"...I don't plan to cooperate with evil at any point."

Dr. Martin Luther King, January 14th, 1968


For the following Nostradamus Quatrain, every English translation has failed since 1672. I am correcting a 345-year-old error.

When I see the work I have done on the following Nostradamus' Quatrain appearing on other people's websites without giving credit to my years of research decoding and translating this prophecy, I let the site's Web Master know.

Since 2008, I have noticed many blogs referring to the inordinate amount of bloodshed and carnage that has occurred throughout history on April 19th and April 20th. I am the originator of that theory and it first appeared on this and another well-read website in 2008.

The one piece of evidence I have comes directly from my interpretation of Nostradamus' Quatrain I-42.

Every well-known Nostradamus Commentator published in English has missed the fact that the date Nostradamus predicts is April 20th. When I first read Richard Hoagland's research about the Nazi influence in NASA and the launching of many missions on April 20th, Adolf Hitler's birthday, I thought of this Quatrain.

Now Websites will just point to Pagan Rituals, but it is all about Nazis, at least the post World War II dates of ritual occult bloodshed and sacrifice.

Looking at the Quatrain and the phrase "assemblée diabolique", a "Diabolical Assembly", it was a definite reference to The Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

This confirms the interpretations I made from The Epistle to Henri.



Nostradamus Quatrain I-42
Les dix Kalendes d'Apuril de faict Gotique
Resuscité encor par gens malins:
Le feu estainct, assemblée diabolique,
Cherchant les or du d'Amant & Pselyn,

Nostradamus Quatrain I-42
The tenth of the Calends of April in Gothic Count,
Revived again by evil people:
The fire extinguished diabolical assembly,
Seeking the gold owed the lover and Pselyn [Selyn/Psellus].

Besides being an accurate prediction of the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendar system, Nostradamus zeros in on Germany and April 20th, Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Nostradamus clearly saw the influence of the Nazis when he penned what I believe is one of his greatest predictions. Every Nostradamus interpreter has missed this translation for centuries because they have incorrectly converted the Julian and Gregorian dates.

This very important Quatrain presents readers with a perfect example of working with early and later editions of Nostradamus' Centuries. In the last line, I will point out the words "or" and "Pselyn". In later editions, the word "or" has become "os", and depending on the edition, "Pselyn" has become "Pselin" or "Prelin".

In every English version I have read, “os” then translates as “bones”, and the enigmatic word “Pselyn” has been translated as “Psellus”. Michael Psellus, was a famous Byzantine philosopher and historian. Most importantly, he had a world-renowned library of occult and esoteric lore.

The modern English interpretation of Psellus seems to begin with Henry Roberts 1947 interpretation. However, Henry C. Roberts used the oldest English translation of Nostradamus's work, The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus, written in 1672 by Theophilus de Garencieres.

Above, I presented the first 1555 printing of Quatrain I-42. Below, I present six more printings from 1557 until 1630. You will see the progression of interpretation errors. There are two things to note in my new interpretation. As I stated in the previous chapter, some of Nostradamus’ compound words can take on multiple definitions.

Note that the “P” is capitalized indicating perhaps a name, but what follows is “selyn”. This is one of several spellings for Nostradamus’ future hero, Henri Selin. Henri Selin and The Black King are by far the most frequent characters mentioned in The Quatrains, The Presages, The Sixains.

If you take the allusion of the “Fifth” in The Sixains to be Henri V, then Selin is easily the starring character in all of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Nostradamus’ protagonist, Henri Selin is discussed in Chapter Six, and his antagonist is The Black King, discussed in Chapter Seven.

Here is a thought for readers to consider. Did Nostradamus’ vision of the future allow him to foresee future iterations of his work? From the quotes that I provided in Chapter One, this would seem to be the case.

I still feel “Psellus” is stretching the interpretation if you take into consideration that it reads “d'Amant & Pselyn”. “The Lover” and “Selyn” is certainly a reference to "The Great Lady", the onetime concubine of Henri Selin. She appears in many Quatrains and especially The Sixains.

The “Psellus” interpreation, however, provides the multidimensional aspect to Nostradamus’ compound word. It is even quite possible that the books that Nostradamus’ burned came from the library of Michael Psellus. As you will read below, ten days after the beginning of April in the Julian calendar system becomes April 20th in the first centuries after the change to the Gregorian calendar system. This is the birth date of Adolf Hitler.

Readers should also note that Quatrain I-42 is coincidental with the 1942 entry of the United States into World War II. Henri Selin is an American. Here comes the multidimensional interpretation, “assemblée diabolique” clearly references the occult, and “gens malins”, means evil smart people.







1947 – Henry Roberts: Seek for the bones of the lovers and Psellus.
1961 – Edgar Leoni: Searching for the bones of the Demon of Psellus.
1973 – Erika Cheetham: Seek the bones of the demon of Psellus.
1999 – John Hogue: Seeking the bones of the Daemon of Psellus.
2017 - G. A. Stewart: Seeking the gold owed the lover and Pselyn [Selyn/Psellus].

The early evolution of this Quatrain, presents a textbook case of measuring the strength of various Nostradamus Commentators over the centuries.

I would suggest that for the 1555 and the 1557 editions with 42 Quatrains in Century VII, Nostradamus was present to correct any errors and give his approval to the printers. “Pselyn” versus “Pselin” and the “y” to “i” change is a common acceptable alternative. However, you will notice that in the second edition printing with only 40 Quatrains in Century VII is where “or” became “os”. This hints that for this printing Nostradamus was not present to provide oversight and corrections.

The 1566 edition immediately after his death with all of The Centuries continues this error.

In Chapter One, I stated that I believe Century VII was purposely left incomplete so that the 58 Sixains added to the 42 Quatrains gives a complete 100 leading into The Epistle to Henri.

There is a reason Nostradamus capitalized the "P" in Quatrain I-42, that is a given. The Diabolical Assembly of evil people connects this Quatrain to the occult.

Therefore, I accept that Nostradamus might be trying to connect Michael Psellus or esoteric knowledge to his future hero Henri Selin. However, I disagree that Nostradamus used "d'Amant" as a cloaked version of the word demon because he was afraid of The Inquisition. This actual suggestion is an example of the leaps in interpretation that some Nostradamus Commentators have made over the centuries.

The later evolution of "or", meaning "gold" to "os", meaning "bone" or "bones" is also completely incorrect.

Translating it properly as gold makes "du" in "les or du d'Amant & Pselyn", "dû", meaning "owed" or "due".

Therefore, The Diabolical Assembly is destroyed trying to "cherchant", "seek, search, hunt for", "the gold owed Henri Selin and his lover".


Nostradamus Presage (31) February 1557

Nostradamus Presage (32) March 1557

Nostradamus Presage (33) April 1557

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, G. A. Stewart, Page 33

The Presages first appeared in Nostradamus’ monthly Almanacs in 1555 and continued until his death in 1566. They cover the years from 1555 until 1567. I feel a very solid debate can be made as to whether these poems are predictions related to events in Nostradamus’ lifetime or to readers far in his future.

I suggest that they relate to future events relative to Nostradamus, and that they fit into his grand theme.

The exciting part in putting this book together was my discovery of unpublished Presages that I have not found in any English publication. The 1556 Presages are missing in every English edition of Nostradamus' “Complete Works”, along with 16 other Presages spanning various years.

If you find the popular modern authors who publish a version of Nostradamus' “Complete Works” that follows this same Presage structure with the same missing Presages, then they are most likely riffing from Edgar Leoni's book, Nostradamus and His Prophecies.

Leoni used a 1630 Nostradamus Compendium that published The Centuries, most of The Presages, and The Sixains in one book. How that 1630 collection of The Presages was assembled from the 13 Almanacs is not known, but I suspect 29 Presages have never made it into any compendium of Nostradamus’ work.

From my research, it appears to have been a mistake that was generated in a collection of Presages that was first published in 1567, a year after Nostradamus’ death. PRESAGES TIREZ DE CEVX FAICTZ.

...There are 12 for each month of the year with an Introductory Presage. There are two Introductory Presages for 1555, and that brings the estimated total to 170 Presages.

You will only find 141 Presages in every English version of Nostradamus' "Complete Works". Of the 29 missing Presages, I have discovered 17 in the material I have obtained. Three of them were first published on my website in 2016.

...Therefore, of the mislabeled 141 Presages that you will find in the English compendiums, I will still use the recognized numbering convention so that readers can weigh my translations with other Nostradamus Commentators; however, I will include a new numbering system that recognizes 170 Presages.

...Three new Presages that I discovered in an original copy of Nostradamus’ 1557 Almanac are an important sequential triplicate never before published. I believe they are critically important to the coming second Civil War in America.




1605 AND 1611

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)

Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, G. A. Stewart, Page 34

The origin of The Sixains has always been controversial. Apparently, they first appeared on hand written documents reportedly presented to Henri IV of France on March 19th, 1605 by Vincent Seve.

I suggest that the myth and the date of the first appearance of The Sixains is itself an extremely important clue that aids in proving that The Sixains are the work of Nostradamus.

To those people critical of The Sixains' legitimacy as a work of Nostradamus, in Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, I detailed the consistency of Nostradamus’ themes and phrases. "The Third Climate under Aries" is found in Quatrain III-7, and the "Third Age of Mars" is found in Sixain XXVII.

They are identical Greek and Roman mythological metaphors for the god of war and World War III.

...The Epistle to Henri is the key to understanding many of his prophecies through the timeline that Nostradamus provides to perhaps the future Henri V.

If you add the 58 Sixains to the 42 Quatrains in Century VII, that totals 100 prophecies. That is equal to the 100 prophecies found in the other 9 Centuries, and I suggest that completes The Centuries.

Is it coincidental that these 42 Quatrains then lead right into The Epistle to Henri?

There have been found extra Quatrains for Century VII, but Nostradamus left them out of the final edition of the ten Centuries.

...The Sixains first appeared on handwritten documents on March 19th, 1605. Their origin remains very controversial but important to my research. Many Nostradamus Commentators consider them forgeries. I do not, especially after the documentation that I will present here.

After the 1605 Vincent Seve handwritten copy, The Sixains next appear in print in a Nostradamus Compendium published in 1611. I have matched every Sixain in the 1605 handwritten copy given to King Henri IV to the 1611 edition. The handwritten copy is incomplete and many of the Seve numbered Sixains do not match the numbering in the 1611 and later editions.

Four Sixains do not appear in Vincent Seve's letter to Henri IV, but they do appear in the 1611 and 1627 editions. All of them are critical to Nostradamus' theme of The Apocalypse.

I believe Vincent Seve hand copied what he was shown by Henry Nostradamus. In fact it is almost a certainty since he writes to Henri IV, "Having received (several years ago) certain Prophecies or Prognostications made by the late Michel Nostradamus from the hands of one named Henry Nostradamus…"

I do not follow the numbering convention in The Sixains found in the 1605 Seve letter. I follow the numbering convention for The Sixains first found in the Pierre Chevillot 1611 edition. The numbering from the incomplete Seve edition Sixains I will include in parentheses. A 1627 edition that I have studied confirms that the same numbering convention has been used until the present date.

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