I want to thank those readers who have sent Emails and who have recently purchased my latest book. I have not been able to respond to all of the Emails, but hopefully I can answer some questions in this Post.

Unfortunately, I cannot turn the comments section on, because a comment section needs a moderator, and I absolutely do not have the time. In fact, this Website may be on borrowed time.

In the coming weeks, G. A. Stewart’s interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies gets put to the test. If Donald J. Trump does not get removed from the Presidency by impeachment or coup d’état before the Tokyo Summer Olympics, then my interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies are wrong, and maybe life goes on and there is a happy ending for us all.

I do suspect that the impeachment will fail to remove Trump, but a coup d’état will not fail. In fact, I suspect that it will be Trump’s impeachment acquittal that will lead to the coup d’état.

Nostradamus’ prophecies have a way of materializing with an unforeseen twist, such as this quickly unfolding outbreak of the Chinese Coronavirus.

Many of the people who wrote to me were surprised that my readership ratio to book sales were so low. As I stated in my previous Update, these sales numbers reflect the historic model for Internet marketing. 99% of the people out there are not intentionally cheap, we all just prioritize our money. So, an Ebook on Nostradamus’ prophecies written by some schlep with a simple engineering degree is not a high-priority item for people’s hard earned dollars.

Therefore, I am leaving this Post open to the public. I am going to lay it all out because as I mentioned, the big test of my work is coming. If I am wrong, so be it. If I am right, money or book sales won’t mean a damn thing. By April, we should know for sure where things are going. Right now, the Chinese Coronavirus becomes the perfect nameless excuse to tank the markets, and that is what worries me.

January 24, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Run 3 Months Ago Predicts 65 Million People Could Die

I have left the Website password free all these years to publicly set the benchmark on solving some of Nostradamus’ most famous prophecies and anagrams. I own those copyrights forever now. My translations and interpretations are solely unique, and so other Nostradamus Commentators would have difficulty riffing off of my work. Most well-known Nostradamus Commentators have been riffing off of Edgar Leoni’s work for over 60-years.

Edgar Leoni set the modern standard in Nostradamus Commentary. The subject is such an arcane little niche in the history of all things, and it is endlessly open to debate, so it is hard to take seriously. Since my translations and interpretations are so specific, they are easily measured as pass/fail; therefore, we are coming to that time period where one or the other will be evident.

President Donald J. Trump’s future is part of that test. And I believe that the Chinese Coronavirus may be “THE INEVITABLE NOSTRADAMUS’ TWIST, THE FINE PRINT TO KNOWING THE FUTURE” that I describe on page 52 of Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III.

I became and adult in this world after I caught a speech given on November 3rd, 1989 by John Stockwell, a former Director of Operations for the CIA and a Vietnam Veteran. I read some of the books he suggested, and they fundamentally changed my worldview.

November 3, 1989
Secret Wars of the CIA
John Stockwell talked about the inner workings of the CIA. Topics included CIA destabilizing governments in Angola and other countries and setting up drug cartels as part of covert operations in certain countries.

And then I really grew up after September 11th, 2001, when I started writing my first book, The Age of Desolation.

I first heard about the prophecies in the Book of Revelation from my shipmates as we sat on a ballet of bombs watching the sunset from the flight-deck of a U.S. Navy ship in the Arabian Sea. I never heard my Sunday School teachers mention The Apocalypse, or maybe I was just not paying attention. It would take another 24-years and a conversation with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, before the spiritual aspects of prophecy would have an impact on my thinking.

That is why Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III is over 1,500 pages. I tried to cram everything in there, including Antediluvian and Greek mythology. All of this arcane mythology and religious history are a part of the cycle of human reincarnation and karma that has led humanity to this point in time we call The Eschaton and The Apocalypse.

Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013
I came upon the research of Terence McKenna. Before his death, he actually created the math that can predict when periods of “novelty” change human history.

When “novelty” is introduced into our humdrum lives, things change.

He believed that humanity was moving toward a Great Attractor in time. He called it The Eschaton. The fractal mathematics that he developed might lead to the science behind why prophecy works.

I will explain further ahead how the September 11,th, 2012 attack on the CIA Station in Benghazi appears to have validated his work. But clearly, his mathematical system can map future events. The Eschaton is based on religious eschatology, so the Great Attractor appears to be spiritual in nature and leading humanity toward the prophecies in the book of Revelation…

…Terence McKenna was an ethnobotantist and philosopher known for his exploration of psychoactive drugs used by indigenous cultures around the world. He came to believe that the human species was moving toward a Great Attractor in time. He called it The Eschaton; it is the point when The End Times begin The Eschaton is essentially the Ultimate Destiny and desired point of the human species.

That point can be shaped by your belief system. Terence McKenna’s version of The Eschaton was clearly shaped and influenced by his exploration of many psychoactive drugs from cultures around the world.

Evolving toward that ultimate point in human destiny and engineering a path to that point are two different matters, which I will explain further in the Epilogue.

From McKenna’s idea of a Great Attractor in time, he developed Novelty Theory and the fractal mathematics of Timewave Zero, where Novel Events that change the direction of human civilization can be plotted on a graph and anticipated.

Originally, in the early 1970s McKenna had picked November 16th, 2012 for his End Date, where his Timewave reached maximum novelty.

Wikipedia: Terence McKenna
He believed that the events of any given time are recursively related to the events of other times, and chose the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as the basis for calculating his end date of 16 November 2012.

When he later discovered that the end of the 13th baktun in the Maya Calendar had been correlated by Western Maya scholars with December 21, not far from his own hypothesized end date, he decided that the Maya were more likely to be right on this subject and he adopted their end date.

Now, I can personally testify that my life drastically changed on November 15th, 2012.

This whole period, of course, was the greatly hyped Mayan 2012 Apocalypse. Nostradamus even wrote about the hype.

The 2012 Mayan Apocalypse is now called The 2012 Phenomenon. I believe Quatrain VIII-71 pertains to the sensationalizing of December 21st, 2012 and the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Mayans had merely predicted the beginning of The Eschaton.


Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-71
Croistra le nombre si grand des astronomes,
Chassez bannis & livres censurez,
L’an mil six cens & sept par sacrées glomes,
Que nul aux sacres ne seront asseurez.

Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-71
A growing number of great astronomers
Chased out, banished their books censured:
The year sixteen hundred and seven [1607-2012] by consecrated assemblies,
Such that none will be assured from the sacred.

Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 449
The American Presidential election was on 11/06/2012, the Petraeus scandal erupted on 11/09/2012, and then Terence McKenna’s original date for the commencement of The Eschaton was on 11/16/2012.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 373
I suspect that “their books censured”, “such that none will be assured from the sacred” refers to the failure and disappointment when neither doom nor transcendence arrived as hyped by various media and alternative media sources.

The failed interpretations of “a number of great astronomers” left many people questioning their “sacred books”.

I think this interpretation is another major success of my solving the dating code; unfortunately, it came well after the fact. Clearly, we see the 1600 Series of prophecies appearing in both The Quatrains and The Sixains, and this is ample proof that these poems are connected. After President Donald J. Trump’s administration took office, I did not realize the importance of the 11/09/2012 eruption of “The General David Petraeus Scandal”.

In 2020, I now consider the line, “Such that none will be assured from the sacred” as the current diminishing interest in religion and the spiritual aspects of life and history. I also offer this, what I observed on November 15th, 2012 is similar to the way I see people today reacting all over the globe to people with opposite views. It is a mystery to me where all the anger, hostility, and threats of violence are coming from, so clearly the psychological manipulation by the Mainstream Media is working to a large extent.

The people of the United States are being intentionally polarized. For myself, the social engineering and psychological warfare tactics are patently obvious, and most of the bastions of the Alternative Media want to ignore Donald J. Trump’s role in dividing the United States even further. I was writing about a Chinese-Style Cultural Revolution in the United States before any of them, it has been in the books since 2010.


I too once believed that Donald J. Trump could rescue the United States and the West from The Deep State. Once I dug into the research for Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, I realized Trump had too many connections to The Deep State to ignore.

It is all a matter of identifying the sides. What we are looking at are two warring mob factions, the Clinton Gang versus the last of the Iran-Contra Gang. Since both both sides are using CIA assets, it almost appears as if Trump is a false-opposition construction.

Unfortunately, people like Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann will try to convince you that if you lose faith in or do not believe in Donald J. Trump, you are the victim of a Marxist conspiracy.

January 23, 2020
Marxist Plan to Flip Voters Against Trump

I can assure readers that I have much more real-time supporting the U.S. military and the Constitution of the United States than these men combined. I do not follow colors or ideology, just the ideals expressed in the Constitution.

Below is a link to an article on Doug Hagmann’s website regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

As a former Trump supporter, I would like to point out that Hagmann needs to apply his schooling in Email Tracing, Internet Profiling, Threat Assessment, and Forensic Science by asking himself and his audience to explore the evidence and ask themselves how it is that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in a high-security jail and why the evidence keeps disappearing while Donald J. Trump is President and his Attorney General, William Barr, is in charge of the Department of Justice. Are they incompetent fools?

January 10, 2020
Epstein Surveillance Video “Gone” – Nothing “Fishy” Here

Of course Trump’s impeachment is a sham. Anything goes during a mob war. The sad reality is that I have come to believe that Donald J. Trump is the great divider and not the great uniter of the United States. A Second American Civil War, predicted on this Website over a decade ago, benefits The Masters of the Game. Here is a much more sober look at the reality of Donald J. Trump.

January 22, 2020
Deadly Distractions: Laying The Groundwork For The Next Civil War
So President Trump’s legal team can grandstand all they want about the impeachment trial being “an affront to the Constitution” and “a dangerous perversion of the Constitution,” but that’s just smoke and mirrors.

With Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr joining Donald J. Trump’s impeachment defense team, we have confirmation of my previous supposition that Donald J. Trump is playing for the Iran-Contra Gang.

January 17, 2020
Trump Impeachment Team for Trial to Include Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz

The Ken Starr investigation into the Clinton Whitewater Scandal seemed to be the reason behind so many mysterious deaths of key individuals connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and that has fed Conspiracy Theory for the last quarter century.

Clinton Body Count

Whitewater Controversy

Despite Alan Dershowitz’s repeated claims about his innocence and his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, he was clearly an Epstein insider who could care less that he kept company with a convicted sex-trafficking pedophile.

July 19, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, and Pals Accused of Sex-Trafficking Ring

August 19, 2019
Epstein Accuser Sues Alan Dershowitz Over Alleged Sex Ring

July 19, 2019
Alan Dershowitz brags about ‘perfect sex life’ during attack on David Boies

Apparently, Donald J. Trump has no qualms with hiring dirtbags like Alan Dershowitz, Elliot Abrams, and John Bolton. Personally, if I see you hanging with a pack of rabid dogs, I consider you just as rabid. “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.

Proverbs 13:20 (King James)
He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.


Rupert Murdoch also seems to have been a part of the Iran-Contra Gang, because he reportedly provided financing to the U.S. backed Contra mercenaries fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua during the 1980s.

Add to this the fact that President Donald J. Trump’s Department of Justice and his Attorney General William Barr are furiously eradicating all evidence of Jeffrey Epstein’s murder; this should raise Red-Flags with everyone.

January 18, 2020
More Evidence Continues To Come Out Pointing To The Fact That Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself But Was In Fact Murdered In His Prison Cell
With each passing month, more and more evidence as to how Jeffrey Epstein actually died keeps disappearing, and the evidence that we do have, like the autopsy, shows murder and not suicide.

One would think that the Department of Justice would have locked down all video evidence minutes after the murder, but we are led to believe that cameras malfunctioned and evidence was magically lost, just like the 85 cameras that filmed the September 11th, 2001 Pentagon plane crash. People soon forget that video evidence to these crimes once did exist, but the evidence is funneled down the memory hole into Conspiracy Theory, where the Mainstream Media attacks all who disbelieve.

Consider The Las Vegas Massacre as my case-in-point. Nothing has come of it, because I suspect that this was part of the behind-the-scenes power struggle between the Clintons and the Iran-Contra Gang.

We know that Saudi Arabia, through Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, funded twenty-percent of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

On November 4th, 2017, Mohammed bin Salman had Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his entire network of Princes arrested, imprisoned, and tortured until they signed over their vast fortunes.

Keep in mind, on November 4th, 1979, the United States Embassy in Tehran was overrun. I was part of the Expeditionary Force rushed back to the Persian Gulf to support the rescue. So, Mohammed bin Salman’s roundup on this particular anniversary should be looked at in its symbolic form as a message sent to Iran.

Therefore, Iran has been The Plan all along.

As far as I am concerned, Donald J. Trump and William Barr are jerking the American people around, especially with the in-your-face murder of Jeffrey Epstein and the continuing disappearance of evidence.

Since Attorney General William Barr’s father, Donald Barr, hired Jeffrey Epstein, I cannot believe the failure of people, especially people in the Alternative Media, to do the math and figure out that Trump is not what he pretends to be.

Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, and Doug Hagmann will lose all their credibility when it will most likely be Donald J. Trump who initiates Martial Law. And this is one of my predictions in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III that nobody will touch.

The Q PYSOP will have believers convinced that Martial Law is a good thing. And it will be a good thing, because with Global Economic Collapse and pandemic comes riots, murder, and chaos. So, get ready to live like a Palestinian.

Henry Kissinger, Former US Secretary of State, Evian, France, May 21, 1992, Bilderburger Summit
Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.

Consider the following story.

January 3, 2020
Yes, the United Nations is hiring “disarmament officers” in New York. The question is “why”?

Keep in mind that this story of the United Nations hiring Disarmament Officers in New York City broke before the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak.

Now consider David Hodges, his Common Sense Show is a well-known Alternative Media outlet. I have been hearing about U.N. troops since the 1990s, when my militia acquaintances were burying gear in the swamps with black FBI helicopters flying over their weekend get-togethers. I have even written about Martial Law in America under United Nations control. Yes, I certainly believe it is coming.

October 5, 2019
One Million UN Troops Are In Place to Execute a Coup Against the United States-Trump Is Calling Up the Reserves!

However, I am here to tell you, that the United States is ringed with a net of electronic sensors so fine that when you cross the border they can identify the radiation in your blood stream years after you have had chemotherapy, as happened to my friend. If United Nations troops are entering this country, it is with the blessings of Donald J. Trump and the United States military.

So, I ask the leaders of the Alternative Media to consider the Red-Flags.

June 19, 2016
How Roy Cohn Helped Rupert Murdoch

November 4, 2007
The Politics of Heroin at Fox News – Rupert Murdoch, the CIA, Shackley, Nugan Hand Bank & Crimes of Patriots

September 17, 2017
Reagan Documents Shed Light On CIA ‘Meddling’ Abroad
In an Aug. 9, 1983 memo, Raymond outlined plans to arrange private backing for that effort. He said USIA Director Wick “via [Australian publishing magnate Rupert] Murdock [sic], may be able to draw down added funds” to support pro-Reagan initiatives.

Here is Donald J. Trump’s scorecard in his war against The Deep State.


August 28, 2019
“Comey Should Be Sweating” – DoJ Watchdog Finds Former FBI Head Violated Law
However, we note that Attorney General William Barr has declined to press charges against Comey for the handling of the memos.

August 21, 2019
Barr Addresses Epstein’s Death, “I Have Seen Nothing That Undercuts Finding of Medical Examiner That This Was a Suicide”

January 10, 2020
‘Useless Appendage’ Huber Winds Down Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Investigation With No Charges

January 10, 2020
Team Trump’s latest Clinton investigation ending with a whimper

If you follow The Q PYSOP, U.S. Attorneys John Durham and John Huber were supposed to be the legal supermen who would bring the Clinton Gang to justice. Instead, Americans get a whitewash of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s home Email server, and the Uranium One Scandal. Therefore, if you are still clinging to Donald J. Trump and Q as the saviors of the American Republic, good luck.

I am providing these important links once again for the full story behind Donald J. Trump’s rise to power and his connections to his mentor Roy M.Cohn. Whitney Webb’s latest expose on Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and their penetration of U.S. Intelligence networks through private Israeli technology companies is a hint at what kind of sick society Jeffrey Epstein and his associates were seeking to create.

Through Epstein’s investments in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic companies located in China, we can deduce that it is the same kind of society that Attorney General William Barr’s father imagined when he was writing his science fiction novels. Maybe that is why Donald Barr hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at the Dalton School.

July 18, 2019
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.

July 25, 2019
Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

Appalling for both the villainous abuse of children itself and the chilling implications of government by blackmail, this tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a lurid light on the political history of the U.S. from the Prohibition Era right up through the Age of Trump.

July 25, 2019
Mega Group Epstein Wexler Feature photo
Too Big to Fail
Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

The picture painted by the evidence is not a direct Epstein tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the Mega Group, politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations.

October 14, 2019
Too Big to Fail
These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

January 20, 2020
How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks


July 29, 2019
AG Barr’s father warns of ‘dictatorship’… in outer space
A bloody star war had left the tiny planet of Rohan seething with chaos. People swarmed in violent mobs and the government rocked with turmoil. And one man, Carl ap Rhys would stop at nothing to use the confusion to seize power for himself. Only two people could stop him…

August 16, 2019
Epstein Truthers Are Obsessed With a Sci-Fi Book About Child Sex Slavery Written by Bill Barr’s Dad

Jeffrey Epstein provided financial support to companies leading the movement toward Transhuman Feudalism.

The OpenCog Foundation received funding from The Epstein VI Foundation. AI programming pioneers Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson lead their research team from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Ben Goertzel is the CEO of the AI software company Novamente, and Dr. David Hanson leads Hanson Robotics.

OpenCog is an open-source software project aimed at directly confronting the AGI challenge, using mathematical and biological inspiration and professional software engineering techniques…
Both SingularityNET and Hanson Robotics have been major conceptual and financial supporters of OpenCog, along with other entities such as the US AI consulting firm Novamente LLC, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (via HK government grants), the Proteus Foundation, the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, and the Singularity Institute for AI (before it rebranded as MIRI).

October 12, 2019
Bill Gates had a closer relationship with Jeffrey Epstein than he admitted, The New York Times reports
Epstein was involved with Gates personally and with his namesake foundation

Since Israel was central to the Iran-Contra Scandal, Donald J. Trump is working for the Make Israel Great Again Mega Group run by Sheldon Adelson, Michael Steinhardt, and Rupert Mudoch. Therefore, what we are seeing today is a repeat of the Clinton Impeachment, but this time the card is being played by the Democrats.

It took awhile, but I have finally figured out what is happening, and Epstein and Mossad are the key.

Western politicians, European royalty, and the Vatican have been, and are being blackmailed by Mossad and Israel. The group I have identified as Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels, also known as Satanist Pedophiles, are slowly replacing the European population with Muslim refugees as a strategic move to neuter Israel. It is their only hope before their secrets are revealed.

January 22, 2020
French Intellectual Sentenced To 2 Months Jail After Calling Mass Immigration An “Invasion”

January 20, 2020
The ‘Great Replacement’ In Switzerland

Once Mossad plays the blackmail card on Western politicians, Israel is done. There are no more bullets left in Israel’s gun. I believe this may be the event I have long called The Great Scandal.


If Trump fails, Israel fails; Mossad knows this and will probably start taking down individual Western leaders by releasing targeted evidence onto the Internet in the hope that The Pagan Sect of New Infidels cries Uncle. However, I believe they no longer care, Europe has been infiltrated successfully and America and Israel are about to be destroyed.

Think about Barack Obama’s 1.7 billion-dollar cash giveaway to Iran.

I want to reemphasize the importance of the Mint Press links I posted above that supports my theory. The elite are trying to engineer a system of Transhuman Feudalism, and that is what The Mark of The Beast is all about, and that time is still to come.

If Donald J. Trump is removed from office, the clock will start ticking on Israel just as it celebrates its 72-years of existence as a modern nation this May 2020.

January 8, 2013
Cycle of War & Political Economy
Adding 72 years brings us to 2016. This model has been uncanny in predicting political change incorporating the same frequency for volatility. The Russian Revolution of 1917 was right on target with the fall of the Berlin Wall 72 years later in 1989.

The Iran-Contra Gang tried to corner the technology market in the 1980s with the theft of a major governmental software package stolen from the company Inslaw and resold to foreign governments with CIA malware.

(Prosecutors Management Information System) was a case management software developed by Inslaw
In September 1992, a House Judiciary Committee report raised “serious concerns” Justice Department officials had schemed “to destroy Inslaw and co-opt the rights to its PROMIS software

Danny Casolaro
Joseph Daniel Casolaro was an American freelance writer who came to public attention in 1991 when he was found dead in a bathtub in room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times.
His death became controversial because his notes suggested he was in Martinsburg to meet a source about a story he called “the Octopus.”

There are no good sides here. The Satanist Pedophiles and The Princes of Jerusalem are in a death embrace. Both sides think a war with Iran will benefit their position as well as coverup their misdeeds in the noise. The leaders of Israel apparently do not understand the danger in displacing millions of Muslims in their quest to create a Greater Israel, because once Islam is the dominant religion in Europe, Africa, and southern Asia, Israel will be surrounded.

August 14, 2019
Saudi-Israeli relations: The emergence of a new alliance

Israel’s exploitation of the Sunni/Sh’ia divide in Islam will be finished once Al Mahdi rises to power in Yemen to unite all of Islam.


Nostradamus Quatrain V-55
De la felice Arabie contrade,
Naistre puissant de loy Mahometique:
Vexer l’Espagne, conquester la Grenade,
Et plus par mer à la gent lygustique.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-55
In the country of Arabia Felix (Yemen),
One born powerful in the law of Mahomet:
To vex Spain, conquer Grenada (Spain),
And more by sea against the Ligurian people (Genoa, Italy).

Bihar Al Anwar Vol 51 52 53 The Promised Mahdi 101:29
Five signs will be seen before the uprising of the Qaim: Arrival of the Yemenite man, Sufyani, Call from the sky, Sinking of the ground in Baidha desert and Killing of the Pure Soul (Nafse Zakiyyah).

The Qaim is Al-Mahdi; he will appear after the murder of Nafse Zakiyyah, also called thePure Soul, in front of the Ka’ba in Saudi Arabia.

Nuaim Ibn Hammad’s Kitab Al-Fitan
The Mahdi does not appear until seven out of every nine (human beings) die.

Nuaim Ibn Hammad’s Kitab Al-Fitan
The Mahdi does not appear until one third (of people) are killed, one third dies (probably due to natural disasters), and one-third remains.

Nuaim bin Hammad’s Kitab Al-Fitan
The Mahdi does not emerge until the Sufyani emerges on the ashes (of the Muslim nation).

Iran is the key to the balance of power in the Middle East, and The Plan has been in motion since Barack Obama’s Arab Spring and his leading the NATO invasion of Libya in 2011. With 15-million Muslim refugees having fled to Europe, an occupation force is already in place. The invasion of Iran is a high-stakes gamble, so why not assign it to a casino owner.

The crazy and historic motions of Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump, and now Prince Harry and Meghan I believe are all attempts to game prophecy. I will have more to say about this at the end of this Post.

As I have repeatedly insisted, this Website exists to Update the interpretations in my books. History is dynamic, and a book written a year ago or ten years ago can never capture the moment. My books provide an outline that I refer back to when I read the latest news. I was expecting some event in China to begin The Global Economic Collapse. This has been a staple of my books from 2010 until the present. I had imagined some change in position with China’s investments in over a trillion dollars in American treasuries.


Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1
The supporting common people will rise up and chase out the adherents of the legislators.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1
The common people will support the poor that rise up, and they will chase out the corporate lobbyists that have corrupted the legislators.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:2
And the way realms will have been weakened by those of the Orient…

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:2
And the world economic system will weaken and collapse after North Korea, China, and the United States go to war. China will immediately abandon the
American dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Might we now consider that the economic collapse and weakening of the West is in play with the outbreak of the Chinese Coronavirus? There is always a twist in Nostradamus choice of words. A pandemic would leave people “weak“.

January 25, 2020
56 Million Chinese On Lockdown As Virus Spreads To Australia, Malaysia

January 25, 2020
UK Researcher Predicts Over 250,000 Chinese Will Have Coronavirus In Ten Days

January 24, 2020
APOCALYPSE NOW Bill Gates ‘predicted’ Chinese coronavirus a year ago with simulation saying 33 MILLION could die in first six months

January 26, 2020
Two Nasty Traits Of This Coronavirus, Typically Not Seen Together

Using “The Shattuck Flu Map” simulation, we can see that the Chinese Coronavirus has the potential to spread quickly considering modern transportation systems. The first cases in the United States and Europe have appeared.

January 25, 2020
New CDC coronavirus report: 2nd case confirmed in the U.S.
BREAKING: Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality Rate, 83% Infection Rate for Those Exposed; Lancet Publishes Early Study That Points to Alarming Consequences for Humanity

January 24, 2020
New CDC coronavirus report: 2nd case confirmed in the U.S.
The new case is a woman in Chicago. Dozens more cases are being investigated.

January 25, 2020
Coronavirus cases pass 1,300 as virus hits Europe and Australia: Everything we know
Coronavirus cases spike, as the novel virus reaches France and Australia. The death toll has risen above 40.

January 25, 2020
Coronavirus Kills Man In Shanghai As China Confirms Nearly 2,000 Cases

As I mentioned above, the Chinese Coronavirus becomes the perfect nameless excuse to tank the markets just as the world banking system is obviously on the verge of collapse. The United States Federal Reserve has been supporting the banking system since The Repo Market Apocalypse began in September. The outbreak of this Chinese Coronavirus just looks too well timed for me.

January 25, 2020
WHO’s Ex-Emergency Response Director Dies Suddenly Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

January 25, 2020
Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It

January 23, 2020
China built a lab to study SARS and Ebola in Wuhan – and US biosafety experts warned in 2017 that a virus could ‘escape’ the facility that’s become key in fighting the outbreak

In the days to come, I offer this important warning to readers as they search the Internet looking for answers. In the course of my research for this Update, I found articles from newspapers such as Great Britain’s Daily Mail above in conjunction with articles on why the Wuhan Bio-Lab story is Fake News. I suspect the propaganda AI bots will be unleashed before the Internet eventually goes down.

With a quarantine and city lock-down comes force-fed information. Basically, people will have to Shelter In-Place and wait to be told what to do. So, access to old fashion radios will be a necessity.

This Chinese Coronavirus also comes in conjunction with the greatly heightened tensions with both Iran and Iraq after the assassination of General Qasem Suleimani. This leads to another series of interlocking Nostradamus’ predictions.


Nostradamus Presage 83 (110) April 1563
En debats Princes & Chrestienté esmeuë.
Gentils estranges. siege à CHRIST molesté.
Venu tresmal. prou bien. mortelle veuë.
Mort Orient peste, faim, mal traité

Nostradamus Presage 83 (110) April 1563
In debates Princes and Christendom stirred up.
Foreign nobles. CHRIST’S see molested.
Becoming very evil, much good, mortal sight.
Death [in the] Orient, plague, famine, evil treaty.


Nostradamus Sixain XXXIV (31)
Princes & Seigneurs tous ƒe feront la guerre,
Couƒin germain le frere auec le frere,
Tiny l’Arby de l’heureux de Bourbon,
De Hieruƒalem les Princes tant aymables,
Du fait commis enorme & execrables,
Se reƒƒentiront ƒur la bourƒe ƒans fond.

Nostradamus Sixain XXXIV (31)
Princes and Lords will all make war against one and other,
First cousin, brother against brother,
[L’Arby/Arab League] finished by the happy Bourbon,
The Princes of Jerusalem very agreeable,
To committing the heinous and execrable deed,
They will feel the effects of the bottomless purse.

This seems to be the event that collapses the economy, “They will feel the effects of the bottomless purse“. I also see this happening in conjunction with The Blow of Steel in or from Egypt.

Israel under King David 1000-961 BCE

January 21, 2020
Gantz Calls for Jordan Valley Annexation, ‘Hopes Trump Releases Peace Plan Soon’

January 23, 2020
Trump to release ‘great’ Israel peace plan ahead of Netanyahu visit, warns that Palestinians ‘may react negatively’


Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:2

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:2
Although the Philistines would like to mix the honey of bile, and their pestilent seduction; and this will be near the seventh millenary, when the sanctuary of Jesus Christ will no longer be trodden down by the infidels who will come from Aquilon.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:2
Although the Palestinians will suffer, they mix honey with bile to seduce terrorism and war. Islamic terrorists financed by Aquilon [NATO/Russia] will overrun Jerusalem.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:3

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:3
The world approaches a great conflagration, although, according to calculations in my prophecies, the course of time runs much further.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 48:3
The world will then approach a conflagration. Although according to my calculations, the world will not end with nuclear war. The course of time will go much further.

New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology p.317 (Graves)
Perseus, they say, brought to Persia initiation and magic; which by his secrets made the fire of the sky descend…


Nostradamus Quatrain III-90
Le grand Satyre & Tigre de Hyrcanie,
Don presente à ceux de l’Ocean:
Le chef de classe istra de Carmanie
Qui prendra terre au Tyrren Phocean.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-90
The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania (Northern Iran),
Presents a gift to the Ocean:
Chief of the fleet will leave Carmania (Straits of Hormuz)
One who lands at Tyrren Phocean (Tyrrhenian Sea and Marseilles, France).

Iranian Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi is easily identifiable as Nostradamus’ “Great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania”. Fadavi is a small village in Northern Iran.


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
Navalle pugne nuit sera superée,
Le feu aux naves à l’Occident ruine,
Rubriche neufve, la grand nef colorée,
Ire à vaincu, & victoire en bruine.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
A Naval battle will subdue night,
Fire in the ships to the West ruin,
New rubric, the great ship colored,
Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.


Nostradamus Quatrain V-25
Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon,
Regne d’Eglise par mer succombera:
Deuers la Perse bien pres d’vn million,
Bisance, Egipte, ver. Serp. inuadera.

Nostradamus Quatrain V-25
The Arab Prince Mars [of war], Sun [Christianity], Venus [Islam], Leo [July 20th – August 20th],
The rule of the Church will succumb by sea:
Diverted the Persians (Iranians) well near a million men,
Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey), Egypt. the true Serpent invades.

January 22, 2020
IRGC Commander & “Soleimani Ally” Shot Dead By Masked Assassins On Motorcycle

January 22, 2020
New IRGC Quds Force #2 Is Iran’s ‘Missile Mastermind’ In Lebanon

January 22, 2020
Iranian MP Announces $3 Million Bounty For President Trump’s Head

January 20, 2020
US Officials Admit Covert Tech Program Is Fueling Iran Protests

January 22, 2020
US Troops Seen Blocking Russians From Syrian Oilfields In Series Of Dangerous Standoffs

January 19, 2020
US Forces In Tense Showdown With Russian Convoy On Blocked Syrian Highway


Nostradamus Quatrain I-40
La trombe faulse dissimulant folie
Fera Bisance vn changement de loys:
Hystra d’Egypte qui veult que l’on deflie
Edict changeant monnoyes & aloys.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-40
The False Whirlwind [Trump] concealing madness
Makes Byzantium (Turkey) change its laws:
Hystra of Egypt one who wants to protest
[The] Edict changing money and alloys.

April 13, 2019
Saudi Arabia Bankrolling Haftar’s Bid To Seize All Of Libya
Haftar would not be a player today without the foreign support he has received,” a Libyan affairs expert told The Wall Street Journal in a new lengthy profile of the Benghazi-based General Khalifa Haftar, whose Libyan National Army (LNA) is advancing this week on Tripoli.

General Khalifa Haftar does fit with the anagram HYSTRA.

Hystra – Haftar
Last syllable easily swapped. Must resolve first syllable HYS to HAF
Hystra – Haf-tra

Do note in the ten different printings of Quatrain I-40 and the seven of Quatrain I-42 below that s always appears as an f throughout the various decades of different printing types.

Change Y to A:
Hystra – Has-tra
The S to F Printing Style Change:
Hystra – Haf-tra
Hystra – Haf-tar

January 23, 2020
Libya’s Haftar Threatens To Target Civilian Planes, Declares Blanket ‘No Fly Zone’

January 24, 2020
Merkel: Libya Becoming ‘New Syria Proxy War’ With “Enormous Floods Of Migrants”

January 22, 2020
Syrian Fighters Abandon Libyan War, Flee Towards Italy: Report

January 20, 2020
New Video Shows Syrian Mercenaries Patrolling Streets Of Libyan Capital

January 19, 2020
Syrian Jihadists Filmed Jet-Setting To Next Proxy War On Commercial Plane

January 18, 2020
Haftar Blocks All Libyan Oil Exports Day Before Berlin Peace Conference

January 19, 2020
After Hilarious ‘Where’s Putin?’ Moment, Little Progress Made At Berlin Peace Conference On Libya

January 18, 2020
Haftar Blocks All Libyan Oil Exports Day Before Berlin Peace Conference


January 17, 2020
Senate Republicans To ‘Weaponize’ Impeachment Witnesses If Moderate Colleagues Side With Dems

January 17, 2020
Chief Justice Roberts Roped Into Battle Over Impeachment Witnesses

I sense that this Nostradamus’ Quatrain will come about in the near-future.


Nostradamus Quatrain I-81
D’humain troupeau neuf ƒeront mis à part,
De iugement & conƒeil ƒeparez:
Leur ƒort ƒera diuiƒé en depart,
Kappa, Thita, Lambda mors bannis eƒgarez.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-81
Of the human flock nine set apart,
Of judgment and counsel separate:
Their fate determined on departure,
Kappa [K], Theta [Th], Lambda [L], dead, banished, astray.

Justices Elaina Kagen and Brett Kavanaugh fit the K, and Clarence Thomas qualifies for the Th. [L] could be the next Supreme Court appointment.

In my scenario, the Supreme Court plays a strategic place in Trump’s removal, clearing the way for the return of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Considering the place that the United Nations will take in the days after the United States government collapses, I have written that I see Barack Obama returning to power as the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

December 30, 2019
Biden says he’d consider nominating Obama to the Supreme Court


Nostradamus Quatrain IX-55
L’horrible guerre qu’en l’Occident s’appreste,
L’an ensuivant viendra la pestilence,
Si fort l’horrible que jeune, vieux ne beste,
Sang, feu, Mercure, Mars, Jupiter en France.

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-55
The horrible war which is being prepared in the West,
The following year will come the pestilence,
So very horrible that young, old, nor beast,
Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

This Quatrain gives a warning about The Great Plague that matches The Epistle to Henry. “The following year will come the pestilence”.


Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 52:1

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 52:1
And one of the horrible temporal Kings will be so highly praised by his adherents because he will have shed more blood of innocent ecclesiasts than anyone else known to have of wine:

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 52:2
And this King will commit incredible crimes against the church, human blood will flow through the public streets and temples like water after a driving rain, reddening with blood the nearby rivers, and through another naval battle he will cause the ocean to be reddened, such that one King will say to another: Naval battles have caused the sea to blush.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 53:1
Then in the same year, and in the following there will ensue the most horrible pestilence, and made more stupendous by the famine which preceded it, And such great tribulations that will never have occurred since the first foundation of the Christian Church and covering all the regions of the Latins. Leaving vestiges of its effect in some countries of the Spanish.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 53:1
In the same year of great naval battles and the following year, a horrible plague will arise and be made worse by the famine that preceded it.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 53:2
This will be the great tribulation, and it will extend all through Italy and Spain, even leaving traces of its effect in South America.

With the seeds of a potential plague rising, if war erupts in the Middle East, we can be assured that with the destruction unleashed by warfare and terrorism along with a Global Economic Collapse, medical resources around the world would be impacted. A plague would easily spiral out of control.

The Chinese Coronavirus is another event whose appearance also adds to the grim events that I have forecast on my timeline for 2020. Here is how I deduced this year from The Sixains that predict the deaths of Henri Selin and The Great Lady, two of Nostradamus’ future American heros.


Nostradamus Sixain LIII (51)

Nostradamus Sixain LIII (51)
Pluƒieurs mourront auant que Phoenix meure,
Iuƒques ƒix cens ƒeptante eƒt ƒa demeure,
Paƒƒé quinze ans, vingt & vn, trente-neuf,
Le premier eƒt ƒubiet à maladie,
Et le ƒecond au fer, danger de vie,
Au feu à l’eau eƒt ƒubiect trente-neuf.

Nostradamus Sixain LIII (51)
Many will die before the Phoenix dies,
Up to six hundred and seventy [1670-2075] is its span,
[Nearly] Gone by fifteen years [1615-2020], twenty-one [1621-2026], thirty-nine
The first subject to malady,
And the second to iron, in danger of life,
To fire and water is he subject at thirty-nine [1639-2044].

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 284
One of the most important pieces of evidence I have regarding The Apocalypse’s most important couple is the following two sequential prophecies in The Sixains. They specifically refer to the deaths of Henri Selin and The Great Lady.

Note that in Sixain XXXVIII, The Purveyor, Henri Selin, was in danger, “by water, and by iron, and by great illness”. “The purveyor at risk of his life”, “Will know the hundredweight of wood”, “Six hundred and fifteen [1615-2020], or nineteen [1619-2024]”.

In this Sixain, “The Phoenix” is in danger from “malady” in 2020, from “steel” in 2026, and from “fire and water” in 2044. It is a remarkably consistent picture. I suggest that the 2024 date is when The Great Lady is captured.


Nostradamus Sixain LIIII (52)

Nostradamus Sixain LIIII (52)
Six cens & quinze, vingt, grand Dame mourra,
Et peu apres vn fort long temps plouura,
Pluƒieurs pays, Flandres & l’Angleterre
Seront par feu & par fer aƒƒligez,
De lours voiƒins longuement aƒƒiegez,
Contraints ƒeront de leur faire la guerre.

Nostradamus Sixain LIIII (52)
Six hundred and fifteen [1615-2020], twenty [1620-2025], the great Lady will die,
And shortly after it will rain for a very long time,
Several countries, Flanders and England,
They will be afflicted by fire and sword,
Long besieged by their neighbors,
They will be obliged to make war against them.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 285
Once again, we see the 2020 date appear. It seems that both Henri Selin and The Great Lady may be affected by a “malady” and “by great illness” in 2020.

So, dear readers, I wrote that well over 10-years ago, after I solved Nostradamus’ Dating Code. It is up to each of you to believe whether all of my predictions are coincidences or not. Even I remain in doubt. As I have mentioned, the true test rests in Donald J. Trump’s future.


There are thirty-one Nostradamus’ prophecies in this one Post that show readers the simple connections that I can make to the Chinese Coronavirus, Donald J. Trump’s impeachment, a war with Iran, and a host of other predictions made by Nostradamus that I have provided interpretations for over a decade ago.

We can sit around for eternity and debate the meanings of Nostradamus’ metaphors in his prophecies, but the simple fact is, I provided my interpretation of them a long time ago, and many have turned out to be correct.

Predicting the collapse of the G8 in 2010 when the world was mostly kumbaya under Barack Obama is quite a feat that I feel I did not get recognition for, and so I have a good laugh nowadays regarding Web Bots and Remote Viewing, and all things Art Bell, George Noory, and Coast To Coast. I once was going to spend a lot of money to market my brand of Nostradamus. I even drafted a Business Model for G. A. Stewart’s Nostradamus, and this Website briefly saw that transition.

Getting on television and radio these days is how you become an instant “Expert“. Without that certification, nobody takes you seriously.

I also have a good laugh at the pseudo-intellectual think-tank giants and retired loser-Generals prognosticating about future global affairs on various channels on television. There are two scripts these people read from, and it is the same regurgitated crap I have been hearing since Saddam Hussien invaded Kuwait.

The same goes for the esoteric material on cable channels regarding UFOs and Nostradamus. It seems like I have heard the same material and seen the same pictures for the last 30-years.

I make fun of the The Doom and Gloom Media Market because I have been doing it for so long and making my own contributions.

Global death and destruction are not subjects to be cavelier or flippant about; it turns people off because most people know somebody fighting that fight. I suppose it was my 2016 Near-Death-Experience and divorce that made me take Doom and Gloom less seriously. I was literally there.

When I got out of the hospital, I remember laying in a 95-degree house for 3-days, weak, drained, trying to figure out what I was going to do about some pretty mean people who were hellbent on my destruction. I was afraid to turn on the air-conditioning that had most likely given me the Legionaires Disease. It was all very primitive, worse than when I had suffered for a week with the Russian Flu, bedridden in a 50-year old Navy transit barracks in the Phillipines during Monsoon Season.

Laying in those soaking wet foul sheets for three-days is the closest I have ever come to an Apocaylpse. I remember finally saying “fuck it“, and I turned on the air-conditioner and took my chances just so I could move forward. I suspect that there are days like that ahead for many people.

I am comfortable with the fact that I have already been there, so I take Doom and Gloom less seriously than most people. That is easy to do when you only have to worry about yourself.

Qasem Soleimani’s assassination drove a large number of people to this Website, because many people understood how seriously world affairs could turn if a war with Iran started. So, I suspect that events in the coming weeks will do the same.

My interest in Nostradamus started out as the search for a tool I could use to plan my future.

George Ure first pointed people to this Website over a decade ago. George Ure at has been Doom and Glooming since 1998.

Doom and Glooming is my colloquial and cynical term for dealing with the new reality. The New Reality is that Conspiracy Theory is very real, and there are some evil people out there who want to make slaves out of the rest of us. Some people have been on top of it for awhile.

George’s approach to Doom and Gloom at is the practical application of living self-sufficiently when Doom and Gloom finally arrives. His approach to esoteric material is an added bonus, but you take your hits when people do not undertand the physics and especially the metaphysics.

I was also sucked into Web Bots and Remote Viewing as a method of predicting future events, and everyone that did and wrote about them took hits to his or her credibility. Remote Viewing I accept completely, because the results came out of a Stanford Reseach Institute laboratory, unfortunately, I have found that the people claiming to be certified practitioners of Remote Viewing are continually certifiably wrong.

And the Web Bot reports I have read now seem to be complete failures.

Nostradamus has the best Remote Viewing predictions on record, and this Website and my books are all about providing that documented fact.

I remember when was all about global economics and market whispers, now it reads pretty much like this Website and that is why I use a lot of citations and links from ZeroHedge. started Doom and Glooming in 2009. Today, the increasing number of linked authors pretty much share my view of the world.

Unfortunately, it is the esoteric source of my material that prevents my worldview from being taking seriously, even though I have the best track record of predictions on the Internet.

It was very gratifying to recently hear from so many readers who have bought my book, some have bought all of my books going back to 2010; you all seem to feel the same way. In fact, I want to thank one particular reader who is apparently part of a prophecy forum that often refers to my work. I have always tried to point readers to the source material that I use.

There are two editions of Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III. I believe I may have compiled the second edition PDF without unlocking the citations and hyperlinks. If you have purchased that edition, I may soon provide an Updated edition that has those hyperlinks activated.

Unfortunately, I have had to lock out the copy function to make it harder to lift excerpts from my books. It is a vicious world out there, and I am proud to say that I had to hire a copyright lawyer that forced Google to Cease and Desist providing the entire Internet with a free copy of my 2013 book, Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation.

One reader recently pointed out that ZeroHedge has drifted away from economic information that you can use to invest. I never use investment recommendations from other Websites. My worldview has pretty much been shaped by all the material I have read over the last 40-years, so I recognized a few months back that The Repo and Interbank Lending Crisis was an important sign that I read about over 20-years ago, and that book is still on my shelf.

I make my own decisions based on factual information from trusted sources. It is easy to get emotionally caught up in the material that you read on the Internet as I did in the initial stages of The Q PYSOP. We are dealing with the best professionals at engineering psychological and emotional states.

This Website has always had a clear and unique direction in The Doom and Gloom Business Market, to stake out my territory in the history books of Nostradamus Commentary, and to make some cash from selling my books.

My predictions have come with names and dates. A decade ago I was predicting a Second American Civil War and World War III, and now everybody with a blog is making the same predictions. At this Website, I have given readers the step-by-step process as I believe Nostradamus and many other prophets have described.

January 13, 2020
When I started pondering a theme for 2020, the “year of living dangerously” immediately popped into my mind. But I had a feeling I’d used that title before. I did a search of my site and lo and behold I wrote 2012 – The Year of Living Dangerously eight years ago. As I reread my predictions for 2012, it was a humbling experience, as not only did most of my predictions not come to fruition in 2012, they haven’t materialized during the next eight years.

Jim Quinn at has been has been Doom and Glooming
since 2009.

Alex Jones at has been Doom and Glooming since 1999.

Michael Rivero at has been Doom and Glooming since 1999.

Steve Rense at has been Doom and Glooming since 1999.

Steve Quayle at has been Doom and Glooming since 2002.

Mike Adams at has been Doom and Glooming since 2005.

Michael Snyder at has been Doom and Glooming since 2010.

These websites have steered me to stories that I would have missed had I been surfing the Mainstream news sites. Yeah, some are “way out there“, but many of their links lead to Real News.

I had a normal view of Conspiracy Theory at one time, based on the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. That information was provided by John Stockwell back in 1989. The fact that there now exists a great body of evidence pointing to a large, international body of powerful people connected to child abduction, pedophilia, and Satanic sacrifice makes John Stockwell’s 1989 view of the world tame by comparison.

John Stockwell worked for the CIA and has impressive credentials. Ted Gunderson worked for the FBI, and his credentials were equally impressive. I cannot believe it took me another fifteen-years to listen to his message. It is something we do not want to believe exists.

Ted Gunderson
In 1973 he became the head of the Memphis FBI office and then the head of the Dallas FBI office in 1975. Ted Gunderson was appointed the head of the Los Angeles FBI in 1977. In 1979 he was one of a handful interviewed for the job of FBI director, which ultimately went to William H. Webster.

In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferation of secret occultist groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the United States government.[8] He also claimed that a “slave auction” in which children were sold by Saudi agents to men had been held in Las Vegas…

I remember my own disbelief 30-years ago. Today, I think about Ted Gunderson’s resume; who was I to doubt his story. The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal and The Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal, and the connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Prince Andrew and the British Royal Family completely validate Ted Gunderson’s work.

The secrets of Nostradamus’ Great Scandal will most likely come out when Donald J. Trump is removed from the Presidency. This leads to Sixain XXVIII and the three dates 2011, 2014, and 2019.


Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
L’an mil ƒix cens & neuf on quatorzieƒme,
Le vieux Charon fera Paƒques en Careƒme,
Six cens & ƒix, par eƒcrit le mettra
Le Medicin, de tout cecy s’eƒtonne,
A meƒme temps aƒƒigné en perƒonne
Mais pour certain l’vn d’eux comparoiƒtra.

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609-2014] or fourteen [1614-2019],
The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it
The Physician, by all this is astonished,
At the same time summoned in person
But for certain one of them will appear.

As I have recounted, on March 5th, 2014, the first day of Lent, the Russians began loading nuclear weapons onto their bombers as they deployed their military forces to Crimea.

In a 2015 television interview after a protracted and mysterious disappearance, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin related that during March of 2014, the Russian military was prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend its naval port in Sevastopol.

Readers must use their own sense of coincidence to accept the dates, and then their own sense of poetic license to read into Nostradamus’ metaphors.

The only hard reality that this Sixain means anything, is that in 2010 and 2013, I wrote two books that tied this prediction to a war between NATO and Russia. In 2014, Russia was ready to start a nuclear war over events in Ukraine, and in Sixain XXVIII we are given the date 2014.

In 2016, we zoom in a little, and before Donald J. Trump won the Presidency, I wrote in my 2017 book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I that in 2019, Donald J. Trump’s removal from office would be tied to a war with Iran.

And so we are left to ponder the weight of the 2019 date and the current state of the world.

I have long interpreted “The Physician, by all this is astonished” as The Physician is made aware of Nostradamus’ dated prophecies, “Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it“; he is “astonished” because they coincide with the dates of his plan.

Thus, 2011 is the NATO invasion of Libya, 2014 is the NATO led coup d’état in Ukraine, 2019 appears to be to the release of The Great Disease found in Sixain XXX and to spark the West’s war with Iran, “They will set fire to the Olive branch“.

The Physician is one of Nostradamus’ last unidentified repeating characters. He seems to be the mastermind behind global affairs.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 431
The Physician in Sixain XXVIII, I believe is the Physician of the Great Disease, he or she is found in Sixain XXX and perhaps Sixain X. It is another example of continuity of character. I will examine these Sixains in Chapter Fourteen. The Physician seems to be the master manipulator.


Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
Dans peu de temps Medecin du grand mal,
Et la ƒangƒue d’ordre rang inegal,
Mettront le feu à la branche d’Oliue,
Poƒte courir, d’vn & d’autre coƒté,
Et par tel feu leur Empire accoƒté,
Se r’alumant du franc finy ƒaliue.

Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
In a short time the Physician of the great disease,
And the leech of unequal order and rank,
They will set fire to the Olive branch,
Positioning driving, one side and another,
And through such fire their Empire accosted,
Reigniting the last of French saliva.

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 670
In Sixain XXX, I believe Nostradamus is giving future historians the two arbiters of humanity’s fate. The Physician of the Great Disease and The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank. They seem to be responsible for what history will recognize as the start of World War III.

In Chapter Four, I explained how Nostradamus identified The Leech as being south of France, which makes The Leech North Africa, or more precisely, the Arab League. With that explanation, it is easy to make the case that The Leech of Unequal Order and Rank is the single most important Islamic leader in the world.

What this implies is that The Physician of The Great Disease may have a key to Nostradamus’ prophecies. This is why we have seen the election of two Popes, and why Barack Obama will let Donald J. Trump attack Iran and institute Martial Law. It could also be the reason why Prince Harry (Henry) and Meghan may be moving to America. They may be trying to assume the roles of Nostradamus’ Henri V and The Great Lady.

I suspect that The Masters of The Game are gaming prophecy.

Henri V will fulfill the Catholic prophecy of The Last Holy Roman Emperor.

Henri Selin and The Black King are the two most repeated characters in all of Nostradamus’ Quatrains and Presages. The Black King also shows up in The Sixains, and that provides the world with confirmation that Nostradamus was the author of The Sixains.

Edgar Cayce’s Forerunner was also predicted to come from the United States.

In my 2010 book, The Age of Desolation, I presented some notable signs that would indicate that World War III was approaching.

1) A war between Greece and Turkey would begin in the Spring.
2) There would be a default in the precious metals market in the Spring.
3) War with Iran would begin with an attack on the United States Navy’s 5th fleet in the Arabian Sea or Persian Gulf.
4) The war with Iran would be started without a monarch’s permission.
5) 2011, 2014, 2019, and 2020 would be the critical years of World War III.

Besides the Chinese Coronavirus, there are a lot of strange events going on in the background.

January 14, 2020
DHS gives Kansas legislators secret briefings on security

January 14, 2020
State Legislators in Kansas Put on NATIONAL GUARD BUSES and taken to Military Base for DHS “Security Briefing”
Sources in Kansas are saying the “briefing” was a “life-altering” event which “utterly horrified” attendees.

January 7, 2020
Mystery drone sightings spread to Kansas

January 15, 2020
Russian government resigns as Putin proposes constitutional changes

And then rounding out my general feelings lately, there is this aspect of Donald J. Trump that is another Red-Flag for me.

January 25, 2020
U.S. says 34 troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after Iran strike

January 25, 2020
Veterans group demands apology from Trump for comments that traumatic brain injuries suffered by U.S. troops in Iraq missile attack were just ‘headaches’ – as Biden also blasts president’s remarks as ‘disgusting’

Thank you for your service” has become a bullshit phrase lately. That comes from more than a few hours with my late father in V.A. hospitals.

January 25, 2020
20,000 US Troops Have Surged Into Mideast Since Last Spring To ‘Counter Iran’

This is the number of American troops that were to be part of former Secretary of State John Kerry’s Plan B. It is the same number of troops that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Grham wanted back in 2015.

So, go ahead and tell me that Donald J. Trump is any different than Barack Obama. It is all a show.

November 29, 2015
John McCain and Lindsey Graham call for 20,000 US troops in Syria and Iraq

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 355, 753
Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s Plan B for Syria was a full-scale invasion involving troops from the United States, Great Britain, and allied with the 41-Nation Sunni Alliance.

This total would be nearly half of the 20,000 U.S. troops asked for by the late Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham. At one time, these two Senators wanted the United States to lead the 41-Nation Sunni Alliance in an invasion of Syria and Iraq.

Both Senators seemed to support former Secretary of State John Kerry’s Syria Plan B, which was a large Sunni Arab army led by U.S. and British troops occupying large parts of Syria and Iraq. This would fulfill many prophecies in Islamic Hadith as well as those of Nostradamus.

It looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys