"...I don't plan to cooperate with evil at any point."

Dr. Martin Luther King, January 14th, 1968



May 2, 2014
On The Edge Of War: The Latest Russian And Ukraine Troop Movements

Yes, readers this is it. Russia has cut off communication with NATO, Obama, and Kerry.

April 26, 2014
Putin Halts All Talks With White House

April 26, 2014
Satellite Images Reveal Massing Of 15,000 Ukraine Troops, Hundreds Of Tanks Around Slavyansk

I have described the current world situation in my 2013 EBook:

Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation

...And its 2010 predecessor:

The Age of Desolation

I began this website in 2007 to help promote and shop my first manuscript of those books to various publishers.

I have some unique interpretations of Nostradamus' prophecies.

Nostradamus alluded to a Pagan Sect within the powers of Christendom that would lead the world to ruin. To the literalists, that would be Nostradamus' symbolism for 20th Century European Fascism.

The underbelly to civilization is a complex and horrid picture. I was a longtime skeptic. Some people are far ahead of the curve than the majority of the population. I am a newcomer.

Gunderson believed that in the US there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to Satanic ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice.

Fast forward fifty years later.

Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal

March 26, 2011
US Jesuits agree £103 million abuse payout
A US Jesuit order has agreed to pay $166 million (£103 million) to compensate nearly 500 victims of decades-long "horrific" sexual and psychological abuse by priests in five US states, lawyers said on Friday.

The evidence is there if you want to believe it, look at Bohemian Grove and the Yale Skull and Bones Society for the most prominent American versions of Nostradamus' Pagan Sect.

Operation GLADIO was the forerunner of events in Europe today. There has been a consistent theme to history these last fifty years. This is the true story behind the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine who are now stirring up war with Russia.

It is another scripted Western Color Revolution and Arab Spring on the way to Empire.

April 28, 2014
Profile: Ukraine's ultra-nationalist Right Sector
The Right Sector is the most radical wing of Ukraine's Maidan protest movement that toppled President Viktor Yanukovych in February.

The Southern Poverty Law Center must have missed the American politicians and political commentators that support these groups.

But this is an ancient fight if you can believe that. There are bad people, and there is organized evil. It is much more than political incorrectness or corrupt politicians. It is a story most people will reject without batting an eyelash. But here we are, entering into The Age of Desolation.

This website has seen many changes in these last seven years.

My research has been leading edge and unique. In 2007 I wrote that after the United States and Russia pummel one and other in a limited nuclear war, China will align with the countries of an Islamic Alliance to form the modern version of the 13th Century Mongol Shadow Caliphate.

It will come to rule Europe and Asia for just less than one revolution of Saturn around the Sun, or less than twenty-nine years.

A NATO war with Russia in Ukraine will bring Dark Times to all of humanity.

A reader sent me a very interesting link to a YouTube Video that included an interview with Father Malachi Martin. The Vatican and Popes have known all along what will happen in Kiev.

Does Russia still play a roll in the Miracle of Fatima even though the Iron Curtain has come down...

It does, it does... Russia will be converted by my Immaculate Heart...

... So, Russia is still within the plan.

...That would take me too far afield into Papal Secrets.
...Why Russia and Kiev are involved in the final solution to this problem, but they are.



April 27, 2014
Francis presides over historic day of 4 popes
Francis invited retired Pope Benedict XVI to join him on the altar of St. Peter's Square, the first time a reigning and retired pope have celebrated Mass together in public in the 2,000-year history of the church.

April 27, 2014
John Paul II canonization sponsored by banks, oil giant


Most of my readers want a timeline for when the nukes will be unleashed. I can only say that Nostradamus linked three very important sequential Quatrains together. Frankly, the prophecies at the end of Century II could all relate to Quatrains II-89, II-90, and II-91.

I have written that Russia defeats NATO in a crucial defense of Hungary. This appears in both the Epistle to Henri and in the Quatrains. Is this where it will go nuclear?

I still expect two nuclear terrorist attacks beforehand:

Jacob's Well and the Blow of Steel, and the second soon after in Italy.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:1
And by the third which will extend their forces towards the circuit of Eastern Europe…

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:2
Where, in the Pannonias, they will be overthrown and succumb…

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:1
And then the actions of the third brother and the [Third Antichrist] will expand the forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization throughout Eastern Europe. It will threaten the peace with Russia.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:2
In Hungary, the armies of [NATO and the New World Order] will succumb [to the armies of Russia and the Chinese-Islamic alliance].

Nostradamus Quatrain II-89
One day two great masters will be friends,
Their great power seen to increase:
The new world [order] then at its high peak,
To the bloody one the number is counted.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-90
Through life and death the realm of Hungary changed:
The law will be more harsh than service:
The great city cries out with howls and laments,
Castor and Pollux enemies in the arena.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-91
At sunrise one will see a great fire,
Noise and light extending toward Aquilon [NATO]:
Within the circle death and cries are heard,
Through steal, fire, famine, death awaits them.



Okay Doom and Gloomers, Conspiracy Theorists, and Prophecy Neophytes, still waiting for those predictions from Remote Viewers to come around: Solar Kill Shots, Space Goo, or Global Coastal Events? Who's your Daddy?

There has been only one writer and one expert on prophecy that gave readers the fine details long before anyone else.

Revelation 17:11
And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven and goeth into perdition.

...The Second Son is the Eastern Orthodox Church and a reference in particular to Russia. As a member of the Group of Eight Nations, Russia's cooperation with the former Group of Seven Nations may be tenuous.

...Both Nostradamus and the The Holy Bible suggest that the Group of Eight Nations will turn against one of their own.

April 26, 2014
Top U.S. Diplomat: Russia Has Betrayed the “New World Order”

March 21, 2014
The G8 is dead declares Merkel as Europe prepares to ramp up EU sanctions against Russia

March 2, 2014
After Ukraine Incursion, U.S. Moves to Kick Russia Out of G8


Think the EU and US are allies? It doesn't sound like everyone is on the same page. Europe needs Russia, not the United States.

February 6, 2014
US official apologises to EU counterparts for undiplomatic language
Victoria Nuland reportedly said ‘Fuck the EU’ speaking of Ukraine crisis, though department didn’t confirm it was her voice on tape

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-82
Through the ferocious deserts of Libra [Balance/America],
The nephew of the great Pontiff will come to wander:
Felled by seven with a heavy club,
For those who afterwards will occupy the Chalice.

I have made two short videos. Most of the architects of doom can be found in this first video, if readers can identify them. Many of you don't understand how important these last fifty years have been; but some of the characters you see are responsible for millions of deaths.


There is a larger story to human history.

MARCH 5, 2014
21:06 UT

March 4, 2014
Close Pass of NEO Asteroid 2014 DX110

Russia began arming nuclear weapons on March 5, 2014. It's a very coincidental passing.

Book of Enoch LIII:5
…These are prepared for the host of Azazeel, that they may be delivered over and adjudged to the lowest condemnation;
and that their angels may be overwhelmed with hurled stones…



When you want to rule the world, you have to put up or shutup.

Nostradamus Sixain XXVII
Fire from space from the Western side,
From the mid heaven, running to the East,
Worms half dead without finding a root.
Third Age of Mars the warlike,
One will see fires shining from the Carbuncles,
The age of the Carbuncle will bring famine in the end.

The “Third age of Mars” appears several times in the Quatrains and Sixains. It is an obvious reference to World War III...

“Fires shining from the Carbuncles” is a reference to laser weaponry. Interestingly enough, a carbuncle is anyone of the scarlet and crimson varieties of garnet where the stone is cut with a convex face. There is an ancient legend that Noah used such stones to illuminate the ark.

This arcane bit of myth shows just how fine the weave is to Nostradamus’ tapestry regarding the future and the past...




APRIL 18, 2013

Nostradamus Quatrain V-81
The royal bird [Eagle] over the city of the sun [Rome, Italy] ,
Seven months in advance it delivers a nocturnal omen:
The wall of the Orient [China] will fall lightning and thunder,
Seven Days the enemies directly to the gates.



A message needed to be sent to China after aligning with Russia over the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Revelation 13:13
And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men.

March 10, 2014
Six important facts you're not being told about lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Readers of my book know it as Nostradamus' Promontory Weapon.


December 10, 2009
Russian nuclear missile test fails, visible in Norway


Nostradamus Quatrain V-25
The Arab prince of Mars [war], Sun, Venus, Lyon [Leo/August].
The rule of the church will succumb at sea:
Towards Persia (Iran) very near a million men,
Byzantium (Turkey), Egypt, the true serpent will invade.

AUGUST 27, 2013
Meet Saudi Arabia's Bandar bin Sultan: The Puppetmaster Behind The Syrian War

AUGUST 29, 2013
Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria
Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia's gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria.


AUGUST 29, 2013
... As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role or influence in Syria’s political future.”


These are all headlines straight from my book. Look for a coordinated dollar attack from Russia and China.

March 4, 2014
Russia warns could 'reduce to zero' economic dependency on US
Russia could reduce to zero its economic dependency on the United States if Washington agreed sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, a Kremlin aide said on Tuesday, warning that the American financial system faced a "crash" if this happened.

March 21, 2014
Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1
The supporting common people will rise up and chase out
the adherents of the legislators.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1
The common people will support the poor that rise up, and they will chase out the corporate lobbyists that have corrupted the legislators.

Nostradamus’ Epistle: Paragraph 32:2
And the way realms will have been weakened by those of the Orient…

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:2
The monetary crises within the Group of Eight countries will
cause the Chinese to abandon the American dollar as
the reserve currency. The world economy will collapse, weakening realms.

Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
Shortly after the default of the luminaries [gold and silver],
Which will occur between April and March:
What loss! But two great debonair ones,
By land and sea bring relief [to] all parts.


LENT, MARCH 5, 2014

Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII
The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609/2014] or fourteen [1614/2019],
The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
Six hundred and six [1606/2011 ], in writing he will place it
The Physician, by all this astonished,
At the same time summoned in person,
But for certain one of them will appear.

Nostradamus always gives us the date when a prediction is fated to occur. Consider it the two minute warning. On March 5, 2014, Russian Bombers began loading nuclear weapons for the fight they know is coming.

March 29, 2014
Russia's Military Begins Nuclear War Drill.

March 6, 2014
The Russian Perspective: "There Will Be War In Ukraine".

March 5, 2014
U.S. Satellites Detect Planes
at Russian Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility
U.S. Department of Defense satellite imagery has detected the arrival of more than thirty (30) Russian nuclear bombers to the airfield adjacent to Russia's Borisoglebsk national level nuclear weapons storage facility (Voronezh-45) and has observed numerous transfers from the storage facility to the aircraft, which are now standing-by along the two runways at the airport..

March 5, 2014
Russia said it had successfully test-fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) on Tuesday, with tensions running high over its military intervention in Ukraine's Crimea region.

March 4, 2014


Nostradamus Quatrain I-91
The Gods make it appear to humans,
That they will be the authors of a great conflict:
Sword and lance, before heaven seen serene
On the left hand there will be great affliction.



March 31, 2012
U.S. Labels ALL Young Men In Battle Zones As “Militants”
…And American Soil Is Now Considered a Battle Zone







NASA can use a trampoline to get to space

Russian rocket engine export ban could halt US space program


This news item is perhaps my greatest observation in this life.

I once worked at an advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory for 14 years. I was part of the team that tested the first Russian rocket engine in the United States. In fact, it led to my quitting in disgust as they pulled out all the safety stops to make history.

Live fire testing of the NPO Energomash RD-120 rocket engine at Pratt and Whitney

I was right on two accounts, this event led to someone being killed, and now as we move onto a war footing with Russia, America is left with no method of getting astronauts or satellites into space. Détente wasn't in the mind of the United States Air Force or the corrupt Defense Contractors that lure Generals and Admirals into betraying their country.

As I told my coworkers in 1996, it's all about cheap Russian labor. Pratt & Whitney isn't in the rocket business anymore, even though it was a pioneer in space propulsion. The plant where I worked at once employed 10,000 people. Today only 400 remain.

When will Americans realize that a multinational corporation has no allegiance to any country? Its allegiance is to the corporate bottom line and the outrageous salaries of the handful of people that sit on the board.

My decision to act on my convictions cost me much, but it has served me well. Always stand by your principles.

"One of the best informed people in the world when it comes to Nostradamus."

"Really intense read. More than halfway thru and I am hooked.
I have studied these subjects for about 15 years and haven't seen all of these prophets words brought together like this without having to make such huge leaps of faith. The texts are plainly interpreted and made pretty clear once the terms are brought out from their historical context and shown in the light of today's complexities. It is an absolute must read."

"This book is amazing...I'm on page 585 and I am VERY impressed. You have put a lot of disparate resources together, and adroitly. Well done..."

"I read your "Chapter 18" a few days ago & this news story is giving me chills..."

"Just a thought about G.A. Stewart's email. Since the Newtown mass shooting, I haven't been able to shake the image of the London Olympic ceremony from my mind....the part where all the children are in the hospital beds."

"Incredible book btw. It will be the history book for the future that I will have my daughter
read when she is old enough. You really did your research. Its seriously impressive!"

"I have read the first five chapters of your book and the forwards no fewer than 4 times so far, and all of your updates available on your website at least once.

"Your writing style and content really click with my take on reality. Keep up the great work!"

"Having read well over 39 investigative books on the UFO phenomena, I can truly appreciate the angle which you also bring to this highly controversial subject.

"I marvel at your ability to explain how current events fit with the prophecies."

MY AMAZON REVIEWS (5.0 out of 5 stars)

"This book is INCREDIBLE!! Scriptural references are SO Helpful. If you want a journey back in HISTORY with the Bible in hand this is the journey. It is hard to put the dots together of the Bible without the Book of Enoch (Lawrence or RH Charles Translation).Stewart really gives you the prophetic journey with the ancient texts including Nostradamus that leads us to the End times of(today)!! Thank you for this wonderful research."

"Absolutely riveting! This is an EYE opener. I will definitely be re-reading this one; and will encourage family, friends and colleagues to get this book. Thanks so much for this body of work!"



Politicians in robes before the statue of Molech at Bohemian Grove. Secular reality check.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 17:2
Her dominator will fall into the pagan sect of the new infidels.

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 17:2
Those descendants of the German Lutheran Church, the dominant Protestant sect, will eventually adopt Nazism and anti-Semitism. Out of fascism a [Pagan Sect] will arise and be allied with the new [World Order] infidels [Islamic terrorists/ Al Qaida].

Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 18:1
And the other, who to his great confusion and late repentance,
will want to ruin her, will have three regions from extremely different leagues, namely, the Roman, the German and the Spaniard, will be of diverse sects [created] by military force.

The 50th to the 52nd degree o£ latitude will be left behind.

TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 18:1
And the other, [the dominant militant Pagan Sect], much to its great confusion and late repentance, will want to ruin the Great Dame. They will try to replace the Christian Church with fascism in Italy in 1922, Germany in 1933, and Spain in 1936.

[London, Great Britain] between the 50th and 52nd degree of latitude will be able to escape.

March 3, 2014
Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Snyper Shootings

The designs of the New World Order became evident in 2010 with the phony Arab Spring that spread throughout North Africa with the help of Western Non-Governmental Organizations.

Nazis and Neo-Nazis, Nostradamus' Pagan Sect. It's in the book.

There are no coincidences.



Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 31:2
The chiefs of the Church will be backward in the love of God, and several of them will apostatize from the true faith.

Edgar Cayce Reading: 3344-1
"Oh what crimes have been committed in the name of religion!"

From Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation:

The agenda of the Caesars lives on in the Roman Catholic Church. You can see their hand in everything from the Inquisition to the April 20th, 2010 BP Gulf Oil Disaster. The former CEO of British Petroleum, Peter Sutherland, is (was) a financial advisor to Pope Benedict XVI.

A German Cardinal and former soldier of Nazi Germany was elected to the Papacy on the eve of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, April 19th. 2005. The Nazis Reich and the Roman Empire are synonymous. Hitler followed Mussolini in adopting the paraphernalia of the Roman Empire.

On January 15, 2014, Pope Francis signed his death warrant when he fired all of the Cardinals managing the finances at the Vatican Bank except a French Cardinal.

January 15, 2014
Pope Francis fires all but one of the Cardinals running the Vatican Bank

January 24, 2014
On January 24, 2014 a bomb exploded near a French church in Rome, Saint-Yves des Bretons, hours before President Hollande visited Pope Francis.

Why do you think so many bankers are dying? Look to Rome to see who started the trend. It's the Grand Finale of The Godfather, the baptism in blood has begun.

February 24, 2014
Another "Successful Banker" Found Dead

April 28, 2014
Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator

The Too Big to Fail Bankers won't take the fall, so they have decided to set the world on fire.

APRIL 19th - APRIL 20th


Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict XVI
Why the Moorish King?

Pope Benedict XVI, once a Nazi soldier, was elected Pope on April 19th, 2005.

From my 2007 book, The Age of Desolation, appearing on this website in 2008.

...Many horrible events have fallen on April 19th and April 20th, some of these precede the birth of Adolf Hitler.

...Nostradamus clearly saw the influence of the Nazis when he penned what I believe is one of his greatest predictions.

...Everyone in the United States needs to have a deep understanding of Operation Paperclip and the integration of the Nazi intelligence and scientific machine into the west’s intelligence and scientific communities at the end of World War II; this includes the entire spectrum of Nazi occult beliefs...

Here’s another big clue that corroborates Hoagland’s proposition about the identity of the Powers That Be. Every Nostradamus interpreter has missed this Quatrain for centuries because they have incorrectly converted the Julian and Gregorian dates:

Nostradamus Quatrain I-42
The tenth of the Calends of April [April 20] in Gothic Count,
Revived again by evil people:
The fire extinguished diabolical assembly,
Seeking the bones of the Demon of Psellus.

...Ten days after the beginning of April in the Julian calendar system becomes the twentieth of April in the first centuries after the change to the Gregorian calendar system. This of course is the birth date of Adolf Hitler.

...Could the eve of Hitler’s birthday, the 19th, be the source of the importance of this number? (19)

...In my opinion, I think the ritual fascination and use of 1 and 9 extends back to the 9 of Av, and the events on that historic date of the Jewish calendar extend back millennia.

...Having written much of this chapter prior to 2007 and having decoded the timeline of Nostradamus, I usually expect something every April 19th or 20th.

As you have seen in the number of dated prophecies that refer to 2010, I was expecting something major for either April 19th or April 20th of 2010, and wrote about that expectation on my website.

The BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster proved me correct. Predictive ability is the validation of any hypothesis.


These following predictions are three very important consecutively numbered quatrains. Their numbers are another secret sign that readers in the 21st century should understand.

In this 2013 third edition, the significance may be even more important than I first thought when I discovered the symbolism after 9/11/2001.

Nostradamus Quatrain II-91
At sunrise one will see a great fire,
Noise and light extending toward Aquilon:
Within the circle death and cries are heard,
Through steal, fire, famine, death awaits them.

The last quatrain in this sequence of poems and its numbers should scare Americans and Europeans to death.


Here are some interesting historical coincidences with the numbers 1 and 9 that link the United States with Russia.

President George H. W. Bush announced the coming of the New World Order to a joint session of the United States Congress on September 11th, 1990 at 9:09 PM.

On January 16th, 1991, after amassing one of the largest armies in history in the Middle East that included the Russians who were former enemies, Bush again announced the arrival of the New World Order on television just as the first bombs began dropping on Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.

Debate and craziness arise if I suggest that when you turn the 6 upside down to resemble an inverted 9 you get 1/19/1991. How far can you stretch coincidence? For the Masters of Ritual, you can apparently stretch it pretty far.

On June 12th, 1991, ninety-one days before (the first anniversary of) the September 11th, 1990 announcement of the New World Order, Boris Yeltsin was elected the first President of Russia.






Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster 3/11/11

April 24, 2014
Fukushima Didn’t Just Suffer 3 Meltdowns … It Also Suffered Melt-THROUGHS and Melt-OUTS


You are wrong if you believe Gog and Magog are symbolic of Russia. You have been led astray.

Gog and Magog are the official guardians of the City of London, the financial capital of the world.

Libor Scandal

January 23, 2014
Federal Reserve: “They Do Not Have Any More Gold”

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-55
The horrible war being prepared in the West,
The following year will come the pestilence
So very horrible that young, old, nor beast,
Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.



My solving of the Nostradamus dating code in the 1600 and 1700 series of prophecies is now verified. The dates that I gave in 2010 have turned out to be the dates when the winds of an event first begin to blow.

The controversial Sixains, allegedly presented to Henri IV of France on March 19th, 1605 by the heirs of Nostradamus, are undoubtedly the work of Nostradamus.

Note how the first 1600 prophecy relates to events connecting France, Christianity, and Islam.

Nostradamus Sixain XI
During the century two streams [Christianity/Islam]
Flood an entire land with their waters,
[1604/2009] and thirty monks.
Assassination of the monks of Tibhirine:
In 2009, retired General François Buchwalter reported that the monks had been accidentally killed by the Algerian army

Nostradamus Sixain XIV
Six hundred and five [1605/2010] in the spring,
There will take place the capture and recapture,
Soldiers in the fields until winter
Then afterwards it will begin again.
March 7: Iraqi parliamentary election, 2010
August 18: American combat operations in Iraq end as its last combat brigade departs for Kuwait.

Nostradamus Quatrain I-49
Very much before such intrigues,
Those of the Orient [China] by virtue of the Moon [Islamic Army]
The year [1700/2011] will cause great ones to be carried off,
Almost subjugating a corner of Aquilon [NATO].
NATO Invasion of Libya

Nostradamus Sixain XXI
The author of evils will begin to reign
In the year six hundred and seven [1607/2012] without sparing
All her subjects who belong to the leach [Arab League],

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-54
At daybreak and the second crowing of the cock,
Those of Tunis (Tunisia), Fez (Morocco), and Bougie (Algeria)
By means of the Arabs [Islamic Alliance] capture the King of Morocco,
[1607/2012] years after the Liturgy.
Arab Spring

Nostradamus Sixain XXIX
Six hundred and eight [1608/2013], the sea aflame.
October 21, 2013: Melted nuclear fuel sank into the ground under Fukushima reactors - Irradiated groundwater is flowing into ocean

1260 DAYS

From my book, Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation:

May 23, 2013: “One thousand two hundred and threescore days” from December 10, 2009 and Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

I think the two witnesses have flown under the radar in the countless riots that have erupted in the United States and Europe. Nondescript, they are fighting the good fight and they will probably appear somewhere around May 23, 2013.

MAY 20, 2013
Edward Snowden... leaked details of several top-secret U.S. and British government mass surveillance programs to the press.
Snowden left Hawaii for Hong Kong on May 20, 2013...

MAY 23, 2013
Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama Speech The Code Pink activist confronted the President on drones, Gitmo



AUGUST 29, 2013
SAS launches internal inquiry over sensational claim that elite regiment was behind deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed



November 15, 2013
Sounding of ancient trumpet in York warns of Viking apocalypse on 22 February 2014

Fimbulvetr was the 3 year Prelude to Ragnarök. You read it here first, when Fimbulvetr began on December 9, 2009.



Believe at your own risk.
You can't make this shit up.


I live 10 miles from a Primary Nuclear Target. If a NATO defense of Ukraine leads to a nuclear war with Russia, this will be the view from one of the airplanes that fly over my back porch.

I just bought a home 20 miles north; the view is not much better.




"I'm a seeker too...
But my dreams are not like yours..."

Readers, as I wrote previously, I am ending updates to this website. I found some coding errors that I have corrected, and I have added some old subject headings from the book with a few updated links for old times sake and to again validate my work. I now leave the site as my monument to I told you so.

As I write, events are spiraling out of control in Ukraine, and so a NATO war with Russia is coming. I may have compressed my view of future events in both editions of my book, but the critics can split hairs as the Russian army sits poised to invade Eastern Ukraine. If the Russian blitzkrieg of Ukraine stops at the Dnieper River, we may be spared some more time. As readers of my book know, we can expect an Interlude that I have called the False Peace .

In the classic 60s movie Planet of the Apes, I enjoyed Charlton Heston's portrayal of humanity's last iconoclast, astronaut George Taylor.

Merriam Webster defines that personality trait as, "a person who criticizes or opposes beliefs and practices that are widely accepted".

Today that gets you a visit by the FBI, CIA, or NSA. You can pick your alphabet agency. That's another big I told you so to my friends at the hippie radio station up the road.

The United States is on the verge of Civil War II and World War III. I have watched the destruction of this country coming like a freight train off in the distance. There are enough of my observations on this website to make my point. And now, Obama, Nostradamus' Black King, has signed an Executive Order that makes criticizing his policies on Ukraine illegal, and offenders will be subject to asset forfeiture.

March 14, 2014
Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets

And not even a whisper of outrage can be found in the Mainstream Media.

In my line of work, I know I will one day have to defend what I have written on this website and in my EBooks. Financially was it all worth it, NO! Intellectually and Spiritually was it worth it, YES!

It will get worse. Hang in there good readers and God bless you all in the days ahead.

My gratitude and thanks to so many of you who have supported this website these last years.

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