrat accused Christian Estrosi, French minister and former motorcycle champion, of having been Spaggiari's driver. But later Estrosi proved that on that day he had been motorcycle racing.

Jacques Peyrat
is a right-wing French politician and lawyer who has been mayor of Nice since 1995 and senator from the Alpes-Maritimes since 1998. In 1953 Peyrat enlisted in the 1st Foreign Parachute Battalion of the French Foreign Legion. It was in French Indochina that he met and became friends with the far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Christian Estrosi
is a French politician of Italian origin, member of the French Parliament (National Assembly of France), mayor of Nice since 2008. He is a supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Jean-Marie Le Pen
is a French conservative and nationalist politician who is founder and president of the Front National (National Front) party. He was raised as a Roman Catholic and studied at the Jesuit high school François Xavier in Vannes, then at the lycée of Lorient. In 1972, Le Pen founded the Front National (FN) party, along with former OAS member Jacques Bompard, former Collaborationist Roland Gaucher and others nostalgics of Vichy France, neo-Nazi pagans, Traditionalist Catholics, and others.

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX)
is an international Traditionalist Catholic organization, founded in 1970 by the French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Opus Dei
formally known as The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, is an organization of the Catholic Church...Founded in Spain in 1928 by the Catholic priest St. Josemaría Escrivá. Controversies about Opus Dei have centered around criticisms of its alleged secretiveness, its recruiting methods, the alleged strict rules governing members, the practice by celibate members of mortification of the flesh, its alleged elitism and misogyny, the alleged right-leaning politics of most of its members, and the alleged participation by some in authoritarian or extreme right-wing governments, especially the Francoist Government of Spain until 1978.

Operation Condor
was a campaign of political repression involving assassination and intelligence operations officially implemented in 1975 by the right-wing governments of the Southern Cone of South America. The United States participated in a supervisory capacity, with Ecuador and Peru joining later in more peripheral roles. The paternity of Operation Condor is to be attributed to General Rivero, intelligence officer of the Argentine Armed Forces and former student of the French. From 1976 onwards, the Chilean DINA and its Argentine counterpart, SIDE, were its front-line troops.

CIA documents show that the CIA had close contact with members of the Chilean secret police, DINA, and its chief Manuel Contreras.

Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State in the Nixon and Ford administrations, was closely involved diplomatically with the Southern Cone governments at the time and well aware of the Condor plan. On May 31, 2001, French judge Roger Le Loire requested that a summons be served on Henry Kissinger while he was staying at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris. Loire wanted to question Kissinger as a witness for alleged U.S. involvement in Operation Condor and for possible US knowledge concerning the "disappearances" of 5 French nationals in Chile during military rule. Kissinger left Paris that evening, and Loire's inquiries were directed to the U.S. State Department.

French journalist Marie-Monique Robin found in the archives of the Quai d'Orsay, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the original document proving that a 1959 agreement between Paris and Buenos Aires set up a "permanent French military mission" of officers who had fought in the Algerian War, and which was located in the offices of the chief of staff of the Argentine Army. She showed how Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's government secretly collaborated with Videla's junta in Argentina and with Augusto Pinochet's regime in Chile.

Marie-Monique Robin also showed ties between the French far right and Argentina since the 1930s, in particular through the Roman Catholic fundamentalist organization Cité catholique created by Jean Ousset, a former secretary of Charles Maurras.

The key figure of the Cité catholique was priest Georges Grasset, ...the spiritual guide of the Organisation de l'armée secrète (OAS) pro-French Algeria terrorist movement founded in Franquist Spain. This Catholic fundamentalist current in the Argentine Army explains, according to Robin, the importance and duration of Franco-Argentine cooperation. In Buenos Aires, Georges Grasset maintained links with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the Society of St. Pius X in 1970 and excommunicated in 1988.

The Niger uranium forgeries
are forged documents initially revealed by Italian Military intelligence. These documents purport to depict an attempt by the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq to purchase "yellowcake" uranium powder from Niger during the Iraq disarmament crisis. On the basis of these documents and other indicators, the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom asserted that Iraq had attempted to procure nuclear material for the purpose of creating what they called weapons of mass destruction, referred to as WMD, in defiance of the United Nations Iraq sanctions.

That would seem to bring historical events roundabout to current events. This is just the very tip of the iceberg. Readers should explore all of these links.

The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)
was established in 1976 to investigate the John F. Kennedy assassination and the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. The Committee investigated until 1978, and in 1979 issued its final report, concluding that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, probably as a result of a conspiracy. The members of this probable conspiracy were not identified.

The intelligence game seems like an endless labyrinth of deception. I have often wondered at what point the honest men sign off on their own morals. J. Edgar Hoover and the history of the FBI and Dr. Martin Luther King are the shining examples of that hypocrisy. Blackmail has always had great leverage. And that, I suppose, is how the twisted few will drive humanity through the gates of hell. Like cowboys cracking blue and red whips, the herd is so easily scarred, they'll stampede the gates.

The sad irony to the destruction that is underway in the Gulf of Mexico is that the fate of the United States took a great turn for the worse after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Florida and New Orleans played a central role in that conspiracy. New Orleans was the only city to prosecute the alleged conspirators, and they have been made to pay the price more than a few times. Now its Florida's turn. Think about it.

Revelation 16:5 (King James)
And I heard the angels of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shall be, because thou has judged thus.

Revelation 16:6 (King James)
For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and though hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.

Marcos Orlando Letelier del Solar
was a Chilean economist, political figure, diplomat and, later, US-based activist. He was assassinated in Washington, DC by Chilean DINA agents.

Orlando Bosch (also known as Orlando Bosch Avila)
is a Cuban exile militant and former Central Intelligence Agency-backed operative, head of CORU organization, which the FBI has described as "an anti-Castro terrorist umbrella organization."

He has been accused of taking part in Operation Condor and several other terrorist attacks, including the October 6, 1976 bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner in which all 73 people on board were killed, including many young members of a Cuban fencing team and 5 North Koreans. The bombing is alleged to have been plotted at a 1976 meeting in Washington, D.C. attended by Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles, and DINA agent Michael Townley. At the same meeting, the assassination of Chilean former minister Orlando Letelier is alleged to have been plotted.

Bosch was detained in the United States for six months until all charges were dropped and he was able to live in the United States freely. Many assume he was pardoned by President Bush. Bosch was merely released after Cuban-Americans pressured Jeb Bush to have his father intervene on Bosch's behalf. "Although many countries seek Bosch's extradition he remains free in the United States.

Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles (nicknamed Bambi by some Cuban exiles)
is a Cuban-born Venezuelan anti-communist militant. A former Central Intelligence Agency operative, Posada has been convicted in absentia of involvement in various terrorist attacks and plots in the Western hemisphere, including: involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people; admitted involvement in a string of bombings in 1997 targeting fashionable Cuban hotels and nightspots; involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion; involvement in the Iran-Contra affair; and according to conspiracy theorists, involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In Central America, Posada was assigned as deputy to Félix Rodríguez, a CIA operative who had overseen the capture of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in 1967. Posada was paid $3000 per month plus expenses from U.S. Major General Richard Secord, who was directing operations for Oliver North.

Luis Posada Carriles was released from jail after paying bond on April 19, 2007. The US Fifth District Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected a Justice Department request Posada be refused bail for entering the U.S. illegally and he was escorted by Federal agents to Miami where members of the Cuban community welcomed him as a patriot.

Cuba expert Julia E. Sweig said the decision "reeks of political and diplomatic cronyism". Sweig cited business and personal connections between Panama and the Cuban American exile community in Florida, and implied that Florida governor Jeb Bush may have had a role in the release.

Villa Baviera was all too real and most people do not even know it existed. Escaped Nazi and pedophile Paul Schaefer's Chilean conviction as a child abuser and his documented connection to Henry Kissinger and the CIA backed regime of Pinochet also leads back to the Vatican and its long toleration of child abusers and Nazis.

Once you make the leap from the facts as just briefly presented, you come to find out that there are many more allegations leading back to people in high political office in the United States and Europe who have been involved in ritual child abuse. This of course leads to the Franklin Affair and President George H. W. Bush.

The Franklin child prostitution ring
allegations were a series of allegations and legal actions surrounding an alleged child sex ring serving prominent citizens of Omaha, Nebraska, as well as high-level U.S. politicians. The scandal centered around the actions of Lawrence E. King, a prominent member of the Republican Party.

Allegations linking the Franklin Credit Union to a child prostitution ring began to surface in 1988, during an unrelated federal investigation into financial malfeasance at the credit union. News of the abuse allegations made national headlines when the New York Times reported on December 18, 1988, that the "Omaha office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledged that it had independently received reports of sexual abuse and that they were a subject of its own criminal inquiry into the credit union affair."

On June 29, 1989, six months after the Franklin story was reported in the New York Times, claims of a child sex ring with ties to high-level U.S. politicians was reported by the Washington Times in an article bearing the headline "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush." The Washington Times article, by Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald, alleged that key officials of the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations were connected to an elaborate Washington, D.C. male prostitution ring, and reported that two of these prostitutes even entered the White House late at night. The allegations included, among other things, charges of "abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion." The Washington Times article made no mention of a possible connection to Lawrence King and/or the Franklin case.

On February 1, 1991, former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp filed a civil suit on behalf of Paul Bonacci, against the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha and Lawrence E. King, as well as businessmen Peter Citron, Alan Baer, Harold Andersen, Michael Hoch, Kenneth Bovasso and other Nebraska persons and institutions.

Paul A. Bonacci won a default judgment of $800,000 in compensatory damages and $200,000 in punitive damages in the civil action against Lawrence E. King in which the petition alleged kidnapping, mind control, satanic ritual abuse, sexual abuse, and various alleged personal injuries, both physical and psychological. The judge did not rule on these allegations, but merely ruled on the motion for default judgment.

A quick glance at Wikipedia's Sex Scandals list suggests that there are many politicians who are open to blackmail.

Sex Scandals

Since law enforcement, the military, and the intelligence services have essentially merged within the United States, people can use Central and South American politics these last fifty years as the model of the way things will be in the very near future. Torture and indefinite detention have been legalized and glamorized; and political debate is no longer an option for any weak kneed liberals brave enough to open their mouth. This is an interesting turn of events, since a new word has been tacked onto "Terrorist"… "Domestic Terrorist". Congratulations all you George W. Bush fans, Obama's got a room for you at the Gitmo Hotel, or maybe you'd like to visit that Horse Farm in Latvia.

Obama will succeed at pretending he is a progressive democrat just like George W. Bush succeeded in pretending he was a conservative republican. People love their red and blue teams, and people love fascism, because the trains run on time and there are lots of state jobs to watch the last productive segment of society who have the last real jobs.

Here's what's coming to your town:

The Salvadoran Civil War (1980–1992)
was a conflict in El Salvador. It was between the military-led government of El Salvador and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), a coalition or umbrella organization of five left-wing militias. Significant tensions and violence had already existed, before the civil war's full outbreak, over the course of the 1970s. The United States supported the Salvadoran military government. The conflict ended in the early 1990s. Some 75,000 people were killed.

The government-backed death squad terrorists most infamous assassination was of a Catholic Archbishop: on 24 March 1980, Archbishop Óscar Romero was shot while giving a mass — a month after publicly asking the U.S. Government to stop military aid to the Salvadoran Government...

The Guatemalan Civil War
the longest civil war in Latin American history, ran from 1960 to 1996. It had a profound impact on Guatemala. 40,000 to 50,000 disappeared during the war and approximately 200,000 were killed.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has stated that the intelligence services in Guatemala have been responsible for multiple human rights violations.

During the Guatemalan Civil War, the CIA consistently worked inside of a Guatemalan army unit known as D-2, which was responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of Guatemalan citizens and operated a network of torture centers.

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC or WHINSEC), formerly the School of the Americas (SOA)
Between 1946 and 2001, the SOA trained more than 61,000 Latin American soldiers and policemen. A number of them became notorious for human rights violations...

As you have just read from the recent historical trail above, some men cannot find their way. So, I do not expect the truth to emerge any time soon.

My fear is that all capability to uncover the truth will slowly dissolve in crisis after crisis.

War between North Korea and South Korea is brewing; a war with Iran has been on the horizon for the last two years; the sinking global economy is now in its second year, and an ocean of tar will be rolling onto the beaches near me very soon. The Powers That Be are slow boiling the frogs. They do not want any unruly mobs until the last possible moment.

I suppose if I believe in the predictive ability of some of the more notable prophets in history, I should take faith in their words. The truth will come out, but will it be too late? Clearly, for the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern United States it already is.

Edgar Cayce 3976-15
…The rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as teachers, from the throne of life, the throne of light, the throne of immortality, and wage war in the air with those of darkness, then know ye the Armageddon is at hand.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 31:1
Then the impurities and abominations, will to great shame, be brought out and manifested in the darkness of the obscured light…

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 31:2
The chiefs of the Church will be backward in the love of God, and several of them will apostatize from the true faith.

Edgar Cayce Reading: 3344-1
"Oh what crimes have been committed in the name of religion!"

I think there is more trouble brewing in conjunction with the Gulf Disaster and it appeared in the Northwest of the United States in the state of Washington and western Canada at about the same time frame. The appearance of the deadly Cryptococcus gattii fungus was also coincident with that second light spiral that appeared in the skies over western Canada on May 24, 2010.

Cryptococcus gattii causes the human diseases of pulmonary cryptococcosis (lung infection), basal meningitis, and cerebral cryptococcomas. Occasionally, the fungus is associated with skin, soft tissue, lymph node, bone, and joint infections. In recent years, it has appeared in British Columbia, Canada and the Pacific Northwest. In 2007, the fungus appeared for the first time in the United States, in Whatcom County, Washington. April 22, 2010
New Concerns About Deadly Fungus Found in Oregon: Microbiologists have found that a new strain of airborne fungus, which has already killed six people in Oregon, is extremely virulent. The fungus, which seems to thrive in the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest, is expected to spread throughout the region from Northern California to British Columbia.

Whether the link from the website below is factual or not, there are two facts beyond question, the infamous Nazi Paul Schäfer, the leader of the Chilean torture and child abuse camp known as Villa Baveria, died on April 24, 2010 and that the Cryptococcus gattii fungus appeared in a county in the state of Washington that has a long history of neo-Nazi residents. April 26, 2010
Nazi Warlord Unleashes ‘Olympic’ Eco-Bomb On World.

Associated Press: By Federico Quilodran: April 24, 2010
Leader of notorious German colony dead in Chile...

Central to this terrible story is the Chilean biochemist, Eugenio Berríos Sagredo, who worked for the DINA intelligence agency at the Laboratorio de Guerra Bacteriologica del Ejercito (Bacteriological War Army Laboratory).

Eugenio Berríos Sagredo
was a Chilean biochemist who worked for the DINA intelligence agency. Berríos was charged of Proyecto Andrea in which Pinochet ordered the production of sarin gas, a chemical weapon used by the DINA which does not leave trace and makes the death of the victim similar to a heart attack. Other biochemical weapons produced by Berríos included anthrax and botulism. Berríos also allegedly produced cocaine for Pinochet, who then sold it to Europe and the United States. Wanted by the Chilean authorities for involvement in the Letelier case, he escaped to Uruguay in 1991, at the beginning of the Chilean transition to democracy, and what has been identified as his corpse was found in 1995 near Montevideo.

The antagonist in Nostradamus Sixains is called the Physician of the Great Disease. Perhaps Eugenio Berríos Sagredo is not dead after all.

Watching For Wormwood

The Vatican is looking for Wormwood. Sadly, as I have pointed out above, it needs to look a little closer to home for the devil.

LUCIFER Infrared Telescope April 23, 2010
LUCIFER Allows Astronomers to Watch Stars Being Born: A new instrument for the world's largest optical telescope, the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham, allows astronomers to observe the faintest and most distant objects in the universe.

Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope: The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, aka the VATT, is a 1.8 meter Gregorian telescope observing in the optical and infrared. It is part of the Mount Graham International Observatory. It is situated on Mount Graham in southeast Arizona, and it achieved 'first light', the first starlight to pass through the telescope onto a detector, in 1993. It is operated by the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, in partnership with The University of Arizona.

As you can read in the first five chapters of my book, both Hebrew and Vedic scribes recorded that the favorite weapon of the gods was a good size rock thrown from the heavens.

Book of Enoch LIII:5
…These are prepared for the host of Azazeel, that they may be delivered over and adjudged to the lowest condemnation; and that their angels may be overwhelmed with hurled stones…

Nostradamus Quatrain I-91
The Gods make it appear to humans,
That they will be the authors of a great conflict:
Sword and lance, before heaven seen serene
On the left hand there will be great affliction.

The Pope's death is intimately connected with the approach and departure of the comet that appears prior to the start of World War III. This is why the Vatican has a vested interest in determining when Wormwood will arrive.

With a little backwards engineering of Nostradamus' predictions, we can easily arrive at those dates if you follow the code that I have explained in the March and April Updates.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-43
When the comet appears.
Three great leaders will become enemies:
Struck from the sky, peace and Earth will quake,
Po and Tiber (Italy) will overflow, a serpent placed upon shore.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-15
Shortly before the monarch is slaughtered,
Castor Pollux in the side aisle [or harmful], a bearded star [comet]:
Public funds emptied through land and sea,
Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin forbidden lands.

Castor Pollux en nef translated as is means Castor and Pollux in the side aisle. Some commentators read this as ship, somehow seeing the word navire, but I question their method. Nef means side aisle. If nef as an apocope, where the last syllable is left out, then the adjective nefaste, meaning harmful, might apply. Translated as side aisle, however, suggests that the battle between the Two Brothers, Castor and Pollux is waiting in the wings after the monetary crisis. If the metaphors applied to baseball that means when Global Economic collapse is at bat, the war between the United States and Russia is on deck.

Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin forbidden lands I believe applies to the effects of a nuclear weapon that will be detonated in Italy. In my April 26th Update I explained how Nostradamus seems to predict that two nuclear weapons will be detonated in 2010: One probably in the Israeli occupied West Bank and the other possibly in Italy. The intention of the terrorists will be to target religious shrines of some type.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-70
The eye through and object will swell very much,
Burning so much that snow will fall:
The fields [so] watered will come to shrink,
As the primate succumbs at Rege [Viareggio, Italy]

Some commentators have translated Rege as the town of Reggio in Southern Italy. Given the cities that will be uninhabitable in Quatrain II-15, the town where terrorists might strike is Viareggio just north of Pisa.

In the next quatrain you will read that events in Hungary will be an indicator that the United States and Russia will be close to war.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-90
Through life and death the realm of Hungary changed:
The law will be more harsh than service:
The great city cries out with howls and laments,
Castor and Pollux enemies in the arena.

The law more harsh than servitude seems to indicate that the harsh conditions and austerity measures imposed after an International Monetary Fund bailout will push Hungary toward civil war and chaos.

A current development in global economics I find interesting and unforeseen is China's support of the IMF. On my Home Page you can read how Chinese troops are stationed in Iraq to protect their petroleum interests. Will Chinese troops be allowed to protect their foreign property investments through IMF imposed sanctions?

One of the interesting experiences in writing my book is having all of this information on prophecy at hand, and then watching world events fulfill themselves in ways that I had not imagined. All aspects of my January Update still amaze me and how I deciphered SAMAROBRYN. As you can read, without any code work or hocus pocus the name Obama clearly stands out, and the Norway Light Spiral and the 2009 Nobel Peace prize are now parts of history.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-5
So great a famine by a pestilent wave,
By rain extending the length of the Arctic Pole:
SAMAROBRYN 100 leagues (135 miles) from the hemisphere,
Living without law exempt from politics.

I am quite confident that I have nailed this quatrain right on the head (after it happened). Though I could be smug about this historical accomplishment in the long and mysterious history of Nostradamus' commentary and criticism, it clearly was not something that I had discovered or written about almost five years ago when I had completed the first draft of my manuscript. Had my manuscript been published back then, it would most likely be propping up tables right now having suggested like so many other researchers that SAMAROBRYN was a satellite traveling over the Arctic Pole.

Then suddenly we see something like the Norway Light Spiral or the Moscow Tetrahedron and we are all mystified, but Nostradamus has provided clues and warnings to us from nearly five centuries ago.

So, I thank the thousands of readers of this website for taking part in this evolving process, your interest has continued to propel my interest. It was not my intention to create a dynamic book, but I can see now that you cannot tweak a book that is lying on your coffee table or propping it up. I would have gotten large parts of the story wrong had I found a publisher two years ago. The sad part is not being able to keep the momentum up, but time is at a premium now and I cannot make this website a second full-time job.

I will leave this as my record. Readers can make comparisons of current events to the Template of Doom I have set out in these web pages. All coincidences are intentional.

We saw Quatrain VI-5 come true on the night of December 9, 2009 in Norway. These are the main elements you can take from that quatrain without any further extrapolation beyond a rearranging of the anagram and then a direct translation: Pestilent Wave, OBAMA/SRRYN, Living without law exempt from politics, and then when we bring in the following quatrains there is a consistent theme that is very evident.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-60
Throughout all Asia great proscription,
Even in Mysia (NW, Turkey), Lycia (SW Turkey), and Pamphilia (SW Turkey):
Bloodshed through absolution,
Of a young black king filled with felony.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-76
With the black king Rapacious and blood-thirsty,
[The one] Issued from the brothel of the inhuman Nero:
Between two rivers left hand military,
Shall be murdered by Young baldy.

I believe the great proscription in Quatrain III-60 will be related to the IMF global economic austerity measures that will be imposed on those countries that need the economic bailout. Initially, it may be supported by China both economically and militarily, as I mentioned above. The Chinese are in Iraq now and American politicians and generals do not seem to be complaining.

Also, on the Home Page under Validated Predictions you can read that a leader from Egypt will also complain about the economic edicts that the IMF developed at their October 3, 2009 Istanbul meeting.

There will be cascading revolutions around the world as global finance atrophies. My guess is that famine will burn it out.

But it is the association of the Black King with Nero that brings us directly to what I believe is a reference to Wormwood and the next Nostradamus' quatrain, which ties in the Third Antichrist to a meteorite striking in Artois, France. This is very close to NATO Headquarters in Belgium.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-59
The English chief stays too long in Nîmes (France),
Towards Spain, AENOBARBE to the rescue:
Millions will die when war starts that day,
When in Artois (Northern France) a bearded star will fall.

AENOBARBE is an anagram for Aenobarbus, it is the family name of Nero.

What I have always found interesting about this quatrain is that the first artesian wells appeared in Artois, from which the name is derived. It is also interesting that Wormwood will poison a third of the wells in the world.

Revelation 8:11(King James)
And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood: and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

So, this Quatrain V-59 clearly ties in the Third Antichrist with a comet and a meteorite strike.

We know from the following quatrain that the comet will be discovered not far from Cancer (21 June - 21 July) and the Pope will die the night it disappears.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-6
Appearing towards le Septentrion [Ursa Major],
Not far from Cancer (June-July) the bearded star [comet]:
Susa (Piedmont), Siena (Italy), Boetia (Thebes), Eretria, (Euboea)
Death of the great Roman, the night [it] disappears.

Here is how we can infer that seven months after the comet is discovered could be the time when the Pope dies. If the comet is discovered in May which is "not far from Cancer" [June]", according to the following quatrains, it means that in December, the Pope will meet his end.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-100
From celestial fire on the Royal edifice [Vatican],
When the light of Mars will go out:
Seven months great war, people dead of devilry
Rouen, Evreux (France) the King will not fail.

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-93
Seven months [after the comet] no more will he obtain the prelature,
Through his death a great scism will arise:
Seven months another has the prelature,
Near Venice peace, union to arise again.

We know that prior to these events a terrorist incident against the Vatican will trouble a shaky peace. Could this be the terrorist incident of 2010? The implication in VIII-93 and V-44 further below is that the war between Castor and Pollux, the brothers of Aquilon, the United States and Russia, may resume at any moment.

There are temporal markers set by the all the Six Hundred Series of predictions in the Sixains that link with the quatrains and presages. Here are two important ones:

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-54
At daybreak and the second crowing of the cock,
Those of Tunis (Tunisia), Fez (Morocco), and Bougie (Algeria),
By means of Arab (Fundamentalists) capture the King of Morocco,
1607 [2012] years after the Liturgy.

From my March Update, you can read that by applying the 1600 Code of 405 CE, this date becomes 2012 CE.

As I wrote: The way I read Nostradamus' prophecies, by 2012, with successes in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, a unified Islamic Empire throughout Asia and the Middle East more powerful than the Ottoman Empire will join in an alliance with China.

Chinese forces will come to Europe through the Balkan peninsula and Islamic forces will strike at Europe from North Africa.

From the next quatrain we get a framing date of when the Vatican will have to conduct the election of another Pope.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-91
Roman clergy in the year 1609 [2014],
At the first of the year holding an election:
Of one gray and [the] black king issued of the Companion [classmate],
Never was there one so wicked as he.

Interesting enough, la Compagne can be translated as Companion, Classmate, or Wife. Barack Obama's mother was the classmate of his Kenyan father. Again, the theme of adjectives Nostradamus uses to paint the image of the black king are self-explanatory and consistent.

There is more to this quatrain that I will save for a later time, but the date confirms predictions made in both the Epistle to Henri and in the quatrains, and the hint is in the allusion to the color gray and the death of Pope Benedict XVI.

Now we can note from the following quatrain that when the comet appears, Iran will turn to invade the Balkan Peninsula.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-96
Flaming torch [comet] seen in the night sky,
Near the ending and beginning of the Rhone [river]:
Famine, steel: the relief provided to late,:
Persia [Iran] turns to invade Macedonia [the Balkans].

As we read in Quatrain II-96, when the comet appears, Iran will be ready to invade the Balkan Peninsula. That would be a considerable feat, since Turkey is the springboard into the Balkans and it is a long way from Iran.

Throughout my book and these updates I have written about the importance of sequential quatrains. Century II also has the important triplicate prediction of nuclear war between the United States and Russia in quatrains II-89, II-90, and II-91, which I mention in Chapter Six.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-97
Roman Pontiff beware of approaching,
The city that two rivers irrigate:
Near there your blood will spirt,
You and yours when the rose will flourish.

The next quatrain might refer to the Cardinal that is seized in Quatrain V-44 below. And in Quatrain V-25 there is also the mention of the Church suffering at sea in Leo (July-August) with regards to some action by Iran.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-98
The one whose face is sprinkled with blood,
Of the victim nearly sacrificed:
[Jupiter the Thunderer] in Leo [August], omen through presage:,
To be put to death then for the bride [Bride of Christ - the Church].

The one theme that is also consistent is that Iran will have great success on the battlefield and a New Xerxes will arise.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 23:1
The great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where Attila and the new Xerxes [will] descend in numbers great and countless…

Even Edgar Cayce predicted that a new Xerxes would rise up and that the Messiah would eventually turn back Xerxes and deliver those under a foreign tongue. Unfortunately, he predicted that this would begin in 1998.

Edgar Cayce Reading 5748-5
In this same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the Brotherhood degrees with John, the forerunner of Him, at that place. As is indicated in that period where entrance is shown to be in that land that was set apart, as that promised to that peculiar peoples, as were rejected - as is shown in that portion when there is the turning back from the raising up of Xerxes as the deliverer from an unknown tongue or land, and again is there seen that this occurs in the entrance of the Messiah in this period - 1998.

My best guess is that this is one of those dates that future historians might understand. I take it that events in 1998 have led to the inevitability of a war with Iran.

However, it seems that after the success of Iran in absorbing a nuclear attack from Israel, and then sinking the United States' Fifth Fleet, and the apparent detonation of two Egyptian (or South African as the link above implies) supplied nuclear devices so close to Israel and in Italy, Iran will be seen as a victorious giant to most of the Islamic world, including both the Shiite and Sunni sects of Islam.

Many Shi'a and Sunni Moslems will believe that the Mahdi has arrived. Iranian forces will then sweep into southern Iraq and be halted at the borders of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-25
The Arab prince of Mars [war], Sun and Venus in Leo.
The rule of the church will succumb at sea.
Towards Persia (Iran) very near a million men,
Byzantium (Turkey), Egypt, the true serpent will invade.

As I have explained in the January Update and my 2008 Website Introduction, in Quatrain III-77 it appears that Egypt and Iran will meet in confrontation at the end of World War III.

I believe the historical analog would be the Free French Forces in World War II. The American government has supported a small number of upper caste Sunni Moslems from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey. When these governments are overthrown and invaded, elements of the exiled militaries will most likely fight alongside NATO forces.

In Turkey this relationship with the West is beginning to crumble.

However, before this is allowed to happen a great army of Western forces will assemble and try to invade Egypt, where they will be defeated.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-43
On the point of descending the Crusader army,
Shall be ambushed by the Ishmaelites:
Struck from all sides by the Revered,
Rapidly assailed by ten elite ships.

As you may have read in the March Update, there is a character in the Sixains that Nostradamus refers to as the Physician of the Great Disease. Since Egyptian doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri, a surgeon, appeared on the scene after being involved in the assassination of Egypt's Anwar Sadat, I have long wondered if this moniker applies to him.

I believe this same channel in Egypt that has allowed Ayman al-Zawahiri to flourish and succeed as one of the world's most powerful and well-known terrorists will probably be the same conduit through which two nuclear weapons will be smuggled into the West Bank and Italy and detonated sometime in 2010.

Always keep in mind, that the Pagan Sect is allied with the New Infidels. In Nostradamus' Epistle to Henri there is the clear reference to the strange historical alliances between Western and Islamic secret socities. This is documented in James Wasserman's book, The Templars and the Assassins.

Nostradamus’ Epistle: Paragraph 17:2
Her dominator will fall into the pagan sect of the new infidels.

Iranian forces will eventually conquer Saudi Arabia.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-16
The Sabaean tear no longer at its high price,
Human flesh by death burned to ashes:
The isle of Pharos (Egypt) invaded by the Crusaders,
When at Rhodes (Greece) the harsh specter [of war] appears.

Sabaean Tear is an allusion to the Saudi Arabian city Saba and the much sort after Frankincense, which it supplied to the known world. It could also be symbolic of oil. After their success in Egypt and Saudia Arabia, the Islamic Army that Iran will raise will turn toward Greece and Turkey.

Many predictions in the Quatrains and Sixains talk about a Great Siege, I believe this will be the Siege of Baghdad. It will begin in the Spring of 2010 as the sectarian violence ignites in Iraq, which is happening right now.

Nostradamus Sixain XIV
At the great siege great crimes again,
Starting again worse than ever
Six hundred and five [2010] in the spring,
The capture and recapture,
Soldiers in the fields until winter
Then afterwards it will begin again.

After the attack on Iran, all NATO military forces in Iraq will be isolated and retreat into the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad when Iraqi Shi'ia militias supported by Iran sweep through southern and eastern Iraq.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-61
The great band and sect of the Crusaders,
Standing in Mesopotamia [Iraq and Syria]:
Near the river [Euphrates] a light company,
That given [by] law [they are] kept for an enemy.

In the United States, besides the defeat in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, Barack Obama and the rest of the West will be facing an immediate civil war and global economic collapse. The forces overseas will be forgotten and unsupportable.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-34
The machine of flying fire,
Will come to trouble the great besieged chief:
Within [the army] there will be such sedition,
That the abandoned ones will be in despair.

The civil war in the United States will have an effect on the command structure of the forces trapped in Iraq. Weather weapons will be used to support the besieged troops.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-99
Wind [from] Aquilon will make the siege [or headquarters] go away,
Through the wall discarding cinders, lime, and dust:
Through rain afterwards, which will trap them well,
Final relief contrary to their limitrophe.

Siege can be siege or seat, as in headquarters. Frontiére can also be translated as limitrophe, which is significant because the exact definition means providing subsistence for frontier troops.

In the end the besieged troops and Westerners in Baghdad will be overrun.

The Third Ages of Mars has been coded by Nostradamus to begin in 2011. I accept that this is the point in time where the United States and Russia begin a limited nuclear exchange. It will begin with one or two nuclear armed missiles taking out strategic targets.

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-99
The valiant eldest son of the King's daughter,
Repulsing the Celts [French] very profoundly:
He will use so many thunderbolts, combined in an array,
Sparsely and distant, then deep into Hesperia [America].

I do not see this happening until late in 2011, at least ten years after September 11, 2001. For Nostradamus noted in his Epistle to Henri, that when a country that was worshipped for its curved insignia, such as the dollar sign, had lost its two swords, then the decade he called the Eve of Desolation had begun.

Western losses in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan will be so bad, that Russia will not have to do anything immediately. It will probably take until the summer of 2011 to assemble another NATO army to halt Iran, which will certainly move toward Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-80
From Fez (Morocco) the realm will reach into Europe,
Their city blazes and blades cut:
The great one of Asia by land and sea with a great troop,
So blues [United Nations], pers [Persians], the cross [Christians] pursued to death.

At some point it appears that a United Nations cease fire will be implemented; possibly in August 2011 according to Quatrain V-25. When the Arab prince of Mars [war], will make the rule of the church succumb at sea.

This appears to be a terrorist incident involving a Cardinal.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-44
On the sea the red one [Cardinal] taken by pirates [terrorists],
Because of him peace will be troubled:
He will expose anger and greed through a false act.
The great Pope will double the army.

Interestingly enough, we see the number seven pop up again as sept jours [seven days] yet VIII-93 is sept mois [seven months]. Does the comet make its closest approach for seven days in December?

Nostradamus Quatrain II-41
The comet will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make the Sun appear doubled:
The big mastiff will howl all night,
When the great Pontiff will change countries.

We also know that when the comet is at its closest, the Pope will be forced to flee the Vatican.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-15
While navigating the great Pope taken captive,
The great one thereafter fails the clergy in tumult:
Second one elected absent his possesion declines,
His favorite bastard a tricky death.

The Pope's fate will be uncertain. The Vatican will be destroyed. The next Pope elected will not be in Rome, thus absent his possesion.

Almost all of the last part of Centrury II deals with the Mahometan increase, Iran, Noise and light extending toward Aquilon and a Roman Pontiff fleeing Italy to France.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-93
Very near the Tiber presses Libytine [goddess of death],
Shortly before a great inundation:
The chief of the ship [Pope] prisoner, thrown into the bilge:
Castle, palace [St. Peter's Basilica] in conflagration.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-68
Of [the] mountain Aymar [of slaughter] shall [the] noble be obscured,
Evil at the junction of the Saône and Rhone [rivers] (Lyons, France):
Soldiers hidden in the woods on [Saint] Lucy's day [December 13, 2013],
Never was there so horrible a throne.

St. Lucy's day is December 13th. If we extrapolate this with my interpretation that World War III will start in 2011, this quatrain should be read as written. Pope Benedict XVI, a Nazi Pope and a benefactor and protector of the Pagan Sect, sits on the throne of St. Peter thus, Never was there so horrible a throne.

From the Inquistion to the sorted recent history of the Vatican that I cited above, if the Vatican is looking for Wormwood, they need to look a little closer to home for the devil and evil.

I know many readers follow Predictive Linguistics at I have found Cliff High's precise ability to pick dates quite remarkable. Of course, everything turns on how our "monkey minds" make the interpretation of ambigous terminology. As a commentator on prophecy, I understand that you can only paint a fuzzy picture of the future.

This is how I see November:

Directly From Prophecy:
1) There will be a worldwide sighting of extraterrestrial spaceships.
2) Two nuclear weapons are detonated in "terrorist incidents" in conjunction with an attack on Iran. One weapon explodes near Viareggio, Italy, and another weapon explodes near Gaza or the West Bank.
3) The United States Fifth Fleet will be sunk.
4) Israel is bombed back to the stone age.
5) Iran invades and conquers most of Iraq.
6) Possible skirmishes between the United States and Russia that increase until World War III begins in late 2011.
7) The Great Siege of Baghdad begins.
8) Global economic collapse causes the price of gold to skyrocket.

The Author's Logical Extrapolations:
1) A quickly brokered ceasefire by the West is sought and achieved through the Vatican.
2) The NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are isolated and held hostage until the West comes to terms with Iran.
3) North Korea invades South Korea.
4) China invades Taiwan.
5) The United States and Japan destroy North Korea.
6) Martial Law, forced conscription, and civil war erupts in the United States and Europe.

I believe this is where we will start from in November. It will seem like World War III has begun, but 2011 is when I think the first nuclear missiles will be arriving in the United States and Western Europe.

In May 2011 an earthquake will destroy Los Angeles.

World War III will erupt in late 2011, when the Vatican's brokered cease fire collapses because of a terrorist incident at sea involving a Cardinal close to the Pope.

In 2012 NATO forces will again be defeated by Iran when China invades Iran and the Caucuses chasing out the United Nation's peace keeping forces.

In May or June 2013 the meteorite Wormwood crashes into Northern France and Belgium destroying NATO Headquarters and igniting a massive three-way intercontinental nuclear war.

Northern Europe will "disappear in the twinkling of an eye" and southern England and London will be destroyed by a great flood.

China and the United Islamic army invade Europe through the Balkan Peninsula and North Africa, and North America through Alaska and Newfoundland.

Pope Benedict XVI will flee the Vatican and be captured in France by the Islamic army on December 13, 2013, whereupon he will be taken to North Africa where he will die.

In January 2014 a new Pope will be elected.

In the April Update, I indicated that there were two events in the spring that would allow readers to apply this template over the predictions made by Nostradamus. They were an earthquake in May in California and a currency collapse that would occur either in a two month period from March to April, or in an eleven month period from April of one year to March of the following year.

Also, in Nostradamus' Quatrain I-81, I have interpreted that when a Justice whose last name ends with an "L" sits on the Surpreme Court, that might be an indicator that social unrest and civil war would be on the horizon in the United States. If seated, Elena Kagan shares the "K" with Anthony Kennedy as one of the three Justices with the initials, "K", "Th", and "L", who will be forcibly removed from the Supreme Court.

As I had interpreted correctly, gold has risen nearly three hundred dollars above its price since the October 2009 IMF meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. Predictive Liguistics is indicating that around June 28th, the price of gold will go much higher. At that point I would apply the eleven month template exactly as Nostradamus had written it, which I detailed in my April Update. This also fits over another Predictive Linguistics date concerning a low point for the economy set for March 2011.

The Sixain code dates begin in 2010, so I am leaving no wiggle-room for my interpretations. I can only hope that I am very wrong.

The June Comet?

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-6
Appearing towards le Septentrion [Ursa Major],
Not far from Cancer (June-July) the bearded star [comet]:
Susa (Piedmont), Siena (Italy), Boetia (Thebes), Eretria, (Euboea)
Death of the great Roman, the night [it] disappears. June 8, 2010
New Comet Visible in Early Morning Sky

It's funny how the universe speaks to you. I was unaware of Comet McNaught's arrival. As you may have just read, I have posted a timeline of future events that I have interpreted from the prophecies of Nostradamus. Since I have a familiarity with how Nostradamus structured his poems, one poem might span a period of time. Above you might read the quatrain as, in the year after the comet is seen, such and such will begin, not when the comet is seen war will suddenly come, but an event associated with the eventuality of the war.

It is interesting that Predictive Linguistics has flagged June 28, and the July 7-11 period as days to watch.

Integral to my interpretation, however, I believe there will follow a rain of meteorites that strike the Earth at some time during the comet's transit of the Solar System. I could be wrong, because this too could come at a later time after the appearance of a comet. Translation is a tricky business.

Incidently, for the sticklers, the constellation of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, is probably symbolic of Russia, not the location of where it will be seen.

This comet requires watching. All the ingredients are here for a Nostradamus or book of Revelation type event. The recent meteorite strike on Jupiter may be a portent of what is to come. Comets have never been a good omen. Good luck.

Kindest Regards to All,
G. A. Stewart

Confirmation of the Author's Work

Everything this author has proposed in these web pages is confirmed in the resume of Mr. Peter Sutherland. You will note that he was chairman of BP from 1997 to 2010. Please read my April Update to see that this period coincides exactly with the formation of the Group of Eight in 1997 and the thirteen year period to 2010, when the Tribulation is officially kicked off according to Nostradamus.

Peter Denis Sutherland
1) On 5 December 2006, he was appointed as Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (a financial adviser to the Vatican).
2) Peter Sutherland was educated at Gonzaga College, a Jesuit day school in Dublin and then studied law at University College Dublin.
3) He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group...
4) ...A chairman of the Trilateral Commission
5) He is non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.
6) In January 2006, he was appointed by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan as his Special Representative for Migration.

If you do not believe that the BP Gulf of Mexico crisis will get any worse, look at the United Nation's position Peter Sutherland was appointed to in 2006. The quote from Wikipedia explains the game plan:

He was appointed by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan as his Special Representative for Migration. In this position, he was responsible for promoting the establishment of a Global Forum on Migration and Development, a state-led effort open to all UN members that is meant to help governments better understand how migration can benefit their development goals.

For the people living on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico it is going to get much worse. You will have to move. I have repeatedly explained to the audience of this website that the Vatican has the game plan for the Apocalypse, because they seem to be helping engineer it.

Vatican Official Tied To BP, Goldman Sachs And Media Censorship In The Oil Fiasco... Increasing Evidence Of Foul Play

Mr. Peter Sutherland needs to be subpoenaed by a United States Congress that cares for their countrymen as well as their own families. They have left quite a legacy.

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-82
Desolation everywhere for Libra [Balance/America] and unsociable [isolated],
The nephew of the great Pontiff will come to wander:
Felled by seven [European led Group of Seven Nations] with a heavy club,
For those who afterwards will occupy the Chalice.




The Timeline of Nostradamus

Edgar Cayce's Atlantis and Poseidia

2008 Website Introduction





As you will read in the Introduction to my book, whether manned or unmanned, I have a great love of space exploration. I worked in an advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory for many years. The rocket engines I helped build and test have sent spacecraft out into the universe that will still be on their journey long after I have completed mine.

NASA lost credibility with me after the Challenger accident. I woke up to the fact that the Official View masquerades as the truth.

The subject of the first article I had published in a major newspaper was about NASA withholding the true story behind the heroic deaths of the Challenger astronauts. The undisputable facts of that tragedy are that some of the astronauts survived the explosion and tried to save their doomed ship.

To withhold that information from the world and posterity is the sterilization of human history. Seven people, seven lifetimes of training and discipline channeled into two and a half minutes of superhuman courage and strength, erased in a moment by a government dolt who found public knowledge of the complete story disturbing.

There will be no dreams or myths in our future. There is a concealed body lurking in the shadows of power, and it is intent on building an Ant Civilization. In this insect empire, there are only queens, workers, and the Official View.



Source: 20th Century Fox
Planet of the Apes

"I'm a seeker too... but my dreams are not like yours..."

It has been twenty-six years since the Challenger accident, in the interim there was the Savings and Loan Crisis, the Iran-Contra Affair, Desert Storm, the Dot-com Crisis, 9/11, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the space shuttle Columbia's disintegration over Texas, the sub-prime crisis, the credit default crisis, and the list goes on. Every stage of these crises was signed-off by an inspector, a manager, or someone in charge who put on a good paperwork show, but the paperwork facts did not measure up to reality.

When oblivion comes knocking on the United States' front door, the country will go down ISO certified.

In the Introduction to my book you will read about the conversation I had some years ago with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon. It forced me to ask deeper questions about extraterrestrial life and humanity's place in the scheme of things.

Those answers led me to an Alternative View. It is an all encompassing view that straddles science, religion, politics, and history. It is a view that abhors the reductionist's method of compartmentalization and embraces the ultimate conspiracy theory by seeking to connect everything.

On a planet where no political, social, scientific, or religious institution has been left uncorrupted, there are no reference frames or standards with which to compare. We are all left with reason and our own moral compass to guide us in this wilderness of mirrors and illusion.


Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 27:1
And the countries, towns, cities, realms and provinces who will have abandoned their old customs to gain liberty, will have in fact enthralled themselves still more profoundly, causing them to secretly let go of their liberty.

And losing faith in their perfect religion, they will begin to strike to the left, only to return to the right.

And replacing the sanctity, overcome long ago, of their pristine scriptures


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