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G. A. Stewart has had a great deal of experience pointing out hypocrisy. He completely understands the futility of pointing out the obvious, but he understands that some people do get it. Killing bad… stealing bad… not living up to your words bad…

Nostradamus’ writings have been an enduring riddle, sometimes the answers take you to places you do not want to go.

The simple fact is, when you write that the first black President of the United States is Nostradamus’ Black King and his Third Antichrist, it is downhill from there.

Barack Obama’s Presidency was worse than his predecessor, George W. Bush. Never mind Barack Obama’s record of extra-judicial drone killings of Americans, never mind that he saw nothing wrong with spying upon innocent Americans, never mind the endless wars and the broken promises; by initiating The Arab Spring, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton destroyed the Middle East and North Africa. They created the refugee crisis in Europe.

Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department are also responsible for the Ukrainian coup d’état that has brought NATO and Russia closer to war than they have ever been. These are just the facts of history.

In his seminal 1961 book, The Life and Literature of Nostradamus, Edgar Leoni first suggested that the interpretation of the French word, Noir, Black, when used as a noun and subject in a poem, could be interpreted as, Roi Noir, because inside Noir is the anagram Roi, King.

Hence, Noir becomes Roi Noir, Black King.

In my December 2008 Website Introduction, I suggested that President-Elect Barack Obama might be Nostradamus’ Black King. I was still doubtful because the Bush-Clinton Criminal Families are the two ruling political dynasties in the United States.

I am not the first to make this observation about Nostradamus’ Black King. Barack Obama’s important historical legacy is not over, so of course it would show up in Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Other well-known Nostradamus Commentators have used Leoni’s work and failed to give The Black King citation to Leoni.

2017 turned out to be an insanely fascist year for political correctness, replete with violence and threats of violence from anarchists oblivious to the facts in the news or the facts of history.

It will be a dangerous, bloody, and violent era. It will be the era of no debate or compromise.

Fake moral outrage is impossible to debate. It is a script that people are happy to read from, and Facebook and Twitter make it fashionable. I have seen a fair part of the world. The One Percent are selling diversity at the expense of individuality and uniqueness.

Life and the world are a tasty buffet, they seek to make the world a factory gruel. Celebrate diversity by being different.