"...I don't plan to cooperate with evil at any point."

Dr. Martin Luther King, January 14th, 1968


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G. A. Stewart has had a great deal of experience pointing out hypocrisy. He completely understands the futility of pointing out the obvious, but he understands that some people do get it. Killing bad… stealing bad… not living up to your words bad…

Nostradamus’ writings have been an enduring riddle, sometimes the answers take you to places you do not want to go.

The simple fact is, when you write that the first black President of the United States is Nostradamus’ Black King and his Third Antichrist, it is downhill from there.

Barack Obama’s Presidency was worse than his predecessor, George W. Bush. Never mind Barack Obama’s record of extra-judicial drone killings of Americans, never mind that he saw nothing wrong with spying upon innocent Americans, never mind the endless wars and the broken promises; by initiating The Arab Spring, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton destroyed the Middle East and North Africa. They created the refugee crisis in Europe.

Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department are also responsible for the Ukrainian coup d’état that has brought NATO and Russia closer to war than they have ever been. These are just the facts of history.

In his seminal 1961 book, The Life and Literature of Nostradamus, Edgar Leoni first suggested that the interpretation of the French word, Noir, Black, when used as a noun and subject in a poem, could be interpreted as, Roi Noir, because inside Noir is the anagram Roi, King.

Hence, Noir becomes Roi Noir, Black King.

In my December 2008 Website Introduction, I suggested that President-Elect Barack Obama might be Nostradamus’ Black King. I was still doubtful because the Bush-Clinton Criminal Families are the two ruling political dynasties in the United States.

I am not the first to make this observation about Nostradamus’ Black King. Barack Obama’s important historical legacy is not over, so of course it would show up in Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Other well-known Nostradamus Commentators have used Leoni’s work and failed to give The Black King citation to Leoni.

2017 turned out to be an insanely fascist year for political correctness, replete with violence and threats of violence from anarchists oblivious to the facts in the news or the facts of history.

It will be a dangerous, bloody, and violent era. It will be the era of no debate or compromise.

Fake moral outrage is impossible to debate. It is a script that people are happy to read from, and Facebook and Twitter make it fashionable. I have seen a fair part of the world. The One Percent are selling diversity at the expense of individuality and uniqueness.

Life and the world are a tasty buffet, they seek to make the world a Factory Gruel. Celebrate diversity by being different.


NOVEMBER 10, 2017



December 27, 1989
The first teacher to tell me about The American Matrix was John Stockwell, a former Vietnam Veteran Marine and Operations Director for the Central Intelligence Agency






Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Art Bell Show January 5th, 1998
I think our representative democracy is in danger. …I think events are moving so fast, so very rapidly, that no one is really on top of it, and if we don’t get people mobilized here to demand that we get to the bottom of these issues we’re talking about today… we’re not going to have an opportunity forever.




After contracting Legionnaire's Disease, also known as Legionella Pneumonia, I spent a week in the hospital. For days my fever either bounced off 104 or remained very close to it until the diagnosis was made.

I had a very profound experience. I suppose some would call it a Near Death Experience. (I will add, critics will say it was fever delirium. All I can say is that there is a reason that Native Americans built sweat lodges.)


The element that convinces me of the reality of the experience is the rationality with which I was approaching it. It was the third day of the fever, the hospital room just morphed into this fog and I slipped into that other dimension, and started doing an assessment of where I was and what I was seeing. I knew that I was dying, and that realization and surrender was the propelling force to take it to another level.

That is the inspirational part of the story. Being analytical, was my mind creating an inspirational vision to rally the failing components of my body?

My breathing never seemed difficult, but I kept telling the Doctors that my lungs hurt. As you can read from the linked article on being aware of your death, it does relate to the slow loss of oxygen to your brain and the rest of your body. That is something I was clearly experiencing, and so by that criteria, I was undergoing a slow-rolling Near Death Experience.

In the year that has passed since my experience, I have come to think of The Great Tunnel of Gold as a trip to The Great Library of Eternity. We all leave our mark on eternity, and I got to see where the records are stored. I love libraries and museums, so maybe that fed the illusion. In early 20th century metaphysical circles, it was called The Akashic Record.

There are two primary reasons why I believe this experience was more than fever-induced delirium. The one thought that I remember repeating to myself after the experience is that our words do not matter; only our actions count. The second is the visceral reaction I get when I am out in public. I can just sense how far away we all are from some very basic spiritual concepts. I just feel a great saddness.

I will begin posting my Alternate Energy Research on my Private Website. As readers will note, I believe Dr. Harold Aspden laid the ground work for a Universal Reference Frame. I believe it will lead to discovering a way to gain access to The Akashic Record.

Modern UFO Lore describes The Grey Aliens showing the military a device that could playback specific points in time. Edgar Cayce predicted that Humanity would also develop a device that could tap into The Akashic Record.

Here is what I wrote nearly a decade ago.

Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 722

Could the “seal of God in their foreheads” refer to alien implants, allegedly inserted into the foreheads of abductees through their nasal cavity? Abductees also have reported seeing praying mantis-like or locust-like beings.

Perhaps the nano-chip is the material version of an individual’s karmic record. Metaphysical lore has long reported that the Akashic Record is the entire record of a person’s spiritual life. Edgar Cayce predicted that there would be an instrument developed that will be able to read The Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce Reading 443-5
Question: Akashic Records are recorded on the ether. Then cannot an instrument be invented to induct ether and thus tap in on the Akashic Records?

Answer: …This may be done – eventually will be!


What I find amazing is that people can do this on their own. Take the artwork of Akiane Kramarik. The painting she did of Jesus Christ when she was only eight-years old clearly shows that she has tapped into The Akashic Records.

I discovered her work through the movie Heaven Is For Real, the story of a young boy's Near Death Experience. Colton Burpo claimed that he met Jesus Christ while having life-saving surgery, and the boy identified Akiane Kramarik's painting as the person that greeted him.

Her paintings also perfectly match Edgar Cayce's description of Jesus Christ in Reading 5354-1 and Reading 5749-1. I find that more than coincidental.

For my own experience, I believe that I was given a close-in view of my own Earthly works and then an aerial view of the stadium, but the sports stars were not on the field.

1) I found myself in a wispy white fog. I was in my hospital gown. In the distance was a white light that was illuminating the fog. There was no darkness; everything was veiled in this fog that was dense in some areas and lighter in other areas.

2) There were maybe a dozen more people in this fog with me, also in hospital gowns; most were elderly. We were all in a slow shuffle towards this light source. Some people seemed to change their path and go into what appeared to be a holding pattern or orbit.

3) I recognized exactly where I was, and remember thinking, surely it can’t be as cliché as the Hollywood after-death fog seen in movies like, Heaven Can Wait?

4) Then next to me, was this poor soul in a business suit whose right side looked like it had been mangled in a car accident. He raised his arm toward me. He needed help. Again my thoughts went to the movies and the movie Beetlejuice, and the after-death images of how we crossover. I felt sorry for him. It was out of my hands.

5) The skeptical mind would note that my body chemistry was now boiling at 104 degrees and say that these images were being constructed in my fever-induced delirium.

6) There was certainly a rational part of me measuring what I was observing and I was assigning symbols to them. In fact, it was my extensive interest in metaphysics that allowed me to recognize that I was in bad shape. I did not think it was going to get that serious. And at the point I surrendered to, “oh-well, I don’t care”.

7) Then it was Warp Factor Nine, "make it so!"


1) I found myself in this immense tunnel of the purest gold you can imagine. There is no way to convey the size of this tunnel. There were two ends. There was a lit side that was the source of the tunnel, and there was a side open to the darkest black you can imagine. I knew instantaneously that I was looking at the entrance to the void.

2) Gold carved artwork hung along every square inch of the tunnel’s walls. In the distance, near to the void, the golden structures were more organized than that closest to me. Close to me, it felt like I was in a museum of the finest golden artwork.

3) I knew where I was and what I was looking at. This is how God manifests in the physical universe. I did not need anyone to tell me.

4) I had a guide, but it was more like a guidance system. I wanted to look at some items important to me, and my attention was taken there.


1) The first thought that came to my head when I found myself in the Tunnel of Gold was that this is the reason that humans covet gold.

2) In searching the Internet for the images that I saw in this Tunnel of Gold, only intricate, golden religious iconography is the closest that I could find.

1) My entire experience from the white fog into the Tunnel of Gold was bridged by an image of gold and silver artwork on a tray.

2) From my experience in the white fog, I had suddenly found my attention fixed on this tray of carvings against a blue background.

3) The carvings on the tray were made of the finest threads of gold and silver. I recognized Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage pulled by a team of gold and silver horses. I remember being absolutely amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship.

4) It was when I pulled my attention away from this first tray of golden artwork that I saw myself in the Tunnel of Gold. I was awestruck.

5) This is all I can present to readers of my direct observations. I have found the closest images I can to relate this experience.

6) After colorizing the picture of the astronaut in the wormhole that I found on the Internet, I just find myself taking comfort in it and I have made it my desktop background. It is so close to representing how I was making these observations.


1) After understanding what I was looking at in the Tunnel of Gold, I turned around to look at the source of the Golden Light.

2) It was too hard to see. Like a cluttered museum, all of these golden structures obscured my view.



Considering my technical background and experience, I tend to examine the touchy-feely aspects of spirituality in more of a mechanistic fashion. How does it work?

I have come to see The Tunnel of Gold as The Machine of God's Intention. It was open to The Void, forming and consuming it. The gold was the most brilliant that I have ever seen, and the black of The Void was the blackest black that I have ever seen.

The Tunnel of Gold is bringing order to that infinite black sea. It is growing and expanding by the construction of great works of art that we all contribute to when working from the same engineering plan drawn by that One Architect.


Cloud Atlas is one of my favorite movies. It is a masterpiece. In the movie, the same group of people reincarnate together, and each life is connected to a previous life. Eventually, one evil-minded, selfish character reincarnates into a demon whispering fear into the hero's ear. This is taken from a combination of Judeo-Christian, Gnostic Christian, and Islamic scripture.

From womb to tomb, we are bound to others.
...And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future.

Pistis Sophia: Chapter 132: pg 283 Translation by G.R.S. Mead, [1921]
Now, therefore, the rulers seal the counterfeiting spirit to the soul... making it do all sins and all iniquities. And they give commandment moreover unto the counterfeiting spirit, saying: 'If the soul cometh out of the body, do not agitate it... on account of all the sins which thou hast made it do, in order that it may be chastized in all the regions of the judgments, so that it may not be able to go on high to the Light and return into changes of the body.

Whether it be wedding vows, a political oath of office, an oath to the military, the worth and weight of the spoken words people share anchor our Individual Reality to the Spiritual Reality to which most human beings subscribe. Spirituality and religion are the foundation and bedrock of families and society, but most people seem to be listening to the wrong internal advice.

All human beings depend on the Sun coming up in the morning, and many people also depend on the words and vows that they share with their partners, families, and the organizations to which they belong. What happens when those promises and vows fail?

December 16, 2017
Light is the Spirit – Meek is the Flesh
Genuine Spirituality is not for the privileged faint hearted who push the agenda of trigger happy spiritual insights of this and that on a cliché level.

We all probably thought at some point that we were founded and grounded in the status quo of things in our lives. Then we find that the status quo only is valid for some time and the eyes begin to stray, events kicks in and we have to change again. Every time we do that, it affects our inner life of thinking, feeling and most importantly attachments, either to people or to ideas of any kind on how this world is constructed, its emotional design and its spiritual markers.

It’s going through a tunnel and crossing the bridge of sighs, to come out on the other side: Reborn again, a little less holy Baptist southern roller with an appetite for preaching and with a strengthened connection to what each of us perceives to be the celestial, holy, the Uni or whatever we call it.

When we walk the path of the mystic and account for and accept suffering as part of the spiritual buffet, it becomes much easier and that stuff simply stops happening to us because we get oddly detached in the moment and we often know what the situation is really about, usually power, and have no interest in that anymore.

This life, dear fellow traveler, is not about out powering our fellow beings. It’s about empowering them and between those poles, is the landscape in which the spiritual warrior fights his battles. The final sword is merely a shake of the head and a walk away and a non-religious version of: Forgive them Lord, they know not what they are doing.

October 17, 2017
The Bridge of Golden Sighs – Revisited
Only when we step out of emotion are we in our own mind and not the mind of others.

December 22, 2016
The Coward and The Silent Treatment
We are here to learn everything we can, especially from the people we interact with, and if we take away that learning, we only treat each other with Indifference, where we should be caring and empathetic.

October 21, 2016
The Gap Called Despair
None of us is bloody perfect expect for one group: The Spiritual Delusional.

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