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Dr. Martin Luther King, January 14th, 1968



This Website is dedicated to the metaphysical. It is that area of human knowledge and research where scientists and physicists in the 21st century laugh with intellectual arrogance at those of us who might believe that there is a "Ghost In The Machine".

As it turns out, The Ghost In The Machine is now called Hidden Variable Theory. It is these unknown aspects of REALITY and its connection to NONLOCAL-REALITY that has given rise to countless theories hoping to unify the laws of physics.

This Webpage is dedicated to some questions that I have concerning those laws.

The only thing that YOU as an individual can absolutely agree with is that there is a YOU and there is a UNIVERSE.

The basic premise of modern physics:

YOUR OBSERVATIONAL FRAME is the only reality that YOU as an observer can agree with is real.

Therefore, consider yourself a VECTOR (v) in VECTOR SPACE. Three physical coordinates, (x), (y), and (z) define your physical position, and (t) defines the point in time you are examining. We can integrate that over a period of time, or differentiate that down to a specific small point in time. You might think of your LIFETIME as a LINEAR TRANSFORMATION in the FIELD OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION.

Your life is a straight line in human history: You were BORN, You LIVED, You DIED. That forms a straight line through time (t), and gravitational, electromagnetic, and strong forces have corkscrewed your (x),(y), and (z) coordinates through physical space. However, as Quantum Physics suggests, that seemingly solid line in time and those non-linear corkscrews through Space may be made up of discrete points.

The atoms in every human body have arisen from THE QUANTUM VACUUM - In quantum field theory, the quantum vacuum state (also called the quantum vacuum or vacuum state) is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. The vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence.

Therefore, since the chemical constituency of every human body depends on the laws of Quantum Physics, YOU, THE OBSERVER, have decayed numerous times, giving birth to new atoms and molecules that apparently make up the same body of YOU, THE OBSERVER. How is the INFORMATION that defines YOU, THE OBSERVER supplied to the new atoms and molecules?

Is the INFORMATION buffered during the creation of the new particle as it might be in a computer? Having taken College level physics, chemistry, and astronomy courses, I got into a debate one-time with one of my professors who believed that this creation of Virtual Particles happens discretely and randomly.

I believe that it may initially happen discretely, but somehow it will affect the overall ENERGY/INFORMATION FIELD, perhaps leading to a cascade of Quantum Transformations. In electronics terms, this is known as an Electron Avalanche.

Most importantly, I believe that there is no randomness to it. Consider that the (x), (y), (z), (t) SHARED UNIVERSE was given MOMENTUM by The Big Bang. The creator of all particles in (x), (y), (z), (t) SHARED UNIVERSE received this initial impetous that caused The Big Bang from what Edgar Cayce once described as The First Cause.

This is basically what is known today as Superdeterminism.

All particles are contributors to the interacting fields that make up the universe. We can now measure this First Cause through The Cosmic Microwave Background back to a point back in time 13.8 billion years ago.

We can agree that OBSERVATION seems to take place with one particle of a sytem changing its ENERGY STATE through some input from an outside particle or field. The physical reality transaction:

Reality is composed of a series of nested, interacting fields... Gravitational Fields, Electromagnetic Fields, and Strong Force Fields. Some of these fields can even be measured by your cellphone.

I equate Energy Fields with Information Fields. Everything is consciousness, but I will annotate and question the metaphysical aspects of Information Theory after addressing some of my questions about the physics that make things work.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has a theory that he calls Morphic Resonance. Memory is inherent in nature through Morphogenetic Fields. These seem to be INFORMATION FIELDS that all species communicate through.

There seem to be molecular structures that can buffer these INFORMATION FIELDS. The simplest is water.

It has been proven that water holds memory. Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of the AIDS virus, is validating the work of Jacques Benveniste.

I am certainly no particle physicist, but I am somebody a particle physicist might send down a tunnel to check his instrumentation. After 14-years of working at an advanced Jet and Space Propulsion laboratory, you come away with a healthy understanding of various aspects of instrumentation.

Theoretical Physicists are dreamers, Experimental Physicists supply them with the data from instrumentation to let them dream.

I might suggest Nobel Laureate, Leon Lederman's book, The God Particle, in understanding this dynamic in the field of physics.

So, let us also establish the fact that OUR SHARED REALITY is composed of UNIQUE OBSERVERS who seem to be allocated various layers of an information network that can address (Read/Write to) various INFORMATION FIELDS that contribute to OUR SHARED REALITY.

You can think of that in terms of Schools of Fish, Pods of Whales, or Tribes of Human Beings, each with their unique inter-species communication protocols that also interact uniquely with YOU, THE OBSERVER.

We are all essentially pixels creating a SHARED UNIVERSE.

A shark, using its own bandwidth on that network in OUR SHARED REALITY, has the ability to sense, or OBSERVE, YOU, THE OBSERVER thrashing in the water nearby. It then makes its own measurement that could affect YOU, THE OBSERVER.

What caused THE COLLAPSE OF THE QUANTUM WAVE FUNCTION that began the change of state for the first particle in the shark's consciousness and its INFORMATION FIELD? The change of state leads to an Electron Avalanche in the shark's chemically based sensory apparatus that eventually brings awareness of YOU, THE OBSERVER thrashing about in the water into the shark's REALITY.

Your sensory apparatus may be so inadequate, that you may be half-way down the shark's throat before YOU, THE OBSERVER are aware that you and the shark are now part of the same SHARED REALITY. So, not making the initial observation/measurement required to COLLAPSE THE QUANTUM WAVE FUNCTION on your end begs the question, how did YOU, THE OBSERVER come to share reality with that shark? Were the waves created by your thrashing an extension of your measurement/observation system?

YOU, THE OBSERVER, are a particle that is part of a larger field. As a physical being, YOU, THE OBSERVER are continually exchanging Gravitons, Photons, and Gluons with those nested fields. These are the Force Carriers, and we seek to design the finest level of instrumentation that can sense these forces.

January 19, 2018
Riz Virk Explains Why Quantum Physics, AI, & Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are Living In A Video Game


The Emerald Tablet, The Smaragdine Table, Tabula Smaragdina
A translation by Isaac Newton is found among his alchemical papers currently housed in King's College Library, Cambridge University.
That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.
And as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

Isaac Newton's metaphyisical beliefs are well-known. He suggested that the Universe had to have an Absolute Reference Frame and that Gravity was Instantaneous Action At A Distance.

Speed of gravity: Isaac Newton's formulation of a gravitational force law requires that each particle with mass respond instantaneously to every other particle with mass irrespective of the distance between them. In modern terms, Newtonian gravitation is described by the Poisson equation, according to which, when the mass distribution of a system changes, its gravitational field instantaneously adjusts. Therefore the theory assumes the speed of gravity to be infinite.

Astronomers have mapped over 100,000 galaxies and constructed the gravitational flow of the Universe out to a distance of 500-million light years beyond the Milky Way galaxy in which our Solar System resides and speeds along at approximately 600 km/sec.

This is the most detailed map yet of our place in the universe



Now consider that this construction of galaxies and galactic superclusters resemble the neural network of the human brain.



The Andromeda–Milky Way Collision is a galactic collision predicted to occur in about 4 billion years.

The Sun has another 5-billion years of stable lifetime left.

The Sun has been around for approximately 4-billion years, and there are stars within the Milky Way Galaxy that have been around since The Big Bang.

Consider The One Electron Universe hypothesis by two of physics' greatest thinkers.

The one-electron universe postulate, proposed by John Wheeler in a telephone call to Richard Feynman in 1940, hypothesises that all electrons and positrons are actually manifestations of a single entity moving backwards and forwards in time.

Many more electrons have been observed than positrons, and electrons are thought to comfortably outnumber them. According to Feynman he raised this issue with Wheeler, who speculated that the missing positrons might be hidden within protons.

For a moment, I will delve into the metaphysical as we reconsider INFORMATION FIELDS. Dr. Sheldrake's theories suggest that they influence species evolution. Biological organisms live with life and death, and human beings have given death a great deal of consideration since the human mind began to rationalize its surroundings.

I have had a personal experience that suggests ghosts are real. After someone dies and the biological organism is destroyed, how does that individual incorporeal INFORMATION FIELD continue to exist? What are the carrier particles that contribute to the Energy/Information Field?

Extrapolating from that thought, consider the individual incorporeal entity's movement with the Earth, Solar System, and the Milky Way Galaxy. It is generally considered that the Earth is moving at approximately 600 km/sec against The Cosmic Microwave Background; somehow these INFORMATION FIELDS must retain a LOCAL connection to the Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Virgo Super-cluster Complex.

If Isaac Newton was right, and gravity is instantaneous, than there is a method of instantaneous communication right up to the boundary of The Big Bang.

In considering INFORMATION FIELDS, consider some classic literature; in The Tibetan Book of The Dead, the departed soul meets, The Knowledge-Holding Deities, including one known as The Earth-Abiding Knowledge-Holder.

The Tibetan Book of The Dead, The Seventh Day, Wisdom Radiances, W.Y. Evans-Wentz
On the Seventh Day, the Knowledge-Holding Deities from the holy paradise realms, come to receive one.

Be not attracted towards the dull blue light of the brute-world; be not weak. If thou art attracted, thou wilt fall into the brute-world, wherein stupidity predominates, and suffer the illimitable miseries of slavery and dumbness and stupidnesss; and it will be a very long time ere thou canst get out.

Consider the ideas of reincarnation and karma. Quantum Wells are devices built to confine particles. The device can trap a 3 dimensional particle to a 2 dimensional planar region.

Can Heaven and Hell, or The Land of the Living and The Land of the Dead be special kinds of Quantum Wells, where certain wave-lengths are confined to certain regions that fit that wave-length?

The Biblical Narrow Path may be a higher-frequency, shorter-wave length reality.

The greatest argument against the skeptics of an After-Death-Reality is that the number one rule in physics is that energy only transforms, it never disappears.

Edgar Cayce - Reading 1299-1
And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself - to be sure - is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical - or vibratory.

Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical or electricity is that same force ye worship as Creative or God in action!

Resonance Beings of Frequency


STANDARD ANSWER: Electric charge is the physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when placed in an electromagnetic field.

It is a non-answer, since it is defined by FORCE, and Force has four faces. The Gravitational, The Electromagnetic, The Strong Force, and The Weak Force.

My conjecture: Charge may be two distinct points defining the boundaries of ALL REALITY, including the so-called MULTIVERSE and all of its probabilities.

Since the work of many Scientists and Researchers has led me to this conclusion, I will quote them profusely as I explain.

Modern Theoretical Physics suggests that there was The Pre-Big Bang Singularity and then The Post-Big Bang Universe.

We define The Pre-Big Bang Singularity by the recognized Universal Constants in Physics by measuring these in The Post-Big Bang Universe.

The three primary constants defining the universe are The Fine Structure Constant, The Proton-Electron Mass Ratio, and The Gravitational Constant. The Fine Structure Constant includes The Speed of Light, The Permeability of the Vacuum, The Electron Charge, and The Planck Constant.

Permittivity and Permeability are at the heart of the physical world. They produce The Speed of Light Constant and The Resistance of the Active Vacuum Constant.

In MatchCad, I like to break units down into their absolute parts. Farads and Henrys present no conceptual picture. Here you can see that Permeability reduces down to a Force divided by Two Moving Charges, and Permittivity is the Electric Fields of Two Charges divided by Force. Do note that each of these physical constants of nature require two charges.

In essence, The Pre-Big Bang Singularity was in The Perfect Crystalline State.

With that in mind, consider Dr. Harold Aspden's description of Virtual Charge. Dr. Aspden was I.B.M.'s Director of European Patents.



His Quon Particle is mathematically equivalent to a Virtual Electron of Negative Charge (-1). He postulated that it rests in a Continuum of Positive Charge.

Of note, The Continuum of Positive Charge and The Quon Lattice are Positive and Negative in relation to each other.

The flow and liquid crystal nature of The Continuum of Positive Charge creates particles that are positive and negative in relation to those temporary (Virtual) aggregates of particles of various sizes of charge that form during The Continuum of Positive Charge's movement through The Quon Lattice.

The lattice particles, the Quons, mutually repel by their Coulomb interaction. As in the formation of crystal structure within matter, we may then expect some kind of cubic or hexagonal lattice to form. This is the minimum energy structure that applies in the circumstances, but those circumstances as they exist in matter are quite different from the situation in the aether, because the minimum energy criterion in matter usually results in what is an overall negative energy density. This is because the omnipresent aether has a slightly positive energy density and so it can permit matter to exist in a crystal structure that the aether is denied owing to the fact that its minimum energy density attributable to electrical interaction has to be positive.

I then found, from my analysis of the aether, that if minimum energy conditions were applied to the space medium and negative energy density were to be permitted, then the aether lattice particles would all be at rest at neutral positions in that charge continuum, each quon sitting in its own cell and in a structure that was body-centered cubic, as in iron. There would be no motion. Our universe would be dead and lifeless. The aether would have no character relating to time and the exercise of exploring its properties would be meaningless.

(Physics Unified, Harold Aspden, 1980)
The Q charges are all constrained to stay in synchronism. This constraint comes from their electric interactions. It gives rise to extraneous fields which resist any distortion of this synchronous state. Radial distortions and lateral distortions can occur but not frequency distortion. Therefore the Quons have only two degrees of freedom.

The E-Frame and G-Frame describe orbits of equal radius. As their relative velocity is c, they move at a speed 1/2 c in orbit. An electron located in the E-Frame is never at rest in the G-Frame. Its position is uncertain by an amount 2r and its momentum is uncertain owing to the constant reversal of its motion at speed 1/2 c.

The broken lines show the position of the Inertial G-Frame and the full lines show the position of the E-Frame. The electric particles forming this frame are depicted each in circular motion with the frame.

The line grid represents the G-Frame and the solid dots represent elements of the E-Frame. These latter elements are the Quon lattice particles. The G- Frame will be identified as the charge continuum.

If something set the Quons in motion from The Pre-Big Bang Singularity, Perfect Crystalline State, it had to be two forces orthoganal to one and other.



Fractional Charge outside of the Proton, Neutron, and all Baryons is believed to be impossible. Quantum chromodynamics seems to govern the universe inside these particles, and it adds another dimension to reality known as Color Charge, which comes in three flavors, (Red), (Green), and (Blue).

This brings up a basic question that I had when reading my college physics textbook. Using simple Bohr Equations, the Electron Orbital Speed is derived by this formula:

(The Physics of Creation, Chapter 5, page 73)
Because that motion is an orbital motion that is strictly harmonious, having a fixed frequency, (The Quon) does not depend upon speed and so is not subject to 'relativistic' mass increase owing to the way in which energy is deployed in such a system. It is therefore correct to use the Newtonian expression for kinetic energy even though the speeds involved are c/2.

As I progress, I will point out the Dr. Aspden's Theory for the Proton Creation Process required 8 Virtual Particle Collisions. All particles have their Virtual Particle Counterparts. The formulas for the main constituents of matter looks like this:


Consider, what if The Pre-Big Bang Singularity also included The Multiverse, and all probable iterations of The Post-Big Bang Universe. I suggest that this may be based on a Continuum of Fractional Charge. Every Field Line of The Aspden Quon connects to fractional charges of various sizes. I want to emphasize that this is conjecture on my part and not part of Dr. Aspden's Theories. Probabilities may be related to the size of the fractional charges in the Continuum interacting with the Quons forming particles in Aspden's Gravitational Frame.

Dr. Aspden suggests that as Energy moves through each Quon Cell, the Quon is constantly changing its speed to maintain its angular synchronism with every Quon in the Universal Lattice of Quons. Its orbital radius would be constantly spiraling inwards and outwards. The dynamic flow, currents, and geometry of Dr. Aspden's Continuum of Charge would also be constantly changing and very complex.

Now if Dr. Aspden's Two-Dimensional Planar Lattice of Quons existed, the physical particles of the universe might indicate some kind of polarization in a specific direction. That was discovered in 1997. Two scientists, Borge Nodland of the University of Rochester and John Ralston examined the data from Quasars and suggested that the axis of polarization existed through a cone extending from the constellations of Sextants and Aquila.

April 18, 1997
'This Side Up' May Apply To the Universe, After All

The universe might be behaving like a birefringent crystal, in which light moving in one direction behaves differently from light travelling in another direction.


However, a few interest facts have come to light in the years since this discovery.

May 31, 2016
The Screwy Universe
Two scientists, Borge Nodland of the University of Rochester and John Ralston of the University of Kansas, were claiming that they had detected a violation of a fundamental principle of modern cosmology — isotropy, the idea that space looks the same in every direction.

My job as the beginning graduate student was to look in the literature for measurements of the polarization angles and redshifts of as many galaxies as I could find. I managed to scrape up 160 such galaxies, which was enough to put a good limit on the effect we were looking for.

In fact they had basically done exactly the same thing that we had done, except that they had considered a Lorentz-violating vector field that was pointing in a spatial direction instead of in the time direction. As a result, they were asking whether there was a direction-dependent rotation of polarizations — clockwise if you looked at one side of the sky, counter-clockwise if you looked at the other — rather than a uniform one across the sky. And, remarkably, they seemed to be saying that there was such a rotation!

As it turns out, Nodland and Ralston had simply made a mistake. What they, and before them we, were doing was comparing the polarization from distant quasars to their orientation angles on the sky.

However, it turns out that maybe Nodland and Ralston did not make a mistake, consider the Cosmic Microwave Background Anomaly.


March 21, 2013
Hemispheric asymmetry and cold spot in the Cosmic Microwave Background
Two Cosmic Microwave Background anomalous features hinted at by Planck's predecessor, NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), are confirmed in the new high precision data from Planck. One is an asymmetry in the average temperatures on opposite hemispheres of the sky (indicated by the curved line), with slightly higher average temperatures in the southern ecliptic hemisphere and slightly lower average temperatures in the northern ecliptic hemisphere. This runs counter to the prediction made by the standard model that the Universe should be broadly similar in any direction we look. There is also a cold spot that extends over a patch of sky that is much larger than expected (circled). In this image the anomalous regions have been enhanced with red and blue shading to make them more clearly visible.