I remember the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I had stayed home from school that day and my father called my mother from work to tell her the news. As I heard them talking about President Kennedy, I began doing pushups. My father was a former Army paratrooper and Drill Instructor. President Kennedy had launched a Physical Fitness Campaign, and my father was always making sure I was doing my pushups, “just as the President says“. I am still doing them.

The Federal Government Takes on Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is often in the news today, but it has long been a national concern. New programs to help keep Americans fit were a hallmark of John F. Kennedy’s administration.

In 1989, I finally learned who killed President John F. Kennedy.

November 3, 1989
Secret Wars of the CIA
John Stockwell talked about the inner workings of the CIA. Topics included CIA destabilizing governments in Angola and other countries and setting up drug cartels as part of covert operations in certain countries.

This November 3rd, 1989 speech at American University by former CIA Director of Operations in Angola, John Stockwell, played on C-Span December 27th, 1989. It was life changing. I read the books he told me to read and all of a sudden I was Neo in the movie The Matrix, taking that Red Pill.

December 27th, 1989 is the day I mark as my Great Awakening.

The Q Phenomenon is now a Cultural Phenomenon. It is a player for your attention. It is a force that is shaping a large demographic of American opinion and it has gone global. It will be recognized as the perfect PYSOP. As Psychological Operations go, The Q Phenomenon has brought me information, and I am almost 30 years ahead of the crowd.

September 12, 2018
QAnon Great Awakening Subreddit Banned, Conspiracy Theorists Incensed

September 12, 2018
Reddit bans r/greatawakening, the main subreddit for QAnon conspiracy theorists

August 2, 2018
How QAnon, the conspiracy theory spawned by a Trump quip, got so big

As with all Psychological Operations, you take your chances with the information. The beauty of The Q Phenomenon is that it touches all bases in Conspiracy Theory.

Is The Q Phenomenon real? Oh yes, and the most dangerous operation going on in the world at this moment and for the last year, and perhaps much longer. This is why I want to inform people about the rise of the next great meme, The Return of JFK Jr.

I personally like this meme, and as you can see below, so do many other people. It would mean that should JFK Jr. really be alive, the destruction of Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels would be fait accompli. There would be no gray areas, no debate, and no public discussion. The family tree managing The Deep State is well-known, and they would find nowhere to hide.

Of the 16 books that John Stockwell recommended that every American read, number one was High Treason, The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, What Really Happened, by Robert J. Gordon and Harrison Edward Livingstone. From everything I have read since, I believe Oliver Stone’s movie, JFK, was fairly accurate.

Needless to say, as you can read from this Website, my view has expanded well beyond the simple CIA and Mafia roles in JFK’s assassination; this was the beginning of Globalization. It was international, and it tied into the nearly three-dozen assassination attempts on Charles De Gaule, the President of France, who withdrew France from NATO in retaliation.

Also consider that should some unknown-force have rescued JFK. Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy from an assassination attempt and hidden them these last 19-years, then there is also comfort in the fact that somewhere a group of individuals within either the military, the intelligence services, or law-enforcement took it upon themselves to go underground after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For nearly 55 years, they have remained hidden, trying to Shepard the United States and the world through the coup détat.

Nostradamus’ prediction of the appearance of a Second Thrasybulus has been on this Website since its inception in 2007.


The JFK JR. LIVES Meme is also great bait to reel in the Wingnuts. I must say that Vincent Fusca is an odd looking cartoonish character, and almost a caricature of an over-the-top Trump supporter. The woman who often appears with him looks remarkably like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. And how do they continually get seated behind President Trump in the VIP section at Trump rallies?

It is all very in-your-face.

That is why I like it. It really suggests that President Donald J. Trump has the upper-hand in this battle for civilization. Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect is ancient, and as I have posted on this Website and written in my book, Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, there is no happy ending for the United States.

I have been waiting for The Second Thrasybulus for a long time, but I am not ready to buy into Vincent Fusca and The Return of JFK Jr. Meme just yet. It would certainly stop the approaching Second American Civil War in its tracks.



And yet there are just some pictures that make me go Mmmmmm.

October 23, 2018
Putin and Trump set to meet in Paris on November 11

Something big is coming. November 11th, 2018 is a date that Q continually pointed to throughout his/her/their posts.